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1964 NOV  Moore, Dick  After Everything, What?  ss  working name for John Richard Moore; has novelette "Bogeyman" in WOT 1965 MAY
   Kerr, Walter H.  Treat  pm 
   Sharkey, Jack  Breakthrough  ss  has pub. at least 9 short stories betw. 1959-1963 in the men's mags. Dude, Gent, Escapade, & Nugget
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Damon Knight: A Century of Great Science Fiction Novels; Margaret B. Kreig: Green Medicine; Robert Bateman: When the Whites Went
   White, Ted  Books  br  (1938- ) reviews Andre Norton: Night of Masks; working name for Theodore Edwin White, assistant editor of F&SF from 1963-68; later editor of AMZ & FAN from 1969-78, Heavy Metal from 1979-80, & Stardate from 1985-86
   Adams, Louis J.A.  Dark Conception  ss  (1926- ; 1940- ) collab. ps. for Joe L. Hensley & Alexei Panshin; Joe Louis Hensley, 1st story pub. sf "Eyes of the Double Moon" in PLS 1953 MAY; Alexei Adams Panshin, 1st story pub. sf "Down to the Worlds of Men" in IFS 1963 JUL
   Van Scyoc, Sydney  One Man's Dream  ss  now lives in Hawaii; has novels Assignment Nor'Dyren(1973), Starmother (1976), Cloudcry(na "Deathsong" in GAL 1974 FEB; exp. 1977); has Sunstone Scrolls trilogy, Darkchild(1981), Bluesong(1983), & Starsilk(1984); omnibus Daughters of the Sunstone(1985)
   Becker, Stephen  New Encyclopaedist III, The: Entries for the Great Book of History, First Edition, 2100 A.D.  fa  3rd story New Encyclopaedist series
   Davidson, Avram  Where Do You Live, Queen Esther?  ss  1st pub. in EQMM 1961 MAR; has novels Rork!(1965), The Masters of the Maze(1965), the latter one an intricate parallel-worlds adventure w. sharply characterized humans involved in barring interdimensional transit to a vividly described alien race(Clute)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Black of Night, The  sces  universe; the expanding universe
   FitzPatrick, R.C.  On the House  ss  working name for Richard C. FitzPatrick; has Chuck Matesic series(ANA 1962 APR & 1968 JUL) & Dr. Jensen series(ANA 1965 AUG, 1966 JAN & 1968 JAN)
   Harrison, Harry  Portrait of the Artist  ss  has coll. Two Tales and 8 Tomorrows(1965), edited Collected Editorials from Analog(1966), novel Make Room! Make Room!(1966; basis 1973 movie Soylent Green); edited mags. Science Fiction Adventures(1953-54), sf Impulse(1966-67), AMZ(1967-68) & FAN(1968)
   Letson, Russell E. Jr  Hag  pm  in TOC, listed as Russell F. Letson Jr
   Olin, Richard  Oversight  vi  (1934- ) ps. for Hugh Leddy; writer, poet, technician, lives in San Francisco; 1st story pub. sf "All Day Wednesday" in ANA 1963 MAR; has 2 other short stories in ANA, "The Mischeif Maker" in 1965 OCT, & "To Be a Champion, Merciful and Brave" in 1972 OCT
   Smith, Adam  Third Coordinate, The  nv  (1930- ; ? - ? ) a collab. ps. for George J.W. Goodman & Winthrop Knowlton, writers of mysteries, incl. novel A Killing in the Market(1958) as by Winthrop Goodman; G.J.W.G. has book Bascombe: The Fastest Hound Alive(1958); W.K. mys. False Premises(1983)
   Davidson, Avram  Letters  lttr  W.F. Poynter; R. Anigstein; Anthony Boucher(on the Wizard of Mauritius); M.M. Taylor; Chandler L. Mason; Diana M. Blabon; James Blish; Viki Edson; John Egan; Jack Gurley
1964 DEC  Wellen, Edward  Buffoon  nv  has 1st novel, Hijack(VSF 1970 MAY; 1971), in which the Mafia learns the U.S. govt. is secretly preparing to escape the solar system, & muscles in on the action(Clute)
   Lafferty, R.A.  Man With the Speckled Eyes, The  ss  (1914-2002) wn. for Raphael Aloysius Lafferty, born in Neola, IA; lives in Tulsa, OK; electrical engineer until he retired in 1971; 1st story pub. sf "Day of the Glacier" in SFS 1960 JAN; short story "Slow Tuesday Night," in GAL 1965 APR, N-1965 NEB
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Plant Galls  ar  causes of plant galls
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  From Two Universes ...  pm  poem asking why there are no stories about both Univacs & Unicorns; poem is the basis for the Univac/Unicorn short story contest
   Davidson, Avram  $200.00 Reader Contest  note  poem above(#2134) wonders why a story involving both a Univac and a unicorn hasn't been written; contest for the best short story under 1000 words about both a Univac & a unicorn, by a non-professional writer; 1st prize is $100.00; results, p.4, 1965 APR
   Reed, Kit  On the Orphan's Colony  ss  has coll. Mister da V. and Other Stories(1967 U.K.); has novel The Better Part(1967), "She learned the facts of life in a reform school where every girl knew more at 15 than most women know at 50"
   Russ, Joanna  Wilderness Year  vi  has novelette "The Second Inquisition" in Knight(ed): Orbit 6(1970) was N-1970 NEB; novelette "Poor Man, Beggar Man" in Carr(ed): Universe 1(1971) was N-1971 NEB; short story "Nobody's Home," in Silverberg(ed): New Dimensions II(1972), was N-1973 LOC
   Kerr, Walter H.  Somo These Days  pm 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Galaxy at a Time, A  sces  galactic explosions; see addendum p.80 in F&SF 1965 FEB, on the explosion of 5,000,000 supernovas - they would be seen over 1000-1500 years, not all at once
   Davidson, Avram  Introduction to Bryce Walton's "Final Exam"  in 
   Walton, Bryce  Final Exam  ss  has used ps. Paul Franklin & Dave Sands(latter for western stories, too) for mystery short stories; used ps. Kenneth O'Hara for 7 sf/f stories pub. between 1951-1958 in mags. STS, Orbit, FAN, MVL & IFS
   Lewis, Richard O.  Docs, The  vi  has Doctor Penwing ser.(AMZ 1940 MAR & AUG); has stories in AHMM, & in anth. Alfred Hitchcock(ed): Coffin Corner(1969), Best of Friends(1972), Death-Mate(1973), Having a Wonderful Crime(1977), & Happiness Is a Warm Corpse(1979), etc.
   Goulart, Ron  Books  br  Aldiss: Greybeard; Dick: Martian Time-Slip; Otto O. Binder: Riddles of Astronomy; Amis & Conquest(ed): Spectrum 3; Edwin L. Arnold: Gulliver of Mars; Bester: The Dark Side of Earth; Vassilis Vassilikos: The Plant, The Well, The Angel; etc
   Bulgakov, Mikhail  Fatal Eggs, The  na  (1891-1940) Russian scientist finds red ray that promotes life; trans. from the Russian by Mirra Ginsburg( ? -2000; her 1st sale); story could not be pub. in Russia, a longer version to be pub. in Soviet Satire: The Fatal Egg and Other Stories(1965)
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 27: 1964 JUL-DEC  indx 

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