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1964 JUL  Zelazny, Roger  Salvation of Faust, The  vi  has used ps. Harrison Denmark in AMZ & FAN in 1963; full time writer since 1969; has colls. Four for Tomorrow(1967), The Doors of His Face, ...(1971), The Last Defender of Camelot(1980; exp. 1981), Unicorn Variations(1983; W-1984 BRG, LOC)
   Drake, Leah Bodine  All-Hallows  pm  has poem "Leonardo Before His Canvas" in Many Wade Wellman's coll. of two time travel adventure stories, Twice in Time(1988)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Nothing Counts  sces  numbers; Roman numerals & the discovery of zero
   Sutherland, John  Struldbrugg Reaction, The  ss  Struldbruggs are the immortals of the island of Luggnagg, in Gulliver's Travels; Assoc. Prof. of English at Colby College, lives in East Vassalboro, ME; has also pub. articles in Gauntlet incl. "Beware of Proselytizing Vegetarians" in Gauntlet #3 1992
   Webb, Ron  Girl With the 100 Proof Eyes, The  ss  her 1st pub. story; has Earth Song trilogy novels Earthchild(1982 fixup), Earth Song(1983), & Ram Song(1984), in which the introduction of an immortality process causes social upheaval(Clute); has medical horror novels Pestis 18(1987), The Halflife(1989)
   Beauclerk, Jane  We Serve the Star of Freedom  ss  (1933- ) 1st story in Stars series; ps. for librarian & poet M(ary) J(ane) Engh, her 1st sale of a story; born in Illinois, she attended Univ. of Chicago & the Univ. of Illinois; has a BA degree in history
1964 AUG  Davidson, Avram  Editorial  ed  an auction of astrolabes, and the ships that would need them
   Shore, Wilma  Bulletin From the Trustees of the Institute for Advanced Research at Marmouth, Mass., A  ss  (1913- ) has coll. Women Should Be Allowed: A Verbatim Report on the Imbroglio Between the Sexes(1965), which has 12 stories, each based on a salient point between the sexws
   Russ, Joanna  "I Had Vacantly Crumpled It Into My Pocket ... But by God, Eliot, It Was a Photograph From Life!"  ss  title is from the end of H.P. Lovecraft's story "Pickman's Model"
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Edgar Pangborn: Davy; Arthur C. Clarke & Mike Wilson: The Treasure of the Great Reef; Fritz Leiber: The Wanderer; H.G. Wells: The War in the Air, In the Days of the Comet, & The Food of the Gods; Warren Miller: Looking for the General
   McIntosh, J.T.  Poor Planet  nv  has novel Ruler of the World(cut 1976 Canada; rev. vt This Is the Way the World Begins, 1977 UK)
   Disch, Thomas M.  Nada  ss  (1940- ) Thomas Michael Disch, raised in Minnesota, but spends much time in New York; 1st story pub. sf "The Double-Timer" in FAN 1962 OCT; became full-time writer in the mid-1960s; see interview in Charles Platt(ed): Dream Makers(1980; rev. 1987)
   Davidson, Avram  Hannes Bok  obit  notice of Hanne Bok's death on April 11, 1964; Bok, a ps. for Wayne Woodard, was very shy, a pupil of Maxfield Parrish(1870-1962); his cover for F&SF 1963 NOV was his last piece of commercial art; his 1st pub. art was for the cover of WRT 1939 DEC
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Red Cells, The  ar  the red blood cell goes thru a life cycle, & is very fragile
   Ayer, Ethan  Epitaph for the Future  pm  has 1st coll. of poetry, Beneficiary and Other Poems(1967); poetry coll. If Love Is a Leopard(1971), iluus. by Gus Solomons Jr; wrote the lyrics to Douglas Moore's score, "The Dove Song," see
   Etchison, Dennis  Nice, Shady Place, A  ss  (1943- ) 1st pub. by Associated Students, L.A. State College, in 1963; born & lives in southern California; student at L.A. State College, attended Charles Beaumont's Science Fiction Workshop at U.C.L.A.; 1st story pub. "Odd Boy Out" in Escapade, in 1961
   Lipsyte, Robert M. & Thomas Rogers  Redman  ss  (1938- ; ? - ? ) Lipsyte assisted comedian Dick Gregory with the latter's autobiography, Nigger: An Autobiography(1964)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Days of Our Years, The  sces  calendars, lunar months, leap days, etc
   Leiber, Fritz  When the Change-Winds Blow  ss  has sf novel The Wanderer(1964), W-1965 HUG, a long disaster novel about the havoc caused when a strange planet enters the solar system(Clute); has colls. The Night of the Wolf(1966), The Secret Songs(1968 UK), Night Monsters(1969 chap)
   Tushnet, Leonard  In the Calendar of Saints  ss  (1908-1973) his 1st pub. sf story; a physician from Irvington, N.J.
