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1974 JAN  Eisenstein, Phyllis  Witch and the Well, The  nv  3rd story in her Alaric series; also in F&SF with her husband Alex
   Ellison, Harlan  Books  br  essay: code of sf book reviewers, "the word is the sole item judged & commented upon"; Kurt Vonnegut Jr: Breakfast of Champions; John Boyd: The Doomsday Gene; Doris Piserchia: Mister Justice; Harry Harrison & Leon E. Stoyer: Stonehenge
   Boles, Paul Darcy  Sled, The  ss  has novels The Mississippi Run(1977), Glory Day(1979)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Harrison, M. John  Centauri Device, The  nv  1st & only story in F&SF in Capt. John Truck ser., was developed into novel The Centauri Device(1974); has Viriconium seq. novels The Pastel City(1971), A Storm of Wings(1980; N-1981 BFA), In Viriconium(1982; N-1983 BFA), coll. Viriconium Nights(1984)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Jesus With Jets  mr/tvr  Jesus Christ Superstar(1973), has same Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber score as the Broadway play, stars Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman; Brother Sun, Sister Moon(1973 Italy-UK), dir. Franco Zeffirelli, has songs by Donovan
   Berman, Ruth  Board in the Other Direction, A  ss  Berman N-1973 JWCA, Best New Writer; has books A Case of Double Identity(1995), Dear Poppa: The World War II Berman Family Letters(1997), & Kerlan Awards in Cildren's Literature(2001); has collab. novel Autumn World(2001)
   Roberts, Keith  Beautiful One, The  nv  1st pub. in NWS #6 1973; has fixup novel The Inner Wheel(1970), which deals with a kind of gestalt superman theme(Clute); see interviews in Charles Platt: Dream Makers(1983), & in LOC 1986 SEP(#308)
   Bishop, Michael  Tigers of Hysteria Feed Only on Themselves, The  ss  has novels And Strange at Ecbatan the Trees(1976; vt Beneath the Shattered Moons, 1977), Stolen Faces(1977); has poetry coll. Windows & Mirrors: A Chapbook of Poetry to Deep South Con XV(1977 chap); coll. Blooded on Arachne(1982; N-1983 LOC)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Eclipse and I, The  sces  eclipses, Part 1 of 2; his viewing of a solar eclipse on June 30, 1973 off the coast of Africa; a discussion on eclipses; Part 2 in 1974 FEB(#3470); has nf colls. of essays Asimov on Astronomy(1974), Asimov on Chemistry(1974)
   Coney, Michael G.  Initiation of Akasa, The  ss  3rd & last story in Finistelle, or Donald Lackland series; has novels Syzygy(1973), The Hero of Downways(1973), Friends Come in Boxes(1973 fixup; rev. 1974 UK), the latter a grim account of an unorthodox solution to overpopulation(Clute)
1974 FEB  Wellen, Edward  Mouthpiece  na  a 1935 gangster comes back to life in a Vietnam vet's college program and via telephone & computer connections, ruthlessly seeks to recover his fortune
   Russ, Joanna  Books  br  Thomas Disch(ed): Bad Moon Rising; Fredric Brown: Paradox Lost; Gordon Dickson: The Star Road; Marie Farca: Complex Man
   Russ, Joanna  Game of Vlet, A  ss  has 3rd novel, The Female Man(1975; N-1975 NEB; 1976 LOC; W-1995 TIP), which presents a series of four alternate worlds, in each of which a version of the central protagonist enacts a different life, all dovetailing as the plot progresses(Clute)
   Bishop, Michael  In Rubble, Pleading  ss  "... central incident is true. I heard it when I was a 9-year-old boy sitting in a barber shop in Mulvane, KS ... idea of tornados striking in a seemingly intelligent, premeditated manner came to me before 4 or 5 twisters (hit) Athens(GA)," where he lives
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Delightful Comedic Premise, A  ss  has anth. Final Stage(1974; N-1975 & 1976 LOC; rev. 1975), with Edward L. Ferman
   Searles, Baird  Films: Damn You, Harlan Ellison  mr/tvr  essay: "Why aren't there more good sf movies?"; The Starlost(1973-74, TV series, 16 ep.), initial script by Harlan Ellison, he rejects whole thing, which is why the credits say "created by Cordwainer Bird," stars Keir Dullea, Gay Rowan, Robin Ward
   McIntyre, Vonda N.  Mountains of Sunset, the Mountains of Dawn, The  ss  (1948- ) N-1975 LOC; writer & geneticist; attended 1970 Clarion; 1st story pub. sf "Only at Night in" in Wilson(ed): Clarion(1971); 1st novel The Exile Waiting(1975); fixup novel Dreamsnake(ANA 1973 OCT, 1978 FEB, MAR; 1978) W-1978 NEB; 1979 HUG, LOC
   Moore, Raylyn  Shoes  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Dance of the Luminaries  sces  eclipses, Part 2 of 2; why there are so few solar eclipses, & how it was that the ancients could predict them; Part 1 in 1974 JAN(#3459)
   Etchison, Dennis  Graveyard Blues, The  ss  has colls. The Dark Country(1984), Red Dreams(1984), The Blood Kiss(1988; N-1989 LOC, STO, WFA); has novels Darkside(1986), Shadow Man(1993), California Gothic(1995), & Double Edge(1997)
   Green, Joseph  Star Is Born, A  ss  has novel The Horde(1976 Canada)
1974 MAR  Eklund, Gordon  Beneath the Waves  na  concerns an enclave of merpeople and their efforts to convert an "upper" to their way of life
   Panshin, Alexei & Cory  Books  br  sf has grown; Williamson: H.G. Wells, Critic of Progress; Lowndes: Three Faces of S.F.; Le Guin: From Elfland to Poughkeepsie; Wertham: The World of Fanzines; Bretnor: S. F., Today and Tomorrow; Aldiss: Billion Year Spree, the True History of S.F.; 3 more
