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1951 AUG  Arthur, Robert  Wilfred Weem, Dreamer  ss  1st pub. in ARG, in 5 JUL 1941, as "Just a Dreamer"; 2nd story from his Murchison Morks ser.; Arthur a prolific writer for the pulps since 1931, incl. Wonder Stories, Detective Fiction Weekly, Mystery, Amazing Stories, The Shadow, Argosy, Black Mask, etc
   Curtis, Betsy  Peculiar People, A  ss  Curtis "was a 'Master Costumer,' her concepts & designs winning awards at World S. F. Conventions in Philadelphia, Detroit, Pittsburgh(1960), Cleveland(1966), & was active in The Society for Creative Anachronism"; see obits, LOC 2002 JUN, SFC 2002 AUG
   Oppenheim, Garrett  Punishing of Eddie Jungle-Spit, The  ss  1st pub. in Liberty 1950 MAY
   Nearing, H. Jr  Embarrassing Dimension, The  ss  3rd story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series; series about the doomed efforts of the profs. to formalize a union of the arts & sciences, which are told without malice(Clute)
   MacDonald, Philip  Solitary Confinement  ss  in F&SF's 1st anthology, titled "Hub"; wrote the screenplays for Forbidden Planet(1956, as by W.J. Stuart) & The List of the Adrian Messenger(1959); has pub. several stories in the Saturday Evening Post
   Langdon, John  Man Who Could Smell Land, The  ss  (1913- ) 1st pub. in Mast Magazine(U.S. Maritime Service magazine), 1947 OCT; John Franklin Coasten Langdon; has also pub. short stories "Hermit on Bikini" in Bluebook 1953 MAR, & "The Girls of Tombatoo" in Fury 1962 MAY
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Daughter of the Tree, The  ss  moved to Hollywood in 1918, had small parts in films; moved to San Francisco, worked as a newspaper labor journalist/staff writer for 40 years; contributing editor for The Humanist, she was well-known in the American literary scene in early 1900s(Yntema)
   Mudgett, Herman W.  (Untitled)  pm  (1911-1968) ps. for William Anthony Parker White, aka Anthony Boucher; also in F&SF as H.H. Holmes; in Anthology #37 as "Limerick"
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  John Wyndham: The Day of the Triffids; Arthur C. Clarke: Prelude to Space; John W. Campbell Jr: The Moon Is Hell!; Edmond Hamilton: City at World's End; Jack Williamson: The Cometeers; Ray Bradbury: The Illustrated Man
   Leimert, John  John Thomas's Cube  ss  1st pub. in ATL 1945 AUG
   Heard, H.F.  Collector, The  nv  (1889-1971) Henry FitzGerald Heard, U.K. author & journalist; also in F&SF as Gerald Heard; has Mr. Mycroft detective/horror novel series, A Taste for Honey(1941; vt A Taste for Murder, 1955), Reply Paid(1942), The Notched Hairpin(1949)
   Dickens, Charles  Rat That Could Speak, The  ss  (1812-1870) 1st pub. in his magazine All the Year Round, 8 SEP 1860, in The Uncommercial Traveler column; author from London, has novels Oliver Twist(1939), A Christmas Carol(1843), Bleak House(1853), coll. C.D.'s Christmas Ghost Stories(1992, ed Haining)
   Nelson, Alan  Cattivo  ss 
1951 OCT  Bester, Alfred  Of Time and Third Avenue  ss  (1913-1987) born in New York City, educated at the Univ. of Pennsylvania in both humanities(esp. psychology) & sciences; 1st pub. story "The Broken Axiom" in TWS 1939 APR; in 1942 he went to work for DC Comics(Superman, Green Lantern, Batman)
   Wakefield, H.R.  Gorge of the Churels, The  ss  has colls. Old Man's Beard(1929; vt Others Who Returned, 1929 US), Imagine a Man in a Box(1931), Ghost Stories(1932), A Ghostly Company(1935), The Clock Strikes Twelve(1940), Strayers from Sheol(1961), The Best Ghost Stories of ... (1978)
   Deming, Richard  Shape of Things That Came, The  ss  (1915-1983) has pub. mystery short stories since novella "No Pockets in a Shroud" in Black Mask 1949 JAN, in New Detective Magazine, Manhunt, Detective Story Magazine, Pursuit, MSMM, Suspect, etc.
