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1964 JAN  Reynolds, Mack  Pacifist  ss  has novel Star Trek: Mission to Horatius(1968); Looking Backward, from the Year 2000(1973), After Utopia(1977); Rolltown series, Commune 2000 AD(1975), The Towers of Utopia(1975), Rolltown(na "The Towns Must Roll" in IFS 1969 JUL-SEP; exp. 1976)
   Zhuraleva, Valentina  Starlight Rhapsody  ss  (1933- ) listed incorrectly in issue as by Zhuraleva Valentina; trans. into English by Donald J. Harlow(1st pub. in Russia, & in Swedish mag. Norda Prismo); Zhuraleva's an engineer & sf writer; has coll. w. Genrikh Altov, Ballad of the Stars(trans. 1982)
   Brown, Wenzell  Follower, The  ss  (1912-1981) born in Portland, ME; writer mostly of mysteries, has W-1958 EDG for his book, Women Who Died in the Chair; his most notable sf story "Murderer's Chain" in FUN 1960 MAR; has one sf novel Possess and Conquer(1975)
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Kingsley Amis & Robert Conquest(ed): Spectrum II; R.C. Sherriff: The Hopkins Manuscript; Sam Moskowitz: Explorers of the Infinite; Jules Verne: Dr. Ox's Experiment
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Books  br  Jack London: The Star Rover; has Darkover sequence, "set on the fringes of an Earth-dominated galactic empire"(Clute), incl. novels The Sword of Aldones(1962), The Planet Savers(AMZ 1958 NOV; 1962), The Bloody Sun(1964), Star of Danger(1965)
   Leiber, Fritz  Books  br  H.P. Lovecraft: The Dunwich Horror and Others
   Knight, Damon  Tree of Time, The  no-2/2  has anth. The Metal Smile(1968), One Hundred Years of Science Fiction(1968), Toward Infinity(1968), Dimension X(1970), A Pocketful of Stars(1970), First Contact(1971), Perchance to Dream(1972), Science Fiction Argosy(1972), Tomorrow and Tomorrow(1973)
   Davidson, Avram  Introduction to Allen Kim Lang's "Thaw and Serve"  in 
   Lang, Allen Kim  Thaw and Serve  ss  has novel Wild and Outside(1966), in which a U.S. baseball shortstop is sent to subdue a planet of alien musclemen(Clute)
   Clark, Curt  Nackles  ss  (1933- ) ps. for Donald E. Westlake, & in F&SF as such with author Larry M. Harris; W-1967 EDG for novel, God Save the Mark(1967); has sf novel Anarchaos(1967) as by Curt Clark; coll. The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution and Other Fictions(1968)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Round and Round and ...  sces  planets; sidereal days of planets & their satellites; addendums to "The Isaac Winners"(1963 JUL) on p.112 corrects one error & lists other scientists readers have nominated, & "T-Formation"(1963 AUG) on p.113 about Fibonacci numbers & Mersenne primes
   Wellen, Edward  Book of Elijah, The  ss  some of Wellen's Galactic Origin spoofs pub. in GAL were reprinted in Martin Greenberg(ed): All About the Future(1955)
   Briarton, Grendel  Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: LXVIII  vi  65th story in F&SF in Feghoot series; with thanks to Simon Kahn
   Lory, Robert  Appointment at Ten O'Clock  ss  (1936- ) Robert Edward Lory, a public relations writer, from upstate NY, this is his 2nd story pub. sf or f; 1st story pub. sf "Rundown" in IFS 1963 MAY; has coll. A Harvest of Hoodwinks(1970)
1964 FEB  Davidson, Avram  Editorial  br  "moments when the Conquest" of the conquistadores " seems never to have taken place"
   Davidson, Avram  Introduction to S.S. Johnson's "The House by the Crab Apple Tree"  in 