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Wolf, Gary K.  Slammer  ss  (1941- ) industrial advertising writer; 1st story pub. sf "Love Story" in WOT 1970 WIN; has novels Killerbowl(1975), A Generation Removed(1977), latter a near-future society where the young have violently taken power, euthanasia among middle aged common
   Killough, Lee  Siren Garden, The  ss  (1942- ) 1st story in her artist colony Aventine series; working name for Karen Lee Killough; Chief Technologist at Dept. of Radiology, Kansas State Univ. Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital; 1st story pub. as "Caveat Emptor" in ASF 1970 MAY
   Searles, Baird  Films: Where the Deer and the Androids Play  mr/tvr  essay: "why many sf movies seem inane to genre fans"; Westworld(1973), directorial debut & written by Michael Crichton, stars Richard Benjamin, Yul Brynner, James Brolin, has sequel Futureworld(1976)
   Williams, Gregg  Plastic and Practical Jokes  ss  2nd & last story in TABROT, or Tuesday Night Forum series; has book with Paul Dreyfus, The Unauthorized Strategy Guide to The Magic: The Gathering Card Game(1995)
   Waldo, Thayer  Lunatick, The  ss  (1919- ) born in Paris, international correspondent, freelance writer for 30 years; has had stories in PST, HRP, Holiday, etc; lives in Mexico; see his Warren Commission testimony at
   Tushnet, Leonard  Waves of Ecology  ss 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Uneternal Atoms, The  sces  radioactivity, Part 1 of 3; radioactive elements & radioactive decay; Part 2 in 1974 APR(#3493), Part 3 in 1974 MAY(#3503)
   Young, Robert F.  Star of Stars, The  nv 
1974 APR  Silverberg, Robert  Born With the Dead  na  W-1975 LOC; N-1974 NEB; 1975 HUG, JUP; "about love & death & a kind of immortality," a new aristocracy of people rekindled after death, & the search by a "warm" human for his rekindled "dead" wife; "Hawksbill Station," GAL 1967 AUG, N-1967 NEB; 1968 HUG
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Robert Silverberg  bio  R.S. "graduated from Columbia Univ. in 1956, having thruout his senior year sold to almost all of the sf mags ... made $200.00 a week out of sf before he was 21 ... over next 10 years pub. ~ 450 books & 3X as many mag. pieces ... sf 15% of his output"
   Clareson, Thomas D.  Robert Silverberg: Compleat Writer, The  ar  T.C. considers R.S.'s best novels to be Downward to Earth, Second Trip, Tower of Glass, Dying Inside; compares early stories which R.S. then expanded on; Clareson has nf books Science Fiction in America, 1870s-1930s(1984), Some Kind of Paradise(1986)
   Tuck, Donald H.  Robert Silverberg: Bibliography  bib  (1922- ) alphabetical listing of fiction books & stories, nf books, & anthologies; Tuck an Australian bibliographer & industrial manager; has sf nf books A Handbook of S. F. and Fantasy(1954), The Encyclopedia of S. F. and Fantasy(3 vols. 1974, '78, '83)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Brennan, Herbie  Mammoth  ss 
   Lanier, Sterling E.  ... No Traveler Returns  ss  has 2nd novel Hiero's Journey(1973), & its sequel The Unforsaken Hiero(1983), both assembled as Hiero Desteen(1984 omnibus), set in a post-holocaust world 5000 years after an atomic war, protagonist Hiero searching to help rebuild things(Clute)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Frankenstein Redux  mr/tvr  Frankenstein: The True Story(1973 two-part TV movie), script co-authored by Christopher Isherwood, stars James Mason, Michael Sarrazin as the Creature
   Anver, M.R.  Unto Us a Child  ss  Miriam R. Anver; 1st story pub. sf "Dragon's Teeth" in ANA 1969 MAY; "has doctor's degrees both in veterinary medicine & pathology ... currently ... an assistant professor ... medical faculty at the Univ. of Michigan"
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Particular Matter, A  sces  radioactivity, Part 2 of 3; the two chief methods of radioactive decay - emission of an alpha particle, & the emission of a beta particle; Part 1 in 1974 MAR(#3482), Part 3 in 1974 MAY(#3503)
   Busby, F.M.  Getting Home  nv  N-1975 LOC, novelette; 1st story pub. sf "A Gun for Grandfather" in FUT 1957 FLL; has coll. Getting Home(1987); Rissa seq. novels beginning w. Rissa Kerguelen(1976); has chapter "Fan Clubs" in Joe Sanders(ed): Science Fiction Fandom(1994)
1974 MAY  Asimov, Isaac  — That Thou Art Mindful of Him!  nv  N-1975 HUG, LOC, novelette; 2nd of 2 stories in F&SF in his Susan Calvin/robot ser., again after her death, her ghost or influence lingers w. the robot company; to be pub. in Ferman & Malzberg(ed): Final Stage(1974), stories of classical sf themes
   Ellison, Harlan  Books  br  Malzberg: Herovit's World; essay: writers trying to break out of sci-fi author categorization; del Rey(ed): Best S. F. Stories of the Year; essay: "Best of Year" anth., how they used to mean something, analysis of 5 of them; lists his "eight top writers "
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Gotlieb, Phyllis  Military Hospital, The  ss  1st pub. in David Helwig & Tom Marshall(ed): Fourteen Stories High(1971); has Starcats series of novels, A Judgement of Dragons(1980), Emperor, Swords, Pentacles(1982), Kingdom of the Cats(1985)
   MacLennan, Phyllis  Like Phoenix From the Ashes Newly Rise  ss 

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