   Gage, Joseph H.  Achilles Had His Heel  ss  (1904- ? ) 1st & only story in F&SF in a series of Western tall tales set in the town of Bonedry(more stories in series was promised)
   Grinnell, David  Rag Thing, The  ss  pioneered 2 anthologies, The Pocket Book of S.F.(1943), Portable Novels of Science(1945); also edited The Girl with the Hungry Eyes(1949), & was editor for Avon Fantasy Reader & Avon Science Fiction Reader; has World's Best Science Fiction anth. 1965-90
   Brookbank, Richard  Cocoon, The  ss  teacher & linguist; his 1st pub. story
   Seabright, Idris  Man Who Sold Rope to the Gnoles, The  ss  Margaret St. Clair also pub. mystery stories "Letter from the Deceased" in Detective Story Magazine 1945 MAR, & "Nightmare Lady" in Dime Mystery Magazine 1949 OCT
   de Camp, L. Sprague & Fletcher Pratt  Beasts of Bourbon  ss  5th story Gavagan's Bar series; de Camp & Pratt collab. on novel Land of Unreason(UNK 1941 OCT; 1942), in which the protagonist is transported into a pixie's fairyland where he helps them overcome 'shapings' which have been making pixie magic fail
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Conklin(ed): Possible Worlds of S.F.; Derleth(ed): Far Boundaries; Crossen(ed): Adventures Into Tomorrow; M. Leinster(ed): Great Stories of S.F.; J.D. Carr: The Devil in Velvet; Vance Randolph: We Always Lie to Strangers; Simak: Time and Again
   Woolrich, Cornell  Jane Brown's Body  na  (1903-1968) 1st pub. in All-American Fiction, 1938 MAR/APR; mys. writer born in NYC; used ps. William Irish, George Hopley; see readers' response to this story, F&SF 1952 FEB, p.18; 1st novel, Cover Charge(1926); see website
   Matheson, Richard  Dress of White Silk  ss  has colls. Born of Man and Woman(1954; vt Third from the Sun, 1961), The Shores of Space(1957), Shock!(1961; vt Shock I, 1979), Shock II(1964), Shock III(1966), Shock Waves(1970), Shocks IV(1980 UK), R. M.: Collected Stories(1989; W-1990 STO, WFA)
1951 DEC  Leiber, Fritz  When the Last Gods Die  ss  (1910-1992) writer, editor, drama teacher; studied psychology & physiology at Univ. of Chicago, spent one year at a theological seminary; 1st story pub. "Two Sought Adventure" in UNK 1939 AUG, the first story in his Fafhrd & Gray Mouser series
   Wilde, Percival  Haunted Ticker, The  nv  1st pub. in The Popular Magazine, 20 MAY 1923; has mystery novels Mystery Weekend(1938), Inquest(1940), Design for Murder(1941), Tinsley's Bones(1942); coll. of spoofs P. Moran, Operative(1947); see
   Wellman, Manly Wade  O Ugly Bird!  ss  1st story in Silver John ser., about a wandering balladeer & American folk ballads; 1st pub. work poem "Ripples" in Verse 1925 SPR; 1st story pub. "When the Lion Roared" in Thrilling Tales 1927 MAY; 1st story pub. sf "When Planets Clashed" in WSQ 1931 SPR
   Porges, Arthur  Rats, The  ss  (1915- ) reprint of his 1st pub. sf story, 1st pub. in Man's World 1951 FEB; born in Chicago, IL; now lives in Pacific Groves, CA; has 1940 BS in Mathematics from Illinois Institute of Technology; served as an instructor in the Army during WWII
   Schoenfeld, Howard  Built Down Logically  vi  sequel to story #45, F&SF 1950 FLL; has 1st novel Let Them Eat Bullets(1954), about "Jerry Nelson, a tough P.I., who knew what to feed a public enemy, as all hell breaks loose with blondes, lead showers & teenage psychotics"
   Irwin, Margaret  Earlier Service, The  ss  (1889-1967) 1st pub. in coll. Madame Fears the Dark(1935, U.K.); U.K. writer; has novels Who Will Remember(1924), These Mortals(1925); coll. Bloodstock and Other Stories(1953); That Great Lucifer: A Portrait of Sir Walter Ralegh(1960)
   Wanley, Nathaniel  (Untitled)  vi  (1634-1680) an extract from The Wonders of the Little World, 1st pub. in 1678; a 1-paragraph filler; this book illustrates the extremes of human nature with anecdotes & specific individual examples
   Arthur, Robert  Universe Broke Down, The  ss  1st pub. in ARG, 7 JUN 1941; Arthur also wrote for radio & TV; most of his pulp output was crime & mystery, & fantasy beginning in late 1930s(Clute), & also pub. in Startling Stories, Unknown Worlds, Collier's, Thrilling Detective; also edited var. mags.
   Henderson, Zenna  Come On, Wagon!  ss  (1917-1983) her 1st pub. story; born in Tucson, AZ, teaches 1st grade in Phoenix; during WWII taught Japanese-Americans at a Relocation camp at Rivers, AZ, & taught in 1955 at an U.S.A.F. base north of Paris, France, & at a TB sanitorium in Connecticut
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Ley: Rockets, Missiles, and Space Travel; Ley: Dragons in Amber; de Camp: Rogue Queen; van Vogt: The Weapon Shops of Isher; W. Stewart: Seetee Ship; Taine: Seeds of Life; C. Beuf: The Innocence of Pastor Müller; J. Oliver: Morning for Mr. Prothero
   Hart, James S.  House in Arbor Lane, The  nv 
   Deardorf, Kenneth R.  Skiametric Morphology and Behaviorism of Gany-medeus Sapiens: Summary of Neoteric Hypotheses, A  fa  (1932- ) 1st Ganymedeus Sapiens series
   Nearing, H. Jr  Hyperspherical Basketball, The  ss  4th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
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