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Author Name  Pseudonym/Working Name  Comments
Smith, Ronald Loran  Smith, Ron  (1936-1987)
Sohl, Gerald Allan Sr  Sohl, Jerry  (1913- )
Sparer, Laurie Aylma Taylor  Taylor, L.A.  (1939-1996)
Sprague, Alice Ingram Orr  Orr, A.  (1950- )
St. Clair, Margaret  Seabright, Idris  (1911-1995)
Standard, Mrs. Mary R.  Russell, Mary 
Stemple, Jane Hyatt Yolen  Yolen, Jane  (1939- )
Sterling, Michael Bruce  Sterling, Bruce  (1954- )
Stine, George Harry  Correy, Lee  (1928-1997)
Stine, George Henry  Stine, G. Henry  (1928-1997)
Strickland, William Bradley  Strickland, Brad  (1947- )
Studebaker, Donald  DeCles, Jon  (1941- )
Sutton, Homer Lee  Sutton, Lee  (1916-1978)
Taylor, Lynne  Taylor, L.  cartoonist
Thomas, Theodore L(ockard)  Thomas, Ted  (1920- )
Treibich, Steven John  Treibich, S.J.  (1936-1972)
Vaczek, Joan  Vatsek, Joan  (1916-1996) was marrried first to writer Robert Arthur, then to writer John Atlee Kouwenhoven
van Vogt, Alfred E.  van Vogt, A.E.  (1912-2000)
Vance, John Holbrook  Vance, Jack  (1916- )
Vickers, William Edward  Vickers, Roy  ((1889-1965)
Vidal, Eugene Luther Gore Jr  Vidal, Gore  (1925- )
Wade, Robert (Bob) & William (Bill) Miller  Miller, Wade  (1920- ; 1920-1961)
Wagar, Walter Warren  Wagar, W. Warren  (1932- )
Wakefield, Herbert Russell  Wakefield, H.R.  (1888-1964)
Waldo, Edward Hamilton  Sturgeon, Theodore  (1918-1985)
Waldo, Edward Hamilton (aka Theodore Sturgeon)  Watson, Billy  (1918-1985)
Ward, Joseph Ward  Moore, Ward  (1903-1978)
Webb, Sharon Lynn  Webb, Ron  (1936- )
Weiman, Barbara Owens  Owens, Barbara 
Weiner, Norbert  Norbert, W.  (1894-1964)
Weiss, Henry Walter  Whyte, H.W.  (1940-1991) a personal friend, and lawyer, of sf/f writer Barry N. Malzberg, Malzberg's story "Understanding Entropy" was written in memory of Weiss
Wellman, Manly Wade  Crow, Levi  (1903-1986)
Wellman, Manly Wade Jr  Wellman, Wade  (1937- ) poet & professor and the son of Manly Wade Wellman
Wentworth, Kathy D.  Wentworth, K.D.  (1951- )
Westlake, Donald E.  Clark, Curt  (1933- )
White, Elwyn Brooks  White, E.B.  (1899-1985)
White, Theodore Edwin  White, Ted  (1938- )
White, William A.P.  Mudgett, Herman W.  (1911-1968) aka Anthony Boucher; see comments for #2, H.H. Holmes (Boucher was a well-known mystery writer, as well as an editor)
   Holmes, H.H.  (1911-1968) aka Anthony Boucher; H.H. Holmes, the alias of Herman W. Mudgett, the notorious "Torture Doctor", a 19th Cent. U.S. mass murderer
   Boucher, Anthony  (1911-1968)
Wilber, Richard Arnold  Wilber, Rick  (1948- )
Williams, Robert Paul  Williams, Tad  (1957- )
Williamson, Chester Carlton  Williamson, Chet  (1948- )
Williamson, John Stewart  Williamson, Jack  (1908- )
Willis, Constance Elaine Trimmer  Willis, Connie  (1945- )
Wilson, Francis Paul  Wilson, F. Paul  (1946- )
Wilson, Robin Scott  Scott, Robin  (1928- )
Wodehouse, Pelham Grenville  Wodehouse, P.G.  (1881-1975)
Wollheim, Donald A.  Grinnell, David  (1914-1990)
   Pearson, Martin  (1914-1990)

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