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1953 JUL  Seabright, Idris  Judgment Planet  ss 
   Dick, Philip K.  Expendable  ss  has colls. A Handful of Darkness(1955 UK), The Variable Man and Other Stories(1957), The Preserving Machine(1969); novels Dr. Futurity(TWS 1954 SUM as "Time Pawn"; exp. 1959), Time Out of Joint(1959), Vulcan's Hammer(FUT #29, 1956; exp. 1960)
   Sheckley, Robert  King's Wishes, The  ss  has colls. Untouched by Human Hands(1954), Citizen in Space(1955), Pilgrimage to Earth(1957); has used ps. Phillips Barbee, Ned Lang, & Finn O'Donnevan in GAL; short story "Something for Nothing" in GAL 1954 JUN made into 1993 Cable ser. The Utilizer
   Bester, Alfred  Star Light, Star Bright  ss  has novel The Demolished Man(GAL 1952 JAN-MAR; 1953), which won the first Hugo Award in 1953, for best novel, tells the story of Ben Reich who commits murder, gets caught by an Esper detective, & is committed to curative brainwashing(Clute)
1953 AUG  Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors  note  announcing F&SF's first serial, Poul Anderson's novel Three Hearts and Three Lions, to begin in the next issue
   Bretnor, R. & Kris Neville  Gratitude Guaranteed  nv  (1911-1992; 1925-1980)
   Brown, Fredric  Rustle of Wings  ss  (1906-1972) writer of fantasy, science fiction & mysteries; 1st story pub. sf "Not Yet the End" in CFU 1941 WIN; has 1st detective novel The Fabulous Clipjoint(1947; W-1947 EDG), in Hunter ser., coll. in 1st omnibus Hunter and the Hunted(2002)
   Coupling, J.J.  Mr. Kincaid's Pasts  ss  wrote science articles for ASF from 1944-71 as J.J. Coupling; has pub. 14 non-fiction books, from Theory and Design of Electron Beams(1949; rev. 1954) to Almost All About Waves(1974); has written fiction as Stine, Coupling, & as John Roberts
   Wellman, Manly Wade  One Other  ss  4th story Silver John ser.; has Hok ser. in AMZ(1939-41) & FAD(1942), sf adventures set in early mythic civilizations; has story made into 1961 The Twilight Zone TV ser. ep. "Still Valley" - a Confederate soldier gets a chance to win the war for the South
   Hubbard, P.M.  Manuscript Found in a Vacuum  vi  (1910-1980) 1st pub. in Punch 1952 DEC; working name for Philip Maitland Hubbard; born in England, educated in the Channel Islands, classics degree from Oxford, govt. service in India(Punjab) from 1933-47; lives in the English County of Dorset
   Griffith, Ann Warren  Captive Audience  ss  her work her appeared in ATL, Reader's Digest, and The Woman
   Moore, Ward  Measure of a Man  ss  his 1st story pub. sf was novel Greener Than You Think(1947), a comic satire about a mutated form of grass that absorbs the entire world(Clute)
   Dunsany, Lord  Told Under Oath  ss  (1878-1957) 1st pub. in Punch, 14 SEP 1952; title & wn. for Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett; Irish author, playwright, essayist; 1st genre works colls. in The Gods of Pagana(1905), Time and the Gods(1906), both illus. by S.H. Simes
   Wiles, A.F.  Cartoon  ct  1st pub. in Punch, 14 SEP 1952
   Robin, Ralph  Open Ears  ss 
   Davis, Lavinia R.  Randall  ss  (1909-1961) Lavinia Riker Davis
   McClintic, Winona  Unquiet Grave, The  pm 
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Clarke: Against the Fall of Night; Olaf Stapledon: To the End of Time; Pratt: The Undying Fire; William Tenn: Children of Wonder; Sturgeon: Baby Is Three; Greenberg(ed): The Robot and the Man; Wollheim(ed): Prize S. F.; F. Anstey: The Brass Bottle
