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1964 APR  Bagley, Simon  Welcome, Comrade  nv  (1923- ) born in Kendal, Westmoreland, England; a freelance technical-scientific journalist in Johannesburg, South Africa
   Sellers, J.P.  Urgent Message for Mr. Prosser  ss 
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Van Allen Belts  ar  Van Allen radiation belts; has short story "The Doctor," in Knight(ed): Orbit 2(1967), N-1967 NEB
   Dorman, S.  Old Man Lay Down, ..., The  pm 
   Underwood, R.  Crazy Mathematician, The  ss  from Lubbock, Texas, he writes technical articles as R.S. Underwood, such as "Are We Alone in the Universe" in The Navigator(the official U.S.A.F. quarterly), & textbooks
   Carr, Terry  Fanzine Fanfaronade  ar  3rd article of three in a series about the current sf fan scene, this one on the numerous & diverse amateur sf magazines, or fanzines; Carr is one of sf's leading amateur journalists; edited The Fellowship of the Stars(1974), Creatures from Beyond(1975)
   Nourse, Alan E.  Compleat Consumators, The  ss  has colls. Tiger By the Tail(1961), The Counterfeit Man and Others(1963), Rx for Tomorrow(1971), & Psi High and Others(1967); nf books Nine Planets(1960), Intern(1965 as by Doctor X), the latter being a great success
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Willy Ley: Watchers of the Skies; Berton Roueché: Curiosities of Medicine; Gwendolen MacEwen: Julian the Magician; Tommaso Landolfi: Gogol's Wife and Other Stories; Anthony Burgess: The Wanting Seed
   Goulart, Ron  Into the Shop  ss  many of his novels written under various ps. are novelizations of comic book characters, such as The Phantom, Vampirella, Flash Gordon, Captain America, etc
   Shultz, Henry  Oreste  nv  1st pub. in 1952, by the Univ. of New Mexico; former teacher at federal Indian schools in New Mexico, now Resident Head of Coulter(graduate) House at the Univ. of Chicago; has had stories pub. in ESQ, PST, Cosmopolitan, etc
1964 MAY  Davidson, Avram  Editorial  ed  mile-long spaceships and ships gone aground
   Ballard, J.G.  Illuminated Man, The  nv  has novels The Drowned World(1962), The Burning World(1964), The Crystal World(1966 fixup), the latter a tribute to Conrad's Heart of Darkness; colls. The Voices of Time and Other Stories(1962), Billenium(1962), Passport to Eternity(1963)
   Roberts, Jane  Three Times Around  ss  see books Susan M. Watkins: Conversations with Seth, Vol. I: Story of Jane Roberts ESP Class(1980), Vol. II(1984), & Speaking of Jane Roberts: Remembering the Author of the Seth Material(2001); Roberts considered among most important 20th century psychics
   Demmon, Calvin W.  You Have to Stay Inside  vi  also in F&SF as Calvin Demmon
   Green, Robert M. Jr  No Place Like Where  ss 
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Building of a Protein, The  ar  from M.I.T. "new clues on how the living cell makes protein"
   Corson, Christopher  Invasion  pm 
   Clingerman, Mildred  Red Heart and Blue Roses, A  ss  1st pub. in her coll. A Cupful of Space(1961)
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  SEP editors: The Post Reader of Fantasy and Science Fiction; Emile Grillot de Givry: Picture Museum of Sorcery, Magic and Alchemy; H.P. Lovecraft: Collected Poems; Allan W. Eckert: The Great Auk; Robert E. Howard: The Dark Man and Others
   Jesby, Edward  Sea Wrack  nv  (1932?- ) his 1st pub. sf story; age 31, orig. from Brooklyn, an electronic technician in North Andover, MA; also in F&SF as Ed Jesby
   Lory, Robert  Mar-ti-an  vi  has Trovo series of novels The Eyes of Bolsk(1969), & Master of the Etrax(1970); has Shamryke Odell sequence novels Masters of the Lamp(1970), & The Veiled World(1972)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Ghost Lines in the Sky  sces  lattitude and longitude; has nf book, Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology(1964; rev. 1972; rev. 1982)
   Carr, Terry  Touchstone  ss  edited Planets of Wonder(1976), Infinite Arena(1977), To Follow a Star(1977), Nine S. F. Stories About Christmas(1977), Classic Science Fiction(1978), Beyond Reality(1979), Dream's Edge(1980), A Treasury of Modern Fantasy(1981 w. Martin H. Greenberg)
