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1970 JAN  Pangborn, Edgar  Longtooth  nv  lives near Woodstock, NY("near the site of the recent rock concert festival"); see Gordon Benson Jr: Edgar Pangborn: A Bibliography(1985 chap)
   Russ, Joanna  Books  br  Robert Merle: The Day of the Dolphin; Norman Spinrad: Bug Jack Barron; Jack Vance:Emphyrio; Harry Harrison & Brian W. Aldiss(ed): Best SF: 1968; K.M. O'Donnell: The Empty People
   Eisenberg, Larry  Matter of Time and Place, A  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Emmett Duckworth series
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   McAllister, Bruce  E Pluribus Solo  ss 
   Wolfe, Gene  Car Sinister  ss  (1931- ) born in Brooklyn; lives in Barrington, Il; served in Korean War, experiences written in coll. Letters Home(1991); has mechanical engineering degree, Univ. of Houston; worked as engineer till 1972 to become editor Plant Engineering, retired 1984
   Koontz, Dean R.  Third Hand, A  nv  has comic novel The Haunted Earth(1973); thriller/horror novel Night Chills(1976), about a mind-controlling drug(B&C); sf/suspense novel Lightning(1988); Oddkins(1988), a ya fantasy novel about a battle betw. groups of good toys & bad toys(B&C)
   Cady, Jack  Ride the Thunder  ss  (1932- ) 1st pub. in Overdrive(a trucker's mag.), in 1967; born in Columbus, OH; teaches English at Univ. of Washington; horror writer, has one sf novel The Man Who Could Make Things Vanish(1982), a dystopia set in a near-future right-wing U.S.A.(Clute)
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Bughouse  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Lunar Honor-Roll, The  sces  scientists honored by having their names used for lunar craters & other physical features; has 7th coll. of F&SF science essays The Solar System and Back(1970)
   Scott, Robin  Delicate Operation, A  ss 
1970 FEB  Shapiro, Neil  From the Moon, With Love  nv  (1949?- ) a 21-year old student at the Rochester Institute of Technology; graduate of Clarion Writers' Workshop; 1st story pub. sf "Now No One Waits" in IFS 1969 DEC
   Wilson, Gahan  M-1  ss 
   Blish, James  Books  br  James Branch Cabell: Figures of Earth, & The Silver Stallion; Lord Dunsany: The King of Elfland's Daughter; William Morris: The Wood Beyond the World; Fletcher Pratt: The Blue Star; Josephine Saxton: The Hieros Gamos of Sam and An Smith
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Lanier, Sterling E.  His Only Safari  nv  6th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series
   Malzberg, Barry  Watching Apollo  pm  as K.M. O'Donnell has novels Screen(1968), The Empty People(1969), Universe Day(1971 fixup); has used ps. Francine Di Natale, for The Circle(1969), & Claudine Dumas, for Diary of a Parisian Chambermaid(1969), both adult novels
   Russ, Joanna  Initiation  nv  excerpt from her upcoming novel And Chaos Died(1970; N-1970 NEB; 1971 LOC; rvw. F&SF 1970 DEC), in which a man who crash-landed on a planet is forced by its psychically transformed human inhabitants to become like them & acquire psi powers(Clute)
   DeWeese, Gene & Robert Coulson  Tracy Business, The  ss  (1934- ; 1928-1999) Gene DeWeese working name for Thomas Eugene DeWeese, a technical writer on the Apollo program; Coulson husband of author Juanita Coulson(also in F&SF 1963 JUN as John Jay Wells), editors of fanzine Yandro(1953-86), W-1965 HUG
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Multiplying Elements, The  sces  elements; periodic table, Part 1 of 3; the rare earth elements; Part 2 in 1970 MAR(#2885) & Part 3 in 1970 APR(#2896)
   Runyon, Charles W.  Dream Patrol  ss  has mystery novels The Death Cycle(1963), Color Him Dead(1963), The Prettiest Girl I Ever Killed(1965), The Black Moth(1967), Power Kill(1972); has powerful novel of the Green Berets in Vietnam, The Bloody Jungle(1966); also in F&SF as Charles Runyon
1970 MAR  Anderson, Poul  Fatal Fulfillment, The  na  N-1970 NEB; 1971 LOC; 1st story in F&SF in the Afterlife of Bailey ser.; 1 of 5 stories written by 5 authors that follow a common prologue(by Keith Laumer); 1 other in ser. in F&SF by Frank Herbert; all to be pub. in Keith Laumer's book, Five Fates(1970)
   Wilson, Gahan  Books: Dark Corner, The  br  Sam Moskowitz(ed): The Man Who Called Himself Poe; David Case: The Cell: Three Tales of Horror; Alex Hamilton(ed): Splinters: A New Anthology of Macabre Fiction; Margery Lawrence: Number Seven Queen Street
   Etchison, Dennis  Night of the Eye, The  ss  has novelization The Fog(1979); as his fictional character Jack Martin, he wrote Halloween II(1981) & Halloween III: Season of the Witch(1982), & Videodrome(1983); has short story "The Dark Country" in Fantasy Tales #8 1981, W-1982 BFA, WFA
   Kelley, Leo P.  Harvest  ss  has edited anth. Themes in Science Fiction(1972), Fantasy, the Literature of the Marvelous(1973), The Supernatural in Fiction(1973)
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Falls of Troy, The  ar  "the man who brought the real Troy back into light ... Heinrich Schliemann(1822-90)"; the various levels of the Troy ruins, & the story of Troy as shown by the excavations; has nf The Day of the Dinosaur(1968), Great Cities of the Ancient World(1972)
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Fun-nee  nv 
   Eisenberg, Larry  Chameleon, The  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Bridging the Gaps  sces  elements; periodic table, Part 2 of 3; the transition elements & the rare earth elements; Part 1 in 1970 FEB(#2876) & Part 3 in 1970 APR(#2896)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Miller, Charles  Tangled Web of Neil Weaver, The  ss 
1970 APR  Leiber, Fritz  Introduction to Fritz Leiber's "Ill Met in Lankhmar"  in  intro to his Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser ser.; "... I became haunted by the question of how these 2 men ever did come to meet ... I sensed some crucial adventure was involved, & I was fairly sure it had taken place in Lankhmar on a dark & misty night ..."
