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1972 AUG  Goulart, Ron  Gigolo  ss  has nf books, The Assault on Childhood(1972), Cheap Thrills: An Informal History of Pulp Magazines(1972), An American Family(1973)
   Fritch, Charles E.  If at First You Don't Succeed, to Hell With It!  spf  "some time ago, Mr. Fritch sent us a deal with the devil story which we returned with a polite note saying we didn't want to use another deal with the devil story ... ever. (He) responded with this piece, & having cleverly backed us into a corner ..."
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Doctor, Doctor, Cut My Throat  sces  hormones, their discovery; in particular, those from the thyroid gland
   Lee, William  To Gild a Unicorn  nv  also in F&SF as William M. Lee, for 3 earlier stories, in 1967 NOV, 1968 JUN & 1969 APR
1972 SEP  Ferman, Edward L.  Coming Next Month  note  beginning with the 1972 OCT issue(23rd Anniversary Issue), there will be 16 additional pages to F&SF: 1st to accomodate long fiction w/o cutting down on short fiction, 2nd to please current readers & attract new ones; there will be no price increase
   Niven, Larry  What Good Is a Glass Dagger?  nv  N-1973 LOC, na; 3rd story in F&SF in his Mana series; the 1st story in this series, "Not Long Before the End" in F&SF 1969 APR, forms sort of a prologue for this story; see iv's in INZ #39 1990, Expanse #2 1994, LOC 1985AUG(#295), & LOC 1997 FEB(#433)
   Davidson, Avram  Books  br  Harry Harrison & Thomas J. Gordon(ed): Ahead of Time; Harlan Ellison: Again Dangerous Visions(Davidson also mentions a soon-to-be-published 3rd volume, Last Dangerous Visions, which he is supposed to be in & therefore can't review it)
   Kearny, Gene  Sweet Little Pool of Low-Cost Labor, A  ss  ( ? -1979) Gene R. Kearney, majored in behavioral psychology at Harvard; wrote the screenplays for Games(1967), How I Spent My Summer Vacation(1967 TV), Night of the Lepus(1972; aka Rabbits); wrote/directed 7 episodes of Rod Serling's Night Gallery
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Short Religious Novel, A  vi  has novel Overlay(1972); non-sf novel Underlay(1974; 1986), a humorous novel concerning a racetrack punter which some consider funniest book
   Gunn, James E.  Voices, The  nv  (1923- ) 1st & only story in F&SF in The Listeners ser., part of fixup novel The Listeners(1972; N-1973 JWC); born in Kansas City, educated at Univ. of Kansas where he's a Prof. of English & Journalism, and Director of the Center for the Study of S. F.
   Dorman, Sonya  Marriage of Art and Sciences, The (for Jerry)  pm 
   Searles, Baird  Films: Sex and the S-F Film  mr/tvr  I Love You, I Kill You(1971 Germany); Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde(1972 UK), stars Ralph Bates
   Sladek, John  Broot Force by *s**c *s*m*v  spf  3rd story in his parody series, this one a parody of Isaac Asimov & his Three Laws of Robish(Robotics); has mystery novel Black Alice(1968) with Thomas M. Disch as collab. ps. Thom Demijohn; wrote rambling book column in TotU #7-14 & 16, 1990-1996
   Schutz, J.W.  Wish, The  nv  has two adventure-sf novels, People of the Rings(1975 UK), & The Moon Microbe(1976 UK)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: World, Ceres, The  sces  asteroid Ceres, information & facts, as well as its history
   MacLennan, Phyllis  Thus Love Betrays Us  ss  has novel, Turned Loose on Irdra(1970)
1972 OCT  Bester, Alfred  Animal Fair, The  nv  N-1972 NEB, novelette; has posthumously pub. novel, Tender Loving Rage(1991), written 20 years earlier, a mainstream novel set in 1959 New York(Clute); has autobiographical sketch in Aldiss & Harrison(ed): Hell's Cartographers(1975)
   Goulart, Ron  Books  br  E. Nelson Bridwell(ed): Superman: From the 30s to the 70s; E.C. Segar: Popeye; Les Daniels: Comix; Martin Sheridan: Comics and Their Creators; Goulart was a book reviewer for VSF 1969 MAY-1970 AUG
   Farmer, Philip José  Skinburn  ss  Riverworld ser. also incl. novels Crossing the Dark River(1992), Up the Bright River(1993), colls. Riverworld and Other Stories(1979), Riverworld War(1980); anth. ser. Tales of Riverworld(1992), Quest to Riverworld(1993); see interview in AMZ 1984 NOV
   Lanier, Sterling E.  And the Voice of the Turtle ...  nv  8th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; series coll. in The Peculiar Exploits of Brigadier Ffellowes(1972; rvw. in F&SF 1973 DEC)
   Fast, Howard  Hoop, The  ss  has juvenile novel Tony and the Wonderful Door(1968; vt The Magic Door, 1980)
   Leiber, Fritz  Lotus Eaters, The  ss  has colls. Worlds of Fritz Leiber(1976; N-1977 LOC), Bazaar of the Bizarre(1978), Heroes and Horrors(1978; N-1979 WFA), Ship of Shadows(1979; N-1980 LOC), The Ghost Light(1984; W-1985 LOC), The Leiber Chronicles(1990; N-1991 LOC, WFA)
   Searles, Baird  Films  mr/tvr  "a short essay ... on what I look for in the fantastic film"; movies mentioned - Jason and the Argonauts(1963); Stairway to Heaven(1946); The Cat People(1942); The Innocents(1961); The Incredible Shrinking Man(1957); 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968); 1 more