   Johnson, S.S.  House by the Crab Apple Tree, The  nv  (1940- ) working name for Simon Sigvart Johnson; 1st sale was a drawing at age 8; started selling sports stories at age 14 to the Hartford Courant; grad. from Colorado State Univ. majoring in technical journalism
   Hubbard, P.M.  Shepherd of Esdon Pen, The  ss  has mystery/suspense novel Kill Claudio(1979)
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Our Fuzzy Moon  ar  possible geometry of the moon's surface - "in preparation for the possibility of man going to the there within ten years" - a fungral lunar reef?; also in F&SF in this column as Ted Thomas
   Harrison, Harry  Ms Found in a Bottle Washed Up on the Sands of Time  pm  has further novels in Deathworld series, Deathworld 2(1964), Deathworld 3(1968); novels in series Bill, the Galactic Hero(1965), ... on the Planet of the Robot Slaves(1989), ... on the Planet of Bottled Brains(1990) with Robert Sheckley, etc
   Goulart, Ron  Nobody Starves  ss  has used many ps. from the mid-1970s thru the 80s, incl. Chad Calhoun, R.T. Edwards, Josephine Kains, Jillian Kearny, Con Steffanson, Howard Lee, Zeke Masters, Frank S. Shawn, & Joseph Silva, & house ps. Kenneth Robeson, etc
   McLaughlin, Dean  One Hundred Days From Home  ss  amateur astronomer, the son of a well-known astronomer; has novels The Fury from Earth(1963); The Man Who Wanted Stars(1965 fixup), which depicts a man's long, driven quest to force & trick Earth governments into attaining interstellar space flight(Clute)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Slowly Moving Finger, The  sces  aging, life spans of animals; has 3rd coll. of F&SF science essays Adding a Dimension(1964)
   Smith, Evelyn E.  Little Gregory  nv  has sf novel The Copy Shop(1985), in which aliens land in NYC, and go unnoticed
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Graham Greene: A Sense of Reality; T.E. Dikty(ed): Five Tales from Tomorrow; R.E.L. Masters: Eros and Evil; Frank B. Drake: Intelligent Life in Space; Dion Fortune: The Secrets of Dr. Taverner; David Ely: Seconds; Wellman: Who Fears the Devil; etc
   Breen, Walter  Books  br  (1930-1993) C.G. Jung & C. Kerényi: Essays on a Science of Mythology
   Denton, Kit  Burning Spear  ss  (1928-1997) from Cremorne, New South Wales; has books A Walk Around My Cluttered Mind(1968), The Breaker: The Novel Behind Breaker Morant(1981; on 1979 movie), Gallipoli Illustrated(1981; 1981 movie), Gallipoli, One Long Grave(1986); obit LOC 1997 JUL
   Janifer, Laurence M.  Bag, The  vi  (1933-2002 ) ps. for Larry Marks Harris(& in F&SF as such), reverted in 1963 to his old family name; has novel Slave Planet(1963); also in F&SF w. authors Michael Kurland, S.J. Treibich, Michael Goldberg; Janifer Knave ser. incl. novel Survivor(1977), etc
   Tucker, Wilson  Fan, The: Myth and Reality  ar  1st article of three in ser. about the current sf fan scene, this one on fandom organization; has novels The Year of the Quiet Sun(1970; W-1976 JWC), Resurrection Days(1981); see interviews in Walker(ed): Speaking of Science Fiction(1978), & AMZ 1980 MAY
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming  ss  Mrs. Richard Buck, lives in Washington, DC
   Davidson, Avram  Letters  lttr  Thomas P. Leonard; James Wade; Mrs. Virginia M. Allen; David Charles Paskow; Willy Ley
1964 MAR  Davidson, Avram  Introduction to Kit Reed's "Automatic Tiger"  in  has 2 novels as by Ellery Queen, And on the Eighth Day(1964), & The Fourth Side of the Triangle(1965), both written from outlines prepared by Frederick Dannay, & the manuscripts revised by Dannay & Manfred Lee(Wessells)
