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1958 AUG  Davidson, Avram  Great Is Diana  ss 
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: VIII  vi  6th story in F&SF in Feghoot series; the numbering system for the Feghoot vignettes is off for some reason - although they began being pub. in F&SF, this 6th vignette is labeled as VIII in the series - the reason for the discrepancy is not known
   Forester, C.S.  Marjorie Is Still Waiting  vi  has nf book The Hornblower Companion(1964), incl. maps & commentary by Forester; novel The African Queen(1935; 1951 movie; sf novel The Peacemaker(1934); autobiography Long Before Forty(1967); posthumous coll. Gold from Crete(1971)
   Finney, Charles G.  Horsenaping of Hotspur, The  ss  (1905-1984) 1st story Manacle, Arizona series; his 1st short story, usually a novelist; born in Sedalia, MS; newspaperman & writer from Arizona; served with the U.S. 15th Army(infantry) in Tientsin, China(1927-29)
   Boucher, Anthony  Autobiographical Note  note  announcing his sabbatical(actually his resignation, due to poor health) from editing F&SF, and introducing the new editor, Robert P. Mills
1958 SEP  Heinlein, Robert A.  Have Space Suit—Will Travel  no-2/3  has juvenile novel Citizen of the Galaxy(ASF 1957 SEP-DEC; 1957); has novel Stranger in a Strange Land(1961; W-1962 HUG; 1990), in which a human, raised on Mars & given psi powers by the Martians, returns to Earth & becomes a messiah-figure(Clute)
   Boyd, William C.  Will Time Wait?  ar  (1903- ) Einstein's theory of relativity; Asimov has comments on this article, p.35, 1959 MAY, in addendum; husband of author Lyle G. Boyd(story #838), Prof. of Immunochemistry at Boston Univ.; see Asimov's reponse p.36 in 1959 MAY
   McKenna, R.M.  Casey Agonistes  ss  (1913-1964) wn. for Richard Milton McKenna, his 1st pub. story; also in F&SF as Richard McKenna; born in Mountain Home, Idaho; Navy veteran(1931-53) & Old China Hand(10 years), B.A. in English Literature in 1958 from Univ. of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill
   Collier, John  Word to the Wise, A  vi  (1901-1980) 1st pub. in ESQ 1940 NOV; poet, writer, screenwriter, born in London; famous for novel His Monkey Wife(1930); novels No Traveller Returns(1931), Tom's A-Cold (1933; vt Full Circle, 1933), Defy the Foul Fiend(1934), Witch's Money(1940 chap)
   Roberts, Jane  Demon at Devotions, A  ss  has book of a series of connected poems, Dialogues of the Soul & Mortal Self in Time(1975), & juvenile novel Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers(1979)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  William Tenn: Time in Advance; Charles Beaumont: Yonder; Gerald Kersh: On an Old Note; H.L. Gold(ed): The Third Galaxy Reader; James L. Quinn & Eve Wulff(ed): The Second World of If; Groff Conklin(ed): The Graveyard Reader; Asimov: Only a Trillion(nf)
   Marsh, Willard  Poet in Residence  ss 
   Morris, Wright  Word From Space, The  ss  (1910-1998) story title in TOC, Index is "Last Call;" on p.111 as listed here is its orig. title, 1st pub. in ATM 1958 APR; novelist/photographer; The Field of Vision(1956; W-1957 Nat. Book Award); see Joseph J. Wydeven: Wright Morris Revisited(1998)
   Bloch, Robert  That Hell-Bound Train  ss  W-1959 HUG; has suspense novels Firebug(1961; 1988), Terror(1962), The Star Stalker(1968), The Todd Dossier(1969 as by Collier Young), Night-World(1972; 1986), American Gothic(1974; 1987), There Is a Serpent in Eden(1979; vt The Cunning, 1981)
1958 OCT  Mills, Robert P.  About This Issue …  in  introduction to the 9th Anniversary issue; he edited The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: Ninth Series(1960), Tenth(1961), Eleventh(1962), A Decade of Fantasy and Science Fiction(1960), Twenty Years of the Magazine of ...(1970) w. Edward L. Ferman
   Tenn, William  Eastward Ho!  ss  has colls. Of All Possible Worlds(1955), The Human Angle(1956), Time in Advance(1958), The Seven Sexes(1968), The Square Root of Man(1968), The Wooden Star(1968)
