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1954 JAN  McIntosh, J.T.  One in a Thousand  na  (1925- ) 2nd story Lt. Bill Easson series; 1st story, #293, as by J.T. M'Intosh in 1953 FEB; ps. for Scottish writer & journalist James Murdoch MacGregor, used for all his sf work; has also pub. non-sf under his own name
   Springer, Sherwood  Epitaph Near Moonport  pm  (1912?-2000) long-time sf fan; 1st story pub. "Alias a Woo-Woo" in IMG 1952 JAN, followed by a sequel, "Love That Woo-Woo!" in IMG 1953 SEP; in a biographical sketch, in IMG 1954 FEB, Springer talks of his early sf fan days
   Priestley, J.B.  Strange Girl, The  ss  (1894-1984) 1st pub. in COL, 9 MAY 1953 as "Look After the Strange Girl"; wn. for John Boynton Priestley, U.K. novelist & playwrighthas novels Adam in Moonshine(1927), Beknighted(1927), The Good Companions(1929), Albert Comes Through(1933)
   Dick, Philip K.  Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford, The  ss  2nd story in F&SF in his Dr. Rupert Labyrinth series; his novel The Man in the High Castle(1962; W-1963 HUG) is perhaps his best-known single book(Clute); has novel The Martian Time-Slip(WOT 1963 AUG-DEC as "All We Marsmen"; exp. 1964)
   Abernathy, Robert  Axolotl  ss  this story also anthologized as "Deep Space"
   Wolf, Leonard  More Facts About Robots (II)  pm  in anthology, called "Some Facts About Robots II"
   Dee, Roger  Fresh Start, The  ss  (1914- ) working name for Roger Dee Aycock; 1st story pub. "The Wheel Is Death" in PLS 1949 FLL; has also been pub. in the western pulp mags.
   Jaffray, Norman R.  Cowboy Lament  pm  has pub. numerous poems to the Saturday Evening Post (PST), mostly in the late 1920s, but also one in 1934 JUN 16, & 1958 MAR 15 (the latter incorectly spelled his name as Jaffrey)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Robert A. Heinlein: Starman Jones; Walter R. Brooks: Freddy and the Spaceship; C.M. Kornbluth: The Syndic; Bleiler & Dikty(ed): The Best S-F Stories, 1953; Samuel Mines: The Best from Startling Stories; William M. Sloane: Space Space Space
   Jenkins, Powell Jr  Mouse With the Twisted Foot, The  ss  his 1st pub. fiction; does chemical research for Navy rocket developments
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Charles Fort: Enfant Terrible Of Science  bio  Charles Fort, 1874-1932, journalist, author, namesake of the Fortean Society(founded 1931), supporter of hollow earth theory, Psionics; Fort long corresponded with deFord & her husband Maynard Shipley
   Banks, Raymond E.  Christmas Trombone  ss  (1918-1996) veteran of WWII; has BA in English from UCLA; an industrial account executive; pub. a fantasy story in 1946 as Esquire's 'Discovery of the Month'; 1st story pub. sf "Never Trust an Intellectual" in Dynamic Science Fiction 1953 JUN
1954 FEB  Morrison, William  Playground  nv  (1906-1980) ps. for Joseph Samachson; born in Trenton, NJ; writer & chemist; earned a PhD in Chemistry from Yale in 1930; Prof. of Biochemistry at Loyola University, retired in 1973
   Carlson, Esther  Somewhere East of Rudyard  ss  3rd story Dr. Aesop Abercrombie series
   Phillips, Peter  c/o Mr. Makepeace  ss  his 1st story pub. was "Dreams Are Sacred" in ASF 1948 SEP, which with "Manna" in ASF 1949 FEB, & "Lost Memory" in GAL 1952 MAY have been highly anthologized
   Reynolds, Mack  Other Alternative, The  ss  1st novel The Case of the Little Green Men(1951), murder mys. at an sf convention; anth. w. Fredric Brown: The Science Fiction Carnival(1953); had the most stories of any author in ASF/ANA between 1959-1969, many concentrate on social & economic issues
