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1965 APR  Guttridge, Len  Aunt Millicent at the Races  ss  (1918- ) born in Wales, in the RAF in North Africa 1939-45, came to U.S. in 1947, a writer since 1961; wrote some crime stories, incl. one to Popular Detective, before the pulps vanished
1965 MAY  Kagan, Norman  Earth Merchants, The  nv  N-1965 NEB, novelette; has film books, The Cinema of Stanley Kubrick(1972, 1989), The War Film(1974), American Skeptic: Robert Altman's Genre-Commentary Films(1982), The Cinema of Oliver Stone(1995)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Young, Robert F.  Romance in an Eleventh-Century Recharging Station  ss  has coll. The Worlds of Robert F. Young(1965)
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Mammoths and Mastodons  ar  elephants & their ancestors, incl. mammoths & mastodons; has coll. A Gun for Dinosaur(1963); edited anth. Swords and Sorcery(1963), The Spell of Seven(1965), The Fantastic Swordsmen(1967), Warlocks and Warriors(1970)
   Scott, Robin  Gritsch System, The  ss  (1928- ) ps. for Robin Scott Wilson(& also in F&SF as such, & as Robin Wilson), ex-Navy man, has PhD in English; is a publication editor(civilian) with the U.S. Army in Germany; 1st story pub. sf "Third Alternative" in ANA 1964 MAR
   Crawford, Deborah  Short Cut  pm  (1922- ) born in Elizabeth, N.J.; writes advertising copy for airlines & banks, sf reviews for the Book of the Month Club
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Fred Hoyle & John Elliot: Andromeda Breakthrough; William S. Burroughs: Nova Express; Gordon R. Dickson: The Alien Way; Merril has anth. SF: The Best of the Best(1967), England Swings SF(1968); colls. Out of Bounds(1960), Daughters of Earth(1968 UK)
   Fish, Robert L.  Sonny  ss  has Captain José da Silva mys. novel ser., Always Kill a Stranger(1967), The Bridge that Went Nowhere(1968), The Xavier Affair(1969), Trouble in Paradise(1975); has pastiche ser. colls. The Incredible Schlock Homes(1966), The Memoirs of Schlock Homes('74)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: To Tell a Chemist  sces  mole: gram molecular weights
   Henderson, Zenna  No Different Flesh  nv  10th story The People series, chrono. story #16
1965 JUN  Anderson, Poul  Admiralty  na  3rd story in Gunnar Heim ser., last of a trilogy about Gunnar Heim & his starship Fox II, as they battle the Alerion forces to save New Europe; longer version of the 3 novellas to be pub. as the novel The Star Fox(1965; N-1965 NEB), rvw. in F&SF 1965 NOV
   Brown, Fredric & Carl Onspaugh  Eine Kleine Nachtmusik  ss  (1906-1972; ?-? )
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  "influences include Chester Gould's villains in Dick Tracy, W.C. Fields, the Marx Brothers, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, H.P. Lovecraft, Weird Tales, The Shadow"
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Walter Sullivan: We Are Not Alone; John Hersey: White Lotus; Dick: The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch; Phyllis Gotlieb: Sunburst; Avram Davidson: Mutiny in Space; Herbert D. Kastle: The Reassembled Man; Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System; 1 other
   Ferman, Joseph W.  Editor's Note  note  reader reaction to book reviews wanted do readers prefer an essay in depth on a few books, or concise reviews on a greater number of books?; Ferman was publisher of VSF(1957-58, 1969-70), & edited an anth. from VSF, titled No Limits(1964)
   Goulart, Ron  Rake  ss  2nd story in Chameleon Corps series; has short story "Calling Dr. Clockwork," in AMZ 1965 MAR, N-1965 NEB
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Phoenix  ar  composition of the gas giants Jupiter & Saturn; editor's note on p.89, readers' comments on this series is welcomed
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Introduction: Short Story Contest Winners  in  announces 1964 DEC short story contest winners, for stories with both a Univac & a unicorn; 1st place, Herb Lehrman, & 2nd place, Greg Benford
   Lehrman, Herb  Ancient Last, The  vi  1st place winner in Univac-unicorn short story contest; prize $100.00; age 35, has a BA from a middle-western grad school
   Benford, Greg  Stand-In  vi  (1941- ) 2nd place winner Univac-unicorn short story contest; prize life-time subscription; his 1st pub. story; studying for his PhD in Physics at the Univ. of California(San Diego); he has an identical twin brother, James, with whom he has collaborated
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Story of a Curse  vi  has written many articles for newspapers & magazines on travel, gardening, remodeling, & landscaping
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Nabonidus  pm  has Harold Shea series with Fletcher Pratt, The Incomplete Enchanter (UNK 1940 MAY & AUG, as "The Roaring Trumpet" & "The Mathematics of Magic"; 1947), The Castle of Iron(UNK 1941 APR; 1950), The Wall of Serpents(FNF 1953 JUN; 1960 fixup)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Future? Tense!  sces  sf writers predicting the future; mentions his story "Everest" in USF 1953 DEC, Cartmill's "Deadline" in ASF 1944 MAR, Heinlein's "Solution Unsatisfactory" in ASF 1941 MAY as by Anson MacDonald, H.G. Wells, etc; has sequel essay 1974 OCT(#3569)
   Zelazny, Roger  Of Time and the Yan  vi  Amber ser. of novels, featuring Corwin's son Merlin, Trumps of Doom(1985), Blood of Amber(1986), Sign of Chaos(1987), Knight of Shadows(1989), & Prince of Chaos(1991); Amber books, coll. A Rhapsody in Amber(1981), R.Z.'s Visual Guide to Castle Amber(1988)
