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1959 AUG  Reed, Kit  Empty Nest  ss 
   Schenck, Hilbert Jr  Me  pm  has pub. nf that deals with the ocean & with oceanological research & exploration technologies, e.g., Underwater Photography(1954), Skin Diver's and Spearfisherman's Guide to American Waters(1955), Fundamentals of Thermodynamics(1962)
   Asimov, Isaac  Obituary  ss  has coll. Opus 100(1969), his one-hundreth book, containing excerpts from stories, novels, nf books & articles of his from 1940-68; Opus 200(1979), two-hundreth book, excerpts 1969-78; Opus 300(1984), three-hundreth book, excerpts 1979-83
   Sanders, Winston P.  Pact  ss  (1926-2001) ps. for Poul Anderson
1959 SEP  Pangborn, Edgar  Red Hills of Summer, The  nv  (1909-1976) 1st story pub. novel A-100: A Mystery Story(1930, as by Bruce Harrison), 1st story pub. sf "Angel's Egg" in GAL 1951 JUN; has 1st sf novel West of the Sun(1953), novel A Mirror for Observers(1954; W-1955 IFA)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Varieties of the Infinite  sces  numbers; transfinite numbers
   Powell, Sonny  Black Nebulea, The (Quintet: I)  vi  (1913-1987) 1 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, ps. for Alfred Bester
   Cunnington, John  Up, Down, and Sideways (Quintet: II)  vi  (1948?- ) 2 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, by a 10-year old
   Pettis, Nina  Witch's Charm (Quintet: III)  pm  (1948?- ) 3 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, by an 11-year old
   Watson, Billy  Man Who Told Lies, The (Quintet: IV)  vi  4 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, ps. for Theodore Sturgeon
   Austin, Mary  Night Thought (Quintet: V)  pm  5 of 5 vignettes: at least 1 written by a famous author, 1 by a 12 year old; answers 1959 OCT; this one, ps. for Jane Rice
   Arthur, Robert  Devil's Garden, The  ss  1st pub. in ARG, 1 MAR 1941, 6th story from his Murchison Morks series; Arthur's mag. he edited, The Mysterious Traveler(1951-52) also pub. some of his stories under ps. Andrew Fell, Anthony Morton, Jay Norman, John West, & Mark Williams
   McClintic, Winona  To Give Them Beauty for Ashes  pm 
   Stanton, Will  Who Is Going to Cut the Barber's Hair?  ss 
   Russ, Joanna  Nor Custom Stale  ss  (1937- ) her 1st pub. story; born & raised in the Bronx, has a BA in English from Cornell Univ., presently a 2nd-year student at the Yale Univ. School of Drama(where she received an MFA degree)
   Schenck, Hilbert Jr  Snip, Snip  pm  has edited textbook, Introduction to Ocean Engineering(1975)
   Graves, Robert  Interview With a Dead Man  vi  1st pub. in 1950; has novel Watch the North Wind Rise(1949)
   Aarons, Edward S.  Makers of Destiny, The  nv  has 1st mys. novel Death in a Lighthouse(1938, as Edward Ronns); also as Ronns, Terror in the Town(1947), The Catspaw Ordeal(1950), No Place to Live(1950), Escape to Love(1952), Death Is My Shadow(1957); as Paul Ayres, Dead Heat(1950)
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XVIII  vi  16th story in F&SF in Feghoot series
   Bonnet, Leslie  Game With a Goddess  ss  1st pub. in Argosy U.K.) 1958 MAY; has pub. many short stories in the U.K.'s version of Argosy betw. 1958-1964; has edited book Chinese Folk and Fairy Tales(1958, 1963); has children'sbook with Ed Young: The Terrible Nung Gwama: A Chinese Folktale(1978)
1959 OCT  Sturgeon, Theodore  Man Who Lost the Sea, The  ss  N-1960 HUG, short fiction; has novelization of 1961 movie, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea(1961); has colls. ... And My Fear Is Great/Baby Is Three(1965), Starshine(1966); an Ellery Queen detection The Player on the Other Side(1963) as by E.Q.
