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1966 MAY  Biggle, Lloyd Jr  And Madly Teach  nv  has 1st novel The Angry Espers(AMZ 1959 AUG, as "A Taste of Fire"; rev. 1961); has novels in Jan Darzek sequence All the Colors of Darkness(1963), & Watchers of the Dark(1966), about "late-20th-century private eye ... investigating aliens"(Clute)
   Shepley, John  Three for Carnival  ss  has trans. Pierre Courthion: The Impressionists(1979); Enzo Siciliano: Pasolini(1982); Pier Paolo Pasolini: Roman Nights and Other Stories(1986; W-1987 Italo Calvino Translators Award); Roberto Calasso: The Forty-nine Steps(2001)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Jules Feiffer: The Great Comic Book Heroes; Sheckley: The 10th Victim; White: The Watch Below; Pohl & Williamson: Starchild; van Vogt: Rogue Ship; Shepherd Mead: The Carefully Considered Rape of the World; Knight: Mind Switch; 1 more
   Leiber, Fritz  Books  br  L. Sprague de Camp(ed): The Spell of Seven; Leo Marguulies(ed): The Ghoul Keepers; H.P. Lovecraft: Selected Letters, 1911-1924, & Dagon and Other Macabre Tales
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Colony, The  ss 
   Goulart, Ron  Breakaway House  ss  6th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Beamed Power  ar  "transmission of power by radiowaves"
   Benford, Greg  Flattop  ss  has fixup novel If the Stars Are Gods(1977; N-1978 LOC) with Gordon R. Dickson, the title story in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 4(1974) W-1975 NEB, novelette; see interviews in Vertex 1973 DEC, & in Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1980)
   Davidson, Avram  Introduction to "H.P. Lovecraft, The House and the Shadows"  in 
   Shea, J. Vernon  H.P. Lovecraft: House and the Shadows, The  ar  (1912-1981) a friend of H.P.L., born in Dayton, KY, the son of a professional magician, overseas veteran of the Army Medical Corps; works as a metallurgist in Cleveland; has edited anthologies Strange Desires(1954), & Strange Barriers (1961)
   Clinton, Ed M.  Third Dragon, The  ss  (1926- ) Edwin M. Clinton Jr
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Time and Tide  sces  tides, on Earth and on other planets & satellites; has sequel science essay "A Long Day's Journey" in 1979 APR
   Gold, H.L.  Man of Parts  ss  1st pub. in Healey(ed): 9 Tales of Space and Time(1954); edited Beyond Fantasy Fiction(1953 JUL-1955 JAN), Galaxy S. F. Novels, IFS(1959 JUL-1961 SEP); coll. The Old Die Rich(1955); see Malzberg br in F&SF 1980 NOV, on Gold & Galaxy; obit in LOC 1996 APR
1966 JUN  Zelazny, Roger  This Moment of the Storm  nv  N-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG; has novels Damnation Alley(1969; 1977 movie), Today We Choose Faces(1973), Deus Irae(1976) w. Philip K. Dick, Doorways in the Sand(1976), Roadmarks(1979), Eye of Cat(1982); Coils(1982) & The Black Throne(1990) with Fred Saberhagen
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  "GW draws in a distinctively sprawling lines which encourage distortions & grotesques, a good visual match for his ... black humor."(Clute)
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  complaints about Berkley Books; Thomas M. Disch: The Genocides; Daniel Keyes: Flowers for Algernon
   Leiber, Fritz  Books  br  Hans Stefan Santesson(ed): Rulers of Men; Tom Boardman Jr(ed): The Unfriendly Future; Groff Conklin(ed): Five Unearthly Visions; Brian W. Aldiss(ed): Yet More Penguin Science Fiction; Amis & Conquest(ed): Spectrum IV; Nolan(ed): The Pseudo-People
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Little Blue Weeds of Spring, The  ss  N-1966 NEB, short story
   Rothman, Barry  Care in Captivity Series: Tyrant Lizards Tyrannosaurus Rex  vi  1st pub. in the Bulletin of the Philadelphia Herpetological Society, 1965 JAN
   Bulmer, Kenneth  Adjusted, The  ss  (1921- ) also in F&SF as H. Ken Bulmer w. co-author Damon Knight; lives in Kent, England; an active sf fan since before WWII, he edited various fanzines; his 1st story pub. sf novels Space Treason(1952) & Cybernetic Controller(1952), both w. A.V. Clarke
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Migratory Locusts  ar  "the short-horned grasshopper gone wild ... by the press of" overpopulation
   De Graw, Pat  Memo to Secretary  pm 
   Guttridge, Len  Quest for Uplift, A  ss  has book The Great Coalfield War(1972); Guttridge credits his Welsh background for his interest in fantasy & in the coalfields
