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1957 AUG  Heinlein, Robert A.  Menace From Earth, The  nv  non-series work colls. Waldo and Magic, Inc.(1951), Assignment in Eternity(1953), The Menace from Earth(1959), The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag(1959), The Worlds of Robert A. Heinlein(1966); Asimov writes about Heinlein in I. Asimov(1994)
   Asimov, Isaac  Loint of Paw, A  vi  between 1958 & 1980, Asimov wrote little fiction(Clute), concentrating on his non-fiction writing, including the science essay series begun in F&SF 1958 NOV & lasting thru 1992 FEB(399 essays) with essay #400 completed by his wife Janet, in F&SF 1994 DEC
1957 SEP  Young, Robert F.  Goddess in Granite  nv 
   Davidson, Avram  Mr. Stilwell's Stage  ss  has ss "The Necessity of His Condition" in EQMM 1957 APR, based on his research into antebellum Dred Scott slavery case, W-Queen's Award; "the acceptance of this story(even before it won) marks the turning point in my career as a writer"(Wessells)
   Beaumont, Charles  Science Screen, The  mr  The Attack of the Crab Monsters(1957); The Man Who Turned to Stone(1957); The Zombies of Mora Tau(1957); She Devil(1957); Not of This Earth(1957); edited horror anth. The Fiend in You(1962)
   Coates, Robert M.  Parable of Love, A  ss  1st pub. in NYM, 28 APR 1956; has novels Wisteria Cottage(1948), The Farther Shore(1955), and coll. The Hour After Westerly and Other Stories(1957)
   Bloch, Robert  Traveling Salesman, The  vi  1st pub. in PBY 1957 FEB; has suspense novels The Scarf(1947; vt The Scarf of Passion, 1949; rev. 1966), The Deadbeat(1960), The Couch(1962; & 1962 movie), The Will to Kill(1954), The Kidnapper(1954; 1988), Spiderweb(1954), Shooting Star(1958)
   Oliver, Chad  Rewrite Man  ss  Oliver "has always been concerned with the depiction of Native American life and concerns"; his novel The Wolf Is My Brother(1967; W-1967 Spur Award), "is not sf, features a sympathetically characterized Native American protagonist"(Clute)
   Brode, Anthony  Yes, But ...  pm 
   Van Doren, Mark  Great Deal of Weather, A  ss  1st pub. in 1953; has criticism books, The Poetry of John Dryden(1920), The Best of Hawthorne(1951), Don Quixote's Profession(1958); 1st poetry coll. Spring Thunder and Other Poems(1924); Collected Poems, 1922-1938(1939; W-1940 Pulitzer Prize)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Richard Carrington: Mermaids and Mastodons; Busson & Leroy: The Last Secrets of the Earth; Martin Greenberg(ed): Coming Attractions(nf); Ray Palmer(ed): The Secret of the Saucers(nf); Frederik Pohl: The Case Against Tomorrow; Cyril Judd: Gunner Cade
   Maddux, Rachel  Overture and Beginners  ss  has novels Abel's Daughter(1960); A Walk in the Rain(1966; 1970 film) - see Fiction into Film: A Walk in the Rain(1970), incl. novel, its screenplay, & article on how movie was made; nf The Orchard Children(1977; 1978 movie Who'll Save the Children?)
   Dickson, Gordon R.  St. Dragon and the George  nv  1st/only story in F&SF in Jim Eckert ser.; exp. into novel, The Dragon and the George(1976; W-1977 BFA; N-1977 LOC, WFA), & into Dragon Knight series, The Dragon Knight(1988), The Dragon at War(1992), & The Dragon on the Border(1992), etc.
