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1963 JUL  Davidson, Avram  Introduction to Robert A. Heinlein's "Glory Road"  in 
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Glory Road  no-1/3  veteran soldier Oscar Gordon, his lady Star, his squire Rufo, & their sword and sorcery adventures facing the dangers of the Never-Born in their quest for the Egg of the Phoenix; Heinlein lives in Colorado Springs; Heinlein W-1974 NEB, Grandmaster Award
   Leiber, Fritz  Success  vi  has short story "The Death of Princes" in AMZ 1976 JUN, N-1977 LOC; novelettes "Dark Wings," in Ramsey Campbell(ed): Superhorror(1976), N-1977 WFA; "A Rite of Spring," in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 7(1977), N-1977 NEB; 1978 LOC
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Respondents, The  pm 
   Smith, Kenneth  With These Hands  ss  freshman at the Univ. of Texas, a staff cartoonist for the weekly Texas Observer (Austin)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Isaac Winners, The  sces  scientists; Asimov's Portable Treasury of the World's Best Scientists, a gazette of the architects of physical knowledge. Of 72 scientists listed, which, in Asimov's opinion, are the 10 greatest scientists? Answers, p.128; see addendum p.113 in 1964 JAN
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Ray Bradbury: Something Wicked This Way Comes; John W. Campbell(ed): Analog 1; Sebastian Brant: The Ship of Fools; Clifford D. Simak: The Solar System, Our New Front Yard; John C. Lilly: Man and Dolphin; D.R. Bensen(ed): The Unknown; & 4 others, 3 nf's
   Stanton, Will  As Long As You're Here  ss  has book The Old Familiar Booby Traps of Home(1977)
   Goulart, Ron  McNamara's Fish  ss  4th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series
1963 AUG  Davidson, Avram  Introduction to Ray Nelson's "Turn Off the Sky"  in 
   Nelson, Ray  Turn Off the Sky  nv  (1931- ) his 1st pub. story, see info in br in 1983 AUG; wn. for Radell Faraday Nelson; from NY, lives in El Cerrito, CA; liberal arts B.A., Univ. of Chicago; was an artist, invented the propeller beanie - in fan cartooning, the symbol of the sf fan
   Demmon, Calvin W.  Fred  vi  attends Oakland(CA) City College
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LXIV  vi  61st story in F&SF in Feghoot series; with thanks to Romina Grobis
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: T-Formation  sces  numbers; T-numbers, T standing for a trillion, very large numbers & primes; see addendum p.112 in 1964 JAN, which discusses further Fibonacci numbers & Mersenne primes
   Reis, R.H. & Kathleen P.  Ubi Sunt?  pm  (1930- ; ? - ? ) Richard Herbert Reis, has book George MacDonald's Fiction: A Twentieth-Century View(1989)
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Glory Road  no-2/3  has novels Friday(1982), & Job: A Comedy of Justice(1984); see info on Heinlein in Knight: In Search of Wonder(1956; rev. 1967), Moskowitz: Seekers of Tomorrow(1966), Panshin: Heinlein in Dimension(1968), Pohl(ed): The SFWA Grand Masters Vol. 1(1999)
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Patrick Moore & Francis Jackson: Life in the Universe; Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Moon Men, The Monster Men, & A Fighting Man of Mars; Walter Tevis: The Man Who Fell to Earth; E.J. Slijper: Whales; Cordwainer Smith: You Will Never Be the Same
   Caravan, TP  Censors, The: Sad Allegory, A  vi  see F&SF 1963 NOV, p.128: a reader writes, this story was pub. with the same byline in OWS 1956 FEB as "The Immortality of Professor Bickerstaffe"; Caravan replies OWS editor didn't buy earlier version of story, but had pub. it without his knowledge