   DeCles, Jon  Forgive Us Our Debtors  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Isles of the Earth, The  sces  islands, island nations, island cities
   Vance, Jack  Pilgrims, The  nv  4th story in Cugel the Clever ser.; has novels The Languages of Pao(1958), Space Opera(1965); na "The Dragon Masters"(GAL 1962 AUG; 1963) W-1963 HUG; na "The Last Castle"(GAL 1966 APR; 1967) W-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG(nv); W-1996 NEB, Grandmaster
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 30: 1966 JAN-JUN  indx 
1966 JUL  Laumer, Keith  Founder's Day  nv  has Jaime Retief series, the adventures of an interstellar diplomatic troubleshooter, colls. Envoy to New Worlds(1963), Galactic Diplomat(1965), Retief: Ambassador to Space(1969), Retief of the CDT(1971), Retief: Diplomat at Arms(1982)
   Bloch, Robert  Plot Is the Thing, The  ss  N-1966 NEB, short story; has colls. Chamber of Horrors(1966), The Living Demons(1967), Dragons and Nightmares(1969), Bloch and Bradbury(1969), Fear Today, Gone Tomorrow(1971); edited The Best of Fredric Brown(1977; N-1977 LOC)
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Charles L. Harness: The Rose; Brian W. Aldiss: Earthworks; John Lymington: Froomb!; Joseph L. Green: The Loafers of Refuge
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Goulart, Ron  Experiment in Autobiography  ss  1st story in F&SF in freelance writer Jose Silvera series
   Marshall, Ardrey  Brain Bank  nv  N-1966 NEB, novelette
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Man in the Sea  ar  problems of deep-sea diving & submersibles, compressed air mixtures
   Spinrad, Norman  Age of Invention, The  ss  (1940- ) N-1966 NEB; born in U.S. but lives in France; 1st story pub. sf "The Last of the Romany" in ANA 1963 MAY; has novel Bug Jack Barron(NWS 1967-68 DEC-OCT; 1969; N-1969 NEB; 1970 HUG); see iv's in Platt: Dream Makers(1980), LOC 1999 FEB(#457)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Balancing the Books  sces  Big Bang and the conservation of energy laws, Part 1 of 3; Part 2 in 1966 AUG(#2390), Part 3 in 1966 SEP(#2399)
   Lehrman, Herb  Revolt of the Potato-Picker  ss 
   Vance, Jack  Manse of Iucounu, The  nv  N-1966 NEB; 5th story in Cugel the Clever series; this ser. coll., The Eyes of the Overworld(1966 fixup); others in ser. - Morreion: A Tale of the Dying Earth(Flashing Swords #1, 1973; 1979 chap), A Bagful of Dreams(1979 chap); 1 more ser. story, 1974 OCT
1966 AUG  Brunner, John  Productions of Time, The  na-1/2  exp. into 1967 novel, N-1966 NEB; story of "the creation of a most unusual play" by a playwright genius, a troop of misfit & has-been actors, & "mysterious props"; see Judith Merril's long essay on Brunner's work, book review in F&SF 1966 AUG(#2383)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Basch, Joan Patricia  Matog  ss  born in Brooklyn, raised in Brazil, now back in Brooklyn, studied for the theatre
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Regeinald Bretnor: The Future of Science Fiction; J.G. Ballard: The Crystal World, & The Impossible Man; Merril presents a long essay on Brunner's works, to coincide with his serial in F&SF begun in this issue(#2380)
   Mallette, Moses  Seven Wonders of the Universe, The  ss  (1940?- ) age 26, lives in Atlanta, attended M.I.T., the Univ. of Chattanooga, & Georgia State College
   Howard, Robert E.  For the Love of Barbara Allen  ss  (1906-1936) story found only last year among his papers, this its 1st appearance anywhere; born in Peaster, Texas; 1st pub. story "Spear and Fang" in WRT 1925 JUL; has Conan the Cimmerian series(WRT 1932-1936), basis movie Conan the Barbarian(1982)
   Thomas, Theodore L.  Science Springboard, The: Meteoroid Collision  ar  possible collisions between spacecraft & meteoroids, meteoroid size & speed, how best to protect spacecraft
   Butler, Bill  Letter to a Tyrant King  pm  (1934-1977) American-born poet, & publisher of Unicorn Books in England; has poetry coll. Static of a Star-Filled Wind, & a book on mythology, The Hero
   Bequaert, Frank  Matter of Organization, A  ss 
   Scott, Robin  Near Thing  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: BB or Not BB, That Is the Question  sces  Big Bang, creation of the universe(cosmogony), Part 2 of 3; continuous creation(CC) or Big Bang(BB); Part 1 in 1966 AUG(#2377) & Part 3 in 1966 SEP(#2399)

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