   Arthur, Robert  Jabez O'Brien and Davy Jones' Locker  ss  after 1962 he left Hollywood & lived in Cape May, NJ; wrote 10 The Three Investigators ya novels(continued after his death by others); edited his own juvenile anth. Davy Jones's Haunted Locker(1965), Monster Mix(1968), & Thrillers and More Thrillers(1968)
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 28: 1965 JAN-JUN  indx 
1965 JUL  Davidson, Avram  Rogue Dragon  na  N-1965 NEB, novella; "a distant-future, feudalized Earth, which has become the hunting preserve of the rulers of the galaxy, and the habitat of the rogue dragon; an expanded & somewhat different version pub. as novel(1965; W-1965 NEB, novel)
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Computer Diagnosis  ar  computers in use in making medical diagnoses
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  other influences - "M.R, James, The New Yorker, radio serials, Goya, George Gross, Oz, Daumier, & Betty Boop" - from Weinberg
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Expendables, The  ss 
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Kurt Vonnegut Jr: God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, ...(correction p.73, 1965 SEP); J.G. Ballard: The Drowned World, & The Wind from Nowhere; Walter M. Miller Jr: The View from the Stars; Arthur C. Clarke: Man and Space
   Wilson, Richard  Eight Billion, The  ss  N-1965 NEB, short story; story title derived from O. Henry's The Four Million, & Meyer Berger's The Eight Million - topic, over-population
   Niven, Larry  Becalmed in Hell  ss  (1938- ) N-1965 NEB, short story; 1st story in F&SF in his Tales of Known Space series & sequence; working name for Laurence van Cott Niven, born in CA; has BA in Mathematics, Washburn Univ.(Kansas); 1st story pub. "The Coldest Place" in IFS 1964 DEC
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Exclamation Point!  sces  mathematics; the exclamation point, the mathematical factorial symbol; see addendum p.108 in 1965 NOV, concerning mistakes in his "Asimov Series" of numbers
   Jennings, Gary  Murkle for Jesse, A  ss  won personal citation from South Korea for work w. war orphans; has nf young adult books ser., March of the Robots(1962, robots), March of the Heroes(1975, folk heroes), March of the Gods(1976), March of the Demons(1977, demons, goblins, ghosts & witches)
   Farmer, Philip José  Pterodactyl, The  pm  has World of Tiers seq. novels The Maker of Universes(1965; rev. 1980), The Gates of Creation(1966; rev. 1981), A Private Cosmos(1968; rev. 1981), Behind the Walls of Terra(1970; rev. 1982), & The Lavalite World(1977; rev. 1983), More Than Fire(1993)
1965 AUG  Tenn, William  Masculinist Revolt, The  nv  N-1965 NEB, novelette; teaches writing & sf at Pennsylvania State College from 1966; has novella A Lamp for Medusa(FAD 1951 OCT as "Medusa Was a Lady!"; 1968 chap), in which an American falls into a parallel world(Clute)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  1st pro sale to AMZ in 1954, for $7.50; soon sold to Colliers, Look, & PBY in 1954(where he became a cult favorite); Wilson - "A lot of the Playboy cartoons are an hommage to Lovecraft ... I did a whole spread on Poe (&) Sherlock Holmes"(LOC 1999 MAR)
   Rohrer, Robert  Explosion  ss  has 1st pub. sf/f story "Decision" in FAN 1962 MAR, & 15 other short stories pub. in F&SF, AMZ & FAN between 1962-1965
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Crystal Surfaces  ar  observing & moving individual atoms on a surface
   Marsh, Willard  Everyone's Hometown Is Guernica  ss  1st pub. in 1964; has novel Week With No Friday(1965)
   Scott, Jody  2-D Problem, The  ss  has novels Passing for Human(1977), which features Benaroya, a 36-foot extra-terrestial dolphin, who visits Earth to save it from an alien invasion; I, Vampire(1984); has website, Jody Scott: Censorable Ideas and Fiction
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  James V. McConnell(ed): The Worm Re-Turns(The Best from Worm Runner's Digest); Merril has colls. Survival Ship and Other Stories(1974), & The Best of Judith Merril(1976); has anth. Tesseracts(1985), the first volume in an anth. ser. of Canadian sf
   Leiber, Fritz  Books  br  Leo Marguilies(ed): Worlds of Weird; Damon Knight(ed): The Dark Side; Miriam Allen deFord(ed): Space, Time & Crime; Frederik Pohl(ed): The Eighth Galaxy Reader
   White, Ted  Books  br  Donald A. Wollheim & Terry Carr(ed): World's Best Science Fiction: 1965; White's 1st story pub. "Phoenix" in AMZ 1963 FEB, which became part of a fixup novel, Phoenix Prime(1966), the first in his Qanar sequence
   Janifer, Laurence M. & S.J. Treibich  First Context  vi  (1933-2002; 1936-1972) wn. for Steven John Treibich, co-author w. Janifer of the Angelo di Stefano novel series, Target: Terra(1968), The High Hex(1969), & The Wagered World(1969); Janifer has coll. Impossible?(1968), novel Power(1970), Reel(1983)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Behind the Teacher's Back  sces  uncertainty principle, Part 2; Part 1 in 1965 APR(#2194)
   Oliver, Chad  Stick for Harry Eddington, A  ss  has Biolog in ANA 1983 mSEP; see obit & appreciations in LOC 1993 SEP(#392), & ANA 1994 JAN; annotated bibliography in INZ 1997 APR; see also Hal W. Hall: Chad Oliver: An Annotated Bibliography & Guide(1989 chap)
   Dickson, Gordon R.  Immortal, The  nv  has fixup novel Way of the Pilgrim(1987; N-1988 LOC, PRO), about an Earth conquered by giant aliens(B&C); The Magnificent Wilf(1995), a humorous sf novel about a couple who try to prove Earth is ready to join galactic civilization(B&C)

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