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1951 FEB  La Farge, Oliver  John the Revelator  ss  (1901-1963) anthropologist & novelist; President of the Association on American Indian Affairs, 1933-1941 & 1947-1951; has novels Laughing Boy(1929; W-1930 Pulitzer), Sparks Fly Upward(1931), The Enemy Gods(1937, 1975), The Eagle in the Egg(1949, 1972)
   Bretnor, R.  One of the Family  ss  writer, translator(he was born in Vladivostok, Siberia), & lecturer, his family moved to the U.S. in 1919
   Goldman, Lawrence  Temporarily at Liberty  ss  (1907-1990?) 1st fantasy story; Lawrence Louis Goldman, has mystery novels Fall Guy for Murder(1943), Tiger by the Tail(1946); mys. TV tie-ins Judd for the Defense(1968), Secret Listeners(1968); western Man With a Star(1966); novel Heart Merchants(1970)
   Hunter, Gene  Journey  ss 
   Bradbury, Ray  One Who Waits, The  ss  1st pub. in The Arkham Sampler 1949 SUM; a Mars story, tho not from his Martian Chronicles; 1st pub. story "Pendulum"(SSS 1941 NOV, with Henry Hasse); has colls. Dark Carnival(1947), & The Martian Chronicles(1950; N-1975 & 1987 LOC; 1981 BSF, HUG)
   Tucker, Wilson  My Brother's Wife  ss  (1914- ) sf fan, film projectionist, writer; pub. fanzine Le Zombie for 68 issues, 1938-1978; wrote three articles for The Fantasy Fan, in 1933-35, under the ps. Hoy Ping Pong; 1st story pub. "Interstellar Way Station" in SSN 1941 MAY
   Defoe, Daniel  Friendly Demon, The  ss  (1660-1731) 1st pub. in, an excerpt from The Friendly Demon(1726), & is the chapter titled "The Devil Frolics with a Butler"; U.K. merchant, spy & writer, author of Robinson Crusoe(1719); has novel The Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies(1740)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Robert A. Heinlein: The Man Who Sold the Moon; Bleiler & Dikty(ed): The Best S.F. Stories, 1950; Cadell: Brimstone in the Garden; Robert M. Coates: Here Today; Nigel Kneale: Tomato Cain
   Taylor, Graves  Roommate, The  ss  1st pub. story, long active in music & radio
   Gardner, Martin  No-Sided Professor  ss  (1914- ) 1st pub. in ESQ 1947 JAN; mathematician, conjurer, journalist & author; has BA in philosophy from the Univ. of Chicago; has book on science, The Ambidextrous Universe(1964; exp. 1979; rev. 1982); has book The Annotated Alice(1960)
   Tennyson, Alfred  Kraken, The  pm  (1809-1892) appointed Poet Laureate of England in 1850; 1st book Poems, by Two Brothers(1827); poem "The Lady of Shalott"(1832); epic poems, Idylls of the King(1859; 1869; 1871; 1872; 1885); see website
   Stanton, Will  Barney  vi  (1918- ?) ps. for William Edward S. Hope; also used ps. Donald Dean, Bruce Denver, Frank Richards, & William Stanton
   Elliott, Bruce  Fearsome Fable  vi  (1914-1973) writer & editor, his 1st pub. story; this vignette not listed in the index for Volume #6 in the 1951 JUN issue
   Jesse, F. Tennyson  Railway Carriage, The  ss  (1889-1958) 1st pub. in SND 1931 NOV, 1st & only story in F&SF from her Solange Fontaine detective ser., coll. in The Solange Stories(1931), about a woman detective with psychic powers; wrote mys. novels & stories; edited the Notable British Trials Series
   Murphy, Maurice  Time Tourist  ss  ps. for Thomas A. Meehan(& in F&SF as such, #667); wrote movie scripts One Magic Christmas(1985), A Child's Garden of Verses(1992); plays I Remember Mama(1979), Ain't Broadway Grand(1993), The Producers(2001; 2001 book), Hairspray(2002)
   Phelan, Jeremiah  Episode of the Perilous Talisman, The  nv  (1895-1963) per Hawk's, ps. is for C. Daly King, who has Dianetics br(#62) in F&SF 1950 DEC; 1st & only story in F&SF in his Trevis Tarrant series
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors  note  adding 10,000 words to each issue, beginning with the 1951 APR issue
