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1955 AUG  Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Tolkien: The Two Towers; Wyndham: Re-Birth; Elisabeth Sanxay Holding: Miss Kelly; Dick: Solar Lottery(1st novel); H.L. Gold: The Old Die Rich and Other SF Stories; Bleiler & Dikty(ed): Frontiers in Space; Vance Randolph: The Devil's Pretty Daughter
   Beaumont, Charles  Vanishing American, The  ss  see articles "A Short Incandescent Life" by Ray Russel, & "Charles Beaumont: The Magic Man" by William F. Nolan, both in J.N. Williamson(ed): Masques(1984)
   Anderson, Poul & Gordon R. Dickson  Tiddlywink Warriors, The  nv  2nd story Hoka series; 2 more stories: "Don Jones" in Hoka coll. Earthman's Burden(1957), & "The Napoleon Crime" in ANA 1983 MAR
   Boucher, Anthony  Nellthu  vi  has coll. Far and Away(1955); considered his best fantasy work - "We Print the Truth" in ASF 1943 DEC; his best sf work, is reprinted in F&SF 1959 JAN (#1186); an analysis of his mystery genre work can be found at
1955 SEP  McIntosh, J.T.  Man Who Cried "Sheep!," The  nv  has novel The Fittest(1955; vt The Rule of the Pagbeasts, 1956), which depicts the harrowing effects of a misfired experiment to increase animal intelligence(Clute)
   Christie, Agatha  Fourth Man, The  ss  1st pub. in The Hound of Death(1933); 1st Marple novel, Murder at the Vicarage(1930); won a Grand Master Edgar Award in 1954; one of the top mystery playwrights, author of longest-running British play, The Mousetrap(1954); has book An Autobiography(1977)
   Beaumont, Charles  Science Screen, The  mr  quarterly review of current science fiction and fantasy movies; 2 trends of f & sf film criticism; movies This Island Earth(1955); Conquest of Space(1955); Cult of the Cobra(1955)
   Seabright, Idris  Personal Monster  ss 
   St. Clair, Eric  Too Many Bears  ss  1st pub. in 1949; ps. for George A. Pflaum, per Hawk's; husband of writer Margaret St. Clair; he is well known as a writer of children's stories
   Moore, Ward  Old Story  ss  married to author Raylyn Moore
   Saki  Music on the Hill, The  ss  1st pub. in coll. The Chronicles of Clovis(1911); has novel When William Came Home(1914, as H.H. Munro); see George Jones Spears: The Satire of Saki(1963); ss's made into short moviesThe Open Window(1972), The Interlopers(1979), Sredni Vashtar(1979)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  boom of juvenile sf; Morrison: Mel Oliver and Space Rover on Mars; Pohl & Williamson: Undersea Quest; Eric North: The Ant Men; Andrew North: Sargasso of Space; E. Everett Evans: The Planet Mappers; Lee Sutton: Venus Boy
   Winslow, Thyra Samter  Rudolph  ss  (1893-1961) 1st pub. in her coll. The Sex Without Sentiment(1954); has Broadway novel, Show Business(1926; vt Chorus Girl); colls. Picture Frames(1923; vt Window Panes, 1945), Blueberry Pie(1932), My Own Native Land(1935); nf Be Slim, Stay Slim(1955)
   Henderson, Zenna  Pottage  nv  3rd story The People series, chrono. story #9; according to Henderson, the People's psychic powers belong to what she called "the miraculous in daily life ... all wonderful, slow miracles of life, growth & being"(LOC 1983 JUL, #270)
   Brown, Fredric  Too Far  vi  4th story vignette series; has colls. of his vignettes Honeymoon in Hell(1958), & Nightmares and Geezenstacks(1961) - both combined as And the Gods Laughed(1987); has novels The Mind Thing(1961), Mitkey Astromouse(1971, juvenile)
1955 OCT  Merril, Judith  Project Nursemaid  na  problems of an administrator of a space project attempting to raise embryos in a low- or null-gravity environment(Clute); Merril moved to Canada for political reasons in 1968, living in Toronto; has 2 short stories in VSF 1957 JAN & MAR as ps. Rose Sharon
