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1952 AUG  Hartley, L.P.  W.S.  ss  (1895-1972) 1st pub. in World Review 1952 JAN; Leslie Poles Hartley; U.K. novelist, short story writer; has ghost story colls., incl. Night Fears(1924), The Killing Bottle(1932), The Complete Short Stories of ...(1973), sf novel Facial Justice(1960)
   Dewey, G. Gordon  Tooth, The  ss  (1916- ) also has short story "The Collectors" with Max Dancey, a ps. for Peter Grainger, in AMZ 1953 JUN/JUL
   Boucher, Anthony  Nine-Finger Jack  ss  1st pub. in ESQ 1951 MAY; Boucher(White) grew up in Pasadena, CA; became a language teacher & translator, fluent in French, Spanish & Portugese; became theater critic in 1935; has 1st mystery novel The Case of the Seventh Calvary(1937, as by H.H. Holmes)
   Ashby, Richard  Sling, The  ss  has J. Marty Reed series in OWS 1950 NOV & 1952 APR; has 8 short stories in men's mags. Adam, Knight, & Pix betw. 1964 MAR-1970 SEP; associate editor of Vertex SF 1973-75
   Bennett, Kem  Soothsayer, The  ss  (1919- ) 1st pub. outside of the U.S.; Kemys Deverell Bennett; he has a novel The Fabulous Wink(1951)' has pub. sevaral stories in Argosy, the U.K. version of Argosy, & the Saturday Evening Post betw. 1951 OCT-1963 MAR
   Derleth, August  "Who Shall I Say Is Calling?"  ss  edited Sleep No More(1944), Who Knocks?(1946), The Sleeping & the Dead(1947), Strange Ports of Call(1948), Beyond Time and Space(1950); has colls. Lonesome Places(1962), Mr. George and Other Odd Persons(1963 as by Stephen Grendon; 1964 as by Derleth)
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Listen  ss  (1923-2001) born in Edmondton, Canada, moved to U.S. at age 13; 4-years service in WWII; member w. Poul Anderson in Minneapolis Fantasy Society; 1948 BA in English from Univ. of Minnesota; 1st story pub. sf "Trespass!" in FSQ 1950 SPR, w. Poul Anderson
   Kelly, Dan & Cleve Cartmill  Nor Iron Bars  ss  (? - ?; 1908-1964)
   Drussaļ, Garen  Extra-Curricular  ss  her 1st pub. story; has short story "Why Don't You Answer, Theodore?" in MSMM 1970 MAY
   Clingerman, Mildred  Stair Trick  ss  has short story "The Little Witch of Elm Street" in the Woman's Home Companion 1956 OCT
   Wolf, Leonard  Note on a Grave Situation  pm  (1923- ) has coll. of poetry, Hamadryad Hunted(1946)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Heinlein: Tomorrow the Stars; Merril & Pohl(ed): Beyond the End of Time; Groff Conklin(ed): Invaders of Earth; H.L. Gold(ed): Galaxy Reader of S.F.; James Blish: Jack of Eagles; A.E. van Vogt: Destination: Universe!(coll.); Maurice Walsh: Son of a Tinker
   Greene, Graham  Proof Positive  ss  (1904-1991) written in 1930 & 1st pub. in HRP 1947 OCT & in his coll. Nineteen Stories(1947); U.K. author; 1st novel The Man Within(1929; 1947 movie); Stamboul Train(1932; 1934 movie Orient Express), The Power and the Glory(1939; 1947, 1961 movies)
   Nelson, Alan  Gualcophone, The  ss 
   White, E.B.  Hour of Letdown, The  ss  (1899-1985) 1st pub. in NYM, 22 DEC 1951; working name for Elwyn Brooks White; NYM's Talk of the Town columnist; wrote Stuart Little(1945; 1999 movie), Charlotte's Web(1952; 1973 movie); see website
1952 SEP  Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors  note  change from a bimonthly to a monthly publishing schedule; change in the style of the title on the cover