1951 APR  Anderson, Poul  Interloper  nv  (1926-2001) born in Pennsylvania of Scandinavian parents; after WWII, member of Minnesota Fantasy Society w. Clifford D. Simak & Gordon R. Dickson; 1948 physics degree from Univ. of Minnesota; has wealth of knowledge of Scandinavian language & literature
   de Camp, L. Sprague & Fletcher Pratt  More Than Skin Deep  ss  4th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt conceived the idea of the Harold Shea series of humorous fantasies in which the protagonist, Shea, is transported into a series of alternate worlds based on various myths & legends(Clute)
   Christie, Agatha  Last Séance, The  ss  (1890-1976) 1st pub. in Ghost Stories 1926 NOV & Sovereign Magazine 1927 MAR, as "The Woman Who Stole a Ghost"; ps. for Dame Agatha Christie Mallowan, born in Torquay, in Devon, England; worked in dispensary in WWI, gained knowledge of drugs & poisons
   Elliott, Bruce  Devil Was Sick, The  ss  (1914-1973) has short stories "The Battle of the S...s" in Kendell F. Crossen(ed): Future Tense(1952), "So Sweet As Magic ..." in Fantasy Fiction 1953 AUG, & "The Dead Doll" in Triple Detective 1953 WIN
   Matheson, Richard  Through Channels  ss  has 1st two novels, crime novels Someone Is Bleeding(1953) & Fury on Sunday(1953); has 1st two sf novels, I Am Legend(1954) & The Shrinking Man(1956); more on 3 of these as Matheson wrote the movie scripts for them
   Seabright, Idris  Brightness Falls From the Air  ss  Story Title Contest, $100.00 given to best title submitted by readers for this story; winner was not announced in later issues, but "Brightness Falls from the Air" was the winning title
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors  note  announcement of Story Title Contest
   Nearing, H. Jr  Mathematical Voodoo, The  ss  2nd story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series; profs. are a mathematician & philosopher, & their names are derived from the New Criticism poets & critics Cleanth Brooks, Archibald MacLeish, John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, & Robert Penn Warren(Clute)
   Grinnell, David  Extending the Holdings  vi  Wollheim's role in early sf fandom recorded in Sam Moskowitz: The Immortal Storm(1954), Damon Knight: The Futurians(1977), & in his own book, The Universe Makers(1971)
   Wood, Christopher  Miss Frost  ss  (1935- ) his 1st pub. story; has 1st novel Make It Happen to Me(?), based on his United Nations time in Africa in 1960, as was A Dove Against Death(1983); wrote James Bond screenplays & novelizations of The Spy Who Loved Me(1977), Moonraker(1979)
   Roberts, R. Ellis  Other End, The  ss  (1879-1953) 1st pub. in London in his coll. The Other End(1923); wn. for Richard Ellis Roberts; 1st book Poems(1906); nf books Samuel Rogers and His Circle(1910), Henrik Ibsen(1912), (tr)Ernst Toller: Look Through the Bars, Portrait of Stella Benson(1939)
   Elliott, George Paul  Hill, The  ss  (1918-1980) 1st pub. in Pacific, in 1948; also in F&SF as George P. Elliott; writer & academic
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  best books of 1950; C. Adams: Monster Rally; Bradbury: The Martian Chronicles; Cadell: Brimstone in the Garden; Davenport: Ghostly Tales to Be Told; Derleth(ed): Beyond Time & Space; Greenberg(ed): Men Against the Stars
   Nelson, Alan  Narapoia  ss  (1911-1966) 1st pub. in What's Doing 1948 APR, as "The Origin of Narapoia," 1st story Dr. Manly J. Departure series
   Wellman, Manly Wade  Larroes Catch Meddlers  ss  (1903-1986) see 1951 OCT, p.17, for definitions of 'larroes'; born in Kamundongo, Angola; has 1926 BA in English from Wichita Stae Univ., 1927 BA from Columbia Univ.; used ps. Gans T. Field, Levi Crow(in F&SF), house ps. Gabriel Barclay, etc
