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1966 AUG  Beagle, Peter S.  Come Lady Death  ss  (1939- ) 1st pub. in ATL 1963 SEP; born & raised in the Bronx; 1st story pub. nongenre "Telephone Call" in Seventeen, in 1956; has 1st novel A Fine and Private Place(1960), is highly praised, "a supernatural fiction in chamber-opera form"(Clute)
1966 SEP  Thomas, Gilbert  Luana  ss 
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  how to be an sf anthologist; Pohl(ed): The Ninth Galaxy Reader, & The If Reader of Science Fiction; Mills(ed): The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, 11th Series; Knight(ed): Orbit 1, & Cities of Wonder; Moskowitz(ed): Modern Masterpieces of S.F.; etc
   Brunner, John  Productions of Time, The  na-2/2  Interstellar Empire sequence also incl. "The Man from the Big Dark"(SFA 1958 JUN), & a space opera article, & all assembled in Interstellar Empire(1976); also has novels Threshold of Eternity(NWS 1957-58 DEC-FEB), The Hundreth Millennium(1959)
   Russ, Joanna  Mr. Wilde's Second Chance  vi  has novelette "The Dirty Little Girl," in Windling & Arnold(ed): Elsewhere, v.2(1982), was N-1983 LOC; has short story "Invasion," in ASI 1996 JAN, was N-1997 LOC
   Gunther, Max  Municipal Dump  ss  (1927- ) born in England, came to U.S. in 1939; grad. of Princeton Univ., freelance writer; has pub. article "she's Paid to Be Nosy (Jenny Schreiner, appraiser) in PST 1956 JUL 28, & stories "The Prisoner" in PST 1957 OCT 19, "Alone" in Redbook 1958 NOV
   Lafferty, R.A.  Narrow Valley  ss  has novel Fourth Mansions(1969; N-1970 NEB); his novelette "Continued on Next Rock," in Knight(ed): Orbit 7(1970), N-1970 NEB; 1971 HUG; has colls. Nine Hundred Grandmothers(1970), Strange Doings(1972); Lafferty W-1990 WFA, Lifetime Achievement
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover  sces  Big Bang & the conservation of energy laws, Part 3 of 3; Asimov's Cosmogonic Principle; Part 1 in 1966 JUL(#2377) & Part 2 in 1966 AUG(#2390)
   Henderson, Zenna  Troubling of the Water  nv  12th story The People series, chrono. story #3; series coll. in The People: No Different Flesh(1966)
1966 OCT  Ferman, Edward L.  In This Issue  in  (1937- ) introduction to the Special Isaac Asimov Issue; editor of F&SF from 1966 JAN-1991 JUN, & publisher from 1970 NOV-present; editor of VSF from 1969 MAY-1970 AUG; son of ex-editor & publisher of F&SF, Joseph W. Ferman
   Asimov, Isaac  Key, The  nv  4th story in F&SF in Dr. Wendell Urth series; has coll. Asimov's Mysteries(1968) which collects his Urth & some of his Black Widower series stories; also has coll. The Best Mysteries of Isaac Asimov(1986), incl. this Urth story
   de Camp, L. Sprague  You Can't Beat Brains  ar  profile of Isaac Asimov, born in Soviet Union near Smolyensk in 1920, came to U.S. 3 years later; parents ran candy store in Brooklyn; financed his college education by his pro writing; worked on cancer research; Asimov wrote of de Camp in I. Asimov(1994)
   Asimov, Isaac  Isaac Asimov: Bibliography, A  bib  a chronological listing of his books, magazine stories, science essays, & non-fiction books; an anlysis of Asimov's writings in the mystery genre can be seen at
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Portrait of the Writer As a Boy  sces  personal reminiscence
   Asimov, Isaac  Prime of Life, The  pm  has colls. Buy Jupiter, and Other Stories(1975), Have You Seen These?(1974 chap); coll. The Bicentennial Man(1976; W-1977 LOC), the title story 1st pub. in Judy-Lynn del Rey(ed): Stellar #2(1976), story W-1976 NEB; 1977 HUG, LOC, & made into 1999 movie
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  Special Isaac Asimov Issue, the cartoon made especially for it, is about Mr. Asimov and his robots
   Porges, Arthur  Mirror, The  ss  his brother, Irwin Porges(1909- ), has two books, Edgar Allan Poe(1963), & Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan(1975), & they collab. for sf story "A Touch of Sun" in FAN 1959 APR
   Chapman, Vic  Come Back Elena  ss  (1919- ) born in Canton, Ohio; employed as a chemist
   Stevenson, Robert Louis  Something in It  vi  1st pub. in coll. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Other Fables(1896); has novel Kidnapped(1887), has colls. New Arabian Nights(1882), More New Arabian Nights: The Dynamiter(1885), The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables(1887)
   DeCles, Jon  Picture Window, The  nv 
   Aldiss, Brian W.  Burning Question  ss  has bestselling non-sf series of novels, The Hand-Reared Boy(1970), A Soldier Erect(1971), & A Rude Awakening(1978), coll. in omnibus The Horatio Stubbs Saga(1985); novels The Eighty-Minute Hour: A Space Opera(1974), Brothers of the Head(1977)
   Daniell, Sally  Extraordinary Child, An  nv 
