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1955 APR  Miller, Walter M. Jr  Canticle for Liebowitz, A  nv  (1922-1996) 1st story of three(a triptych) in St. Liebowitz series; pub. as a fixup novel in 1960, W-1961 HUG; born in New Smyrna Beach, FL; flew combat missions in WWII, converted to Catholicism in 1947; studied at Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of Texas
   Procter, Maurice  No Place for Magic  ss  (1906-1973) 1st pub. in 1954; English policeman(ret. 1947) & mystery novelist; has novels The Pennycross Murders(1951), The Ripper(1956); Inspector Martineau ser. incl. Somewhere in This City(1953), Two Men in Twenty(1964), His Weight in Gold(1967)
   Oliver, Chad & Charles Beaumont  Last Word, The  ss  (1928-1993; 1929-1967) 1st story Claude Adams series; next one in F&SF 1956 FEB(#751) under Beaumont & Oliver
1955 MAY  Anderson, Poul  Time Patrol  nv  1st story Manse Everard and Time Patrol series; also in van Rijn seq., novel Mirkheim(1977), colls. Trader to the Stars(1964), The Trouble Twisters(1966), The Earth Book of Stormgate(1978; N-1979 LOC)
   Hubbard, P.M.  Nobody Hunts Witches  pm  has mystery/suspense novels The Holm Oaks(1966), The Tower(1968), The Country of Again(1968)
   Blish, James  With Malice to Come: 1. A Feast of Reason; 2. The Billion-Year Binge; 3. A Matter of Energy  spf  triptych of parodies, 3 vignettes of familiar types of science fiction; has Okie series novels Earthman, Come Home(var. mags. 1950-53; 1955 fixup), They Shall Have Stars(ASF 1952-54; 1956 fixup), The Triumph of Time(1958), A Life for the Stars(1962)
   Beaumont, Charles  Free Dirt  ss  wrote scripts for Hollywood movies, TV shows, including 21 episodes of The Twilight Zone(1959-1964 TV series)
   Dickson, Gordon R.  James  ss  has 1st novel, Alien from Arcturus(1956; rev. vt Arcturus Landing, 1979), about cuddly aliens with shining black noses(Clute); sf novel Mankind on the Run(1956; vt On the Run, 1979)
   deFord, Miriam Allen & Anthony Boucher  Mary Celestial  ss  (1888-1975; 1911-1968) Anthony Boucher ps. for William A.P. White; both in F&SF by themselves
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  sf in the various media; Clarke: Earthlight; Blish: Earthman, Come Home; Jack Finney: The Body Snatchers; Harold Rein: Few Were Left; J.B. Priestley: The Other Place; Eshbach: Tyrant of Time; Pohl(ed): Star SF Stories No.3, & Star Short Novels
   Matheson, Richard  Pattern for Survival  vi  has 1st sf novel, I Am Legend(1954; vt The Omega Man, 1971), is about the last mortal man in a world in which a plague has turned all others into vampires - did screenplay for The Last Man on Earth(1964), but not for remake The Omega Man(1971)(Clute)
   McIntosh, J.T.  Eleventh Commandment  nv  also in F&SF as J.T.M'Intosh
   Lowe, Rodger  Who's Counting  vi  his 1st pub. story
   Novotny, John  Tin Halo, The  ss 
   Brown, Fredric  Imagine  pm  3rd story vignette series; in anthology, called "Imagine, a Proem"; editor of Science Fiction Carnival(1953), with Mack Reynolds; has fixup novel Rogue in Space("Gateway to Darkness" in SSS 1949 NOV & "Gateway to Glory" in AMZ 1950 OCT; 1957)
1955 JUN  Knight, Damon  You're Another  nv  his 1st impact in sf field was as book reviewer, incl. in F&SF & in INF(Clute); early reviews coll. in In Search of Wonder(1956; W-1956 HUG; rev. 1967); coll. incl. essay on Judith Merril's The Tomorrow People(1960), see F&SF 1960 SEP br
   Jones, Alice Eleanor  Created He Them  ss  has also pub. the short stories "The Girl Who Wore Glasses" in PST 1955 DEC 10, and in Redbook, the stories"The Honeymoon"(1957 JUN), "Morning Watch"(1958 NOV), &"One Shattering Weekend"(1960 JUL)
