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1974 MAY  del Rey, Lester  Dawn Rider, The  ss  has novels Preferred Risk(1955, w. Pohl under collab. ps. Edson McCann; 1980 as by themselves), Police Your Planet(SFA 1953 MAR-SEP as by Erik van Lhin; 1956; 1975 as del Rey & van Lhin), Pstalemate(1971); coll. The Early del Rey(1975); obit LOC 1993 JUN
   Searles, Baird  Films: Zardoz  mr/tvr  Zardoz(1973 UK), written, produced & directed by John Boorman(of Deliverance fame), stars Sean Connery
   Borski, Robert  Trolls  ss  (1950- ) born & grew up in Stevens Point, WI; his 2nd sale; 1st story pub. "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" in Etchings & Odysseys #1 1973
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: At Closest Range  sces  radioactivity, Part 3 of 3; tissue radioactivity, radioactive nuclides in the human body; Part 1 in 1974 MAR(#3482), Part 2 in 1974 APR(#3493)
   Cox, Arthur Jean  Straight Shooters Always Win  na  a contemporary cattle drive with western writer John Thomas Rokesmith(& under this ps. Cox appears in F&SF 1977 MAY) & western actor Tom Mix
   Grant, C.L.  Key to English, The  ss  has Parric series of post-holocaust novels The Shadow of Alpha(1976), Ascension(1977), Legion(1979), in which a balkanized U.S. is beset with petty dictators & crazed androids(Clute); has anth. Writing and Selling Science Fiction(1976)
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 7  cmp  1st prize: Bob Leman; 2nd prize: Robert Stewart; R-U: William S. Gray; E. Hunt; Paul Shelton
   F&SF staff  Competition 8  cmp  suggested by Roger Klorese - submit near-miss sf or f titles; e.g.: Aldiss: Barefoot in the Bathroom; Bradbury: I Sing the Body Battery-Powered; Herbert: Sand-Pile
1974 JUN  Pournelle, Jerry  Enforcer  nv  (1933- ) PhDs from Univ. of Washington in Psychology(1960), Political Science(1964); former space scientist, political campaign manager; fulltime writer since 1969; 1st story pub. sf "Peace with Honor" in ASF 1971 MAY; has CoDominium seq., War World seq.
   Wellen, Edward  Thataway  ss 
   Clute, John  Books  br  (1940- ) Harry Harrison(ed): Astounding: John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology; Joseph Green: Conscience Interplanetary; Thomas Page: The Hephaestus Plague; Kit Reed: Mister Da V. and Other Stories; Clute from England, co-editor of INZ #1-9
   Aickman, Robert  Clock Watcher, The  nv  1st pub. in Herbert van Thal(ed): The Bedside Book of Horror(1973); Aickman was N-1975 WFA, for Lifetime Achievement
   Searles, Baird  Films: Miscellany  mr/tvr  the use of the term "sci-fi"; Zardoz update; quick round-up of some neglected films - Day of the Dolphin(1973); Fantastic Planet(1973 Czechoslovakia-France); Broken Sword(1969 Japan); The Exorcist(1973); Sleeper(1973); She(1935), & remake She(1965)
   deFord, Miriam Allen  Treyans Are Coming, The  ss 
   Sargent, Pamela  Bond and Free  nv  has fixup novel Cloned Lives(AMZ 1974 FEB, 2 anth. stories; 1976; N-1977 LOC), traces the lives of a number of clones(Clute); The Sudden Star(NWQ #3 1972 as "Julio 204"; exp. 1979; vt The White Death, 1980 UK), set in post-nuclear-holocaust Miami(Clute)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Double-ended Candle, The  sces  energy crisis of 1973 & American energy policy, Part 1 of 2; the limited energy resource, oil; Part 2 in 1974 JUL(#3530)
   Tushnet, Leonard  In the World of Magic  ss 
   Lupoff, Richard A.  Whatever Happened to Nick Neptune?  nv  N-1975 LOC, novelette; teaches an sf course for the inmates at San Quentin; edited books The Reader's Guide to Barsoom and Amtor(1963 chap), The Comic-Book Book(1973 w. Don Thompson); has novels Into the Aether(1974), The Triune Man(1976)
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 46: 1974 JAN-JUN  indx 
1974 JUL  Lanier, Sterling E.  Father's Tale, A  nv  N-1975 WFA, short fiction; 10th story in his Brigadier Ffellowes series; has novel Menace Under Marswood(1983), set on a terraformed Mars(Clute)
   Barkin, Haskell  Mr. Sperling Bugs Out  ss  (1934?- ) from California, political public relations writer; has had stories in PBY, EQMM