   Becker, Stephen  New Encyclopaedist, The: Entries for the Great Book of History, First Edition, 2100 A.D.  fa  (1927- ) 1st story New Encyclopaedist series; orig. from Yonkers, now lives in Westchester's Bedford Village; studied at Yenching Univ. near Peiping; translator of André Schwarz-Bart's The Last of the Just
   DeCles, Jon  Cantabile  ss  (1941- ) ps. for Donald Studebaker
   Davidson, Avram  Letters  lttr  James V. Harwood; Don Frederick; Mrs. Thomas G. Robles; Bill Danner; Prof. Paul von Toal; Betty Kujawa; Conrad Squires; Robert Olsen
1964 JUN  Davidson, Avram  Editorial  ed  the story of the 18th century Wizard of Mauritius
   Javor, F.A.  Triumph of Pegasus, The  nv  (1916- ) working name for Francis Anthony Jaworski; born in New Jersey, a U.S. Naval photographer in WWII; 1st story pub. sf "Patriot" in ANA 1963 AUG; has Eli Pike series of sf novels The Rim-World Legacy(1967), Scor-Sting(1990), & The Ice Beast(1990)
   Barr, Stephen  Master of Altamira, The  ss  lives in Woodstock, NY
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Campbell(ed): Analog 2; Leon Edel(ed): Ghostly Tales of Henry James; Clark Ashton Smith: The Hills of Dionysus; George S. Chappell: Through the Alimentary Canal; Margaret R. Martin: Charlestown Ghosts; Merril(ed): The 8th Annual of the Year's Best SF; etc
   Walton, Bryce  Peace Watchers, The  ss  won a 1961 award for best short story in EQMM
   Sharkey, Jack  Trade-In  ss  has novel The Addams Family(1965, TV tie-in)
   Porges, Arthur  Time-Bomb  pm  has Larson & Corman series(ANA 1963 FEB & AUG, AMZ 1963 JUL), and Ensign De Ruyter series(AMZ & FAN 1964-68)
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Medical Radiotracers  ar  using radioactive tracers in medical diagnosis
   Reed, Kit  Cynosure  ss  see story "The Perfect Portrait" in EQMM 1968 JUL
   Edmondson, G.C.  Third Bubble, The  ss  7th story in his Mad Friend ser.; has 4 books w. C.M. Kotlan, The Takeover(1984); & the Cunningham Trilogy, The Cunningham Equations(1986), The Black Magician(1986), & Maximum Effort(1987), about genetic engineering, AI's, & the Yaqui Indian culture
   Simonds, Bruce  Search, The  pm  from Los Alamitos, CA
   Wilson, Gahan  Thing From Outer Space and the Prairie Dogs, The  vi  2nd story in Moral vignettes series; "Moral: Watch out which fly you swat"; attended The Art Institute of Chicago, for four years; served in the U.S.A.F.
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Heavenly Zoo, The  sces  astrology; the zodiac
   Marsh, Willard  Forwarding Service  ss  1st pub. in 1963
   Davidson, Avram  Unknown Law, The  nv  science fictionally explores the Presidential theme; next month(story #2057) Philip K. Dick has a story of a future presidential campaign; both of these stories were written before President Kennedy's death
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 26: 1964 JAN-JUN  indx 
1964 JUL  Dick, Philip K.  Cantata 140  na  1st & only story in F&SF in Jim Briskin series(2 others, in AMZ 1963 OCT & NOV); a story of a presidential campaign of the future, in which the candidates & issues are shockingly different - written before Kennedy's death
   Young, Robert F.  Second Philadelphia Experiment, The  vi  the 1st Philadelphia Experiment, mentioned in Avram Davidson's "King's Evil" in F&SF 1956 OCT, was Ben Franklin flying a kite during a thunderstorm
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Balloon Astronomy  ar  the use of balloons in astronomy
   Wilson, Gahan  Scientist and the Monster, The  vi  3rd story in Moral vignettes series; "Moral: Many people you feel sorry for would seriously wonder why"; in 1965 APR, he begins to have a cartoon published every month in F&SF
   Lamb, Toni Heller  Happy Place, The  vi  (1944?- ) her 1st pub. story; age 20, lives in N.Y.'s Lower East Side
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Ray Bradbury: The Machineries of Joy; Frederik Pohl(ed): The Seventh Galaxy Reader; Davis Grubb: Twelve Tales of Suspense and the Supernatural
   Asimov, Isaac  Books  br  V.A. Firsoff: Life Beyond the Earth
   Lewis, C.S.  End of the Wine, The  pm  1st pub. in Punch, & in the fanzine Niekas; he died within a month of writing this poem, on November 22, 1963; has book The Case for Christianity(1943); last Narnia novels The Horse and His Boy(1954), The Magician's Nephew(1955), The Last Battle(1956)

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