   Mills, Robert P.  Authors of Last Month's "Quintet"  note  announcing the 5 authors who wrote the 5 vignettes in F&SF 1959 SEP's "Quintet"
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Height of Up, The  sces  temperatures; extremes of temperature, different temperature scales - see addendum p.95 in 1960 FEB, about "bloopers"
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XIX  vi  17th story in F&SF in Feghoot series; any Feghoot idea sent in by a reader, which is then published, will be given proper credit & a year's subscription to F&SF; with thanks to Charles G. Leedham
   Henderson, Zenna  And a Little Child …  ss 
   Knight, Damon  To Be Continued  ss  has anth. The Dark Side(1965), The Shape of Things(1965), Cities of Wonder(1966), Nebula Award Stories 1965(1966), Science Fiction Inventions(1967), Worlds to Come(1967); edited the famous Orbit 1-21 anth.(1966-80), which was N for several Locus Awards
   Finney, Charles G.  Gilashrikes, The  ss  3rd story Manacle, Arizona series; stories coll. in The Ghosts of Manacle(1964); Ray Bradbury edited The Circus of Dr. Lao and Other Improbable Stories(1956), based on Finney's 1st novel
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Guided Tour  pm  has omnibus The Dorsai Companion(1986); coll. Mutants: A Science Fiction Adventure(1970), the stories linked thematically; colls. Danger – Human(1970; vt The Book of Gordon R. Dickson, 1973), The Star Road(1973; N-1974 LOC), Ancient, My Enemy(1974)
   Anderson, Poul  Operation Incubus  ss  3rd story Afreet series; has coll. Homeward Bound(1975); novel The Winter of the World(1975), about the Earth in a future ice age; edited anth. A World Named Cleopatra(1977), a shared-world anth. built around his title story & concept(Clute)
   Davis, Hassoldt  Pleasant Woman, Eve, The  ss  (1907-1959) explorer, captain in the French Foreign Legion; has travel books Land of the Eye(1940), Sorcerer's Village(1955), World Without a Roof(1957); ar's "Resurrection in Djibouti" in PST 1943 SEP 4, & "The Case of the Happy Hippo" in ARG 1956 MAR
   Bester, Alfred  Pi Man, The  ss  N-1960 HUG, short fiction; also in F&SF under ps. Billy Watson
   Coupling, J.J.  In 2063 She Ceased to Be  pm  see his obit, with an appreciation by Arthur C. Clarke, in LOC 2002 MAY(#496), & in SFC 2002 JUL(#226)
   Davidson, Avram  Dagon  ss  this story, and his short story "The Dragon Skin Drum" in The Kenyon Review, 1961 JAN, draw upon his wartime experiences in China for their exotic setting
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Starship Soldier  no-1/2  interstellar war, during which a young man becomes an adult, a pacifist becomes a professional soldier(Clute); exp. version W-1960 HUG, best novel(titled Starship Troopers; rvw. F&SF 1960 FEB); made into 1997 movie, Starship Troopers, rvw. F&SF 1998 APR
1959 NOV  Fast, Howard  Martian Shop, The  nv  3rd story moralistic tales series; member of the Communist Party from 1943-1956, he was imprisoned for contempt of Congress in 1947
   Edmondson, G.C.  From Caribou to Carry Nation  ss  2nd story in his Mad Friend series
   Worthington, Will  Plenitude  ss  ps. for William W. Mohler; lives in Washington, D.C.; 1st story pub. sf under this ps. is "A Desert Incident" in FAN 1959 JUN; also has stories as Will Mohler in F&SF 1963 MAR, & GAL 1963 DEC
   Verne, Jules  Frritt-Flacc  ss  1st pub. in Le Figaro Illustre, 1884 DEC; trans. from the French by I.O. Evans, editor of Jules Verne: Master of S.F.(1957); Extraordinary Voyages ser. incl. Journey to the Centre of the Earth(1863; trans. 1872 UK; 1959 movie); see the many Verne websites
   Miller, Wade  I Know a Good Hand Trick  ss  (1920- ; 1920-1961) collab. ps. for Robert (Bob) Wade & William (Bill) Miller; top collab. in the mystery field(DeAndrea); met in junior high in San Diego, has 1st crime novel Deadly Weapon(1946); Guilty Bystander(1947) began P.I. Max Thursday series
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Starship Soldier  no-2/2  has novels I Will Fear No Evil(1970); Lazarus Long/Future History seq. novels, Time Enough for Love, or the Lives of Lazarus Long(1973), The Number of the Beast(1980), The Cat Who Walks Through Walls(1985), & To Sail Beyond the Sunset(1987)
   Brode, Anthony  Ballad of Outer Space  pm 
   Knight, Damon  Books: Without Hokum  br  Judith Merril(ed): SF, The Year's Greatest S.-F. and Fantasy; Algis Budrys: The Falling Torch; Donald H. Tuck: Handbook of S.F. and F., 2nd ed.; George O. Smith: The Fourth "R"; Arch Oboler: The Night of the Auk
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: C for Celeritas  sces  speed of light, & Einstein's equation e=mc²
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XX  vi  18th story in F&SF in Feghoot series; with thanks to Victor J. Papanek
   Blish, James  Masks, The  ss  1st pub. in his college(Rutgers) fraternity magazine in 1959; has novels The Duplicated Man(DSF 1953 AUG; 1959) with Robert A.W. Lowndes(as Michael Sherman), Titan's Daughter(1961), The Night Shapes(1962), A Torrent of Faces(1967 fixup)
   Collier, John  After the Ball  ss  1st pub. in Lovat Dickson's Magazine, 1933 NOV; has coll. Fancies and Goodnights(1951), W-1952 IFA; has coll. Pictures in the Fire(1958); has story made into 1960 The Twilight Zone ep. "The Chaser" - a man uses a love potion to win his dream girl
1959 DEC  Mills, Robert P.  In This Issue …  note  Mel Hunter's 3rd robot, or the last man, series of cover paintings; Beaumont's new column; winner 1959 JUL time machine idea contest(#1264)
   Clifton, Mark  What Now, Little Man?  nv  has novel from Bossy series, They'd Rather Be Right(1957, 1982; vt The Forever Machine, 1958), W-1955 HUG; has novel Eight Keys to Eden(1960), coll. The Science Fiction of Mark Clifton(1980, ed by Barry N. Malzberg)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Thin Air  sces  atmosphere; history of discovery about the atmosphere, from discoveries of air pressure to those of the layers of the atmosphere
   Neyroud, Gerard E.  Terra-Venusian War of 1979, The  ss  retired English newspaperman

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