   Clarke, Arthur C.  Of Mind and Matter  ar  ultimate impact of electronic computers, the Cybernetic Revolution; has 2001 sequels, 2010: Odyssey Two(1982; 1984 movie), & 2061: Odyssey Three(1988); coll. Tales from the Planet Earth(1989); Clarke W-1985 NEB, Grandmaster Award
   Finney, Charles G.  Black Retriever, The  ss  has 1st novel The Circus of Dr. Lao(1935; 1964 movie The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao); novel The Unholy City(1937; 1968, with story "The Magician Out of Manchuria"), is discussed in Jonathan Lethem's "Curiosities" br column in F&SF 1998 OCT/NOV, p.242
   Kersh, Gerald  Terribly Wild Flowers, The  ss  (1911-1968) Russian-born U.K. author, has colls. The Brighton Monster(1953), Men Without Bones(1955), Nightshade and Damnations(1968), novels The Secret Masters(1953), Brock(1969); story in PST, "The Secret of the Bottle," W-1957 EDG
   Brown, Fredric  Unfortunately  vi  6th story vignette series; has "Detective Pulps" colls. The Case of the Dancing Sandwiches(1985), The Freak Show Murders(1985), Thirty Corpses Every Thursday(1986), Pardon My Ghoulish Laughter(1986), Red Is the Hue of Hell(1986)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading: All Star Survey, An  br  a retrospective survey of the best science-fantasy books from 1949 thru 1957: the best 50-plus titles; has his mystery reviews coll. in The Anthony Boucher Chronicles: Reviews and Commentary 1942-1947, Vol. I(2001), Vol. II(2002)
   Anderson, Poul  Ballade of an Artificial Satellite  pm  married to author Karen Anderson; has novel Inheritors of Earth(1974), with Gordon R. Eklund - was in fact written by Eklund but based on an early Anderson story, "Incomplete Superman" in FUT 1951 MAR
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Have Space Suit—Will Travel  no-3/3  edited anth. Tomorrow the Stars(1951); has juvenile Podkayne of Mars: Her Life and Times(1963); novel Farnham's Freehold(1964); has colls. Lost Legacy(1960), The Past Through Tomorrow(1967), The Best of ...(1973), Expanded Universe(1980)
   Steele, Wilbur Daniel  Bogey Man, The  ss  (1886-1970) born in Greensboro, NC; author of How Beautiful with Shoes, & Blue Murder; has colls. The Best Stories of Wilbur Daniel Steele(1946; 1976), Full Cargo: More Stories(1951; 1976); see book by Martin Bucco: Wilbur Daniel Steele(1972)
   Knight, Damon  Night of Lies, The  ss  co-founded, with James Blish & Judith Merril, the Milford Science Fiction Writers' Conference, in 1956, which he ran with his wife Kate Wilhelm for 20 years in their home in Milford, NJ; later helped found Clarion's SF Writers' Workshop, in 1968
   Bester, Alfred  Men Who Murdered Mohammed, The  ss  N-1959 HUG, short story; has coll. Starburst(1958)
1958 NOV  Bennett, Kem  Different Purpose, A  ss 
   Hubbard, P.M.  Air Space Violated  pm  1st pub. in Punch
   Fessier, Michael  Bewitched  ss  1st pub. in COL, 18 NOV 1950, a shapeshifting fantasy about "the cat in every woman"(Clute)
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: IX  vi  7th story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Dust of Ages, The  sces  micrometeorites, Part 1; 1st of his science essays for F&SF; same subject matter as the following story, #1164; Part 2 in 1959 MAY(#1239); Asimov writes about how the F&SF science essays column began in I. Asimov: A Memoir(1994; W-1995 HUG, LOC)
   Chandler, A. Bertram  Critical Angle  ss  also in F&SF under ps. George Whitley; has novels Bring Back Yesterday(1961), Rendezvous on a Lost World(1961), The Hamelin Plague(1963); Wilkinson seq. novels The Coils of Time(1964), Glory Planet(1964), The Alternate Martians(1965), & 1 more
   Davidson, Avram  Or the Grasses Grow  ss  in the late 1950s, Davidson lived for a time on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, moving by late 1961 to West 110th Street opposite the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
