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1954 MAY  Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Note From the Editors: Contest Results  note  announcing the winners of the best stories of 1953(see 1953 DEC)
   Jennings, Dale  Gingerbread Man, The  vi  (1928- ) 1st pub. fiction
   Kemp, Lysander  Airborne Baserunner, The  ss  (1920- ) his 1st book coll. of poetry, The Northern Stranger(1946); has trans from the Spanish, Octavio Paz: The Labyrinth of Solitude(1961), Mario Vargas Llosa: The Time of the Hero(1966), Carlos Fuentes: Aura(1975); edited The Conquest(1970)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Brown & Reynolds(ed): Science-Fiction Carnival; Pohl(ed): Star Science Fiction Stories, No.2; Conklin(ed): 6 Great Short Novels of SF; Norton(ed): Space Pioneers; Wollheim(ed): The Ultimate Invader; Pohl & Kornbluth: Search the Sky; Tucker: Wild Talent
   Porges, Arthur  $1.98  ss  $1.98 is said to be the value of a human body reduced to its raw elements
   Anderson, Poul  Ghetto  nv  story revised to be chapter 21 in novel Starfarers(1998; N-1999 JWC, LOC); has Technic History/Nicholas van Rijn seq. War of the Wing-Men(1958; vt The Man Who Counts, 1978), Satan's World(1969), The People of the Wind(1973; N-1973 NEB; 1974 HUG, LOC)
   Dee, Roger  Pondstone Paradox, The  ss 
1954 JUN  Abernathy, Robert  Heirs Apparent  nv 
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Miss Prinks  ss  Dickson lives in Minneapolis; 1942 joined Minneapolis Fantasy Society, became friends w. Poul Anderson & Clifford D. Simak after WWII thru it; fulltime writer since 1950; early fiction coll. in The Man from Earth(1983), Forward!(1985), The Stranger(1987)
   Shaara, Michael  Time Payment  ss  has sf novel The Herald(1981; vt The Noah Conspiracy); sf coll. Soldier Boy(1982); has interview in AMZ 1982 SEP; has posthumous baseball novel For Love of the Game(1991; made into 1999 movie; see website
   Charteris, Leslie  Fish Story  ss  1st pub. in BBM 1953 NOV(not a Saint story); three different actors played The Saint in the movies, 1938-54: Louis Hayward, George Sanders, & Hugh Sinclair; has coll. Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh(ed): The Fantastic Saint(1982)
   Norton, Andre  Mousetrap  ss  (1912- ) ps. for Alice Mary Norton, legally changed to Andre Norton; born in Cleveland, librarian, editor at Gnome Press 1950-58; 1st novel pub. children's The Prince Commands(1934), 1st fantasy story pub. "The People of the Crater," Fantasy Book 1947
   Crow, Levi  Warrior in Darkness  ss  2nd story Plain Indians folktales ser.; Wellman has only mys. novel Find My Killer(1947), w. female detective J.D. Thatcher; nf Dead and Gone: Classic Crimes of North Carolina(1954), W-1955 EDG; 1st nf Giant in Gray: A Biography of Wade Hampton(1949)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Hal Clement's books, incl. Mission of Gravity; Arthur C. Clarke: Prelude to Space; Robert A. Heinlein: Revolt in 2100; H. Nearing: The Sinister Researches of C.P. Ransom; Groff Conklin(ed): Crossroads in Time; James Blish: Jack of Eagles
   Wainwright, Ruth Laura  Mint, in d/j  ss  also has short story "Green Grew the Lasses" in GAL 1953 JUL
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Star Lummox  no-2/3  champion swordman, a figure skater, expert in rifle & pistol; 1st story pub. sf "Lifeline" in ASF 1939 AUG; returned to Navy in 1942; Future History ser. coll. in The Man Who Sold the Moon(1949), The Green Hills of Earth(1951), & Revolt in 2100(1953)
