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1953 NOV  Garrett, Randall  I've Got a Little List  pm  (1927-1987) 1st poem in F&SF in his comic verse series; army brat as a child, ex-Marine, wounded at Okinawa; 1st story pub. was a Probability Zero vignette "The Absence of Heat" in ASF 1944 JUN; has used many ps. incl. Gordon Aghill & Ralph Burke
   Cartmill, Cleve  My Lady Smiles  vi  has Space Salvage or Jake Murchison series, six stories pub. in TWS 1949-50, & coll. in The Space Scavengers(1975); he was also pub. stories in COL, & Suspense, the Mystery Magazine, the latter in 1946-47 which had been broadcast on radio in 1943-45
   Sturgeon, Theodore  Silken-Swift, The  nv  has coll. Without Sorcery(1948); has novel The Dreaming Jewels(1950); fixup novel More Than Human(exp. from nv "Baby Is Three," GAL 1952 OCT, plus two new novellas; W-1954 IFA), depicts the coming together of 6 deeply alienated psi-powered freaks(Clute)
   Wolf, Leonard  Some Facts About Robots (I)  pm  has anth. Wolf's Complete Book of Terror(1979), Blood Thirst: 100 Years of Vampire Fiction(1997)
   Clingerman, Mildred  Word, The  ss 
1953 DEC  Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors: Contest (repeated in 1954 JAN issue)  note  announcing a contest: readers write 250 words or less for their top 3 stories of 1953; best of readers & authors win cash; results, 1954 MAY
   Dewey, G. Gordon & Max Dancey  Two-Way Stretch  nv  (1916- ; 1916- ) Max Dancey is a ps. for Peter Grainger(also in F&SF under ps. Peter Cartur)
   Henderson, Zenna  Food to All Flesh  ss 
   Carlson, Esther  Night Life  ss  2nd story Dr. Aesop Abercrombie series
   McClintic, Winona  Lady's Privilege, A  pm 
   Williams, Robert Moore  Aurochs Came Walking  ss  (1907-1977) 1st story pub. sf "Zero as a Limit" in ASF 1937 JUL, as by Robert Moore; has Jongor series(FAD 1940-51) of novels pub. in book form in 1970; has novel Doomsday Eve(1957), etc; autobiography Love Is Forever We Are for Tonight(1970)
   Barry, Jerome  Milk of Paradise, The  ss  (1894-1975) Jerome Benedict Barry; born in Brooklyn; has mystery novels Murder with Your Malted(1941), Leopard Cat's Cradle(1942), Lady of the Night(1944), Extreme License(1958), Malignant Stars(1960), Fall Guy(1960), Strange Relations(1963)
   DeAngelis, Guy  Door to Door  ss 
   Nearing, H. Jr  Gastronomical Error, The  nv  11th story in Profs. Ransom & MacTate series; series pub. as coll. The Sinister Researches of C.P. Ransom(1954)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451; Fritz Leiber: Conjure Wife; Fletcher Pratt & L. Sprague de Camp: Tales from Gavagan's Bar; L. Sprague de Camp: Science-Fiction Handbook(nf)
   Gresham, William Lindsay  Dream Dust Factory, The  ss  (1909-1962) 1st pub. in ATM 1947 OCT; has pub. many stories betw. 1948-1959 in PST, COL, Blue Book, ARG, etc; novel Limbo Tower(1949); nf books Houdini: The Man Who Walked Through Walls(1959), The Book of Strength: Body Building the Safe Way(1961)
   Porges, Arthur  Liberator, The  ss  his story "The Rescuer" in ANA 1962 JUL was made into a short film called The First Day, & shown on TV in the U.K. in May of 2000; other stories by Porges were adapted to TV & radio in the past, particularly in the U.K.(from his fan website)
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