   Robbins, Paul Jay  Sweets to the Sweet  ss  has iv's w. Bob Dylan in In-Beat Magazine 1965 MAY(repub. in Stephen Pickering: Bob Dylan Approximately, 1975; & in the 3 CD set The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2, 1996), & in L.A. Free Press 1965 SEP 10, 17 & 24(& at
   Davidson, Avram  Letters  lttr  Fritz Jeter(& reply from James Blish); Ross Wright; Alan Simonds; Rick Sneary; E. Gary Gygax; Mrs. John L. Lorenz; Fred Burgess; R.D. Coleman; G.S. Hamilton
1963 SEP  Russ, Joanna  There Is Another Shore, You Know, Upon the Other Side  ss  has 1st novel Picnic on Paradise(N-1968 NEB), makes up the biggest part of her coll. Alyx(1976; N-1977 LOC; vt The Adventures of Alyx, 1985 UK), a ser. of tales about a time traveling female mercenary, has changed way women are portrayed in sf(Clute)
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LXV  vi  62nd story in F&SF in Feghoot series; with thanks to E. Nelson Bridwell
   Heinlein, Robert A.  Glory Road  no-3/3  an expanded version to be pub. in the fall(1963); book on Heinlein by Norma Bailey Downing: "A Robert A. Heinlein Cyclopedia: A Guide to the Persons, Places, and Things in the Fiction of America's Most Popular Science Fiction Author"(1992)
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Kurt Vonnegut Jr: Cat's Cradle; M.A. Murray: The Witch-Cult in Western Europe; Ignatius Donnelly: Atlantis, the Antediluvian World; Im Bang & Yi Ryuk: Korean Folk Tales
   Moore, Ward  Books  br  Philip Wylie: Triumph
   Franke, Herbert W.  Man Who Feared Robots, The  vi  (1927- ) 1st pub. in his coll. The Green Comet(1960); trans. from the German by Charlotte Franke-Winheller & Paul Ritchie; H.W.F. is an Austrian scientist & writer; taught cybernetic aesthetics at Univ. of Munich; has coll. Einstein's Heirs(1972)
   Sharkey, Jack  Collector's Item  ss  has sf novels The Secret Martians(1960), Ultimatum in 2050 A.D.(AMZ 1963 JUN-JUL, as "The Programmed People"; 1965); has Jerry Norcriss series(GAL, WOT, & IFS in 1961-70); active as a playwright after 1965
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Who's Out There?  sces  extraterrestial life possibilities; see update essays, "Fifty Million Big Brothers" & "Where Is Everybody?" in 1978 NOV & DEC
   Bankier, William  Unholy Hybrid  ss  his 6th pub. story; dozens of his stories have been published in EQMM & AHMM; short story "The Choirboy" in AHMM 1981 JAN, was N-1982 EDG; has coll. Fear Is a Killer(1995)
   Kerr, Walter H.  Attrition  pm 
   Leiber, Fritz  237 Talking Statues, Etc.  ss  has novelettes "Black Glass" in Peter Weston(ed): Andromeda 3(1978), N-1979 LOC; "The Button Molder" in Whispers 1979 OCT, W-1980 BFA; N-1980 BRG, LOC, WFA; see article "The Button Molder: A Jamesian Story?" in G&S #22 1996
1963 OCT  Matheson, Richard  Girl of My Dreams  ss  see book by Mark Rathbun & Graeme Flanagan: Richard Matheson: He Is Legend: An Illustrated Bio-Bibliography(1984); has partial writing credits to TV documentary The Dreamer of Oz(1990), a bio of L. Frank Baum; W-1984 WFA & 1991 STO, Lifetime Achievement
   MacLeish, Archibald  Epistle to Be Left in the Earth  pm  (1892-1982) 1st pub. in Collected Poems 1917-1952(1952); U.S. poet, dramatist; has narrative poems The Pot of Earth(1925), The Hamlet of A. MacLeish(1928), plays Nobodaddy(1926), The Fall of the City(1937), J.B.(1958; W-Pulitzer), Herakles(1967)