   Watt, T.S.  Visitors From Venus  vi  1st pub. in Punch
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 6: 1954 JAN-JUN  indx 
1954 JUL  Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay  Shadow of Wings  nv  has suspense novels The Death Wish(1934), The Unfinished Crime(1935), The Obstinate Murderer(1938), Who's Afraid?(1940), The Girl Who Had to Die(1940), Speak of the Devil(1941), Lady Killer(1942), Net of Cobwebs(1945), The Innocent Mrs. Duff(1946)
   Wolf, Leonard  Some Facts About Robots (III)  pm  in anthology, called "Some Facts About Robots"
   Barr, Robert  Doom of London, The  ss  (1850-1912) 1st pub. in the magazine he edited, The Idler, in 1892 NOV, & in his coll. The Face & the Mask(1894); Scottish writer & editor; has colls. In a Steamer Chair and Other Shipboard Stories(1892), Revenge!(1896), novel From whose Bourne(1893)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  one paragraph, "books relatively scarce and stories are plentiful"
   Sheckley, Robert  Accountant, The  ss  has novel Immortality Delivered(GAL 1958-59 OCT-FEB as "Time Killer"; 1958), made into 1969 TV movie Immortality, Inc., & 1992 movie Freejack; novel The Status Civilization(1960), set on a prison planet where conformity is evil(Clute)
   Springer, Sherwood  Epitaph in Avalon  pm  Springer worked for various newspapers; in the late 1930s he moved to southern California where he lived the rest of his life, & where he joined the L.A. Science Fiction Society
   Friborg, Albert Compton  Careless Love  ss  (1930- ) his 1st pub. story; ps. for Irving Flint 'Bud' Foote; professor at Georgia Tech.; Foote has article "Verne's Paris in the Twentieth Century: The First Science Fiction Dystopia?" in the NYRSF 1995 DEC(#88); has also contributed to SF Studies
   Drake, Leah Bodine  Gods of the Dana, The  pm  has 1st poetry coll. A Hornbook for Witches: Poems of Fantasy(1950)
   Davidson, Avram  My Boy Friend's Name Is Jello  ss  (1923-1993) his 1st pub. sf story; born in Hog Hill section of Yonkers, NY; an Orthodox Jew, he served as a U.S. Naval Hospital Corpsman with the Marines 1942-45 in the South Pacific & China, & with the Israeli forces in the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Star Lummox  no-3/3  novels in Future History ser., Methuselah's Children(ASF 1941 JUL-SEP; rev. 1958), & Orphans of the Sky(ASF 1941 MAY, OCT as "Universe" & "Common Sense"; 1963 fixup UK); pieces most assembled in The Past Through Tomorrow(1967)
   Garrett, Randall  Infinite Resources  ss  became a member of the prolific Ziff-Davis(AMZ, FAN, etc) authors, with Robert Silverberg & Harlan Ellison in the 1950s; has used house ps. Alexander Blade, Richard Greer, Ivar Jorgensen, Clyde Mitchell, S.M. Tenneshaw, Gerald Vance, Leonard G. Spencer
   Grinnell, David  Lysenko Maze, The  ss  1st pub. in Punch, 30 DEC 1953; has Ajax Calkins series in FUT 1941-42 as Martin Pearson, later the basis for novel Destiny's Orbit(1962, as David Grinnell), & sequel Destination Saturn(1967, as by Grinnell & Lin Carter); founded DAW Books in 1972
   ???  Cartoon  ct  1st pub. in Punch, 30 DEC 1953
1954 AUG  Bester, Alfred  Fondly Fahrenheit  nv  has novel Tiger! Tiger!(1956 U.K.; vt The Stars My Destination(GAL 1956-57 NOV-JAN; 1957; vt Tiger! Tiger!, 1987), about Gully Foyle, "whose passion for revenge transform him from an illiterate outcast to a ... quasi-superman 'in an age of freaks'"(Clute)