1966 NOV  Swann, Thomas Burnett  Manor of Roses, The  na  (1926-1976) N-1967 HUG, novelette; 1st story John & Stephen series; in 1213 England, two boys & their Guardian Angel go on "a quest which brings them ... to the hidden Manor of Roses and ... its curious mistress"; Prof. of English at Wesleyan College(GA)
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Asimov: Fantastic Voyage; Leiber: Tarzan and the Valley of Gold, & The Night of the Wolf; Herbert: The Green Brain; Keith Roberts: The Furies; Allen Kim Lang: Wild and Outside; Heinlein: The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, & The Worlds of ...; etc
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Walton, Bryce  Best Is Yet to Be, The  ss  has pub. over 80 stories, between 1945-1969, in IFS, EQMM, AHMM, PLS, STS, Dime Mystery, SSF, IMG, SFQ, Fear!, Jungle Stories, TWS, SSS, FAN, FUT, FUN, VSF, Orbit S.F., MVL, Vortex S.F., The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
   Clinton, Ed M.  Heir Apparent  ss 
   Thomas, Ted  Science Springboard, The: Earth Tremor Detection  ar  (1920- ) use of seismographs; wn. for Theodore L(ockard) Thomas, & in F&SF as such, incl. this ser.; writer, patent attorney; 1st stories pub. "The Revisitor"(SSF 1952 SEP), & "Improbable Profession"(ASF 1952 SEP; w. Charles Harness as Leonard Lockard)
   Thurber, James  Friend to Alexander, A  ss  1st pub. in NYM, 10 JAN 1942, & in coll. My World—And Welcome To It(1942); he's considered one of the 20th century's best humorists(Clute); has novel The Thirteen Clocks(1950), colls. Fables of Our Time(1940), Further Fables of Our Time(1956)
   Spinrad, Norman  Neutral Ground  ss  colls. The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde(1970), No Direction Home(1975), The Star-Spangled Future(1979); nf colls. Staying Alive(1983), Science Fiction in the Real World(1990); novel The Void Captain's Tale(1983; N-1983 NEB); book reviewer for ASI
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Old Man River  sces  rivers; the Mississippi River, and other great rivers; see related essay, "The Longest River" in 1988 JUL(#5859), which discusses the effects that the Nile, Tigris, & Euphrates Rivers had on civilizations
   Cleeve, Brian  Devil and Democracy, The  ss  (1921- ) 1st story in Devil & his left-hand man Belphagor series; Brian Talbot Cleeve, lives in Dublin, written for British TV; has novel Vice Isn't Private, coll. The Horse Thieves of Ballysaggert(1966); story "Foxer," in PST 1965 DEC 18, was N-1965 EDG
1966 DEC  Anvil, Christopher  Sabotage  nv  (1922- ) ps. for Harry C. Crosby Jr; his 1st two story pub. were under his own name, "Cinderella, Inc." & "Roll Out the Rolov!" in IMG 1952 DEC & 1953 NOV; has Centra series(ASF 1956-69; IFS 1966 JUN); has 1st novel The Day the Machines Stopped(1964)
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  contemporary mythology; Pangborn: The Judgment of Eve; Davidson: The Kar-Chee Reign; Vance: The Blue World; Le Guin: Rocannon's World; Nunes: Inherit the Earth; Zelazny: This Immortal; Delany: Empire Star, & Babel-17; Purdom: The Tree Lord of Imeten
   Russ, Joanna  Books  br  Roger Elwood & Sam Moskowitz(ed): Strange Signposts, An Anthology of the Fantastic
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Jonas, Gerald  Mystery of the Purloined Grenouilles, The  ss  has nf books On Doing Good: The Quaker Experiment(1971), Visceral Learning: Toward a Science of Self-Control(1973), Stuttering: The Disorder of Many Theories(1976)
   Disch, Thomas M.  Doubting Thomas  nv  has novel Mankind Under the Leash(novelette in IFS 1965 APR as "White Fang Goes Dingo"; exp. 1966; vt The Puppies of Terra, 1978 UK), in which "aliens take over the Earth & make pets of mankind for aesthetic reasons"(Clute)
   Thomas, Ted  Science Springboard, The: Martian Atmosphere, The  ar  data from Mariner IV on Mar's atmosphere
   Contoski, Victor  Von Goom's Gambit  ss  (1936- ) 1st pub. in Chess Review, 1966 APR; graduate student in English at the Univ. of Wisconsin
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Green Snow, The  ss 
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Gods, The  pm  has Viagens Interplanetary ser. colls. in The Continent Makers and Other Tales of the Viagens(1953), Sprague de Camp's New Anthology of Science Fiction(1953 UK), The Virgin and the Wheels(1976), & novel Rogue Queen(1951)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Symbol-Minded Chemist, The  sces  elements; the symbols used for the elements
   Davidson, Avram  Bumberboom  nv  has novel Clash of Star-Kings(novella in ASF 1966 OCT; N-1966 NEB; exp. 1966; 2000), is set in a richly realized Mexico which becomes a venue for a game of war amongst returning alien "gods"(Clute)
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