   Buck, Doris P.  Dywyk  vi 
   Porges, Arthur  By a Fluke  ss 
   Priestley, J.B.  Uncle Phil on TV  ss  1st pub. in LIL 1953 APR; has novels The Doomsday Men(1938), The Magicians(1954), Saturn Over the Water(1961), The Shapes of Sleep(1962); plays Johnson Over Jordan(1939), Three Time-Plays(1947); colls. Thoughts in the Wilderness(1957)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  eulogy to literary editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Joseph Henry Jackson; Lin Yutang: Looking Beyond; Bertrand Russell: Nightmares of Eminent Persons; Willy Ley: Salamanders and Other Wonders(nf); Eric Burgess: Frontier to Space(nf)
   Manhattan, Avro  Cricket Ball, The  vi  (1914-1990) 1st pub. in LIL; from London; an expert on Roman Catholicism; has books The Vatican in World Politics(1949), Murder in the Vatican(1985); The Vatican's Holocaust(1986) & the Vatican's Role in the Vietnam War online at
   Asimov, Isaac  Talking Stone, The  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Urth series; has robot colls. The Rest of the Robots(1964), Eight Stories from the Rest of the Robots(1966); 1st novels Pebble in the Sky(1950), The Stars, Like Dust(1951), The Currents of Space(1952) related to Foundation series
   Graves, Robert  Appointment for Candlemas, An  ss  1st pub. in PUN, 1 DEC 1954; 1st novel No Decency Left(1932, with Laura Riding as by Barbara Rich)
1955 NOV  Sturgeon, Theodore  [Widget], The [Wadget], and Boff, The  na-1/2  group of humans in Bittelman's boarding house, under Alien Observation; has colls. E Pluribus Unicorn(1953), A Way Home(1955), Caviar(1955); has used ps. E. Waldo Hunter & E. Hunter Waldo in UNK & ASF issues in which he has more than one story
   Drake, Leah Bodine  Woods Grow Darker, The  pm  has 2nd poetry coll. This Tilting Dust(1955)
   Correy, Lee  Brass Cannon, The  ss  (1928-1997) ps. for G(eorge) Harry Stine; also in F&SF as G. Harry Stine; his novel Starship Through Space(1954) is a sequel to story "... And a Star to Steer Her By" in ASF 1953 JUN; novels Rocket Man(1955), Contraband Rocket(1956), Star Driver(1980)
   Seabright, Idris  Asking  ss 
   Gruber, Frank  Piece of Eight  nv  has books Beagle Scented Murder(1946), The Honest Dealer(1947), The Pulp Jungle(1967), latter about the pulp magazine industry; wrote & produced TV series Shotgun Slade(1959-1961; 78 episodes), about a freelance cowboy detective
   Porges, Arthur  Logic of Rufus Weir, The  ss 
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  sf paperback sales; Conklin(ed): Selections from S-F Thinking Machines, & Operation Future; Tucker: Man from Tomorrow; Sloane: To Walk the Night; Kornbluth: The Syndic; Graham Greene: Nineteen Stories; Boucher: Far and Away
   Nourse, Alan E.  Expert Touch, The  ss  1st story in F&SF, Hoffman Center & Medical Mercenaries series; H.C. is also the background for his novel A Man Obsessed(1955; rev. vt The Mercy Men, 1984)); has novel The Universe Between(ASF 1951 MAR, SEP; 1965 fixup), The Bladerunner(1974)
   Cartmill, Cleve  Youth, Anybody?  spf  concerning his fictitious 'story' "Nor Custom Stale," which when bought by a magazine, the magazine fails; followed by some tongue-in-cheek background by editor Boucher
   Boucher, Anthony  Afterword to "Youth, Anybody?" by Cleve Cartmill  aw  "a few notes on the non-fiction element of the story you've just read." Boucher goes on, playing along with the spoof, to say a few things about Cartmill and the strange effects this story has had on a now-defunct magazine