   Nearing, H. Jr  Cerebrative Psittacoid, The  ss  10th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series
   Redman, Ben Ray  At the Door  vi  (1896-1961) has 1st novel Masquerade(1923); under ps. Jeremy Lord, mys. The Bannerman Case(1935), Sixty-Nine Diamonds(1940); story "The Perfect Crime" in Ellery Queen: 101 Year's Entertainment(1941), made into 1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode
   Binder, Eando  Warning to the Furious, A  ss  (1911-1975) ps. for Otto Oscar Binder; his 1st story pub., with his brother Earl, "The First Martian" as by Eando Binder in AMZ 1932 OCT; Otto had sentient robot Adam Link ser.(AMZ 1939-42), coll. in Adam Link Robot(1965 fixup)
1953 SEP  Anderson, Poul  Three Hearts and Three Lions  na-1/2  "alternate-world fantasy, an Earthman is translated from the middle of World War II into a sword-&-sorcery world"(Clute); exp. 1961 & has sequel, A Midsummer Tempest(1974; W-1975 MYT; N-1975 LOC, NEB, WFA), alt. world where Shakespeare's plays are factual
   de Camp, L. Sprague & Fletcher Pratt  One Man's Meat  ss  11th story Gavagan's Bar series; Pratt has novels Double Jeopardy(TWS 1952 APR & JUN; 1952 fixup), Invaders from Rigel(WSQ 1932 WIN, as "The Onslaught from Rigel"; 1960), Alien Planet(AMQ 1932 WIN, as "A Voice Across the Years" w. I.M. Stephens; 1962)
   Nelson, Alan  Silenzia  ss 
   Miller, Lion  Available Data on the Worp Reaction, The  vi 
   Wood, Christopher  Mrs. Dalrymple's Cat  ss  has humorous erotic novels under 2 ps., incl. Penny Sutton: The Stewardesses Down Under(1973); Oliver Grape: Forward Virgins(1975); wrote screenplays for Seven Nights in Japan(1976), Remo Williams(1985), The Unspeakable(1996 TV), Stray Bullet(1998), etc
   Sale, Richard  Old Oaken Eight-Ball, The  ss  1st pub. in Detective Fiction Weekly, 15 MAR 1941, 2nd story Captain McGrail series; created Deen "The Cobra" Bradley ser. in Ten Detective Aces in 1934, & photographer/insurance agent Terence "Candid" Jones ser. in Detective Fiction Weekly in 1936
   Hamm, Thelma D.  Gallie's House  vi  (1905-1994) working name for Thelma D. Hamm Evans; wife of fan & writer E. Everett Evans(1893-1958); 1st story pub. sf "The Last Supper" in IFS 1952 SEP; see obit in LOC 1994 JUL(#402)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Olaf Stapledon: To the End of Time; H. Rider Haggard: Lost Civilizations; Harness: Flight Into Yesterday; Wilmar H. Shiras: Children of the Atom; McIntosh: World Out of Mind; Wilson Tucker: The Time Masters; Bleiler & Dikty: Year's Best S. F. Novels, 1953
   Bester, Alfred  Time Is the Traitor  nv  has mainstream novel, Who He?(1953; vt The Rat Race, 1956), about the TV & advertising businesses, & which sheds some light on the milieu of his sf novel, The Demolished Man(1953)(Clute)
   Phillips, Peter  Warning, The  ss  (1920- ) British newspaperman; his writing of sf stories lasted a decade; between 1948-1958, he pub. at least 22 stories in sf/f mags., incl. F&SF, ASF, WRT, MVL, PLS, STS, GAL, NWS, FAN, & INF
1953 OCT  Farmer, Philip José  Attitudes  nv  (1918- ) 1st story Father John Carmody ser.; born in Terra Haute, IN; lives in Peoria, IL; 1st story pub. "O'Brien and Obrenov" in Adventure 1946 MAR; BA in English in 1950 from Bradley Univ.(Peoria); see interview in Paul Walker: Speaking of S. F.(1978)
   Carlson, Esther  Long Distance  ss 
   Porges, Arthur  Ruum, The  ss  1st story Ruum series(specimen-collecting robot from the planet Ilkor, left on the Earth)