   Leiber, Fritz  Ill Met in Lankhmar  na  W-1970 NEB; 1971 HUG, na; N-1971 LOC, shfi; 1st story in F&SF in Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser series; story tells how Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser met; 1st story in series "Two Sought Adventure" in UNK 1939 AUG, rest pub. mostly in UNK & FAN
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Blish, James  Books  br  Edward Lucie-Smith(ed): Holding Your Eight Hands, an Anthology of Science-Fiction Verse; Roger Zelazny: Creatures of Light and Darkness; George MacDonald: Lilith; Jack Vance: Eight Fantasms and Magics; Dan Morgan: The New Minds, & 1 more
   Runyon, Charles W.  Soulmate  ss  story is "a contemporary horror tale & a strong one, not recommended for the squeamish"; exp. into novel, Soulmate(1974), being about possession, the victim a young prostitute(Clute); ghostwrote Ellery Queen novels The Last Score(1964), Killer Touch(1975)
   Shapiro, Neil  In Black of Many Colors  nv  1st of 2 stories in his telepath series; has sf novel Planet Without a Name(1976), in which space colonists find themselves at war with nasty amphibian humanoids
   Wilson, Carter  Brief, Swinging Career of Dan and Judy Smythe, The  ss  (1941- ) lives in Cambridge, has novels, Crazy February(1966), I Have Fought the Good Fight(1967), Treasures on Earth(1981); has one book for children, On Firm Ice(1969), & book Hidden in the Blood: A Personal Investigation of AIDS in the Yucatan(1990)
   Lupoff, Richard A.  Wizard of Atala, The  ss  (1935- ) born in NYC, lives in Poughkeepsie, wrote films for IBM, full-time writer since 1970; active in sf fandom, co-edited fanzine Xero(1960-63) w. wife Pat, W-1963 HUG, best fanzine; has book, comics nf from Xero, All Color for a Dime(1970; 1997)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Nobel Prize That Wasn't, The  sces  elements; periodic table, Part 3 of 3; Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen & x-rays, how they aided formation of the table; how the 1916 Nobel(not given due to WWI) should have gone to Henry Gwyn-Jeffreys Mosely; Part 1 in 1970 FEB(#2876) & Part 2 in 1970 MAR(#2885)
   Moore, Raylyn  They All Ran After the Farmer's Wife  ss  (1928- ) wife of author Ward Moore(also in F&SF); 1st story pub. "Death Is a Woman" in ESQ, in 1954; has book Mock Oranges(1968)
1970 MAY  Norden, Eric  Final Quarry, The  nv  his 1st pub. story; has 2 nf books; regular contributor to PBY, incl. award-winning article "The Paramilitary Right"(1969 JUN); has article "The Death of a President" on JFK's assasination & the conspiracy theories pub. in 1964 JAN can be found online
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Books  br  Michael Moorcock: The Black Corridor; Roger Zelazny: Damnation Alley; Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 5; Poul Anderson(ed): Nebula Award Stories Four; Malzberg also in F&SF as Barry Malzberg, under ps. K.M. O'Donnell, with co-authors Pronzini, Neville, Harrison
   Ellison, Harlan & Theodore Sturgeon  Runesmith (dedicated to the memory of Cordwainer Smith)  ss  (1934- ; 1918-1985) N-1971 LOC, short fiction; to be pub. in Harlan Ellison: Partners in Wonder(1971; N-1972 LOC), a coll. of collaborative fiction with Ellison; Ellison has anth. Medea: Harlan's World(1985; W-1986 LOC)
   Raab, Lawrence  Voices Answering Back: Vampires, The  pm  (1946- ) 1st pub. in The American Scholar, in 1969; born in Pittsfield, MA; has 1968 BA from Middlebury College, 1972 MA from Syracuse Univ.; has poetry colls. Mysteries of the Horizon(1972), The Collector of Cold Weather(1976), Other Children(1987)
   Teichner, Albert  Fourth Tense of Time, The  ss  Albert R. Teichner, a WWII vet(mostly in New Guinea & the Philippines); has MA from Columbia Univ.; 1st story pub. sf "Man Made" in AMZ 1960 JAN as Albert R. Teichner
   Boles, Paul Darcy  Fabulous Bartender, The  ss  (1916-1984) born in Ashley-Hudson, IN; vice president of an advertising agency in Atlanta; has novels The Streak(1953), The Beggars in the Sun(1954; vt All That Love Allows, 1955), Beggars in the South(1954)
   Edmondson, G.C.  Introduction to G.C. Edmondson's "Nobody Believes an Indian"  in  introduction to his last Mad Friend series story in F&SF; "The part that nobody's willing to believe about the mad friend series is that they're all true. Not even my friends ... were convinced until the mad friend actually showed up at a convention ..."
   Edmondson, G.C.  Nobody Believes an Indian  ss  8th & last story in F&SF in his Mad Friend series; has one more story, #9 in series, in ASI 1981 AUG 31; ser. after 1965 remain uncollected; see his obit & appreciations in LOC 1996 MAR(#422)

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