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1956 MAY  Boucher, Anthony  Checklist of Books by Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore, A  bib  checklist is "complete as of January 1956"; a short chronological listing of his books; C.L. Moore W-1981 WFA, for Lifetime Achievement
   Brode, Anthony  Mr. Coward Gets There First  pm  has nf books The Hampshire Village Book: The History, People and Events of 140 Villages(1980), Haunted Hampshire(1981), A Hampshire Album(1983)
   Edmondson, G.C.  Technological Retreat  ss  (1922-1995) working name for José Mario Garry Ordonez Edmondson y Cotton; born in Rachauchitlán, Tabasco, Mexico; received MD in Vienna, Austria, but never practiced; this story his 2nd sale, his 1st story pub. sf "Blessed Are the Meek" in ASF 1955 SEP
   Anderson, Poul  Nice Girls on Mars (Of Mars and Men: I)  ar  response to Richardson art.(#721) in F&SF 1955 DEC, the male point of view, on the sexual mores necessary for Martian exploration/early colonization
   deFord, Miriam Allen  News for Doctor Richardson (Of Mars and Men: II)  ar  response to Richardson art.(#721) in F&SF 1955 DEC, the female point of view, on the sexual mores needed for Martian exploration/early colonization
   Matheson, Richard  Steel  nv  has screenplays De Sade(1969), It's Alive!(1969; based on his novelette "Being" in IFS 1954 AUG); has novels/screenplays Ride the Nightmare(1959; 1971 movie Cold Sweat), Someone Is Bleeding(1953; 1972 movie Icy Breasts, aka Icy Flesh)
   Marsh, Willard  Machina Ex Machina  vi  frequent contributor to EQMM and The Yale Review
   Porges, Arthur  Emergency Operation  ss  2nd story Ruum series (planet Ilkor)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  nf books related to f or sf, Morey Bernstein: The Search for Bridey Murphy(see article #824 by W.B. Ready on this book, & Boucher intro #823); Edward J. Ruppelt: The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects; Sir George Thomson: The Foreseeable Future
   Anderson, Poul  Barbarian  spf  a story in the "late Howard Roberts' tales of Cronkheit the Barbarian series"(a spoof of Robert Howard's character, Conan the Barbarian)
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot  vi  (1911-1992) 1st story in F&SF in Feghoot series, idea for series came during a game of Scrabble; G.B. is an anagram for & ps. for Reginald Bretnor, & in F&SF as such & as R. Bretnor, & Reg Bretnor, & under ps. E. Bertrand Loring
   Galouye, Daniel F.  Pliable, The  nv  has colls. The Last Leap and Other Stories of the Super-Mind(1964 UK), Project Barrier(1968 U.K.); novels Lords of the Psychon(GAL 1959 APR, as "The City of Force"; 1963), Counterfeit World(1964 UK; vt Simulacron-3, US; 1973 German movie World on a Wire)
   Bradbury, Ray  Icarus Montgolfier Wright  ss  this story made into 18-minute semi-animated movie(1962); wrote screenplay for Moby Dick(1956); has anth. of fantasies The Circus of Dr. Lao and Other Improbable Stories(1956); story "The Lake"(WRT 1944 MAY) was based on a near-drowning of his cousin
1956 JUN  Anderson, Poul  Man Who Came Early, The  nv  has colls. Strangers from Earth(1961), Un-Man and Other Novellas(1962); novels After Doomsday(1962), The Makeshift Rocket(ASF 1958 NOV-DEC as "A Bicycle Built for Brew"; 1962 chap), Shield(FAN 1962 JUN-JUL; 1963), Three Worlds to Conquer(1964)
   Morrison, William  Star Slugger  ss 
   Nolan, William & Charles Fritch  Ship, The  spf  (1928- ; 1927- ) a parody of Ray Bradbury; William F. Nolan, Charles E. Fritch, & both in F&SF by themselves
   Clarke, Arthur C.  Planets Are Not Enough, The  ar  1st pub. in SRL, 26 NOV 1955; speculates on the problems of interstellar flight; has 1st two novels, Prelude to Space(1951) & The Sands of Mars(1951); novel Islands in the Sky(1952); coll. Expedition to Earth(1953); has lived in Sri Lanka since 1956