   Seabright, Idris  Wines of Earth, The  ss 
1957 OCT  Roberts, Jane  Chestnut Beads, The  nv  1st story Bundu, or Migma, witchcraft ser.; has novels The Rebellers(1963); The Education of Oversoul Seven(1973), in which a student protagonist inhabits the bodies & souls of 4 humans of differnet periods ranging from 35,000 BC to 2300 AD; has 2 sequels
   Young, Robert F.  Thirty Days Had September  ss 
   Lovecraft, H.P. & August Derleth  Lamp of Alhazred, The  ss  (1890-1937; 1909-1971) to be pub. in The Survivor(1957), in which Derleth creates a character based on his memory of H.P.L.; H(oward) P(hillips) Lovecraft, 1st story pub. novel Herbert West Reanimator(1922 serial; 1977 chap); see
   Searle, Ronald  Cartoon  ct  1st pub. in his The Female Approach(1954); illustrated James Thurber's The 13 Clocks and the Wonderful O (1962)- (info from Clute); see biography, Russell Davies: Ronald Searle: A Biography(1990); has coll. Marquis de Sade Meets Goody Two-Shoes(1994), etc
   de Camp, L. Sprague  How to Talk Futurian  ar  future possibilities of languages; has article "Language for Time Travelers" in ASF 1938 JUL; has novel Genus Homo(SSS 1941 MAR; 1950), with P. Schuyler Miller; series 9 articles, "Lost Continents"(OWS 1952-53 OCT-JUL; 1954); bio article in OWS 1952 OCT
   Elliott, George P.  Sandra  ss  (1918-1980) also in F&SF as George Paul Elliott
   Carroll, Lewis  Photography Extraordinary  vi  (1832-1898) 1st pub. in ?; ps. for Charles Lutwidge Dodgson; author of novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland(1865), & its sequel Through the Looking-glass, and What Alice Found There(1871); 1st book orig. narrated to children of Rev. Liddell, esp. Alice
   Matheson, Richard  Old Haunts  ss  has teleplays The Morning After(1974), The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver(1977), The Martian Chronicles(1980 TV mini-series); screenplays Dead of Night(1977), Twilight Zone: The Movie(1983, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"), Jaws 3-D(1983; aka Jaws 3)
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot  vi  3rd story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Angus, Douglas  About Time to Go South  ss  (1909- ) 1st pub. in ESQ 1957 FEB; has novels The Lions Fed the Tigers(1958), The Ivy Trap(1961), The Descent of Venus(1961), Death on the Jerusalem Road(1963); anth. ser. The Best Short Stories of the Modern Age, etal, some w. Sylvia Angus, since 1962
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  best of British sf, John Christopher: No Blade of Grass; Neville Shute: On the Beach; Burt Cole: Subi, the Volcano; Philip José Farmer: The Green Odyssey; Gallun: People Minus X; Sax Rohmer; Re-Enter Fu Manchu; I.O. Evans(ed): Jules Verne, Master of SF
   Anderson, Poul & Gordon R. Dickson  Full Pack (Hokas Wild)  nv  5th story Hoka series; series coll. in Earthman's Burden(1957); also has Hoka coll. Hoka!(1984), & omnibuses Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!(1998), Hokas Pokas!(2000), & novel Star Prince Charlie(1975)
   Leiber, Fritz  Big Trek, The  ss  his friend Harry Fischer suggested in 1934 the characters of Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser; Lieber viewed himself as Fafhrd, & Harry as the Gray Mouser; details in essay "Fafhrd & Me" in colls. The Second Book of Fritz Leiber(1975), and in Fafhrd & Me(1991)
1957 NOV  Knight, Damon  A for Anything  nv  has novels Masters of Evolution(GAL 1954 JAN as "Natural State"; exp. 1959 chap), The People Maker(1959; rev. vt A For Anything, 1961 UK), The Sun Saboteurs(IFS 1955 JAN as "The Earth Quarter"; exp. 1961)
   Davidson, Avram  Negra Sum  ss  has short story "Now Let Us Sleep" in VSF 1957 SEP, which is a morality play on the conflict between primitive & developed cultures, set in the context of interstellar travel(Wessells)
   Richardson, Robert S.  Facts About Life on Mars, The  ar  report on the proceedings of the International Mars Committee; author is an astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory, writes articles for sf mags.; uses ps. Philip Latham for fiction(& in F&SF as such); 1st story pub. sf "N-Day" in ASF 1946 JAN