   Reed, Kit  Automatic Tiger  ss  has 2nd novel At War As Children(1964), that captures the feel of the generation that grew up during & after WWII
   Ferman, Edward L. & Avram Davidson  Introduction to Avram Davidson's "Sacheverell"  in  (1937- ; 1923-1993)
   Davidson, Avram  Sacheverell  ss  edited The Best of Fantasy and Science Fiction, 12th Series(1963), 13th Series(1964), 14th Series(1965)
   Sharkey, Jack  Survival of the Fittest  ss  has two crime novels Murder, Maestro, Please(1960), & Death for Auld Lang Syne(1962); he had many mystery stories in the magazine Manhunt
   Bridge, Jean  Prodigals, The  pm 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Forget It!  sces  measurements; old measurement systems
   Wilde, Oscar  Lord Arthur Savile's Crime  nv  (1854-1900) 1st pub. in Court and Society Review, 1887 MAY & in coll. of same name(1891); Anglo-Irish writer; has poetry Poems(1881), The Sphinx(1894), The Canterville Ghost(1887); wrote plays 1891-5; most famous story The Picture of Dorian Gray(1891)
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Pure Water From Salt  ar  desalination methods; has two novels with Kate Wilhelm, The Clone(FAN 1959 DEC as by himself; exp. 1965; N-1965 NEB), which was Wilhelm's 1st novel, & The Year of the Cloud(1970)
   Harrison, Harry  Incident in the IND  ss  an INDependent subway station in Queens, NY; has coll. War with the Robots(1962); novels Plague from Space(1965), Planet of the Damned(1962) & its sequel Planet of No Return(1981), Vendetta for the Saint(1964) as by Leslie Charteris
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Simak: Way Station; Stephen Grendon: Mr. George and Other Odd Persons; M.P. Shiel: The Purple Cloud; Derleth: When Evil Wakes; Rene Thevenin: Animal Migration; Fred Hoyle & Geoffrey Hoyle: Fifth Planet; J.R.R. Tolkien: The Adventures of Tom Bombadil; etc
   McIntosh, J.T.  Humanoid Sacrifice  nv  has novels The Cosmic Spies(1972), The Space Sorcerers(1972; vt The Suiciders, 1973 US), Galactic Takeover Bid(1973)
   Renner, Jeffrey  Shortest Science Fiction Love Story Ever Written, The  vi 
   Bloch, Robert  Conventional Approach, The  ar  2nd article of three in a series about the current sf fan scene, this one on sf conventions, a phenomenon of sf fandom; has colls. The Skull of the Marquis de Sade(1965; title story made into 1965 movie, The Skull), Tales in a Jugular Vein(1965)
   Ballard, J.G.  Lost Leonardo, The  ss  "The Voices of Time" in NWS 1960 OCT, is "his most important early story, an apocalyptic view of a terrible new evolution (or devolution) faced by the human race"(Clute); has 1st novel The Wind from Nowhere("Storm-Wind" in NWS 1961 SEP-OCT; exp. 1962)
1964 APR  Ransom, James  Fred One  ss  (1922- ) from Cleveland, editor at a medical publishing firm; AB in English & in 1952 a PhD in English Philogy from Stanford Univ.; has written fiction for ESQ, PBY, and for TV
   Wilson, Gahan  Beware of the Dog  vi  (1930- ) 1st story in Moral vignettes series; "Moral: Beware the mighty dog"; cartoonist, illustrator & writer; born in Evanston, IL, his 1st artwork appearing in AMZ, in 1954
   Traven, B.  Sun Creation  ss  (1882-1969) ps. for Otto Feige, Mexico's most famous writer, of German-American stock; author of Treasue of the Sierra Madre(1935; made into 1948 movie, with Humphrey Bogart), Death Ship(1962), Bridge in the Jungle, March to Caobaland
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Piece of the Action, A  sces  physics; modern & classical physics, Planck's constant

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