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1959 JAN  Boucher, Anthony  Quest for Saint Aquin, The  ss  1st pub. in Raymond J. Healy(ed): New Tales of Space and Time(1951), this is considered by many to be his best work of sf; has colls. Exeunt Murderers: The Best Mystery Stories of Anthony Boucher(1983), The Compleat Boucher(1999; N-2000 LOC)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: No More Ice Ages?  sces  ice ages, past and future; greenhouse effect, the causes of the ice ages; Asimov's 1st nf book was Biochemistry and Human Metabolism(1952; rev. 1954; rev. 1957)
   Davidson, Avram  Woman Who Thought She Could Read, The  ss 
   Leiber, Fritz  Silver Eggheads, The  na  an example of recursive sf, expanded into a novel in 1962
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: X  vi  8th story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Boucher, Anthony  Recommended Reading  br  interplanetary spaceships, UFOs in books, & cartoon books; Basil Davenport(ed): Deals with the Devil; short list of books ideal for Xmas presents; Asimov writes of Boucher & F&SF in I. Asimov(1994); Silverberg does in "Reflections" column, ASI 1996 SEP
   Dick, Philip K.  Explorers We  ss  has novels Confessions of a Crap Artist(wr. 1959; 1975; 1992 movie), The Man Whose Teeth Were All Exactly Alike(wr. 1960; 1984), & Humpty Dumpty in Oakland(wr. 1960; 1986 UK); has novel The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch(1964; W-1967 BSF)
   Young, Robert F.  Santa Clause  ss 
   Collier, John  Meeting of Relations  vi  1st pub. in The Yale Review, 1941 DEC; has colls. The Devil and All(1934), Presenting Moonshine(1941), A Touch of Nutmeg(1943), Green Thoughts and Other Strange Tales(1943)
   Elliott, George P.  Invasion of the Planet of Love  ss  has sequel, #1208, F&SF 1959 FEB; stories about Venus/Earth conflict - the first men to explore Venus
   Dickson, Gordon R.  R of A, The  ss  has Childe Cycle or Dorsai series, novels The Genetic General(ASF 1959 MAY-JUL as "Dorsai!"; N-1960 HUG; cut 1960; res. vt Dorsai!, 1976), Necromancer(1962; vt No Room for Man, 1963), Soldier, Ask Not(GAL 1964 OCT; W-1964 HUG, short story; exp. 1967)
1959 FEB  Ferman, Joseph W.  Open Letter to Our Readers, An  note  (1906-1974) raise in copy price from 35 cents to 40 cents, or $4.50/year, effective this issue; due to publication costs; also in F&SF as Joe Ferman(1968 AUG); born in Lithuania, was F&SF publisher from 1954 AUG-1970 OCT, & editor from 1964 DEC-1965 DEC
   Knight, Damon  What Rough Beast?  nv  editor of sf magazine If: Worlds of S.F., for three issues, 1958 OCT - 1959 FEB; has anth. A Century of Science Fiction(1962), First Flight(1963), Tomorrow X 4(1964), A Century of Great Short Science Fiction Novels(1964), Beyond Tomorrow(1965)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Love Those Numbers  sces  numbers; names of large numbers, their history, uses & eccentricities
   Jaffray, Norman R.  Dual Cerebration  pm 
   Seabright, Idris  Graveyard Shift  ss 
   Brode, Anthony  Call Me Mister  pm 
   Rogers, Joel Townsley  No Matter Where You Go  nv  (1896-1984) born in Sedalia, MO; has 1917 Harvard BA; mystery writer, mostly in the pulps & slicks; has 1st suspense novel Once in a Red Moon(1923); The Red Right Hand(1945),Lady with the Dice(1946), The Stopped Clock(1958; vt Never Leave My Bed, 1968)
   Lipsky, Eleazar  Snitkin's Law  ss  (1911-1993) former asst. district attorney in New York, lawyer; 1st novel The Kiss of Death(1947; 1947, 1995 movies); The People Against O'Hara(1950; 1951 movie), Lincoln McKeever(1953), The Scientists(1959), The Devil's Daughter(1969), Malpractice(1971)