   Bretnor, R.  Genius of the Species  ss  1st pub. in Healey(ed): 9 Tales of Space and Time(1954); also in F&SF as Grendel Briarton, w. his Ferdinand Feghoot ser.(a total of 70 vignettes in this ser.), & as E. Betrand Loring(for a short story in 1987 JAN), both ps. are anagrams of his real name
   Williams, Jay  Asa Rule, The  ss  (1914-1978) has 11 sf/f stories pub. between 1956-1962 in F&SF, ASF, & FUN; posthumous coll. Unearthly Beasts and Other Strange People(1979); nf travel book, A Change of Climate(1956)
   Beaumont, Charles  Science Screen, The  mr  author's experiences in a Hollywood motion picture studio, having written an sf film(The Man Who Would Not Die, later rewritten by Curt Siodmak); The Night My Number Came Up(1955); The Invasion of the Body Snatchers(1956); Forbidden Planet(1956)
   Forester, C.S.  Payment Anticipated  ss  (1899-1966) 1st pub. EQMM 1951 JUN as "The Man Whose Wishes Came True"; wn. forCecil Scott Forester, U.K. writer born in Cairo, Egypt; 12 Hornblower novels, incl. The Happy Return(1937), Beat to Quarters(1937), Captain Horatio Hornblower(1941; 1951 movie)
   Palmer, Stuart  Bottle Babe  ss  has novel The Penguin Pool Murder(1931; 1st Miss Hildegard Withers series; made into 1932 movie); after novel's success, S.P. used a penguin as a good luck symbol, collected figurines of penguins, & drew them by his signatures on letters
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Heinlein: Double Star; Pat Frank: Forbidden Area; Lee Correy: Contraband Rocket; Wollheim(ed): Adventures on Other Planets; L.M. Boston: The Children of Green Knowe; Carter Dickson: Fear Is the Same; Leonard Wibberley: McGillicuddy McGotham
   Bloch, Robert  All on a Golden Afternoon  nv  has 1st book, coll. The Opener of the Way(1945); an active sf/f fan thruout his life, he adapted some of his stories for a 39-episode radio program, Stay Tuned for Horror, in 1945(Clute); used several ps. incl. Tarleton Fiske, E.K. Jarvis, Herbert Scanlon
   McClintic, Winona  Bright Destruction  pm 
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 10: 1956 JAN-JUN  indx 
1956 JUL  Asimov, Isaac  Dying Night, The  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Urth ser.; has coll. The Early Asimov(1972; N-1973 LOC); has Lucky Starr children's sf seq.(as by Paul French), David Starr: Space Ranger(1952), L.S. and the Pirates of the Asteroids(1953), L.S. and the Oceans of Venus(1954)
   Kanin, Garson  Damnedest Thing, The  ss  (1912-1999) 1st pub. in ESQ 1956 FEB; playwright & director; author of play & movie Born Yesterday(1950); dir. movies Bachelor Mother(1939), The True Glory(1945), My Favorite Wife(1940), Tom, Dick, and Harry(1941); wrote 14 books, dir. over 30 NYC plays
   Abernathy, Robert  Hour Without Glory  ss  Abernathy is on the faculty of the Univ. of Colorado where he teaches, among other things, a course in East European & Russian science fiction
   Walton, Bryce  Contract, The  ss  1st story pub. "The Ultimate World" in PLS 1945 WIN; has novel Sons of the Ocean Deeps(1952), in which a failed space cadet gets a chance to mature in the benthos(Clute)
   Reynolds, Mack  Martinis: 12 to 1  ss  1st pub. in PBY 1955 NOV, as "Burnt Toast"; has Joe Mauser ser., Day After Tomorrow(na "Status Quo" in ANA 1961 AUG; N-1962 HUG; exp. 1976), Mercenary from Tomorrow(na "Mercenary" in ANA 1962 APR; exp. 1968); has novel, Space Pioneer(1966)
   McComas, J. Francis  Insuring a Revolution  ar  a new way of estimating our progress toward peacetime atomic power; left as co-editor of F&SF in 1954 AUG, tho he remained as advisory editor till 1962 MAR; McComas edited The Graveside Companion(1962); member of Mystery Writers of America
   Seabright, Idris  White Goddess  ss 
   Young, Robert F.  Emily and the Bards Sublime  ss  (1915-1986) Robert Franklin Young; 1st story of poetic androids ser.; born & lived his whole life in Silver Creek, NY; served w. the Army in the Solomon Islands, Philippines & Japan in WWII; 1st story pub. sf "The Black Deep Thou Wingest" in STS 1953 JUN