   Harness, Charles L.  Chessplayers, The  ss  has novelette "An Ornament to His Profession" in ANA 1966 FEB & novella "The Alchemist" in ANA 1966 MAY, both N-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG; & novella "Probable Cause" in Knight(ed): Orbit 4(1968), N-1969 NEB
   Chandler, Raymond  Bronze Door, The  nv  (1888-1959) 1st pub. in UNK 1939 NOV; born in Chicago, mystery writer -perhaps the greatest of all time, & screenwriter; creator of the narrator /sleuth Philip Marlowe; won Edgar Awards, best screenplay/1946, & best novel/1954 for The Long Goodbye
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Patrick Moore: A Guide to the Moon(nf); Heinz Haber: Man in Space(nf); Clarke: Childhood's End; Gerald Kersh: The Secret Masters; Elizabeth Cadell: Crystal Clear; Charlotte Haldane: The Shadow of a Dream; Ayn Rand: Anthem
   Brown, Bill  Tronk and the Trumpet, The  ss 
   Anderson, Poul  Three Hearts and Three Lions  na-2/2  winner 2nd place best story of 1953; see contest results F&SF 1954 MAY; has novel Brain Wave(SPM 1953 SEP as "The Escape," the first installment only before the mag. ceased publication; 1954), considered by some to be his most famous & finest work(Clute)
   Mudgett, Herman W.  Naming of Names, The  pm  Herman W. Mudgett was the infamous "Torture Doctor," a 19th Century U.S. mass murderer, who used the alias H.H. Holmes(also a Boucher ps.); see book David Franke: The Torture Doctor(1975)
   Rogers, Kay  Letter to a Tiger  ss 
1953 NOV  Simak, Clifford D.  Shadow Show  nv  (1904-1988) journalist with Minneapolis Star(1929-76); 1st story pub. "The World of the Red Sun" in WOS 1931 DEC; 1st novel Cosmic Engineers(ASF 1939 FEB-APR; rev. 1950), Empire(1951); see iv's in Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction(1978), & AMZ 1980 FEB
   Abernathy, Robert  Professor Schlucker's Fallacy  ss  (1924-1990) has a PhD from Harvard in Slavic linguistics; 1st story pub. "Peril of the Blue World" in PLS 1942 WIN
   Seabright, Idris  Altruists, The  ss 
   Lord, Mindret  Dr. Jacobus Meliflore's Last Patient  ss  (1903-1955) ps. for Mildred Loeb Lord; wrote screenplays for Strange Impersonation(1946), The Glass Alibi(1946), The Sainted Sisters(1948), The Virgin Queen(1955); movies based on her stories, Alias Nick Beal(1949), The Big Bluff(1955)
   Royce, Stewart  " Fight in the Hills"  ss 
   Ready, W.B.  Hound of Cullen, The  nv  1st pub. in 1951; has autobiography, Files on Parade: A Memoir by William B. Ready(1982), the manuscript of which he finished just days before he suddenly died in Victoria, B.C., in 1981
   Randolph, Vance  Blood in the Cellar: Ozark Folk Tale, An  vi  3rd story Ozark folk tales series, coll. in The Devil's Pretty Daughter(1955), The Talking Turtle(1957), Sticks in the Knapsack(1958), Hot Springs and Hell(1965), Pissing in the Snow(1976); see Robert Cochran: Vance Randolph: An Ozark Life(1985)
   Neville, Kris  Worship Night  ss  best known stories, "Bettyann" in Healy(ed): New Tales of Space & Time(1951) & its sequel "Overture" in Healy(ed): 9 Tales of Space & Time(1954), which were made into a novel, Bettyann(1970 fixup); wrote sequel, "Bettyann's Children" (1973), with wife Lil
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  1953 IFA winners, runners-up, Clifford D. Simak: City; C.M. Kornbluth: Takeoff; Kurt Vonnegut: Player Piano; L. Sprague de Camp & Willy Ley: Lands Beyond(nf); Ryan: Across the Space Frontier(nf); Martin Gardner: In the Name of Science(nf)

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