   Robin, Ralph  Budding Explorer  ss 
   Hickey, H.B.  Hilda  ss  (1916- ) ps. for Herb Livingston; has pub. at least 7 short stories in the pulps mags. Mammoth Mystery, Mammoth Adventure, & Mammoth Western betw. 1946 JUN-1949 DEC
   Deardorf, Kenneth R.  Ganymedeus Sapiens: Modern Scientific Dilemma  fa  2nd Ganymedeus Sapiens series
   Coppel, Alfred  Mother  vi  has 1st sf novel Dark December(1960); has Rhada space-opera seq. of juvenile novels, The Rebel of Rhada(1968), The Navigator of Rhada(1969), The Warlock of Rhada(1985)
   Nearing, H. Jr  Factitious Pentangle, The  ss  6th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Lawton, Harry  Extracts From a Bibliomaniac's Journal  vi  1st pub. story; bookseller
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Arthur C. Clarke: Sands of Mars(nf); C.M. Kornbluth: Takeoff; John W. Campbell Jr: Cloak of Aesir; Martin Greenberg(ed): Five S.F. Novels; August Derleth(ed): Night's Yawning Peal
   Gross, Marion  Good Provider, The  ss  her 1st pub. story
   Porges, Arthur  Fly, The  ss  taught mathematics at Illinois Institute of Technology, De Paul Univ., & Western Military Academy; retired in 1957 to become a fulltime writer; has written many essays, articles & poems for The Monterey Herald, & other periodicals
   Cartur, Peter  Mist, The  vi  (1916- ) ps. for Peter Grainger, also in F&SF under ps. Max Dancey, & Dancey with co-author G. Gordon Dewey
   Armstrong, Charlotte  Three Day Magic  na  (1905-1969) 1st pub. in shorter version in a 1948 women's mag.; working name for Charlotte Armstrong Lewi, mystery writer; novel A Dram of Poison W-1956 EDG; N or W several other Edgars; 1st novel Lay on, MacDuff!(1942, 1st in MacDuff series)
1952 OCT  Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors  note  reporting the 1st of a new series of covers by Chesley Bonestell
   Shaara, Michael  Grenville's Planet  ss  (1929-1988) born in Jersey City, NJ; grad. of Rutgers Univ.; 1st story pub. sf "All the Way Back" in ASF 1952 JUL; English Lit. prof. at Florida State Univ.; 1st novel The Broken Place(1968); has Pulitzer Prize winning Civil War novel, Killer Angels(1974)
   de Camp, L. Sprague & Fletcher Pratt  Black Ball, The  ss  8th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt has fantasy novel The Well of the Unicorn(1948 as by George U. Fletcher; 1967 as by F.P.); novel The Undying Fire(1953)
   M'Intosh, J.T.  Talents  nv  (1925- ) ps. for James Murdoch MacGregor, also in F&SF under ps. J.T. McIntosh, both used for his sf works; Scottish writer & journalist, from Aberdeen; has also pub. non-sf under his own name
   Wodehouse, P.G.  Unpleasantness at Bludleigh Court  ss  (1881-1975) 1st pub. in Liberty Magazine, 2 FEB 1929; from his Mulliner clan ser., 1st story in F&SF in ser.; Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, U.K. writer living in the U.S.; has 1st novel The Pothunters(1901); has Jeeves & Wooster characters in books & movies
   Boucher, Anthony  First, The  vi  Boucher was his grandmother's maiden name; also in F&SF as H.H. Holmes & Herman W. Mudgett; his 2nd mystery novel, The Case of the Crumpled Knave(1939), introduced series character, private eye Fergus O'Breen; also had Nick Noble mys. ser.
