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1967 MAY  Goulart, Ron  Fill in the Blank  ss  7th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series
1967 JUN  Zelazny, Roger  Death and the Executioner  nv  2nd & last story in Buddha series, part of novel Lord of Light(1967): "some of the crew of a colony ship, after dropping off colonists ... make use of advanced technology to esconce themselves in role of (Hindu) gods," the protagonist Sam as Buddha(Clute)
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Douglas Hill & Pat Williams: The Supernatural; I.S. Shklovskii & Carl Sagan: Intelligent Life in the Universe
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Green, Robert M. Jr  Royal Road to There, The  ss 
   Beaumont, Charles  Gentlemen, Be Seated  ss  1st pub. in Rogue Magazine, 1960 APR, as by C.B. Lovehill; in the story intro, the announcement of his death after a long illness(Alzheimer's disease diagnosed in 1964), on February 21, 1967; has coll. A Touch of Creature(2000)
   Nolan, William F.  Charles Beaumont: Magic Man, A Personal Appreciation, The  bio  Beaumont spent his early years on Chicago's north side, & in Everett, Washington; pub. his own fanzine, Utopia, & wrote many letters to the editors of sf/f magazines; worked as a part-time cartoon illustrator; married Helen Broun & had 4 children
   Nolan, William F.  Charles Beaumont Index, A: 1951-1965  bib  a basic sf/f bibliography, does not include his TV credits, novels, nf essays, & work in the automotive field, or non-fantasy fiction
   Thomas, Gilbert  "... But for the Grace Of God"  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Non-Time Travel  sces  international date line
   Jonas, Gerald  First Postulate, The  nv  has nf books Dancing: The Pleasure, Power, and Art of Movement(?), & Dancing: The Power of Dance Around the World(1992), the latter a companion book to the BBC/PBS TV series
   Greene, Graham  Discovery in the Woods, A  ss  1st pub. in Rogue 1963 MAR; has colls. A Sense of Reality(1963), May We Borrow Your Husband?(1967); wrote script for movie The Third Man(& 1950 novel); The Quiet American(1955; 1958, 2001 movies), The Tenth Man(1985; 1988 movie); W-1967 Grand Master EDG
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 32: 1967 JAN-JUN  indx 
1967 JUL  Laumer, Keith  Day Before Forever, The  na  N-1968 NEB, novella; Steve Dravek awakens to a world that is run by Eternity, Incorporated, or ETORP, through the use of cryotheses & cloning; has coll. Nine by Laumer(1967), novels The Monitors(1966; 1969 movie), A Plague of Demons(1965)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Kirk, Russell  Balgrummo's Hell  ss  has horror novels Old House of Fear(1961), A Creature of the Twilight(1966); biographies, John Randolph of Roanoke(1964), Edmund Burke(1967); book of essays Enemies of Permanent Things(1969); nf book The Roots of American Order(1974)
   Correa, Hugo  Alter Ego  vi  has books The Prowler in the Rain(1968), The Puppets(1969), When Pilate Said No(1971), & The Highest Ones(1973)
   Nathan, Robert  Encounter in the Past  ss  has about 50 volumes of poetry & prose, incl. Road of Ages(1935), So Love Returns(1958), The Fair(1964); The Mallott Diaries(1965) - about Neanderthal survivals in Arizona, Stonecliff(1967); The Elixir(1971), The Summer Meadows(1973)
   Madden, David  Master's Thesis, The  ss  (1933- ) Jerry David Madden; was asst. editor, The Kenyon Review; author of several books & plays; presently assoc. editor of Film Heritage, & Prof. of English at Ohio Univ.; has coll. The Shadow Knows(1970), novel Bijou(1974), nf Revising Fiction(1988)
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Flight Between Realities  pm 
   Wilson, Gahan  Sea Monster and the Mayor of New York City, The  vi  5th story in Moral vignettes series; "Moral: Many threats are kindly meant"
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Twelve Point Three Six Nine  sces  numbers; numerical ratios & relationships, and how they've led to popular beliefs
   Brunner, John  Vitanuls, The  ss  betw. 1960-66 pub. 27 novels under own name & ps. Keith Woodcott, incl. The Atlantic Abomination(1960), Sanctuary in the Sky(1960); Zarathustra Refugee Planets seq. incl. Castaways' World(1963), Secret Agent of Terra(1963), The Repairmen of Cyclops(1965)
1967 AUG  Purdom, Tom  Reduction In Arms  nv  this story exp. into 1971 novel; has novel The Barons of Behavior(1972); has anth. Adventures in Discovery(1969), science essays by sf authors; nv "Fossil Games" in ASI 1999 FEB, N-2000 HUG, LOC; see iv in NYRSF 1999 JUL(#131);
   Varshavsky, Ilya  Conflict, The  vi  (1909-1973) 1st pub. in his anth., Path Into the Unknown(1966, U.K.); trans. from the Russian; a naval engineer, he also has sf stories in International S.F. 1967 NOV, & many anth. incl. The Molecular Cafe(1968), Other Worlds, Other Seas(1970), etc
