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Pseudonym/Working Name  Author Name  Comments
Poyer, D.C.  Poyer, David Charles  (1949- )
Priestley, J.B.  Priestley, John Boynton  (1894-1984)
Pronzini, Bill  Pronzini, William John  (1943- )
Purdom, Tom  Purdom, Thomas Edward  (1936- )
Ready, W.B.  Ready, William Bernard  (1914-1981)
Reamy, Tom  Reamy, Thomas Earl  (1935-1977)
Reaves, Michael  Reaves, James Michael  (1950- ) also in F&SF as J. Michael Reaves
Reed, Kit  Reed, Lillian Craig  (1932- )
Resnick, Mike  Resnick, Michael Diamond  (1942- )
Reynolds, L. Major  Leipiar, Louise 
Reynolds, Mack  Reynolds, Dallas McCord  (1917-1983)
Rhodes, W.H.  Rhodes, William H.  (1822-1876)
Rickert, M.  Rickert, Mary 
Rigsby, Howard  Howard, Vechel  (1909-1975)
Rini  Rini, James P.  cartoonist
Roberts, Jane  Butts, Jane Roberts  (1929- )
Roberts, R. Ellis  Roberts, Richard Ellis  (1879-1953)
Rogers, Bruce Holland  Rogers, Bruce Paul  (1958- )
Rokesmith, John Thames  Cox, Arthur Jean  (1929- ) tongue-in-cheek story intro says Rokesmith authored several western novels & a biography of Tom Mix, Straight Shooters Always Win, which was a novella by Cox in F&SF 1974 MAY
Rosny ainé, J.-H.  Box, Honore  (1856-1940) French author
Rothman, Chuck  Rothman, Charles  (1952- )
Rucker, Rudy  Rucker, Rudolf von Bitter  (1946- )
Russell, Mary  Standard, Mrs. Mary R. 
Russell, Ray  Russell, Raymond Robert  (1924-1999)
Saberhagen, Fred  Saberhagen, Frederick  (1930- )
Saki  Munro, Hector Hugh  (1870-1916)
Sanders, Winston P.  Anderson, Poul  (1926-2001)
Schutz, J.W.  Schutz, Joseph Willard  (1912-1984)
Scott, Jody  Wood, Joann Huguelot Scott  (1923- )
Scott, Robin  Wilson, Robin Scott  (1928- )
Seabright, Idris  St. Clair, Margaret  (1911-1995)
Searls, Hank  Searls, Henry Hunt Jr  (1922- )
Sellings, Arthur  Ley, Robert Arthur  (1921-1968) U.K. writer
Shango, J.R.  Dance, Clifton L. 
Sharkey, Jack  Sharkey, John Michael  (1931-1992)
Shaw, Bob  Shaw, Robert  (1931-1996)
Sheldon, Walt  Sheldon, Walter J.  (1917-1979?)
Sherman, D.R.  Sherman, Denis Ronald  (1934- )
Sherman, Delia  Sherman, Cordelia Caroline  (1951- )
Shunn, D. William  Shunn, William  (1967- )
Skal, Dave  Skal, David J.  (1952- )
Smith, Adam  Goodman, George & Winthrop Knowlton  this is a collab. ps. according to Hawk's
Smith, Cordwainer  Linebarger, Paul Myron Anthony  (1913-1966)
Smith, Hogan  Morgan, Allen D. 
Smith, Ron  Smith, Ronald Loran  (1936-1987)
Sohl, Jerry  Sohl, Gerald Allan Sr  (1913- )
Somers, Jonathan Swift III  Farmer, Philip José  (1918- )
St. Clair, Eric  Pflaum, George A.  per Hawk's
Stanton, Will  Hope, William Edward S.  (1918- )
Starke, Henderson  Neville, Kris  (1925-1980)

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