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1952 NOV  Randolph, Vance  Yellow Catfish, The  vi  (1892-1980) 1st story Ozark folk tales series; has books The Ozarks: An American Survival of Primitive Society(1931), Ozark Mountain Folks(1932), Ozark Outdoors: Hunting and Fishing Stories of the Ozarks(1934), An Ozark Anthology(1940)
   Bradbury, Ray  Wilderness, The  ss  1st pub. in Today, 6 APR 1952, rev. for F&SF, a new ep. of his Martian Chronicles ser.; coll. The Martian Chronicles dramatized as TV miniseries The Martian Chronicles(1980), & 2000 movie; story "I Sing the Body Electric" made into 1962 Twilight Zone ep.
1952 DEC  Tucker, Wilson  To a Ripe Old Age  ss  1st novel The Chinese Doll(1946, a mystery, with recursive sf fandom elements), novels Prison Planet(1947 chap), The City in the Sea(1951), The Long Loud Silence(1952), The Time Masters(1953; rev. 1971) & sequel Time Bomb(1955; vt Tomorrow Plus X, 1957)
   Carlson, Esther  Happy Landing  ss  (1920- ) ps. for Joanna Collier, wife of writer John Collier
   Harness, Charles L.  Poisoner, The  ss  (1915- ) also in F&SF as Charles Harness(F&SF 1950 FLL); has novella pub. "The Rose" in AUT 1953 MAR(#31), which depicts a conflict between science & the arts over the course of future human evolution; novella also in coll. The Rose(1966 UK)
   Finney, Jack  Quit Zoomin' Those Hands Through the Air  ss  1st pub. in COL, 4 AUG 1951; has novels The Body Snatchers(1955; vt 1973 & 1978 as, & movies as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1956, 1978), The Woodrow Wilson Dime(PST 1960; exp. 1968), Time and Again(1970) & its sequel From Time to Time(1995)
   Goggin, Richard  Frances Harkins  ss  1st sf story, normally a pulp-detective story writer
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  actually a one paragraph filler on p.57, as they "know of no adult books to recommend" due to the "doldrums" of summer
   Nearing, H. Jr  Unidentified Amazon, The  ss  7th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Kornbluth, C.M.  Goodly Creatures, The  ss  1st solo pub. story sf "King Cole of Pluto" as by S.D. Gottesman in SSS 1940 MAY; used many ps., incl. in F&SF as Cecil Corwin, & S.D. Gottesman; see interview of Kornbluth's wife, Mary, in Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1980)
   Heard, Gerald  Marble Ear, The  ss  (1889-1971) ps. for H.F. or Henry FitzGerald Heard; also in F&SF as H.F. Heard; has colls. The Great Fog(1944), The Lost Cavern(1948); novels Murder by Reflection(1942), Doppelgangers(1947), The Black Fox(1950 UK), Gabriel and the Creatures(1952)
   Boucher, Anthony  They Bite  ss  1st pub. in UNK 1943 AUG; Boucher reviewed sf & mysteries(as H.H. Holmes) from 1942 on; edited at one time True Crime Detective Magazine, and also EQMM; conventions for the Mystery Writers of America are called Bouchercons in his memory
   Goulart, Ron  Conroy's Public  ss  born in California, he lived there until the late 1960s
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