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  E.R. Eddison: The Worm Ouroboros; L. Sprague de Camp: A Gun for Dinosaur; 'by the Astronauts themselves': We Seven; Anthony Burgess: A Clockwork Orange; Arthur C. Clarke: Tales of Ten Worlds
   Clarke, Arthur C.  Books  br  the cultural impact of sf; about Clarke himself, see anth. Arthur C. Clarke(1977, ed by Olander & Greenberg), Astounding Days: A Science Fictional Autobiography(1989), & The Odyssey of Arthur C. Clarke: An Authorized Biography(1992, by Neil McAleer)
   Henderson, Zenna  Introduction to Zenna Henderson's "Deluge"  in  this story in "The People series was written to tell ... what happened to the Home ... where the story of The People began," "the names of the stories, and the quotations ... in them, follow closely the wandering of the Children of Israel from the Flood"
   Henderson, Zenna  Deluge  nv  9th story The People series, chrono. story #1
   Nichols, Jeannette  Light and the Sadness, The  pm  (1931- ) in gratitude to Zenna Henderson for The People
   Davidson, Avram  Faed-Out  ss  has 1st solo novel Mutiny in Space(exp. of novella "Valentine's Planet" in WOT 1964 AUG; 1964), a space opera novel
   de Camp, L. Sprague  How to Plan a Fauna  ar  terrestial & extra-terrestial animal life, rules to follow when creating a fictional world's fauna; has novels with Fletcher Pratt, The Land of Unreason(UNK 1941 OCT; 1942), The Carnelian Cube(1948), & ser. coll. Tales from Gavagan's Bar (1953; exp.1978)
   Hubbard, P.M.  Special Consent  ss  has mystery/suspense novels The Causeway(1976), The Quiet River(1978)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star  sces  stars; white dwarfs
   Bester, Alfred  They Don't Make Life Like They Used To  nv  has novels Golem-100(ANA 1974 JUN as short story "The Four-Hour Fugue"; N-1975 HUG, LOC; exp. 1980), regarded by Bester as his best novel, a tale of the jungle of NYC in 2175 A.D.(Clute); The Deceivers(1981); has interview in AMZ 1976 JUN
   Brown, Fredric  Toward a Definition of Science Fiction  ged  "Science Fiction is the frontier of the mind and the imagination of the human race"; also in F&SF with co-author Carl Onspaugh; has "Detective Pulps" colls. Sex Life on the Planet Mars(1986), Brother Monster(1987), Nightmare in Darkness(1987), & 8 more
1963 NOV  Zelazny, Roger  Rose for Ecclesiastes, A  nv  (1937-1995) N-1964 HUG, short fiction; born in Cleveland, OH; has BA in English; MA from Columbia Univ. in 1962; a claims examiner for the Social Security Administration from 1962-69; 1st story pub. sf "Passion Play" in AMZ 1962 AUG
   Winsor, Philip  Mama  vi  (1938- ) Harvard grad., MA from Columbia Univ., a college textbook editor
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Welcome, Stranger!  sces  elements, gases; the 20 gases, from helium to chlorine fluoride
   Biggle, Lloyd Jr  Wings of Song  ss  (1923-2002) born in Iowa, WWII veteran, has an AB in English, MM in Music Literature, & PhD in Musicology from Univ. of Michigan; his stories frequently have music themes, incl. his 1st story pub. sf "Gypped" in GAL 1956 JUL; see his obit in LOC 2002 OCT
   Dorman, S.  Winged Victory  ss  (1924- ) Sonya Dorman, and also in F&SF as such; lives on Long Island & breeds Labradors & Akitas; 1st story pub. sf "The Putnam Tradition" in AMZ 1963 JAN
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  A.E. van Vogt: The Beast; Henry C. Roberts: The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus; Jess Stearn: The Door to the Future; Mary Savage: A Likeness to Voices; William Rose(ed): The Historie of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus; etc

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