   Coffin, Carlyn  Survival  pm 
   Saki  Soul of Laploshka, The  ss  1st pub. in the Westminster Gazette, & coll. Reginald in Russia(1910); began writing in late 1890s for the W.G. as Saki, after the cup-bearer in Omar Khayyam's Rubáiyát; has novels The Westminster Alice(1902), The Unbearable Bassington(1912)
   Reynolds, Mack & August Derleth  Adventure of the Ball of Nostradamus, The  ss  2nd story in Solar Pons ser.; more books in ser., The Adventure of the Orient Express(1965), The Casebook of S.P.(1965), Mr. Fairlie's Final Journey(1968), The Adventure of the Unique Dickensians(1968), A Praed Street Dossier(1968), The S.P. Omnibus(1982)
   Smith, Evelyn E.  Faithful Friend, The  ss 
   Marsh, Willard  Astronomy Lesson  ss  (1922-1970) 1st pub. in the Yale Review, in 1954
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Walt Disney's TV program of March 9, 1955, Man in Space; Robert S. Richardson: Exploring Mars(nf); Gérard de Vaucouleur: Physics of the Planet Mars(nf); Leonard Wibberley: The Mouse that Roared; Margot Bennett: The Long Way Back; Knight: Hell's Pavement
   Wellman, Manly Wade  Walk Like a Mountain  ss  8th story Silver John ser.; see his entries under ps. Levi Crow for mys. & nf books; wrote some 35 ya books, incl. The Last Mammoth(1953), Rifles at Mansour's Mill(1961); wife Frances wrote an article on Manly in NCLR #2 1993, a Special Wellman Issue
   Wodehouse, P.G.  Slice of Life, A  ss  1st pub. in Liberty Magazine, 7 AUG 1926, & in Meet Mr. Mulliner(1926); 2nd story in F&SF, Mulliner series; Wodehouse wrote lyrics for musicals, 1st for musical Sergeant Brue(1904); playwright, too, 1st play A Gentleman of Leisure, performed in 1911
   Beaumont, Charles  New Sound, The  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Chad Oliver in Claude Adams series, 1955 APR(#636), & 1956 FEB(#751)
   Oliver, Chad  Artifact  nv  has colls. Another Kind(1955), The Edge of Forever(1971); a scholarship fund has been set up at the Univ. of Texas(Austin) to honor Professor Oliver, as well as an annual teaching award for professors
   Corka  Cartoon  ct 
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 8: 1955 JAN-JUN  indx 
1955 JUL  Farmer, Philip José  Father  na  2nd story Father John Carmody series; has 2nd short novel A Woman a Day (STS 1953 JUN, as "Moth and Rust"; rev. 1960; vt The Day of Timestop, 1968; vt Timestop!, 1970); has novel Flesh(1960); colls. Strange Relations(1960), The Alley God(1962)
   Mudgett, Herman W.  Silent, Upon Two Peaks ...  pm 
   Nash, Ogden  Tale of the Thirteenth Floor  pm  (1902-1971) poet, has many poetry colls. incl. I'm a Stranger Here Myself(1935), I Wouldn't Have Missed It(1975; 1983); see George W. Crandell: Ogden Nash: A Descriptive Bibliography(1990), & David Stuart: The Life and Rhymes of Ogden Nash(1991)
   Stern, G.B.  Gemini  ss  (1890-1973) 1st pub. in coll. Slower Judas(1929); Gladys Bronwyn Stern, wn. for Gladys Bronwyn Holdsworth; has series of novels on Rakonitz family, 1st The Matriarch(1924; 1987), sequel A Deputy Was King(1926; 1988); The Ugly Dachshund(1938; 2001)
   Meehan, Thomas A.  Wind's Will, The  ss  screenwriter & playwright; also in F&SF as Maurice Murphy(#81); 1st book coll. Yma, Ava; Yma, Abba ... and Others(1967); has Broadway plays Annie(1977; 1980 book; 1982, 1995 TV, 1999 TV movies); movies To Be or Not to Be(1983), Spaceballs(1987)
   Searle, Ronald  Cartoon  ct  (1920- ) born in Cambridge, England; has lived in France since 1961; studied at Cambridge School of Art; 1st carton sale for the Cambridge Daily News in 1935; freelance illus. since 1935, an illustrator for Lilliput Magazine since its inception in 1937