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Harrison, Harry  Strangers  ss  has To the Stars seq. Homeworld(1980), Wheelworld(1981), Starworld(1981): To the Stars(1981 omni); Eden ser. West of Eden(1984; N-1985 LOC), Winter in Eden(1986), Return to Eden(1988), alternate history, dinosaurs survived to become biotechnologists
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Unlikely Twins, The  sces  elements; carbon, Part 1 of 2; two of its kinds, graphite & diamonds; Part 2 in 1972 NOV(#3270)
   Henderson, Zenna  Thrumthing and Out  nv 
1972 NOV  Pohl, Frederik & C.M. Kornbluth  Meeting, The  ss  co-W-1973 HUG, short story(w. R.A. Lafferty's "Eurema's Dam"); N-1973 LOC, short fiction; story written by Pohl based on notes made by Kornbluth; "their collaboration spanned a period of about 20 years and produced roughly 35 short stories & 7 novels"
   Blish, James  Books  br  Brian W. Aldiss: This Moment of Eclipse; Chad Oliver: The Edge of Forever; Robert Silverberg(ed): Four Futures, & New Dimensions 1
   Eisenstein, Phyllis  Inn of the Black Swan  nv  2nd story in her Alaric series; in the early 1970s, formed the Windy City Writers Group, with her husband/author Alex, & author George R.R. Martin
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Sladek, John  Joy Ride by R*y Br*db*ry  spf  4th story in his parody ser., a parody of Ray Bradbury; has sf novel The Müller-Fokker Effect(1970), in which a man's character is transferred onto computer tape, the dissemination of several copies of this personality causing absurd events(Clute)
   Boucher, Anthony  Man's Reach  nv  N-1973 LOC; never before published; for more biographical & bibliographical information on Anthony Boucher, see Annette Peltz McComas(ed): The Eureka Years, Boucher and McComas' Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, 1949-1954(1982; rvw. F&SF 1982 NOV)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Dinner at 8 for the Mud People  mr/tvr  Savages(1972); Eye of the Devil(1967 UK), stars Deborah Kerr, David Niven
   Bier, Jesse  Man on Zero-Four, The  nv 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: One and Only, The  sces  elements; carbon, Part 2 of 2; carbon-based organic compounds, could some other element be versatile enough to help form life?; Part 1 in 1972 OCT(#3260)
   Glaskin, G.M.  Inheritors, The  nv  (1923- ) working name for Gerald Marcus Glaskin, an Australian living now in Holland; has sf novel A Change of Mind(1959), about hypnotic mind-transference betw. two men(Clute); nf book Windows of the Mind(1974), about psychic time travel
   Coney, Michael G.  Susanna, Susanna!  ss  (1932- ) 1st story of 2 in John Maine series; Michael Greatrex Coney, from England, now living in Antigua, manager of the Jabberwock Hotel; 1st story pub. "Sixth Sense" in VoT 1969 AUG
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 3  cmp  all winners: Arthur D. Hlavaty; R.A. Boldt; Lawrence A. Perkins; Barry N. Malzberg; Tom Purdom; Linda Workman; Deborah Hambly; Wesley Koehler; Ralph Glisson; Mark Hora & Peter M. Basch; K.H. Burgett; Robert J. Morales; Ted Kriner; John Brunner
   F&SF staff  Competition 4  cmp  send in the opening of a possible lead story in The Year's Worst Fantasy & Science Fiction, limit 75 words; example given
1972 DEC  Moore, Hal R.  Doctor Dominoe's Dancing Doll  nv 
   Moffitt, Donald  Man Who Was Beethoven, The  ss  has Genesis series novels The Genesis Quest(1986), Second Genesis(1986), in which man contacts aliens after millions of years gap; Mechanical Sky ser. novels Crescent in the Sky(1990), A Gathering of Stars(1990), in which Arabs rule the space ways(Clute)
   Russ, Joanna  Books  br  Bunch: Moderan; Malzberg: The Falling Astronauts; O'Donnell: In the Pocket and Other SF Stories, & Gather in the Hall of the Planet; McAllister: Humanity Prime; M. John Harrison: The Committed Men; Runyon: Pig World; Sheckley: Can You Feel Anything ...
   Green, Joseph  Custom of the Children of Life, A  ss  has 1st novel The Loafers of Refuge(NWS 1962 APR, DEC, 1963 JUN; 1965 fixup UK), which chronicles the coming together of colonizing humans & human-like natives, to their mutual benefit, on the planet of Refuge(Clute)
   Goulart, Ron  Canned Heat  ss  8th story in Chameleon Corps series; has Jack Conger or Wild Talents series, A Talent for the Invisible(1973), The Panchronicon Plot(1977), Hello, Lemuria, Hello(1979); 2 Kung Fu novels, as by Howard Lee, Chains(1973), & Superstition(1973)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Minority Vampire, The  mr/tvr  Blacula(1972), has sequel - Scream, Blacula, Scream(1973); Die, Monster, Die(1965), based on H.P. Lovecraft's "Colour Out of Space," stars Boris Karloff; The Extraordinary Seaman(1969), stars David Niven, Faye Dunaway
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Books That Never Were  ar  to be pub. in his nf book, Scribblings(1972 NESFA); "books that were never written but exist only as titles or allusions in fiction"; incl. Egyptian Book of Thoth, medieval The Three Imposters, Book of Dzyan, Unknown Life of Christ, Necronomicon, etc
   Moore, Raylyn  Lobster Trick  ss 

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