   Anderson, Poul  Wildcat  nv  3rd story Time Patrol series; edited anth. West by One and by One(1965 chap), Nebula Award Stories Four(1969), The Day the Sun Stood Still(1972), the latter a common-theme anth. with Gordon R. Dickson & Robert Silverberg
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  review of older works by Heinlein; Judith Merril(ed): SF, The Year's Greatest S.-F. and Fantasy, Third Annual; Algis Budrys: Who?, & Man of Earth; Shirley Jackson: The Sundial; Edward Eager: The Time Garden; Andre Norton's juveniles, brief reviews
   Williamson, Jack  Beans  vi  (1908- ) working name for John Stewart Williamson, born in AZ, moved to NM in 1915; 1st story pub. "The Metal Man" in AMZ 1928 DEC; has 1st novels The Girl from Mars(1929 chap, w. Miles J. Breuer), The Alien Intelligence(SWS 1929 JUL-AUG; 1980)
   Arthur, Robert  Mr. Milton's Gift  ss  1st pub. in BBM 1953 JUL, as "The Man with the Golden Hand," 4th story from Murchison Morks ser.; some stories from ser. pub. in his anth. Ghosts and More Ghosts(1963); Morks series considered a derivative of Lord Dunsany & Vincent Benét work(Clute)
   Emshwiller, Carol  Pelt  ss  early stories coll. in Joy in Our Cause(1974)
   Nelson, Starr  For the Voyagers  pm 
   Miller, P. Schuyler  For Analysis  vi  a takeoff on ASF's 'Probability Zero' department; has colls. The Titan(stories 1931-1944; 1952), Alicia in Blunderland(SFD 1933 JUN-DEC, & FMG 1934 JAN-APR as by Nihil; 1983); novel Genus Homo(SSS 1941 MAR; rev. 1950) with L. Sprague de Camp
   Wellman, Manly Wade  Nine Yards of Other Cloth  ss  N-1959 HUG; 11th story Silver John ser.; ser. coll. in Who Fears the Devil?(1963; made into 1973 movie The Legend of Hillbilly John; exp. vt John the Balladeer, 1988; N-1989 LOC); other Silver John short stories in WRT 1981 FLL, & Whispers 1987 OCT
1958 DEC  Budrys, Algis  Eye and the Lightning, The  nv  (1931- ) working name for Algirdas Jonas Budrys, born in Königsberg (Kaliningrad), East Prussia; discusses his name origins in his br, F&SF 1980 AUG; e.g., Budrys is his father's nom de guerre, & roughly means "Sentry," hence his ps. John A. Sentry
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Catching Up With Newton  sces  escape velocities, gravitational attraction; scientist Willy Ley also has a long-running science column, "For Your Information," in GAL 1952 MAR-1969 NOV, a total of 154 essays, ending upon his death in 1969(see Pohl's comments, LOC 1996 APR, p.67)
   Boucher, Anthony  Pink Caterpillar, The  ss  1st pub. in Adventure 1945 FEB, 2nd story in F&SF from his Fergus O'Breen series; edited A Treasury of Great Science Fiction(1959), & The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction series(1953-59); has coll. The Compleat Werewolf(1969)
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Timequake  ss  won the Economic Development Essay Prize in 1958
   Leiber, Fritz  Little Old Miss Macbeth  ss  this story mentioned by Judith Merril in her profile of Leiber in F&SF's Special Fritz Leiber Issue(1969 JUL, p.58), as "by far the most advanced piece of symbolic writing Leiber had done, ... his first really effective use of Shakesperean background"
   Wodehouse, P.G.  Honeysuckle Cottage  nv  1st pub. in PST, 24 JAN 1925, 4th story in F&SF, Mulliner series; recent colls. incl. The Most of P.G. Wodehouse(1960), The World of Jeeves(1967), The Swoop! and Other Stories(1979), Wodehouse on Crime(1981), Tales from the Drones Club(1982)
   Merril, Judith  Wish Upon a Star  ss  has 1st novel Shadow on the Hearth(1950; basis of TV-play Atomic Attack), the story of an atomic war from the viewpoint of a housewife(Yntema); anthologies Shot in the Dark(1950), Beyond Human Ken(1952), Beyond the Barriers of Space and Time(1954)
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  Theodore Sturgeon: The Cosmic Rape, & A Touch of Strange; Karen Anderson: Henry Kuttner, A Memorial Symposium(nf); Roger L. Green: Into Other Worlds; Nandor Fodor: On the Trail of the Poltergeist(nf); Eric Frank Russell: Great World Mysteries(nf)
   Goulart, Ron  Dream Girl  ss 

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