   Porges, Arthur  Devil and Simon Flagg, The  ss  also writes mystery fiction, 1st being ""Modeled in Clay" in Man to Man 1950 AUG/SEP, & incl. the series of Dr. Joel Hoffman, Ulysses Price Middlebie, Julian Morse Trowbridge, & Dr. Cyriack Skinner Grey, the latter a wheelchair-bound detective
   Henderson, Zenna  Gilead  nv  2nd story The People series, chrono. story #7; the chronological order of the stories in this series is listed in her coll. Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson(1995)
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Frustrated Frankenstein: Alfonso Herrera and His Colpoids  ar  the doctor's attempts to create artificial life
   Brookbank, Richard  Invisible Wall, The  ss 
   Rogers, Kay  Command Performance  ss  has short story "Flirtation Walk" in Alice Laurance(ed): Cassandra Rising(1978)
   Boucher, Anthony & J. Francis McComas  Recommended Reading  br  Merril(ed): Human?; Moskowitz(ed): Editor's Choice in SF; H.L. Gold(ed): The Second Galaxy Reader of SF; Derleth(ed): Time to Come; Healy(ed): 9 Tales of Space and Time; Robert Sheckley: Untouched by Human Hands; Richard Matheson: Born of Man and Woman
   Buck, Doris P.  Two-Bit Oracle  ss  housewife in Alexandria, VA, semi-professional actress, writer of many varied interests
   Mudgett, Herman W.  Report on the Sexual Behavior of the Extra-Sensory Perceptor  pm 
   Beaumont, Charles  Quadriopticon, The  nv  an early sf fan, he has his own fanzine Utopia, in 1945; tried an acting career in Hollywood before turning to writing
   Wellman, Manly Wade  Little Black Train, The  ss  6th story Silver John series; has John Thunstone series some in WRT from 1938(as by Gans T. Field) & later in F&SF, occult detective; has novel Twice in Time(STS 1940 MAY; cut 1957; res. 1988) a time travel story featuring Leonardo da Vinci's Florence
1954 SEP  McIntosh, J.T.  One Too Many  na  3rd story of trilogy, Lt. Bill Easson series; 1st #293 by M'Intosh(F&SF 1953 FEB) & 2nd #437 by McIntosh(F&SF 1954 JAN); series coll. in fixup novel One in Three Hundred(1954)
   Ellis, H.F.  Space-Crime Continuum  ss  1st pub. in Punch
   McComas, J. Francis  Brave New Word  ss  (1911-1978) Jesse Francis McComas, co-editor & co-founder of F&SF with Anthony Boucher; co-editor with Raymond J. Healey: Adventures in Time and Space(1946) which contained his 1st story pub. "Flight Into Darkness," as by Webb Marlowe
   Boucher, Anthony  Note From the Editor  note  announcement that J. Francis McComas is no longer co-editor of F&SF, beginning with this issue; Boucher's novels Rocket to the Morgue(1942, etc) & Nine Times Nine(1940; 1986) are both part of his Sister Ursula Mystery series
   Phillips, Peter  First Man in the Moon  vi 
   Reynolds, Mack  Prone  ss  also in United Planets series is fixup novel Section G: United Planets(na "Fiesta Brava" in ANA 1967 SEP, & ss "Psi Assassin" in ANA 1967 DEC; fixup 1976); also in F&SF with co-author August Derleth(Solar Pons series), & with Gary Jennings
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Anderson: Brain Wave; David Duncan: Dark Dominion; Jerry Sohl: The Altered Ego; Taine: G.O.G.666; de Camp: Cosmic Manhunt; Simak: Ring Around the Sun; E. Mayne Hull: Planets for Sale; Derleth(ed): Portals of Tomorrow; Conklin(ed): S-F Thinking Machines
   Jakes, John  Crack-Up  ss  (1932- ) also in F&SF as John W. Jakes; has Dragonard ser., novels When the Star Kings Die(1967), The Planet Wizard(1969), Tonight We Steal the Stars(1969); coll. of a ser. Brak the Barbarian(1968); novels Six-Gun Planet(1970), Black in Time(1970)

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