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Old Man Morgan's Grave  ss 
   Charteris, Leslie  Darker Drink, The  ss  (1907-1993) sf-horror, 1st pub. in TWS 1947 OCT; 1st story in F&SF from Simon Templar, or The Saint series; ps. for Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin, legally changed to L.C.; The Saint 1st appeared in Charteris' novel, Meet the Tiger(1928)
   Seabright, Idris  Egg a Month From All Over, An  ss 
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  John Collier: Fancies and Goodnights(W-1951 EDG); Arthur C. Clarke: The Exploration of Space(nf); de Camp & Ley: Lands Beyond(nf); Simak: City; Gerald Heard: Gabriel and the Creatures; Bleiler & Dikty: The Year's Best S.F. Novels, 1952
   Buck, Doris P.  Aunt Agatha  vi  (1898-1980) her 1st pub. story; Doris Pitkin Buck, & also in F&SF as such; born in New York City; graduated from Bryn Mawr College(PA) in 1920, earned an MA from Columbia Univ. in 1925
   Henderson, Zenna  Ararat  nv  1st story The People series, chronologically story #6; this series recounts over a long timespan the arduous experiences of a group of aliens with psi powers who have been shipwrecked on Earth & try to survive as well as possible(Clute)
   Finney, Jack  Third Level, The  ss  (1911-1995) 1st pub. in COL, 7 OCT 1950, 1st/only story in F&SF in Timeslip ser.; wn. for Walter B. Finney; 1st story pub. sf "Such Interesting Neighbors" in COL in 1951; novels Five Against the House(1954), Marion's Wall(1973); W-1987 WFA, Lifetime Award
1952 NOV  Dick, Philip K.  Little Movement, The  ss  (1928-1982) his 1st sale(story bought back in 1951 NOV; 1st story pub. "Beyond Lies the Wub" in PLS 1952 JUL; considered one of the 3 most important figures in 20th-century U.S. sf(Clute); story "Second Variety"(SSF 1953 MAY) basis 1995 movie Screamers
   Clingerman, Mildred  Winning Recipe  ss  1st pub. in COL, 21 JUN 1952
   Wolf, Leonard  Three Recipes for Pletoid Soup: I  pm  has two books of interviews, Voices from the Love Generation(1968), & The Passion of Israel(1970)
   Grinnell, David  Malice Aforethought  ss  was editor for several fanzines, & sf magazines Cosmic Stories, Stirring Science Stories, & Ten Story Fantasy; editor for Ace Books from 1952, winning a 1964 Hugo Award for his work; had Mike Mars series of children's books, from 1961-64
   Smith, Evelyn E.  Martian and the Magician, The  ss  (1922-2000) native New Yorker; a freelance writer, mostly of articles; her 1st story pub. sf "Tea Tray in the Sky" in GAL 1952 SEP
   Moore, Ward  Bring the Jubilee  no  (1903-1978) his most famous sf tale, a time-travel alternate history, in which the Confederates won the Civil War(Clute), pub. in book form in 1953; Joseph Ward Moore; initially well known outside of sf with novels such as Breathe the Air Again(1942)
   Wolf, Leonard  Three Recipes for Pletoid Soup: II  pm  has book of vampire folklore, A Dream of Dracula: In Search of the Living Dead(1972); has books The Annotated Dracula(1975, Bram Stoker's novel), The Essential Dracula(1993), Dracula: The Connoisseur's Guide(1997)
   Webb, Charles T.  BEM  vi  also in F&SF as Charles Webb; has vignettes "The Mink Coat" in The American Magazine 1952 OCT, "Space Opera" in OWS 1952 DEC, & "Psychobabble" in James Charlton(ed): Bred Any Good Rooks Lately?(1986)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Ray Bradbury(ed): Timeless Stories for Today and Tomorrow; Geoffrey Household: Tales of Adventurers; Cyril Judd: Outpost Mars; John Taine: The Crystal Horde
   Wolf, Leonard  Three Recipes for Pletoid Soup: III  pm  has book The Annotated Frankenstein(1977, Mary Shelley's novel), with artwork by Marcia Huyette

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