1964 SEP  Goulart, Ron  Chameleon  ss  1st story in shape-changer Ben Jolson & the Chameleon Corps series; this space opera series & many of Goulart's other series take place in the Barnum System, which is very much like Southern California
   Smith, Philip H. & Alan E. Nourse  Miracle Too Many, A  ss  (? - ? ; 1928-1992) Smith is a N.Y. physician; Nourse is a Washington state physician
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Slips Take Over  ss 
   St. Clair, Eric  Olsen and the Gull  ss  a lab assistant in the Univ. of California Physics Department, at Berkeley
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Carbonaceous Chondrites  ar  one of the three kinds of meteorites(other two types - aerolites & sideriolites), & one which may be made of carbon from living things
   Kagan, Norman  Four Brands of Impossible  nv  (1931- ) a student at New York City College; 1st story pub. sf "The Mathenauts" in IFS 1964 JUL; many of his stories deal in some way with mathematics, "and tend to feature extroverted mathematicians as protagonists"(Clute)
   Becker, Stephen  New Encyclopaedist II, The: Entries for the Great Book of History, First Edition, 2100 A.D.  fa  2nd story New Encyclopaedist series
   Anderson, Karen  Theoretical Progress  pm  has The Last Viking seq. with Poul Anderson, The Golden Horn(1980), The Road of the Sea Horse(1980), & The Sign of the Raven(1980)
   Anderson, Karen  Investigation of Galactic Ethnology  pm 
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  J.B. Rhine & J.G. Pratt: Parapsychology, Frontier Science of the Mind; J. Gaither Pratt: Parapsychology, An Insider's View of ESP; E.T.A. Hoffman: The Tales of Hoffman; Charles Winick: Outer Space Humor; L. Sprague de Camp: Swords and Sorcery; etc
   Janifer, Laurence M. & Michael Kurland  Elementary  ss  (1933-2002; 1938- ) Janifer an agent for writers, & a performing musician; this is Kurland's 1st pub. sf story, as is a novel with Chester Anderson, Ten Years to Doomsday(1964); Kurland's suspense novel A Plague of Spies(1969) won an Edgar Scroll Award
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Haste-Makers, The  sces  enzymes, the metabolic catalysts
   Dorman, S.  Deepest Blue in the World, The  ss 
   Marsh, Willard  Inconceivably Yours  ss  has novel Week with No Friday(1965), won a Texas Institute of Letters Award for Fiction, about an American writer living precariously in Mexico, getting mixed up with money, booze, marijuana & a girl named Martha
   Lory, Robert  Star Party, The  ss  has Dracula sequence novels Dracula Returns!(1973), The Hand of Dracula(1973), Dracula's Brother(1973), Dracula's Gold(1973), Drums of Dracula(1974), The Witching of Dracula(1974), Dracula's Lost World(1974), Dracula's Disciple(1975), 1 more
   Aandahl, Vance  Crown of Rank Fumiter, A  ss 
1964 OCT  Davidson, Avram  Introduction to Leigh Brackett's "Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon"  in  Brackett collab. with Ray Bradbury on story "Lorelei of the Red Mist" in PLS 1946 SUM; the pub. of the stories in this issue by husband & wife Brackett & Hamilton are on the occasion of their being Guests-of-Honor at the 1964, 22nd World S.F. Convention
   Brackett, Leigh  Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon  ss  this story was thought to exist long before Brackett ever wrote it, due to Boucher's intro to her story "The Tweener" in F&SF 1955 FEB, in which he mentioned "Purple Priestess ..."; Brackett agreed to write it if F&SF would pub. it in this issue
   Davidson, Avram  Introduction to Edmond Hamilton's "The Pro"  in  after his marriage to Leigh Brackett in 1946, his writing output diminished, but its quality increased, his best work thought by many to be The Haunted Stars(1960) in which humans find the secret of star travel left on the moon by long-dead aliens(Clute)
   Hamilton, Edmond  Pro, The  ss  writer of space opera, has Interstellar Patrol ser. (WRT 1929-34), colls. Outside the Universe(1964), Crashing Suns(1965); has Captain Future series(CFU 1940-44, & STS 1945-46, 1950-51) as by E.H. and 2 as by Brett Sterling, & pub. in paperback in 1968-69
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Stomata  ar  the tiny pores in plant leaves used in respiration
   Knight, Damon  Maid to Measure  vi  has anth. The Golden Road(1973), A Shocking Thing(1974), Happy Endings(1974), Science Fiction of the Thirties(1975); has colls. The Best of Damon Knight(1976), Rule Golden(1979), Better Than One(1980, with Kate Wilhelm)
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  L. Sprague de Camp: The Ancient Engineers; Robert A. Heinlein: Orphans of the Sky; George Gamow: A Star Called the Sun; Donald Barthelme: Come Back, Dr. Caligari; Martin Caidin: Marooned; Claude Lévi-Strauss: Tristes Tropiques; etc
   Bretnor, R.  Little Anton  nv  1st pub. in Healy(ed): New Tales of Space & Time(1951); 2nd story in F&SF in Papa Schimmelhorn series, introduces the Fledermaus family, the only story in series that was 1st pub. outside of F&SF
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: First and Rearmost  sces  gravity, the gravitational force; see addendum p.42 in F&SF 1965 JAN, on arithmetical errors in this essay
   Smith, Hogan  Year of the Earthman, The  ss  ps. for Allen D. Morgan; lives in San Diego
   Davidson, Avram & Robert F. Young  Introduction to Robert F. Young's "In What Cavern of the Deep"  in  Young likes: opera, cold weather, "The Defenders"; dislikes: rock 'n roll, hot weather, "The Danny Thomas Show"
   Young, Robert F.  In What Cavern of the Deep  na  "a story of love transmuted by a terrible yet glorious change"
1964 NOV  Davidson, Avram  Open Letter, An  note  beginning with the 1965 JAN issue, the price of F&SF will increase to .50 per copy, $5.00 per year, due to rising production costs; average issue contains 53,000 words, a bargain; next month to feature a $100.00 reader contest
   Purdom, Tom  Greenplace  ss  (1936- ) working name for Thomas Edward Purdom; 1st story pub. sf "Grieve for a Man" in FUN 1957 AUG; has novels I Want the Stars(1964), The Tree Lord of Imeyen(1966), Empire Star(1966), Lord of the Green Planet(1967), Five Against Arlane(1967)

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