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1970 MAY  Asimov, Isaac  Science: Playing the Game  sces  red shift, Part 1 of 2; the light from distant galaxies undergo a Doppler effect; Part 2 in 1970 JUN(#2916)
   Herbert, Frank  Murder Will In  nv  (1920-1986) 2nd/last story in Afterlife of Bailey ser.; see Poul Anderson's story in ser., 1970 MAR(#2878); born in Tacoma, educated at Univ. of Washington; 1st story pub. sf "Looking for Something" in STS 1952 APR; has Dune novels, see
1970 JUN  Jones, D.F.  Tocsin, The  nv  lives in Cornwall, England; see article by Gary Lovisi "Colossus and Other Cautionary Tales: An Appreciation of the Works of D.F. Jones" in OTW #3 1989
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Harrison, Harry  Wife to the Lord  ss  this story to be in his coll. One Step from Earth(1970); also in F&SF with co-author Barry N. Malzberg; has novels Tunnel Through the Deeps(1972; N-1973 LOC), Lifeboat(1976 w. Gordon R. Dickson; N-1976 LOC); edited nf Hell's Cartographers(1975 w. Aldiss)
   Coleman, Sidney  Books  br  Alexei Panshin: Masque World; Robert Silverberg: To Live Again; Keith Laumer: The Long Twilight; Sidney Coleman is an sf fan & a theoretical physicist
   Tall, Stephen  Angry Mountain, The  ss  (1908-1981) ps. for Compton N. Crook, writer & biology professor; began writing career under various undisclosed ps. in the 1930s, early work not sf(Clute); 1st story pub. sf "The Lights on Precipice Peak" in GAL 1955 OCT
   McAllister, Bruce  Mother of Pearl  ss  student in the writing program at Univ. of California(Irvine); working on a 1st novel, Humanity Prime(1971), based on themes in this story & in "The Warmest Memory" in F&SF 1970 DEC, & takes material from "The Faces Outside" in IFS 1963 JUL(Clute)
   Goulart, Ron  Hobo Jungle  nv  5th story in Chameleon Corps series
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Distance of Far, The  sces  red shift, Part 2 of 2; judging astronomical distances using the red shift, led up to the discovery that the universe is expanding; Part 1 in 1970 MAY(#2907)
   Henderson, Zenna  Believing Child, The  ss 
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 38: 1970 JAN-JUN  indx 
1970 JUL  Lanier, Sterling E.  His Coat So Gay  nv  7th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Clean-Up  pm 
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Making Titan  ss  story part of fixup novel as by K.M. O'Donnell, Universe Day(1971); has used ps. Robin Schaefer(in FAN 1969 APR), & William Coyne(in GAL 1976 MAY); ps. Gerrold Watkins for adult novels A Bed of Money(1969), & Art of the Fugue(1970)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Russ, Joanna  Books  br  Anne McCaffrey: The Ship Who Sang; Poul Anderson: Satan's World; Brian W. Aldiss: Report on Probability A; Ray Bradbury: I Sing the Body Electric
   Shapiro, Neil  Starlight Shining Through Her Eyes  ss  has also pub. four stories and two articles in Vertex Science Fiction between 1974 FEB & 1975 AUG
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Quarter-Acre Round Table, The  ar  sources & historical basis of the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Table Round; in Viagens Interplanetary ser., The Stones of Nomoru(1988; with his wife Catherine Crook de Camp), The Venom Trees of Sunga(1992)
   Silverberg, Robert  Ishmael in Love  ss  has novels The Gate of Worlds(1967), Hawksbill Station(1967), Thorns(1967; N-1967 NEB; 1968 HUG), latter a stylized story of alienation & vampirism(Clute); colls. Needle in a Timestack(1966), To Open the Sky(1967), The Callibrated Alligator(1969)
   Jennings, Gary  Tom Cat  ss  has nf books for young adults, The Teenager's Realistic Guide to Astrology(1971), The Shrinking Outdoors(1972, conservation of natural resources), The Earth Book(1974)
   Koontz, Dean R.  Mystery of His Flesh, The  nv  has thriller/horror novel The House of Thunder(1988 U.K.); The Shadow Sea(1988); Midnight(1989), a technophobic horror novel about a scientific experiment gone terribly wrong(B&C); see his iv's in WRT 1990 WIN, LOC 1994 NOV, CMD 1992 SPR & 1997 SPR
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: My Planet 'Tis of Thee  sces  overpopulation, the problems of a finite world; growth of population exceeded by growth of energy use, use of natural resources, increasing pollution
   Wilson, Robin Scott  State of the Art, The  ss  (1928- ) also in F&SF under the working name Robin Scott, & as Robin Wilson; a doctor, & later the President of California State Univ.(Chico); 1st story pub. sf "Third Alternative" in ANA 1964 MAR