1951 JUN  Neville, Kris  Old Man Henderson  ss 
   Stephens, James  Threepenny Piece, The  ss  (1882-1950) 1st pub. in his coll. Here Are Ladies(1913); Irish poet, prose writer; has 1st book poetry coll. Insurrections(1909); 1st novel The Chairwoman's Daughter(1912), The Crock of Gold(1912), Deirdre(1923); poetry colls. Irish Fairy Tales(1920), etc
   Rogers, Kay  Love Story  vi  her 1st pub. story; she is "a green-eyed redhead," single, & "lives with 34 cats" in Russell, PA
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  To Our Readers  note  readers' opinions of F&SF from their letters: what they want to see in F&SF
   Wyndham, John  Bargain From Brunswick  ss  (1903-1969) working name for John Wyndham Beynon Harris, U.K. writer; 1st story pub. sf "Worlds to Barter" in WOS 1931 MAY(as by John Beynon Harris); early stories colls. Wanderers of Time(1973) as John Wyndham, & Exiles on Asperus(1979) as John Beynon
   Sternig, Larry  Scrap Iron  ss  (1910-1999) 1st pub. in the pulp mag Fight Stories, in 1945 FLL; ps. for William Campbell Gault; Gault has PI Joe Puma series & PI Brock Callahan series; sold 1st fiction to pulps in 1936; non-ser. novels incl., The Dead Seed(1985), The Chicane War(1986)
   Oliver, Chad  Boy Next Door, The  ss  (1928-1993) wn. for Symmes Chadwick Oliver; born in Cincinnati, Ohio, but lived much of his life in Texas; has 1952 MA, English & Anthropology, from the Univ. of Texas; his 1st sale, but not his 1st pub. story("The Land of Lost Content" in SSS 1950 NOV)
   Cox, Arthur J.  Twilight Planet, The  ss  (1929- ) Arthur Jean Cox; also in F&SF as Jean Cox
   Wilde, Percival  Extreme Airiness of Duton Lang, The  ss  (1887-1953) 1st pub. in ESQ 1939 APR; wrote many Broadway plays & books coll. his plays; nf The Craftmanship of the One Act Play(1923; 1951); coll. Rogues in Clover(1929; The Popular Mag. 1924-5), ser. about ex-card sharp Bill Parmalee exposing gamblers
   McCormack, Ford  Hell-Bent  ss  Story Title Contest, $100.00 given to reader with best title for this story; winner announced on p.23, 1951 OCT("Hell-Bent" won); has ss "Skin Deep" in ASF 1950 JUL; nv's "March Hare Mission" in Worlds Beyond 1951 JAN, "Phantom Duel" in INF 1955 NOV
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors  note  announcement of Story Title Contest
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Robert A. Heinlein: Farmer in the Sky; Isaac Asimov: I, Robot; Philip Wylie: The Disappearance; Martin Greenberg(ed): Journey Into Infinity
   Pain, Barry  Glass of Supreme Moments, The  ss  (1864-1928) 1st pub. in coll. Stories and Interludes(1892); Barry Eric Odell Pain, humorist & parodist; has colls. Stories in the Dark(1901), Stories in Grey(1911), novels Robinson Crusoe's Return(1906), The Diary of a Baby(1907), etal
   Appelman, Evan H.  'Twas Brillig   vi 
   Liddell, C.H.  Android  nv  (1915-1958; 1911-1987) ps. for Henry Kuttner & C(atherine) L(ucille) Moore collaboration; also in F&SF under K. & M.; also have collab. ps. Lewis Padgett & Lawrence O'Donnell; they were married in 1940; have colls. A Gnome There Was(1950), Mutant(1953)
   Haynes, Dorothy K.  Story at Bedtime, A  ss  (1918-1987) 1st pub. in London in her coll. Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch(1949); ps. for Dorothy Kate Gray
1951 AUG  Clarke, Arthur C.  Superiority  ss  (1917- ) Arthur Charles Clarke, born in Minehead, in Somerset, England; active sf fan before WWII; radar instructor with the RAF, 1941-46; 1st story pub. sf "Loophole" in ASF 1946 APR; 1st sale was "Rescue Party" in ASF 1946 MAY
   McKnight, John P.  Prolog  vi  (1908?-1987) John Proctor McKnight

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