   Merril, Judith  Death Cannot Wither  nv  has 2 novels w. C.M. Kornbluth as by Cyril Judd, Outpost Mars(1952), Gunner Cade(1952); has anth. Human?(1954), SF: The Year's Greatest ...(1956-59), Annual Edition of the Year's Best SF(1960-66); novel The Tomorrow People(1960), a psychological mystery
   Davenport, Basil  More Brave New Worlds Than One  br  (1905-1966) guest book columnist; discusses Aldous Huxley: Brave New World; George Orwell:1984; Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged; Nevile Shute: On the Beach; Davenport has book An Introduction to Islandia(1942); edited anth. Deals with the Devil(1958)
   Edmondson, G.C.  Misfit, The  ss  1st story in his adventures of his Mad Friend series
   Elliott, George P.  Nothing But Love  ss  sequel to #1195, F&SF 1959 JAN; stories about Venus/Earth conflict - the Venereans visit Earth
   Fontenay, Charles L.  Ghost Planet  ss  Kipton & the Matter Transmitter('99), Kipton & the Martian Maidens('99), Kipton & the Delusions of Tanta Else('99), Kipton & the Riddle of Sandstone('99); 3-volume coll., Here, There, and Elsewhere(2001); sf novels Target: Grant, 1862('99), Modál(2001)
   Banks, Raymond E.  Natural Frequency  ss  has L.A. Private Detective Sam King mystery novel series, Meet Me in Darkness(1960), about murder & dames at the Hotel Conroy; & Computer Kill(1961), as Sam works for a "curvy girl scientist" whose million dollar computer was stolen
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XI  vi  9th story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Rice, Jane  Willow Tree, The  ss  also in F&SF under ps. Mary Austin; Rice has also pub. fiction in Ladies' Home Journal, Charm, & Cosmopolitan
1959 MAR  Heinlein, Robert A.  "All You Zombies —"  ss  N-1980 BRG, best short fiction; has novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress(IFS 1965-66 DEC-APR; 1966; N-1966 HUG, NEB; W-1967 HUG), which is about a revolution among Moon-colonists, with many historical parallels with the U.S. Revolutionary War(Clute)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Nothing  sces  space; vacuum of space, interstellar dust; see addendum p.103 in F&SF 1968 AUG, where an astrophysicist deduces from x-ray intensities that there is 100X as much mass in intergalactic space as there is within galaxies, a conclusion Asimov made in 1959 MAR
   Bradbury, Ray  Shoreline at Sunset, The  ss  to be pub. in his forthcoming colls.The Silver Locusts(1951), A Medicine for Melancholy(1959); has fixup novel Dandelion Wine(var. mags. 1946-57; 1957); story "The Night"(WRT 1946 JUL) was based on a night that his family feared his brother had died
   Henderson, Zenna  Jordan  nv  6th story The People series, chrono. story #11; has fixup novel of this series, Pilgrimage: The Book of the People(1961); TV movie The People based on this book aired JAN 22, 1972, starring Kim Darby as Melodye Amerson & William Shatner as Dr. Curtis
   Fast, Howard  Of Time and Cats  ss  (1914- ) 1st story in his moralistic tales series; 1st story pub. sf "Wrath of the Purple" in AMZ 1932 OCT; best known for his numerous historical novels under his own name, & detective novels & thrillers as by E.V. Cunningham
   Budrys, Algis  Distant Sound of Engines, The  ss  1st story pub. sf "The High Purpose," ASF 1952 NOV; 1st novel False Night(GAL 1954 MAR, "Ironclad"; exp. 1954; rev. vt Some Will Not Die, 1961, 1978), which he discusses in his br, F&SF 1990 JUN; novel Who?(FUN 1955 APR; exp. 1958; N-1959 HUG; 1974 movie)
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Sportsman's Difficulty  pm 
   Davidson, Avram  Certifcate, The  ss 
   Palmer, Stuart  Three-Dimensional Valentine  ss  author of reporter Howie Rook mystery novels Unhappy Hooligan(1956), & Rook Takes Knight(1969)
