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Author Name  Pseudonym/Working Name  Comments
Cockburn, Francis Claud  Cockburn, Claud  (1904-1981)
Cole, Lester  Cole, Les  (1904-1985)
Cole, Lester & Melvin Sturgis  Sturgis, Colin  (1904?-1985; ?-?)
Collier, Joanna  Carlson, Esther  (1920- ) nee Esther Carlson, per F&SF
Conner, Michael  Conner, Mike  (1951- )
Cosley, Miss M.C.  Corwin, M.  of Washington, D.C.
Coulson, Juanita  Wells, John Jay  (1933- )
Cowdrey, Albert E.  Arthur, Chet  (1933- )
Cox, Arthur Jean  Cox, Jean  (1929- ) also in F&SF as Arthur J. Cox & as Arthur Jean Cox
   Rokesmith, John Thames  (1929- ) tongue-in-cheek story intro says Rokesmith authored several western novels & a biography of Tom Mix, Straight Shooters Always Win, which was a novella by Cox in F&SF 1974 MAY
Cox, Wennicke Eide  Wennicke, Eide 
Crook, Compton N.  Tall, Stephen  (1908-1981)
Crosby, Harry C. Jr  Anvil, Christopher  (1922- )
Cunningham, Patricia Elizabeth  Cunningham, P.E.  (1957?- )
Dance, Clifton L.  Shango, J.R. 
Dawes, Joseph  Dawes  cartoonist
de Kostrowitsky, Guillaumme A.W.A. Apollinaire  Apollinaire, Guillaume  (1880-1918) French author
DeWeese, Thomas Eugene  DeWeese, Gene  (1934- )
DiChario, Nicholas A.  DiChario, Nick  (1960- )
Disch, Thomas M.  Disch, Tom  (1940- ) a working name he uses for his poetry
Dixon, Jeanne Parker  Dixon, J.P. 
   Parker, Jeanne 
Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge  Carroll, Lewis  (1832-1898)
Dorman, Sonya  Dorman, S.  (1924- )
Easton, M(alcolm) Coleman  Brax, Coleman  (1942- ) also in F&SF under his real name
Edmondson y Cotton, José M.G.O.  Edmondson, G.C.  (1922- )
Effinger, George Alec  Niemand, O.  (1947-2002)
Elgin, Patricia Anne Suzette Wilkins  Elgin, Suzette Haden  (1936- ) well-known for her fiction & poetry
Emshwiller, Edmund  Emsh (also as Ed Emsh, & Ed Emshwiller)  (1925-1990) cover artist for F&SF
Engh, M(ary) J(ane)  Beauclerk, Jane  (1933- )
Engstrom, Betsy Lynn Gutzmer  Engstrom, Elizabeth  (1951- )
Evans, Lawrence Watt  Watt-Evans, Lawrence  (1954- ) wrote his 1st stories as Lawrence Evans, until he discovered in 1979 that there was another writer by that name; he has since been writing under the working name Lawrence Watt-Evans
Evans, Thelma D. Hamm  Hamm, Thelma D. 
Faber, Sharon N.  Dyer, S.N.  has pub. over 40 short stories & one collab. novel, all under various names
Farmer, Philip José  Keen, Rod  (1918- ) ps. is taken from a character in Richard Brautigan's 1970 novel, The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966(see p.28)
   Trout, Kilgore  (1918- ) Kilgore Trout's the fictional author created by Kurt Vonnegut in novels God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater(1965), Breakfast of Champions(1973); Farmer's use of the Trout name caused a row with Vonnegut
   Chapin, Paul  (1918- )
   Somers, Jonathan Swift III  (1918- )
   Manders, Harry  (1918- )
Feehan, Joseph  Meddor, Michael  (1946- )
Feige, Otto  Traven, B.  (1882-1969)
Ferguson, Bradley Michael  Ferguson, Brad  (1953- )
Ferman, Joseph W.  Ferman, Joe  (1906-1974) publisher of F&SF from 1954 AUG - 1970 OCT, and editor of F&SF from 1964 DEC - 1965 DEC
Findlay, David Findlay  Findlay, D.K.  (1901- ?)
Finney, Walter B.  Finney, Jack  (1911-1995)
FitzGerald, Gillian  FitzGerald, Gil 
FitzPatrick, Richard C.  FitzPatrick, R.C. 
Foote, Irving 'Bud'  Friborg, Albert Compton  (1930- )
Forester, Cecil Scott  Forester, C.S.  (1899-1966)

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