   Anderson, Poul & Gordon R. Dickson  Joy in Mudville  nv  3rd story Hoka series
   Asimov, Isaac  Dreamworld  vi  has Foundation ser. novels(W-1965 HUG, Best All-Time Series), Foundation(ASF 1942-44; 1951 fixup), Foundation and Empire(ASF 1945; 1952 fixup), Second Foundation(ASF 1948-50; 1953 fixup), conceived by Asimov as fall of Roman Empire rewritten as sf
1955 DEC  Anderson, Poul  Delenda Est  nv  2nd story Time Patrol ser.; note by editor Boucher gives the background to the Latin phrase from which this story's title comes from; ser. coll. in Guardians of Time(1960; exp.1981), Time Patrolman(1983) - omnibus Annals of the Time Patrol(1984)
   Poe, Edgar Allan  Mellonta Tauta  ss  1st pub. in Godey's Lady's Book, 1849 FEB; from story intro, title comes from Sophocles, means 'these things are in the future'; has Auguste Dupin detective series, 1st being "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" in Graham's, in 1841
   Richardson, Robert S.  Day After We Land on Mars, The  ar  (1902-1981) 1st pub. in SRL, 28 MAY 1955, and in F&SF in an expanded form; story(#741) in 1956 JAN, 2 art.(#785, 786) in 1956 MAY, & story(#1033) in 1958 JAN, on same topic, namely the sexual mores of future Martian exploration & colonization
   Asimov, Isaac  Dreaming Is a Private Thing  ss  1st pub. in SRL, 28 MAY 1955, & in F&SF in exp. form; because ASF editor Campbell refused to accept aliens superior to humans, Asimov wrote Foundation ser. w/o aliens; ser. takes background elements from "Black Friar of the Flame" in PLS 1942 SPR(Clute)
   Beaumont, Charles  Science Screen, The  mr  creature-feature movies supposedly made to scare; It Came from Beneath the Sea(1955); The Revenge of the Creature(1955); The Creature with the Atom Brain(1955); The Witch Returns to Life
   Garrett, Randall  Blaze of Glory  pm  2nd poem in F&SF in his comic verse series, 1st about poor Willie; collab. w. Robert Silverberg under ps. Robert Randall in Nidor ser. of novels, The Shrouded Planet(ASF 1956, JUN,AUG,DEC; 1957 fixup), & The Dawning Light(ASF 1957 MAR-MAY; 1958)
   Saki  Hedgehog, The  ss  1st pub. in The Toys of Peace(1919); has colls. Reginald(1904), The Square Egg(1924); see biographies, Charles H. Gillen: H.H. Munro: Saki(1969), & A.J. Langguth: Saki: A Life of Hector Hugh Munro, With Six Stories Never Before Collected(1981)
   Ferguson, Bird  Interview  pm 
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Of the People  ss  with Poul Anderson, has Hoka colls. Earthman's Burden(1957), Hoka!(1983; N-1984 LOC), Hoka omnibuses, Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!(1998), Hokas Pokas!(2000), & ya Hoka novel, Star Prince Charlie(1975)
   Wodehouse, P.G.  Mulliner's Buck-U-Uppo  ss  1st pub. in ?; 3rd story in F&SF, Mulliner series; has novels The Swoop! or How Clarence Saved England: A Tale of the Great Invasion(1909), Laughing Gas(1936); see website
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  only 2 paragraphs; Edward S. Aarons: Assignment to Disaster; John Dickson Carr: The Crooked Hinge; Manning Cole: Happy Returns
   Sturgeon, Theodore  [Widget], The [Wadget], and Boff, The  na-2/2  has ss "A Saucer of Loneliness" in GAL 1953 FEB, which Algis Budrys says(br in F&SF 1976 MAY) is the most "modern" sf story of 1940s-50s, & is "based on a true incident reported in The Reader's Digest"; wrote Star Trek TV ep. "Amok Time" & "Shore Leave"
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 9: 1955 JUL-DEC  indx 

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