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  many very short reviews(16) of one paragraph; Merril has anth. SF 12(1968), S-F: the Best of the Best(1968), England Swings SF(1968), colls. Out of Bounds (1960), Daughters of Earth(1968); has acted in the British sf TV series, Dr. Who
   Biese, L.J.T.  Baron's Dog, The  ss  lives in the Bronx
   Grow, Julian F.  Social Note From All Over  pm 
   Koontz, Dean R.  Soft Come the Dragons  ss  (1945- ) his 1st pub. sf story; began his career with over 20 sf novels, but from 1975 concentrated on horror, at first under various ps.: David Axton, Brian Coffey, Deanne Dwyer, K.R. Dwyer, John Hill, Leigh Nichols, Richard Paige, Owen West, etc(Clute)
   Bretnor, R.  Earthwoman  ss  N-1967 NEB, short story
   Thomas, Ted  Science Springboard, The: Mosquito  ar  mosquito research & control
   Harness, Charles  Bugs  ss  has novels The Catalyst(1980), Firebird(1981), The Venetian Court(1982), Redworld(1986), Krono(1988); has novel Lurid Dreams(1990), in which an out-of-body time traveller meets up with Edgar Allan Poe; Harness lives in rural Maryland
   Schutz, J.W.  Bubble, The  nv  has also pub. short sf stories in AMZ, ANA, IFS, GAL, & VSF
   Disch, Thomas M.  Moondust, the Smell of Hay, & Dialectical Materialism  ss  has novels Echo Round His Bones(1967), Camp Concentration(NWS 1967 JUL-OCT; 1968 U.K; W-1969 DIT), Black Alice(1968, w. John Sladek, as Thom Demijohn), The Prisoner(1969, TV tie-in), Alfred the Great(1969, assoc., as by Victor Hastings)
   Hensley, Joe L.  Argent Blood  ss  (1926- ) wn. for Joseph Louis Hensley; also in F&SF with Alexei Panshin under collab. ps. Louis J.A. Adams(#2120); 1st story pub. sf "Eyes of the Double Moon" in PLS 1953 MAY; has been a private attorney, county prosecutor, one-term Indiana legislator
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Kaleidoscope in the Sky  sces  satellites Phobos & Deimos, the moons of Mars; see 3-part sequel to this science essay in 1977-78 NOV-JAN(#4041, 4054, 4067)
   Davidson, Avram  Quick With His Hands  vi  has Vergil Magus sequence, a medieval alternate world, beginning with novel The Phoenix and the Mirror, or The Enigmatic Speculum(1969), in which Vergil goes thru adventures in search of a "virgin mirror" to trade for his stolen virility(Clute)
   Ferman, Edward L.  $5,000 Science Fiction Novel Award  note  an award for best sf novel submitted, open to all writers, winner announced p.92 in 1968 JUN; awarded & judged by Pyramid Books(Ed-in-chief Donald R. Bensen), F&SF(Edward L. Ferman), & Kent Productions(V.P. Irwin Allen); winning novel pub. 1968 JUL-SEP
1967 SEP  Collyn, George  Out of Time, Out of Place  ss  a young British writer, often pub. in NWS; this is his 1st story to be pub. in the U.S.
   Frazer, Shamus  Cyclops Juju, The  nv  (1912-1966) 1st pub. in Charles Birkin(ed): The Tandem Book of Horror Stories(1965, London); ps. for James Ian Arbuthnot Frazer, U.K. writer; has sf novel A Shroud As Well As a Shirt(1935), & comic satirical fantasy novel Blow, Blow Your Trumpets(1945)
   Sambrot, William  Night of the Leopard  nv  (1920- ) fulltime freelance writer; 1st story pub. sf "Report to the People" in Blue Book Mag., in 1953; writes for TV: Combat, Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock Presents; has coll. Island of Fear(1963); has Crazy Murtag ser. in men's mags. as William Ayes
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Merril, Judith  Books  br  Sam Moskowitz(ed): Three Stories(by Leinster, Williamson, & Wyndham); essay on Moskowitz, the sense of wonder, the sense of nostalgia, & the ability or inability to reread older sf stories
   McIntosh, J.T.  Saw and the Carpenter, The  nv  see book Ian Covell: J.T. McIntosh: Memoir & Bibliography(1987 chap)
   London, Jack  Thousand Deaths, A (Special Reprint Feature)  ss  1st pub. in The Black Cat, 1899 MAY; one of the first stories that London sold, for $40.00; he was 23 & had made his commitment to writing, but until this sale was "at the end of my tether ... ready to go back to coal shoveling or ahead to suicide"
   Trott, Susan  Donny Baby  ss  (1937- ) 1st books ya novels Mr. Privacy(1972), The Sea Serpent of Horse(1973); 1st adult novel The Housewife and the Assassin(1979); Incognito(1983), Sightings(1987), The Holy Man(1995), Crane Spreads Wings(1998), etc; see
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Great Borning, The  sces  geological eras, the Cambrian "explosion" of life forms, the effects of a much closer moon
   Yefremov, I.  Secret From Hellas, A  ss  (1908-1972) trans. by Selig O. Wassner; Ivan Antonovich Yefremov, Prof. of Paleontology & writer, considered "Dean of Soviet SF"; has trans. of coll. A Meeting Over Tuscarora(1946 UK), Stories(1954); has novella in More Soviet Science Fiction(1962)
1967 OCT  McKenna, Richard  Home the Hard Way  nv  prev. unpub. story; has mainstream fiction coll. Sons of Martha and Other Stories(1966); his story "The Secret Place" in Damon Knight: Orbit 1(1966) won a posthumous Nebula Award; see Peter Nicholls: Survey of Science Fiction Literature(1979)

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