1970 AUG  Swann, Thomas Burnett  Goat Without Horns, The  no-1/2  "a young Englishman ... becomes involved in a tangle of mysterious events on the Caribbean island of Oleandra"; has a dolphin as a narrator; a poet & novelist, Swann used to teach English literature at Florida Atlantic Univ.; has coll. Moondust(1968)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Blish, James  Books  br  John Lymington: Ten Million Years to Friday; Julius Fast: The League of Grey-Eyed Women(1st pub. in VSF 1969 AUG); D.G. Compton: The Steel Crocodile; Avram Davidson: The Phoenix and the Mirror
   Lucas, Jon  Self-Priming Solid-State Electronic Chicken, The  ss 
   Exter, Maureen Bryan  Good-bye Birthday, The  ss  (1945?- ) ps. for E.M. Goldman, & in F&SF as such; 26-years old, lives in California, has had stories in Ingenue, etc; has books Money to Burn(1994), The Night Room(1995), Getting Lincoln's Goat: An Elliott Armbruster Mystery(1995), Shrinking Pains(1996)
   Harburg, E.Y.  Fashion Note  pm  (1898-1981) 1st pub. in his coll. Rhymes for the Irreverent(1965); Edgar Yipsel Harburg, poet & lyricist; co-wrote score for The Wizard of Oz(1939), Finian's Rainbow(1968); coll. At This Point in Rhyme(1976); see John Lahr: The Business of Rainbow(1978)
   Goulart, Ron  Confessions  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Jose Silvera series
   Goldstone, Cynthia & Avram Davidson  Pebble in Time  ss  Goldstone is a sf painter who lives in California, near Mission Dolores; married in 1951 to fellow sf artist Louis C. Goldstone III; good friends of Avram Davidson & many sf/f authors & artists, they have showed their artwork at many sf conventions
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Stars in Their Courses, The  sces  astrology through history; has nf books, Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare, Vol.I & Vol.II(1970)
   Moore, Raylyn  Out of Control  ss 
1970 SEP  Kelley, Leo P.  Travelin' Man, The  ss  has novels Mindmix(1972), Mythmaster(1973), The Earth Tripper(1973)
   Blish, James  Books  br  James Branch Cabell: The High Place; Hans Stefan Santesson(ed): Crime Prevention in the 30th Century; Howard Fast: The General Zapped an Angel; Harry Harrison(ed): Nova 1
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Walling, William  Rings on Her Fingers  ss  (1926- ) his 1st pub. story, but not his 1st sale - has already sold his 1st novel, No One Goes There Now(1971), about a human culture on a colony planet confronted by aliens who will not abide our games of violence(Clute); William Herbert Walling
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Reward of Virtue  pm  has nf book Lands Beyond(1952; W-1953 IFA) with Willy Ley; colls. The Reluctant Shaman and Other Fantastic Tales(1970), The Best of L. Sprague de Camp(1978; N-1979 LOC); has nf book The Ragged Edge of Science(1980); see website
   Sargent, Pamela  Landed Minority  ss  (1948- ) her 1st pub. story; born in Ithaca, NY, now a graduate student in classical philosophy at the State Univ. of New York(Binghampton), where she lives with writer George Zebrowski; has coll. The Best of Pamela Sargent(1987; N-1988 LOC)
   Searles, Baird  Films  mr/tvr  1st of his column of reviews of movies on the big screen & on TV, & of TV series; Beneath the Planet of the Apes(1970), dir. Ted Post, stars Charlton Heston & James Franciscus
   Bunch, David R.  Tough Rocks and Hard Stones  vi  has coll. Bunch!(1993; N-1993 DIC; 1994 LOC)
   Swann, Thomas Burnett  Goat Without Horns, The  no-2/2  1st story pub. sf "Winged Victory" in FUN 1958 JUL; has book Wonder and Whimsy: The Fantastic World of Christina Rossetti(1960); has Minotaur seq. The Day of the Minotaur(1966), The Forest of Forever(1971),The Minikins of Yam(1976), Cry Silver Bells(1977)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Lopsided Sun, The  sces  sunspots & solar flares
   Teichner, Albert  Ultimate Thrill, The  nv  has stories in anth. Anon.(ed): The 6 Fingers of Time(1965; stories from IFS 1959-1961), Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 10(1972), & Orbit 13(1974)
1970 OCT  Wilson, Robin Scott  Gone Fishin'  ss  Wilson was the most influential founder of the Clarion Writers' Workshop, along with Damon Knight, etal, in Clarion, PA, in 1968; Clarion still operates today
   Davidson, Avram  Selectra Six-Ten  ss  has book of poems, Loups-Garous(1971); has novella in Arnten series, "The Forges of Nainland Are Cold" in FAN 1972 AUG, OCT; also in this series, novella "Arnten of Ultima Thule" in IFS 1971 AUG
   Wilson, Gahan  Books: Dark Corner, The  br  August Derleth(ed): Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos; David H. Keller: The Folsolm Flint and Other Curious Tales
   Ferman, Edward L.  Books  br  Jerome Agel(ed): The Making of Kubrick's 2001; J. Francis McComas(ed): Special Wonder: The Anthony Boucher Memorial Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction; Index to the Science Fiction Magazines 1969
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 

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