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Pseudonym/Working Name  Author Name  Comments
Hubbard, P.M.  Hubbard, Philip Maitland  (1910-1980)
Iams, Jack  Iams, Samuel Harvey Jr  (1910-1990)
James, Kathleen  Hutchinson, Joyce Carstairs  (1935- )
Janifer, Laurence M.  Harris, Larry M(ark)  (1933-2002) born Larry Mark Harris, he used this name until 1963, when he reverted to his old family name
Javor, F.A.  Jaworski, Francis Anthony  (1916- )
Jeapes, Ben  Jeapes, Benjamin Patrick  (1965- )
Jeffries, Gregory G.  Jennings, Gary (Gayne)  (1923-1999) story intro: "G.J. is an inventor, businessman who died in 2009, was reborn in 1978. Perhaps reborn is the wrong word; Mr. J. returned to this world a few years ago. Let him tell his incredible, fascinating story ..."
Jeppson, J.O.  Asimov, Janet Jeppson  (1926- )
Jesse, F. Tennyson  Jesse, Fryniwyd Tennyson  (1889-1958) also known as Wynifred Margaret Tennyson Jesse; see Joanna Collenbrander: A Portrait of Fryn: A Biography of F. Tennyson Jesse(1984)
Johnson, S.S.  Johnson, Simon Sigvart  (1940- )
Jones, D.F.  Jones, Dennis Feltham  (1917-1981)
Jones, Eddie  Jones, Edward John  (1935- ) cover artist for F&SF
Jones, L.E.  Jones, Sir Lawrence Evelyn  (1885-1969)
Jonik  Jonik, John  (1942- ) cartoonist
Keen, Rod  Farmer, Philip José  (1918- ) ps. is taken from a character in Richard Brautigan's 1970 novel, The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966(see p.28)
Keller, B.L.  Keller, Beverly Lou (Harwick) 
Kelly, C. Brian  Kelly, Charles Brian  (1935- )
Killough, Lee  Killough, Karen Lee  (1942- )
Kneale, Nigel  Kneale, Thomas Nigel  (1922- )
Kopf  Kopf, L.J.  cartoonist
Kornbluth, C.M.  Kornbluth, Cyril M.  (1923-1958)
Kube-McDowell, Michael P.  McDowell, Michael P.  (1954- ) Kube is his wife's maiden name, which he attached to his name in order to avoid confusion w. Michael M. McDowell at a time when both authors were writing scripts for the TV ser. Tales form the Darkside(Clute)
Lafferty, R.A.  Lafferty, Raphael Aloysius  (1914-2002)
Latham, Philip  Richardson, Robert Shirley  (1902-1981) astronomer, used his real name for nf articles, & this ps. for his fiction
Lawson, James  Foster, Alan Dean  (1946- ) a ps. used for his Montezuma Strip series of stories, found in F&SF 1992 FEB, 1993 APR, & in AMZ 1988 NOV, & 1993 SEP
Le Fanu, Sheridan  Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan  (1814-1873)
Lee, Edward  Fouts, Edward Lee  mystery writer
Lee, Tanith  Kaiine, Tanith Lee  (1947- )
Leinster, Murray  Jenkins, William Fitzgerald  (1896-1975)
Lewis, C. Day  Lewis, Cecil Day  (1904-1972)
Lewis, C.S.  Lewis, Clive Staples  (1898-1963)
Liddell, C.H.  Kuttner, Henry & C.L. Moore  (1915-1958; 1911-1987) Catherine Lucille Moore
London, Jack  London, John Griffith  (1876-1916)
Long  Long, Bill  cartoonist
Lord, Mindret  Lord, Mildred Loeb  (1903-1955)
Lyon, Dana  Lyon, Mabel Dana  (1897-1982)
Mackay, M. Sargent  Smith, Alexander Mackay 
Madden, David  Madden, Jerry David  (1933- )
Maddux, Rachel  Baker, Rachel Maddux  (1912-1983)
Manders, Harry  Farmer, Philip José  (1918- )
Martin, H.  Martin, Henry  (1925- ) cartoonist
Massa, Jack  Massa, John Andrew  (1953- )
Maurois, André  Herzog, Emile  (1885-1967)
McDevitt, Jack  McDevitt, John Charles  (1935- )
McIntosh, J.T.  MacGregor, James Murdoch  (1925- )
McKenna, R.M.  McKenna, Richard Milton  (1913-1964)
McKinlay, M. Catherine  Forrest, Katherine V.  (1939- )
McMorrow, Tom  McMorrow, Thomas 
Meddor, Michael  Feehan, Joseph  (1946- )
Merril, Judith  Grossman, Juliet (Judith Merril)  (1923-1997) changed her name legally to Judith Merril in 1949

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