   Gilbert, Doris  Arrangement in Green  ss 
   Norbert, W.  Miracle of the Broom Closet, The  ss  (1894-1964) 1st pub. in MIT's Tech Engineering News, in 1952 APR; ps. for Norbert Wiener, mathematician; has nf books Cybernetics(1948), The Human Use of Human Beings(1950), Ex-Prodigy(1953, on intellectual supermen), God and Golem, Inc.(1964)
   Galouye, Daniel F.  Sanctuary  nv  (1920-1976) journalist for the New Orleans States(sister newspaper of the Times-Picayune); naval test pilot & patrol plane commander during WWII; 1st story pub. sf "Rebirth" in IMG 1952 MAR; has 1st novel Dark Universe(1961; N-1962 HUG)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Sturgeon: More Than Human, & E. Pluribus Unicorn; Leiber: The Green Millennium; Padgett: Well of the Worlds; van Vogt: The Universe Maker; de Camp: The Tritonian Ring; Howard: The Coming of Conan; Heinlein: Assignment in Eternity
   Buck, Doris P.  Appraiser, The  ss  Buck became "wedded to space" at the age of 7 when she saw a picture of the rings around Saturn(obit in LOC 1980 DEC, #240)
   Marks, Winston  Call Me Adam  ss  (1916?- ) Winston K. Marks; has used ps. win Kinney & Ken Winney; has pub. over 60 stories in sf/f mags., between "Mad Hatter" in UNK 1940 MAY & "The Cure-All" in IFS 1968 JUL
   Anderson, Poul  Immortal Game, The  ss  has novels War of Two Worlds(TCS 1953 WIN as "Silent Victory"; 1959), The Broken Sword(1954; rev. 1971), No World of Their Own(1955), Planet of No Return(1956; vt Question and Answer, 1978, w. Karen Anderson), The Enemy Stars(1959; N-1959 HUG; coll. 1987)
   Asimov, Isaac  Fun They Had, The  vi  1st pub. in The Boys and Girls Page, 1 DEC 1951; associate professor of biochemistry at Boston Univ. School of Medicine 1949-1958, resigning to write full-time; pub. 1st story in his Robot series, "Strange Playfellow"(aka "Robbie") in SSS 1940 SEP
1954 MAR  Bester, Alfred  5,271,009  nv 
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Mrs. Hinck  ss 
   Brown, Bill  Spunk Water  ss  has books Roaring River(1953), Uncharted Voyage(1955), and has books with co-author(wife?) Rosalie Brown
   Jackson, Shirley  Bulletin  vi  (1919-1965) born in San Francisco; 1940 BA from Syracuse Univ.; her 1st story pub. "Janice," in 1937; has coll. The Lottery(1949); novels Life Among the Savages(1953) & Raising Demons(1957), with her husband Stanley Edgar Hyman, a literary critic
   Beaumont, Charles  Last Caper, The  ss  (1929-1967) ps. for Charles Leroy Nutt, changed his name legally to Charles Beaumont; 1st story pub. sf "The Devil, You Say?" in AMZ 1951 JAN
   Dee, Roger  Man Friday  nv  has sf novel An Earth Gone Mad(1954)
   Abernathy, Robert  Firefighter, The  vi 
   Wellman, Manly Wade  Call Me From the Valley  ss  5th story Silver John ser.; has Judge Pursuivant ser. in WRT(1938-41, as by Gans T. Field) & later in F&SF, occult detective; has novels The Devil's Planet(STS 1942 JAN; 1951 UK), The Beasts from Beyond(STS 1944 SUM as "Strangers on the Height"; 1950)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading: Best Science-Fantasy Books of 1953, The  br  list of the best f & sf books of 1953
   Boucher, Anthony  Sriberdegibit  nv  1st pub. in UNK 1943 AUG; Boucher has translated many stories, incl. those of authors Georges Simenon, Thomas Narcojac, Pierre Boileau, Jorge Luis Borges, Antonio Helú, etc; had opera radio series(on KPFA in Berkeley, CA) "Golden Voices" for a long time