   Cassill, R.V.  Waiting Room, The  ss  (1919-2002) 1st pub. in Perspective 1951 FLL; Ronald Verlin Cassill; has 1st novel The Eagle on the Coin(1950), on racial problems in the South; Dormitory Women(1954), The Wound of Love(1956), Naked Morning(1957), Clem Anderson(1961), Pretty Leslie(1963)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy, The Lord of the Rings; Waveney Girvan: Flying Saucers and Common Sense(nf); R. DeWitt Miller: Forgotten Mysteries(nf); Robert Lindner: The Fifty-Minute Hour(nf); John G. Schneider: The Golden Kazoo; Frank M. Robinson: The Power
   Fontenay, Charles L.  Silk and the Song, The  nv  (1917- ) newspaperman & writer from Tennessee; 1st story pub. "Disqualified" in IFS 1954 SEP; has novels Twice Upon a Time(1958), Rebels of the Red Planet(1961), The Day the Oceans Overflowed(1964); nf Epistle to the Babylonians
   McClintic, Winona  I Want My Name in the Title  pm 
   Dunsany, Lord  Club Secretary, The  ss  1st pub. in ATL 1934 AUG, & in his coll. Mr. Jorkens Remembers Africa(1934); 2nd story Jorkens ser.; fantasy novels The King of Elfland's Daughter(1924), The Charwoman's Shadow(1926); sf novel The Last Revolution(1951); coll. The Hashish Man(1996)
   Clarke, Arthur C.  No Morning After  ss  1st pub. in Derleth(ed): Time to Come(1954); his story "The Sentinel" in 10 Story Fantasy 1951 SPR was basis for movie 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968), which Clarke wrote screenplay with Stanley Kubrick; Clarke's role in movie in The Lost Worlds of 2001(1972)
1956 AUG  Miller, Walter M. Jr  And the Light Is Risen  na  2nd story St. Liebowitz series; survival of man 600 years after 20th century nuclear holocaust as seen thru the eyes of the Abbey of Liebowitz; 1st story pub. "MacDougal's Wife" in The American Mercury 1950 MAR; wrote scripts for TV show Captain Video
   Boucher, Anthony  Interim Report on Bridey Murphy  in  introduction to the article by W.B. Ready of Morey Bernstein: The Search for Bridey Murphy; a bestseller list for 14 weeks; public interest for the book & in reincarnation has been enormous; a convert is Heinlein(see AMZ 1956 APR); rvw. F&SF 1956 MAY
   Ready, W.B.  Bridey Murphy: Irishman's View, An  ar  reports on best-seller Morey Bernstein's The Search for Bridey Murphy; Bridget Kathleen 'Bridey' MacCarthy nee Murphy(1798-1864); preceded by an Interim Report on Bridey Murphy, by Anthony Boucher; hypnosis proves reincarnation?
   Brode, Anthony  Fourteenth of July, The  ss 
   Reynolds, Mack  Compounded Interest  ss  also in Joe Mauser series, The Earth War(no "Frigid Fracas" in ANA 1963 MAR-APR; 1963), Time Gladiator(no "Sweet Dreams, Sweet Princes" in ANA 1964 OCT-DEC; exp. 1966 UK), The Fracas Factor(1978); has novel, Of Godlike Power(1966)
   Drussaď, Garen  Woman's Work  vi 
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Judith Merril(ed): S-F, The Year's Greatest S-F and Fantasy Stories and Novelettes; Andre Norton(ed): Space Police; Ace Double Books D-155, D-162 & D- 150, the last being Margaret St. Clair: Agent of the Unknown & Philip K. Dick: The World Jones Made
   Sturgeon, Theodore  Fear Is a Business  ss  his ss, "A Saucer of Loneliness"(made into 1985 Twilight Zone ep.) is said by Budrys(br, F&SF 1976 MAY) to be similar to Eric Frank Russell's ss "I Am Nothing" in ASF 1952 JUL, both "highly creative" & "modern" for their time; also in F&SF as Billy Watson
   Stanton, Will  Last Present, The  ss 
1956 SEP  Anderson, Poul  Operation Afreet  nv  1st story Afreet, or Matuchek, ser.; has novel The High Crusade(ASF 1960 JUL-SEP; 1960; N-1960 & 1961 HUG; 1994 movie), in which a spaceship lands in medieval Europe where it's taken over by a baron who takes it into space & creates a feudal empire(Clute)

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