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1955 JAN  McIntosh, J.T.  Selection  nv  has novels Born Leader(1954; vt Worlds Apart, 1958), puts two sets of colonists from a destroyed Earth on nearby planets, where the authoritarian set conflicts with the libertarian set(Clute)
   Clarke, Pauline  Potato Cake, The  ss  (1921- ) working name for Anne Pauline Clarke; U.K. writer of children's books, many under the ps. of Helen Clare, e.g. Merlin's Magic(1953); novels The Twelve and the Genii(1962; vt The Return of the Twelves, 1964), The Two Faces of Silenus(1972)
   Sansom, William  Tournament, The  ss  (1912-1976) his 1st appearance in any fantasy mag.; UK author; has 1st book Fire Over London, 1940-1941(1941) about the London Fire Service; 1st coll. Fireman Flower(1944); novels The Cautious Heart(1958), The Last Hours of Sandra Lee(1961), Goodbye(1966)
   Reynolds, Mack  Expert, The  ss  has Homer Crawford ser., Black Man's Burden(na in ANA 1961-1962 DEC-JAN; exp. 1972), Border, Breed Nor Birth(na in ANA 1962 JUL-AUG; exp. 1972), The Best Ye Breed(nv's in 1973 anthologies, "Black Sheep Astray" & "The Cold War ... Continued"; 1978 fixup)
   Jackson, Shirley  One Ordinary Day, With Peanuts  ss  lives in Vermont; has 1st novel, horror, The Road Through the Wall(1948); novels Hangsaman(1951), about Natalie Waite, a highly intelligent, sensitive, & possibly schizophrenic woman enrolled in an women's college; coll. The Magic of Shirley Jackson(1966)
   Abernathy, Robert  Single Combat  ss 
   Mudgett, Herman W.  Glass of the Future, The  pm 
   Gardner, Martin  Royal Historian of Oz, The  bio-1/2  2-part article on the creator of Oz, L. Frank Baum(1856-1919); see addendum p.83 of F&SF 1955 OCT; has books In the Name of Science(1952), Science: Good, Bad and Bogus(1981), & Notes of a Fringe-Watcher(1988), which debunk pseudo-science fads & cults
   Humphreys, Emyr  Girl in the Ice, The  vi  (1919- ) 1st pub. in The New Statesman and Nation, in 1953; Welsh novelist, poet & playwright; has 7 novels Land of the Living ser., about Welsh life, Flesh and Blood(1974), The Best of Friends(1978), Salt of the Earth(1985), An Absolute Hero(1986), etc.
   Nelson, Alan  Shopdropper, The  ss  2nd story Dr. Manly J. Departure series; all of Nelson's stories pub. in F&SF, and one story, "Man in a Hurry," pub. in WRT 1944 MAY, are coll. in Doctor Departure and Others(1989), a "collection of short whimsical fantasy"
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  William M. Sloane: To Walk the Night; Pohl(ed): Assignment in Tomorrow; Philip Van Doren Stern(ed): Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination; Allan Barnard(ed): The Harlot Killer(on Jack the Ripper); Margaret Irwin: Bloodstock and Other Stories
   Asimov, Isaac  Singing Bell, The  ss  1st story in F&SF in Dr. Wendell Urth sf-detective series; early Robot stories(all but 1st one in ASF 1940-50) coll. in I, Robot(1950); Lije Bailey robot novels The Caves of Steel(GAL 1953 OCT-DEC; 1954), The Naked Sun(ASF 1956 OCT-DEC; 1957)
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Lament by a Maker  pm  (1907-2000) engineer, MS in Economics, linguist, naval officer, contributor to VoA; 1st story pub. "The Isolinguals" in ASF 1937 SEP; has Johnny Black ser., about an intelligent bear(ASF, 1938-40), Viagens series(ASF, 1949-51); in F&SF with Fletcher Pratt
   Carr, John Dickson  Blind Man's Hood  ss  (1906-1977) 1st pub. as by his ps. Carter Dickson in The Sketch, Christmas 1937 & in his coll. The Department of Queer Complaints(1940); mystery writer, has novels The Three Coffins(1935), Death Watch(1935), The Ten Teacups(1937), as by Carter Dickson
1955 FEB  Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Climbing Wave, The  na  crew of the first starship, Homeward, return to an Earth they can not understand; has 1st novel, The Door Through Space(VSF 1957 MAY as "Bird of Prey"; exp. 1961), a space opera pastiche of Henry Kuttner's novel The Dark World(STS 1946 SUM; 1965)(Clute)