   Bradbury, Ray  All Summer in a Day  ss  has novel Fahrenheit 451(GAL 1951 FEB as "The Fireman"; exp. 1953; W-1984 PRO; N-1987 LOC; 1966, 2000 movies); story "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms"(PST, 23 SEP 1950 as "The Fog Horn") made into the movie The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms(1953)
1954 APR  Tenn, William  Tenants, The  ss  (1919- ) ps. for Philip Klass, writer & academic, served in WWII; 1st story pub. sf "Alexander the Bait" in ASF 1946 MAY; has anth. Children of Wonder(1953), Once Against the Law(1968, with Donald E. Westlake)
   Morrison, William  Inner Worlds, The  nv  1st story pub. "Bad Medicine" in TWS 1941 FEB, as by William Morrison
   Kornbluth, C.M.  I Never Ast No Favors  ss  has novels with Judith Merril, Outpost Mars(GAL 1951 MAY-JUL as "Mars Child"; 1952; rev. vt Sin in Space, 1961), & Gunner Cade(ASF 1952 MAR-MAY; 1952), both as by Cyril Judd; has 1st solo novel Takeoff(1952), & Syndic(SFA 1953-54 DEC-MAR; 1953)
   Reynolds, Mack  Thou Beside Me, And  ss  has United Planets series, about Section G secret agents of a U. P. Organization, Planetary Agent X(1965), Dawnman Planet(no "Beehive" in ANA 1965-66 DEC-JAN; 1966), The Rival Rigelians(na "Adaptation" in ASF 1960 AUG; exp. 1967), Code Duello(1968)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors  note  first issue to have all new stories; how do the readers like it?
   Leiber, Fritz  Silence Game, The  ss  has story "The Girl with the Hungry Eyes," in Wollheim(ed): The Girl with the Hungry Eyes(1949), made into movie same title in 1995; novels The Green Millennium(1953), Destiny Times Three(ASF 1945 MAR-APR; 1957)
   Jaffray, Norman R.  Thinker Needs a Wife, The  pm  1st pub. in the amateur publication Destiny
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  John Wyndham: Out of the Deeps; Lewis Padgett: Mutant; Nat Schachner: Space Lawyer; Raymond F. Jones: Planet of Light
   Drake, Leah Bodine  Jannigogs, The  pm  (1914-1964) has pub. many poems & short stories in Weird Tales, as well as in Fantasy Fiction & The Arkham Sampler; has poem "Lost Heritage" in The Saturday Evening Post (PST) in 1940 SEP 7
   Elliott, Bruce  Wolves Don't Cry  ss  has novel The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck(1970)
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Centaurus Changeling  nv  (1930-1999) 1st story pub. "Women Only" & "Keyhole" in VOR 1953 OCT; wrote many letters to the editor, esp. to TWS late 1940s-50s; early stories coll. The Dark Intruder and Other Stories(1964); used many ps., Lee Chapman, John Dexter, Miriam Gardner, etc
   Smith, Evelyn E.  Gerda  ss 
1954 MAY  Heinlein, Robert A.  Star Lummox  no-1/3  (1907-1988) about an indestructible alien being, called Lummox, and the reactions by the Earthlings it meets; born in Butler, Missouri, attended Univ. of Missouri & U.S. Naval Academy(Annapolis); retired after 5 years in Navy in 1934 due to poor health
   Bennett, Margot  Old-Fashioned Poker for My Uncle's Head, An  ss  (1912-1980) 1st pub. in 1946; U.K. writer of mostly detective novels; has sf novel The Long Way Back(1954), mystery novels The Widow of Bath(1952); The Man Who Didn't Fly(1956), N-1956 EDG, best novel; has novel The Furious Masters(1968)
   Stanton, Will  Pioneer, The  ss  1st pub. in COL, 15 NOV 1952; has pub. 7 short stories bewt. 1952-1961 in Colliers (COL), Ladies Home Journal, & The Saturday Evening Post (PST)

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