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Pseudonym/Working Name  Author Name  Comments
Merwin, Sam Jr  Merwin, W. Samuel Kimball Jr  (1910-1996)
Miller, Sasha  Miller, Georgia Myrle 
Miller, Wade  Wade, Robert (Bob) & William (Bill) Miller  (1920- ; 1920-1961)
M'Intosh, J.T.  MacGregor, James Murdoch  (1925- )
Mohler, Will  Mohler, William H.  also in F&SF under ps. Will Worthington
Moon, Elizabeth  Moon, Susan Elizabeth Norris  (1945- )
Moore, C.L.  Moore, Catherine Lucille  (1911-1987)
Moore, Dick  Moore, John Richard 
Moore, E.A.  Moore, Edward Albert 
Moore, Ward  Ward, Joseph Ward  (1903-1978)
Morlan, A.R.  Morlan, Arlette Renee 
Morphett, Tony  Morphett, Anthony David  (1938- )
Morrison, William  Samachson, Joseph  (1906-1980)
Morrow, Gray  Morrow, Dwight Graydon  (1934- ) cover artist for F&SF
Morton, J.B.  Morton, John Bingham  (1893-1979)
Mudgett, Herman W.  White, William A.P.  (1911-1968) aka Anthony Boucher; see comments for #2, H.H. Holmes (Boucher was a well-known mystery writer, as well as an editor)
Murphy, Maurice  Meehan, Thomas A. 
Murphy, Pat  Murphy, Patrice Ann  (1955- )
Nadler, M.  Nadler, Mary  cartoonist
Nearing, H. Jr  Nearing, Homer Jr  (1915- )
Nelson, Ray  Nelson, Radell Faraday  (1931- )
Newman, S.  Newman, Sharan 
Niemand, O.  Effinger, George Alec  (1947-2002)
Niven, Larry  Niven, Laurence van Cott  (1938- )
Norbert, W.  Weiner, Norbert  (1894-1964)
Nordley, G. David  Nordley, Gerald David 
Norton, Andre  Norton, Alice Mary (Andre Norton)  (1912- ) changed her name legally to Andre Norton
Nurit  Karlin, Nurit  cartoonist
O'Brien, FitzJames  O'Brien, Michael FitzJames  (1828-1962)
O'Donnell, K.M.  Malzberg, Barry N.  (1939- )
Olin, Richard  Leddy, Hugh  (1934- )
Oliver, Chad  Oliver, Symmes Chadwick  (1928-1993)
Onions, Oliver  Oliver, George  (1873-1961) given name Oliver Onions changed legally to George Oliver in 1918, but he still used Oliver Onions for his fiction
Ore, Rebecca  Brown, Rebecca Bard  (1948- ) uses Ore ps. to avoid confusion with another author named Rebecca Brown
Orr, A.  Sprague, Alice Ingram Orr  (1950- )
Ottum, Bob  Ottum, Robert K.  (1925?-1986)
Ottum, Bob Jr  Ottum,Robert K. Jr 
Owens, Barbara  Weiman, Barbara Owens 
Paine, J. Lincoln  Kramish, Arnold  (1923- )
Palmer, Stuart  Palmer, Charles Stuart  (1905-1968)
Parker, Jeanne  Dixon, Jeanne Parker 
Parkinson, T.L.  Parkinson, Terry Lee  (1949-1992)
Patrouch, Joe  Patrouch, Joseph Jr  (1935- )
Pearson, Martin  Wollheim, Donald A.  (1914-1990)
Perry, Steve  Perry, Steven Carl  (1947- )
   Perry, Steven Carl  (1947- )
Phelan, Jeremiah  King, C. Daly  per Hawk's, ps. is for C. Daly King, who had Dianetics review (#60) in F&SF 1950 DEC
Phillips, Rog  Graham, Roger Phillips  (1909-1965)
Powell, Sonny  Bester, Alfred  (1913-1987)
Powers, Tim  Powers, Timothy  (1952- )

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