   Brown, Fredric  Blood  vi  1st story in his 1-page vignette series; 1st & most famous sf novel What Mad Universe(1946); has mystery novels Murder Can Be Fun(1948), The Screaming Mimi(1949), Night of the Jabberwock(1950), The Wench Is Dead(1955), The Lenient Beast(1956)
   Clingerman, Mildred  Birds Can't Count  ss 
   Gardner, Martin  Royal Historian of Oz, The  bio-2/2  has Mathematical Games column in Scientific American, 1956-81, coll. in The Unexpected Hanging and Other Mathematical Diversions(1969), Mathematical Carnival(1975), The Incredible Dr. Matrix(1977); has books The Annotated Snark(1962)
   Gardner, Martin  Chronological Checklist of Works of Fantasy by L. Frank Baum, A  bib  chronological listing of his books; Gardner has ser. of logic puzzles in ASI, 1977-86, coll. in Science Fiction Puzzle Tales(1981), Puzzles from Other Worlds(1984); coll. The No-Sided Professor(1987); More Annotated Alice('90); novel Visitors from Oz('98)
   Brackett, Leigh  Tweener, The  ss  (1915-1978) born in L.A., writer of detective novels, sf, fantasy & scripts; married Edmond Hamilton in 1946; 1st story pub. sf "Martian Quest" in ASF 1940 FEB; 1st novel No Good from a Corpse(1944), has coll. The Coming of the Terrans(1967)
   Porges, Arthur  Tidings, The  ss 
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Bleiler & Dikty(ed): The Best S-F Stories, 1954; Judith Merril(ed): Beyond the Barriers of Space and Time; Murray Leinster: The Brain-Stealers, The Forgotten Planet, & Operation: Outer Space; Poul Anderson: The Broken Sword; del Rey: Step to the Stars
   Wellman, Manly Wade  Shiver in the Pines  ss  7th story Silver John ser.; J.P. & J.T. ser. colls. Lonely Vigils(1981), novels What Dreams May Come(1983), The School of Darkness(1985); his wife Frances ( ps. Garfield) Wellman(1908-2000) is also an author, pub. in WRT, Fantasy Tales, Whispers, etc
   Hubbard, P.M.  Botany Bay  vi  his 1st story pub. was in Punch, in 1950; writer of mystery/suspense novels; 1st novel Flush as May(1963); Anna Highbury(1963), Picture of Millie(1964), A Hive of Glass(1965)
   Walton, Bryce  Midway, The  ss  (1918-1988) born in Blythedale, MO; lived in Hollywood, CA; was a combat correspondent for Leatherneck, covering Iwo Jima & Okinawa campaigns; scriptwriter for TV, incl. Captain Video & Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1955 MAR  Banks, Raymond E.  Short Ones, The  nv  wrote a radio play performed on the NBC network; used ps. Fred Freair for short story "Life of a Salesman" in PLS 1954 WIN, an issue in which he also had a short story under his own name, "Bottom Is Up"; pub. 33 stories in sf mags. between 1953-1969
   Bloch, Robert  I Do Not Love Thee, Doctor Fell  ss  (1917-1994) writer of fantasy, horror & thrillers; 1st story pub. "Lilies" in MVT 1934 WIN; 1st of 67 in WRT, "The Feast in the Abbey" in 1935 JAN; has 22 stories in Lefty Feep series in FAD(1942-46), coll. in Lost in Time and Space with Lefty Feep(1987)
   Davidson, Avram  Golem, The  ss  attended New York Univ., & Yeshiva Univ., & Pierce College in 1950-51; 1st story pub. "Dan Cohen" was to Jewish Life Magazine, 1947 OCT, as by A.A. Davidson; he had over 20 stories, poems & articles pub. in Jewish Life in the late 1940s-1950s
   Quattrocchi, Frank  He Had a Big Heart  ss  has book with Henrietta Quattrocchi: Why Johnny Takes Drugs(1974); last name variously spelled Quattrochi, only for short stories in ASF, "Assignment in the Unknown" in 1951 FEB, & "Gramp and His Dog" in 1952 JUL
   Boucher, Anthony  Some Questions and Answers  note  results of a survey among subscribers
   Gruber, Frank  Thirteenth Floor, The  ss  (1904-1969) 1st pub. in WRT 1949 JAN; beginning with the pulps, Gruber is normally a writer of mysteries & westerns; has PI series starring Oliver "The Human Encyclopedia" Quade, Sam Cragg & Jonny Fletcher, Simon Lask, Otis Beagle & Joe Peel
   Seabright, Idris  Change the Sky  ss 
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading: Best Science-Fantasy Books of 1954, The  br  list of the best f & sf books of 1954
