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1954 SEP  Morrison, William  There Ought to Be a Lore  ss  under house ps. Brett Sterling, wrote two Captain Future tales, "Worlds to Come"(CFU 1943 SPR), & "Days of Creation"(CFU 1944 SPR; vt The Tenth Planet, 1969)
   Rigsby, Howard  One Fine Day  vi  (1909-1975) ps. for Vechel Howard; his 1st sf story; has 1st mys. novel Murder for the Holidays(1951); Kill and Tell(1951), Lucinda(1954), As a Man Falls(1954), The Avenger(1957)The Tulip Tree(1963); westerns Rage in Texas(1953), The Reluctant Gun(1957)
   Finney, Jack  There Is a Tide   ss  1st pub. in COL, 2 AUG 1952; has colls. The Third Level(1957) & I Love Galesburg in the Springtime(1963) - assembled together as About Time: Twelve Stories(1986), & Forgotten News: The Crime of the Century and Other Lost Stories(1983); obit LOC 1995 DEC
1954 OCT  Moore, Ward  Lot's Daughter  nv  2nd & last story in Lot, or David Jimmon, series, sequel to story "Lot," #336, F&SF 1953 MAY; the Lot stories were used as an uncredited basis for the movie Panic in the Year Zero(1962)(Clute)
   Novotny, John  Angry Peter Brindle, The  ss  his stories have appeared chiefly in Esquire; betw. 1958-1963, he has pub. stories in the men's mags. Dude, & Escapade
   Wolf, Leonard  Robot Lonely  pm  has biography, Bluebeard: The Life and Crimes of Gilles de Rais(1980); trans. from the Yiddish, Der Nister(Pinhas Kahanovitch): The Family Mashber(1987), the story of 3 brothres in Russia before the revolution
   Broughton, Rhoda  Man With the Nose, The  ss  (1840-1920) 1st pub. in Temple Bar, 1872 OCT & in her coll. Tales for Christmas Eve(1873; republished as Twilight Stories in 1879 & 1947); has novels Belinda(1884), Not Wisely But Too Well(1904)
   Smith, Evelyn E.  At Last I've Found You  ss 
   Sheckley, Robert  Slow Season, The  ss  Sheckley lives in Portland, OR; has colls. Notions: Unlimited(1960), Store of Infinity(1960), Shards of Space(1962), The People Trap and Other Pitfalls(1968), Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?(1971), The Robot Who Looked Like Me(1978 UK)
   Asimov, Isaac  Foundation of S.F. Success, The  pm  'Three Laws of Robotics' 1st appeared in "Liar!"(Robot series) in ASF 1941 MAY; has novelette "Nightfall," in ASF 1941 SEP, by many polls the best all-time short sf story; novel version of story, Nightfall(1990 UK) written with Robert Silverberg
   Morrison, William  Music of the Sphere  nv  has juvenile sf novel(his only book), Mel Oliver and Space Rover on Mars(1954), as by William Morrison
   Dunsany, Lord  Misadventure  vi  1st pub. in his coll. Jorkens Downs Another Whiskey(1954); 1st story in F&SF in Mr. Jorkens Club ser.; coll. The Sword of Welleran(1908), illus. by Simes, has story "The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth" that created sword & sorcery genre(Clute)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Geoffrey Kerr: Under the Influence; Marghanita Laski: The Victorian Chaise Lounge; J.B. Priestley: The Magicians; Gore Vidal: Messiah; Thyra Samter Winslow: The Sex Without Sentiment; Sax Rohmer: Return of Sumuru; Robert Payne: The Deluge
   Kneale, Nigel  Peg (Legends of War ... and Women: I)  ss  (1922- ) 1st pub. in his coll. Tomato Cain(1949); working name for Thomas Nigel Kneale, U.K. author & screenwriter; scripted Quatermass serials for BBC-TV (1953-68)
   Stanton, Will  Girl in the Flaxen Convertible, The (Legends of War ... and Women: II)  ss  1st pub. in ESQ 1953 OCT
   Coppel, Alfred  Mars Is Ours  ss  has political thrillers Thirty-Four East(1974), The Dragon(1977), The Hastings Conspiracy(1980), The Apocalypse Brigade(1981); has alternate history novel The Burning Mountain: A Novel of the Invasion of Japan(1983)
   Wolf, Leonard  Rules for an Invasion  pm  has historical novel The False Messiah(1982), based on the life of Shabbatai Zevi(1626-76); novel The Glass Mountain(1993)
   Smith, Clark Ashton  Prophecy of Monsters, A  vi  (1893-1961) by 1911 sold stories to The Black Cat & The Overland Monthly; his best early fiction in colls. The Star-Treader(1912), Ebony & Crystal(1923); has colls. Out of Space and Time(1942; 1974), Lost Worlds(1944; 1974), Other Dimensions(1970)
   Clingerman, Mildred  Letters From Laura  ss 
   ???  Cartoon  ct  1st pub. in Punch, 9 DEC 1953
1954 NOV  Merril, Judith  Dead Center  nv  (1923-1997) ps. for Josephine Juliet Grossman, legally changed her name to Judith Merril; born in NYC, editor at Bantam in 1947, freelance editor since1949; 1st story pub. sf "That Only a Mother" in ASF 1948 JUN; married to Frederik Pohl 1949-53
   Siegel, Larry  Dead-Eye Daniel  ss  has short story "How Not to Write a Best Seller" in PBY 1960 OCT, reprinted in Hugh M. Hefner(ed): The Bedside Playboy(1963)