   Henderson, Zenna  Walking Aunt Daid  ss  Henderson: "Most of my stories are mostly fantasy, adult wishful thinking"(LOC 1983 JUL, #270)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  recommended reprints Karel Capek: War with the Newts; Vonnegut: Utopia 14; Healy & McComas(ed): More Adventures in Time and Space; Campbell: Who Goes There?; David Karp: Escape to Nowhere; Ambrose Bierce: The Monk and the Hangman's Daughter
   Lasswitz, Kurd  Psychotomy  ss  written in 1885, 1st pub. in ?; trans. from the German by Willy Ley; in 1981, the Kurd Lasswitz Awards were created for the best German sf each year
   Morton, Charles W.  All-Purpose Ghost Story, The  vi  an associate editor of ATL, where this vignette was 1st pub. in 1953; has books with cartoonist Francis W. Dahl: Dahl's Boston(1946), & Dahl's Brave New World(1947); nf How to Protect Yourself from Women(1951); autibiography It Has Its Charms ...(1966)
   Clarke, Arthur C.  Refugee  ss  Title Contest Story, orig. titled "This Earth of Majesty" by Clarke, & has appeared in anthologies under either name, & aka "Royal Prerogative"; winner announced, p.100, 1955 OCT, "Refugee" was the winning title
   Boucher, Anthony  Note From the Editor: Title Contest  note  announcing a Title Contest for Arthur C. Clarke's story, #673; winner to get $200.00; winner announced in 1955 issue
   Masefield, John  Sealman, The  vi  (1878-1967) 1st pub. in A Mainsail Haul(1905; exp. 1913); Poet Laureate of England, 1930-67; has Kay Harker ser. novels The Midnight Folk(1927), & The Box of Delights(1935); has Christian Fantasy trilogy, the 1st novel being The Trial of Jesus(1925)
1955 AUG  Kuttner, Henry & C.L. Moore  Two-Handed Engine  nv  (1915-1958; 1911-1987) C(atherine) L(ucille) Moore, born in Indianapolis, her 1st story pub. "Shambleau" in WRT 1933 NOV; has Northwest Smith series(1933-39), Jirel of Joiry series(1934-39); solo novel Doomsday Morning(1957); also in F&SF as C.H. Liddell
   Clingerman, Mildred  Last Prophet, The  ss 
   Arr, Stephen  Cause  ss  (1921- ) ps. for Stephen A. Rynas; had several stories as Arr in GAL, SFA, Fantasy Fiction, Future Science Fiction, & Vortex Science Fiction betw. 1953-1955
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Our First Death  ss  has sf novellas, Delusion World("Perfectly Adjusted" in SFS 1955 JUL; exp. 1961), & Time to Teleport("No More Barriers" in SFS 1955 SEP; 1960 chap), both pub. in an omnibus format in 1981
   Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay  Strange Children, The  ss  announcement of her death February 8, 1955, precedes her story; has suspense novels Kill Joy(1942), The Blank Wall(1947; movies The Reckless Moment, 1949; The Deep End, 2001), Too Many Bottles(1951), The Virgin Huntress(1951), Widow's Mite(1953)
   Ottum, Bob  Chirp Me a Story  ss  (1925-1986) working name for Robert K. Ottum; Salt Lake City newspaperman; has humorous novel All Right, Everybody Off the Planet(1972), in which aliens send a spy among us in human form, but ignorant of human relationships(Clute)
   Anderson, Poul  Inside Straight  nv  has Psychotechnic League seq. The Snows of Ganymede(STS 1955 WIN; 1958), Star Ways(1956; vt The Peregrine, 1978), Virgin Planet(VSF 1957 JAN; exp. 1959), colls. The Psychotechnic League(1981), Cold Victory(1982), Starship(1982), man goes into the galaxy
   Dickenson, Patric  Ape at the Typewriter, The  pm  (1914- ) 1st pub. in Punch; poet, has poetry colls. The Sailing Race and Other Poems(1952), This Cold Universe(1964); edited poetry books Soldiers' Verse(1945), Selected Poems of Henry Newbolt(1981); see his Autobiography of a Poet-Golfer(1965)

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