   Lang, Allen Kim  Ambassador's Return  ss  (1928- ) U.S. Blood Bank supervisor, at Indiana Univ.; served in the Army & Air Force; 1st story pub. sf "Machine of Klamugra" in PLS 1950 NOV; has pub. 12 stories outside of F&SF in sf mags. betw. 1950-1966
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot  vi  4th story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Sturgis, Colin  Conversion Factor  ss  (1904-1985; ?-?) 1st story Cameron series; collab. ps. for Lester Cole & Melvin Sturgis collab.; Lester Cole also in F&SF as Les Cole, was a member of the "Hollywood Ten" & has book Hollywood Red: The Autobiography of Lester Cole(1981)
   Morrison, William  Science Stage, The  plyr  two musical comedies, Damn Yankees, & L'il Abner; Visit to a Small Planet
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Fido  ss  also in Dragon and the George series, novels The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll(1994), The Dragon and the Djinn(1996), & The Dragon and the Gnarly King(1997), The Dragon in Lyonesse(1998)
   Russell, Ray  Incommunicado  vi  (1924-1999) born in Chicago, IL; served in U.S. Army Air Force 1943-46, attended Chicago Conservatory of Music 1947-48, & Goodman Memorial Theater 1949-51; "Music plays a strong role in many of my stories"; 1st pub. story "The Lesser Sin" in ESQ, in 1953
   Young, Robert F.  Report on the Sexual Behavior on Arcturus X  ss 
   McClintic, Winona  Valise Macabre  pm 
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  recommended reprints; Jack Finney: The Third Level(coll.); Brian W. Aldiss: Space, Time and Nathaniel; Rex Gordon: First on Mars; Charles Eric Maine: High Vacuum; James White: The Secret Visitors; Coblentz: Hidden World; Goodrich: The Genesis of Nam
   Anderson, Poul  Long Remembering, The  ss  also in F&SF w. co-authors Kenneth Gray, wife Karen Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson(Hoka series), & under ps. Winston P. Sanders; Hoka ser. colls. Earthman's Burden(1957), Hoka!(1984), novel Star Prince Charlie(1975); has novel The Corridors of Time(1965)
   Rosenbaum, Jonathan  Now and Then  vi  (1943?- ) grew up in Florence, AL; attended the Putney School, N.Y. Univ., Bard College; has 1968 MA in English & American Lit. from SUNY(Stony Brook); film critic since 1987 for the Chicago Reader; has many film books, incl. Movies as Politics(1997)
1957 DEC  Asimov, Isaac  I Feel It in My Bones  ar  dangers of strontium-90 fallout
   Drake, Leah Bodine  Word of Willow, The  pm  1st pub. in ATL 1956 SEP
   Morrison, William & Frederik Pohl  Stepping Stone  nv  (1906-1980; 1919- ) William Morrison is a ps. for Joseph Samachson; both in F&SF by themselves
   Jackson, Shirley  Missing Girl, The  ss  her story "Louisa, Please," in Ladies' Home Journal, N-1960 EDG; her story "The Possibility of Evil" in PST 1965 DEC 18, W-1965 EDG; has novel The Bird's Nest(1954; made into 1957 movie Lizzie), based on an actual case history of multiple personality
   Sheckley, Robert  Holdout  ss  has story "Seventh Victim" in GAL 1953 APR(made into 1965 & 2002 movies 10th Victim), & Victims ser. of novels, The Tenth Victim(1966), Victim Prime(1987 UK), Hunter/Victim(1988 UK); nv "Shall We Have a Little Talk?" in GAL 1965 OCT, N-1965 NEB
   Beaumont, Charles  Science Screen, The  mr  The Creeping Unknown(1956, aka The Quatermass Experiment); X—The Unknown(1956); The Curse of Frankenstein(1957); has colls. Yonder(1958), Night Ride and Other Journeys(1960)
   Cogswell, Theodore R.  Cabbage Patch, The  ss  1st pub. in Perspectives 1952 FLL
   Anderson, Poul  Peacemongers, The  ss  World Without Stars(ANA 1966 JUN-JUL as "The Ancient Gods"; 1967), Tales of the Flying Mountains(ASF 1963-65 as by Winston P. Sanders; 1970 fixup); juvenile fantasy The Fox, the Dog and the Griffin: A Folk Tale Adapted from the Danish of C. Molbeck(1966)
   Dickson, Gordon R.  With Butter and Mustard  ss  has Underseas series of juvenile novels, Secret Under the Sea(1960), Secret Under Antartica(1963), & Secret Under the Caribbean(1964), all coll. in omnibus Secrets of the Deep(1985)

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