   Hornsby, E.C.  Overlooked  ss 
   Blish, James  Book of Your Life, The  ss  edited only issue of VAN, 1958 JUN; has Okie ser.(1950-54), flying cities powered by antigravity spindizzies; novels Jack of Eagles(TWS 1949 DEC as"Let the Finder Beware"; 1952; vt ESP-er, 1958), The Warriors of Day(TCS 1951 SUM as Sword of Xota; 1953)
   Anderson, Poul & Gordon R. Dickson  Yo Ho Hoka!  nv  (1926-2001; 1923-2001) 1st story in F&SF in their Hoka series; 3 previously pub. stories: "Heroes Are Made" in OWS 1951 MAY, "In Hoka Signo Vinces" in OWS 1953 JUN, & "The Adventure of the Misplaced Hound" in USF 1953 DEC
   McClintic, Winona  Doctrine of Original Design, The  pm 
   Brown, Fredric  Millennium  vi  2nd story vignette series; has sf colls. Space on My Hands(1951), Angels & Spaceships(1954); has novels The Lights in the Sky Are Stars(1953), Martians, Go Home(1955); has mystery novel Knock Three-Two-One(1959)
   Anthony, John  Bone That Seeks, The  ss 
1955 APR  McComas, J. Francis  Parallel  nv  also in F&SF with co-editor Anthony Boucher; McComas was born in Kansas City, attended Berkeley High School(CA), & met Boucher when they attended the Univ. of California(1930-32); McComas reviewed sf for the N.Y. Herald-Tribune, N.Y. Times
   Matheson, Richard  Funeral, The  ss  has screenplays The Comedy of Terrors(1963; vt Graveside Story), The Devil Rides Out(1968; aka The Devil's Bride); has novel/screenplay The Beardless Warriors(1960; 1967 movie The Young Warriors, aka Eagle Warriors); wrote 16 scripts for The Twilight Zone
   McClintic, Winona  1980 Overtures  pm 
   Irving, Washington  Conquest by the Moon, The  ss  (1783-1859) condensed from Chapter V of Book I of his book A History of New York(1809, as by Dieddrich Knickerbocker); the father of the U.S. short story; has famous stories "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" & "Rip Van Winkle"(c. 1819-20)
   Dunsany, Lord  Ghosts of the Heaviside Layer, The  ss  1st pub. in ?; has colls. A Dreamer's Tales(1910), Fifty-One Tales(1915), The Book of Wonder(1912), Tales of Wonder(1916), Tales of War(1918); 1st novel Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley(1922); autobiography Patches of Sunlight(1938)
   Reynolds, Mack  All the World Loves a Luvver  ss  1st and only story in F&SF in Luvver series; only other story in series "Luvver" in FAD 1950 JUN(rprt. in AMZ 1969 MAR); nv "The Adventure of the Extraterrestial" in ANA 1965 JUL & ss "A Leader for Yesterday" in IFS 1965 OCT, both N-1965 NEB
   Morton, J.B.  On the Way to Her Sister  ss  (1893-1979) 1st pub. in Punch, in 1954; John Bingham Morton, U.K. writer, known primarily under house ps. Beachcomber, under which he wrote a comic column in the London Daily Express(1924-75), in coll. Beachcomber(1974), novel Drink Up, Gentlemen(1930)
   Dickinson, Peter  Grouse Are Scarce This Year  pm  (1927- ) U.K. writer, asst. editor of Punch, best known for his mysteries; 1st novel Skin Deep(1968; vt The Glass-Sided Ants Nest, US); novel The Old English Peep Show N-1969 EDG; has novel Walking Dead(1977), coll. Merlin Dreams(1988)
   Brandel, Marc  Cast the First Shadow  ss  (1919- ) 1st pub. in Cosmopolitan 1953 MAY; ps. for Marcus Beresford; has murder mystery novel The Time of the Fire(1954), novels The Rod and the Staff(1947), The Barriers Between(1949)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  1954's overlooked books, Chad Oliver: Shadows in the Sun; Shepherd Mead: The Big Ball of Wax; Crossen: Year of Consent; Roger Dee: An Earth Gone Mad; Donald Suddaby: Village Fanfare; Tolkien: Fellowship of the Ring; Dunsany: The Sword of Welleran ...
   Nourse, Alan E.  Canvas Bag, The  ss  has juvenile novels Gold in the Sky(AMZ 1958 SEP),Scavengers in Space(1959), Star Surgeon(novella in AMZ 1959 DEC; exp. 1960; 1986), Raiders from the Rings(1962); adult novel The Invaders Are Coming!(1959) with Joseph A. Meyer

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