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XII  vi  10th story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Anderson, Poul  Sky People, The  nv  1st story Sky People series, has sequel in F&SF 1962 JAN; has colls. The Queen of Air and Darkness and Other Stories(1973, title story in F&SF 1971 APR), The Many Worlds of Poul Anderson(1974; N-1975 LOC; vt The Book of Poul Anderson, 1975)
   Bester, Alfred  Will You Wait?  ss  works for Holiday Magazine as feature writer, later becoming senior literary editor; edited anth. The Science Fiction Novel: Imagination and Social Criticism (1959); Bester W-1987 NEB, Grandmaster Award
1959 APR  Keyes, Daniel  Flowers for Algernon  nv  (1927- ) W-1960 HUG, short story; 1966 exp. into a novel, W-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG(br 1966 JUN); basis of movie Charly(1968); born in Brooklyn, BA from Brooklyn College, 1950; 1st story pub. "Precedent" in MSF 1952 MAY; assoc. ed. at MSF 1951-52
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Life's Bottleneck  sces  elements in living tissue, and the ocean; the importance of phosphorus
   Chekhov, Anton  Flying Islands, The  spf  (1860-1904) a parody, written as if by Jules Verne; 1st pub. in Russian magazine Budilnik, in 1883; trans. by Frances H. Jones; Anton Pavlovich Chekhov; has colls. in English, Selected Stories(1951), The Short Stories of Anton Chekhov(1973)
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Amulet, The  ss  other novels in Dorsai series, The Tactics of Mistake(1971), The Final Encyclopedia(1984), The Chantry Guild(1988), Young Bleys(1991), Other(1994), & colls. Three to Dorsai!(1975), The Spirit of Dorsai(1979), Lost Dorsai(1980; title story W-1981 HUG, ss)
   McCaffrey, Anne  Lady in the Tower, The  ss  (1926- ) 1st story about a telepathic people called the Rowan, has a sequel in F&SF 1969 JAN; born in Cambridge, MA; 1st story pub. "Freedom of the Race" in SFP 1953 OCT; has BA in Slavonic languages & Literature from Radcliffe College, in 1957
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XIII  vi  11th story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Asimov, Isaac  Unto the Fourth Generation  ss  has pub. a large number of nf books incl. The Intelligent Man's Guide to Science(1960; rev. 1965), Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science & Technology(1964; rev. 1972, 1982); his science essay colls. are listed in the comments on his essays
   Huxley, Aldous  Chemical Persuasion  ar  (1894-1963) 1st pub. in his collection of essays, Brave New World Revisited (1958); U.K. writer, lived in the U.S. from 1937 on; has novels Brave New World(1932), Point Counter Point(1928), After Many a Summer Dies the Swan(1939), Ape and Essence(1948)
   Anderson, Poul  Martian Crown Jewels, The  ss  1st pub. in EQMM 1958 FEB; has award winning short story "The Longest Voyage" in ANA 1960 DEC(W-1961 HUG), novelettes "The Sharing of Flesh" in GAL 1968 DEC(W-1969 HUG; N-1968 NEB), "Hunter's Moon" in ANA 1978 NOV(W-1979 HUG; N-1979 LOC)
   Roberts, Jane  Nightmare  vi  Roberts, a psychic, began in the 1960s to channel the thoughts of a personality known as Seth; has 1st psychic book How to Develop Your ESP Powers(1966; vt The Coming of Seth, 1976); see "How It All Began" at
   Knight, Damon  Books: Half Loaves  br  Edmund Cooper: Tomorrow's Gift; Murray Leinster: The Monster from World's End; Knight is considered the 1st outstanding book reviewer in sf(Clute); for his reviews he also won a retrospective 1975 Pilgrim Award from the Science Fiction Research Assoc.

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