   Porges, Arthur  Grom, The  ss  has used ps. Derek Page for story "The 60-Minute Egg" in Bizarre! Mystery Magazine, 1965 NOV; has pub. many mystery stories in AHMM, EQMM, MSMM, & The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine
   Grimes, Lee  Lease on Life  ss  a Southern California newspaperman
   Matheson, Richard  Test, The  ss  has screenplays of other artists work, Master of the World(1961; Jules Verne's 1904 novel), Night of the Eagle(1962; aka Burn, Witch, Burn!; Fritz Leiber's 1943 novel Conjure Wife), Die! Die! My Darling!(1965; aka Fanatic; Anne Blaisdell's novel)
   Oliver, Chad  Transformer  ss  has novel Shadows in the Sun(1954), in which a Texas annthropologist(much like himself) man discovers that the people of a Texas town(much like Crystal City, TX, where he lived) are aliens judging man for entry into galactic citizenship
   Shango, J.R.  Matter of Ethics, A  ss  ps. for Clifton L. Dance, a physician; also in F&SF as Clifton Dance
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  1954 IFA winner & runners-up, Sturgeon: More Than Human; Bester: The Demolished Man; Pohl & Kornbluth: The Space Merchants; also reviewed nf Charles Coombs: Skyrocketing into the Unknown; Harold Leland Goodwin: The Science Book of Space Travel
   Hamilton, Edmond  Sacrifice Hit  nv  (1904-1977) wrote 1st story at age 14 "The Plant that Was Alive," didn't sell; 1st story pub. "The Monster-God of Mamurth" in WRT 1926 AUG; has coll. The Horror on the Asteroid & Other Tales of Planetary Horror(1936); married Leigh Brackett in 1946
   de Camp, L. Sprague & Fletcher Pratt  Weissenbroch Spectacles, The  ss  12th story Gavagan's Bar series; stories from series coll. in Tales from Gavagan's Bar(1953; exp. 1978); exp. version incl. series stories pub. in WRT(1951 NOV, 1952 SEP, 1953 MAR) & in FUN(1959 JAN, OCT) & incl. one original story
1954 DEC  Boucher, Anthony  Note From the Editor  note  description of this issue's cover by Chesley Bonestell & to announce 4 more by Bonestell in the next year; Boucher also has mystery novels The Case of the Solid Key(1942), & The Case of the Seven Sneezes(1942)
   Abernathy, Robert  Fishers, The  nv  Abernathy has published at least 30 sf stories in the 1940s & 1950s in magazines as diverse as Astounding, Planet Stories, Science Fiction Quarterly, Fantastic Universe, Amazing, Galaxy, etc.
   Webb, Charles  Special Talent  ss  also in F&SF as Charles T. Webb
   Saki  Seventh Pullet, The  ss  (1870-1916) 1st pub. in colls. Beasts and Super-Beasts(1914) & Short Stories by Saki(1930); ps. for Hector Hugh Munro, U.K. author & journalist; born in Akyab, Burma; educated at Exmouth & at Bedford; died in the trenches of France in 1916
   Lee, Edward  Kalato  ss  ps. for Edward Lee Fouts, mystery writer, lives in Oregon; has 1st mystery novel, in Red Blake series, Lust to Kill(1944; vt A Fish for Murder), & The Needle's Eye(1944), as Edward Lee
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Case History, A  ss  Dickson was married in 1959 briefly to Virginia Faine, who has short story "Daughter of Eve" in F&SF 1962 JUN, as Djinn Faine; he is also in F&SF with co-author Poul Anderson, & their Hoka series
   Hewison, R.J.P.  Genius  pm  (1909- ) Robert John Petrie Hewison
   de Moncrif, Francois Augustin Paradis  Cat, the Brahmin, and the Penitent, The  vi  (1687-1770) 1st pub. in Les Chats(Paris, 1727), trans. from the French by R. Bretnor; last name also variously spelled Moncreiff
   Morrison, William  Ardent Soul, The  ss 
   Townes, Robert Sherman  Time and Place  ss  also has short stories "Problem for Emmy" in STS 1952 JUN, reprinted in Groff Conklin(ed): SF Thinking Machines(1954), "Earth Is the Evening Star" in STS 1953 APR, & "The Fortune Hunters" in PST 1957 NOV 9
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  recent literary prizes awarded to Ray Bradbury; William M. Sloane(ed): Stories for Tomorrow; Fredric Brown: Angels and Spaceships, & What Mad Universe; Kornbluth: The Explorers; Russell: Deep Space; Tucker: The S-F Subtreasury; Padgett: Line to Tomorrow
   Henexson, Glen  Wish for the Moon  ss 
   Farmer, Philip José  Totem and Taboo  ss  W-1953 HUG, Best Promising Author, in part for controversial sf na "The Lovers"(STS 1952 AUG; exp. 1961); 1st novel The Green Odyssey(1956), "picaresque tale of an Earthman escaping from captivity on an alien planet"; iv in Platt: Dream Makers(1980; 1987)
   Dick, Philip K.  Father-Thing, The  ss  tried unsuccessfully to break into mainstream market with novels, Mary and the Giant(written 1953-55; 1987), The Broken Bubble(wr. 1956; 1988), Puttering About in a Small Land(wr.1957; 1985), In Milton Lumky Territory(wr. 1958-59; 1985)
   Novotny, John  Bourbon Lake, The  ss  1st pub. in ESQ 1951 JAN
   McClintic, Winona  Wife's Return, The  pm 
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