   Zebrowski, George  Books  br  Stanislaw Lem: The Invincible, & Memoirs Found in a Bathtub; Zebrowski has coll. The Monadic Universe(1977; exp. 1985); has Omega Point seq., incl. his 1st novel, The Omega Pont(1972), Ashes and Stars(1977), rev. w. 3rd part, The Omega Point Trilogy(1983)
   Tritten, Larry  Star Sneak, The (a Jack Vance parody)  spf  writer of much humorous sf; has 1st story pub. sf "West Is West" in IFS 1968 AUG; he has pub. over 45 short stories in genre mags. thru 2000, incl. Grue, PLP, Night Cry, WRT, TWZ, The Horror Show, AMZ, INZ, etc; by far he has pub. the most in F&SF
   Thurston, Robert  Under Siege  nv  N-1975 LOC, nv; has novels A Set of Wheels(1983), Q Colony(in Silbersack & Schochet 1981 anth. The Berkley Showcase 4, as "The Oonaa Women"; exp. 1985), latter set in a research station on an alien planet whose natives can interbreed w. humans(Clute)
   Coney, Michael G.  Gateway to Now, The  ss  2nd story of 2 in John Maine series; has novels Winter's Children(1974 UK), Charisma(1975), Hello Summer, Goodbye(1975 U.K.; vt Rax, 1975 US; vt Pallahaxi Tide, 1990 Canada), the latter a story of adolescent love in an alien environment(Clute)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Mickey Who?  mr/tvr  reviews a book on films, Christopher Finch: The Art of Walt Disney(1973); brief mention - This Island Earth(1954), based on story by Raymond F. Jones, "The Alien Machine" in TWS 1949 JUN, stars Jeff Morrow
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Twenty Sixty-one  ss  has novels The Destruction of the Temple(1974; N-1975 LOC), On a Planet Alien(1974), The Sodom and Gomorrah Business(1974), Conversations(1974); colls. Out from Ganymede(1974), The Many Worlds of Barry Malzberg(1975)
   Runyon, Charles W.  Once There Were Cows  nv  a freelance writer, he has pub. 30 books in 14 years; has 1st sf novels Pig World(1971); sf novel Ames Holbrook, Deity(1972), about cured illnesses & eternal life
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: As Easy As Two Plus Three  sces  energy crisis of 1973 & American energy policy, Part 2 of 2; alternatives to oil includes fusion energy; Part 1 in 1974 JUN(#3516)
   St. Clair, Margaret  Shadow of Horns, The  ss  has novel The Dancers of Noyo(1973), deals with androids, post-holocaust California, Native Americans & political oppression(Clute); colls. Change the Sky, and Other Stories(1974), The Best of ...(1985); see Gordon Benson: Margaret St. Clair(1986 chap)
   Jacobs, Harvey  Dress Rehearsal  ss  has coll. The Egg of the Glak and Other Stories(1969)
1974 AUG  Eklund, Gordon  Treasure in the Treasure House, The  nv  expanded Poul Anderson's short story "Incomplete Superman" in FUT 1951 MAR into novel Inheritors of Earth(1974, as with Poul Anderson)
   McLaughlin, Dean  West of Scranton and Beyond the Dreams of Avarice  nv  has novella "Mark on the World," in ANA 1992 JUL, was N-1993 HUG
   Coleman, Sidney  Books  br  Roger Zelazny: To Die in Italbar; Larry Niven: Protector; short reviews - H.W. Hall: Science Fiction Book Review Index, Vol.3, 1972; Robert Reginald & M.R. Burgess(ed): Cumulative Paperback Index, 1939-1959
   Etchison, Dennis  Drop City  nv  has short story "The Olympic Runner" in Fantasy Tales #16 1986, W-1987 BFA; has anth. MetaHorror(1992; W-1993 WFA, Best Anthology); was genre consultant for the horror comedy movie Night Life(1989), which was banned in Germany
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  has book The Bang Bang Family(1974)
   Ward, Andrew  Has-Been, The  ss  (1946- ) born in Chicago, raised in India, Greenwich, CT; attended Oberlin College & the Rhode Island School of Design; has suspense novel of India, Blood Seed(1985), nf Our Bones Are Scattered, the Cawnpore Massacres & the Indian Mutiny of 1857(1996)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Sinbad, Shamans and a Strangler  mr/tvr  The Golden Voyage of Sinbad(1974 UK), stars John Phillip Law; Hex(1973), stars Keith Carradine; The Night Strangler(1972 TV), screenplay by Richard Matheson, stars Darren McGavin, Jo Ann Pflug
   Varley, John  Picnic on Nearside  nv  (1947- ) his 1st pub. sf story, "was soon thought to be the most significant new writer of the 1970s"(Clute); has "The Barbie Murders" in ASI 1978 JAN/FEB W-1979 LOC; N-1979 HUG, & "Blue Champagne" in Martin(ed): New Voices 4(1981) W-1982 LOC; N-1982 HUG
   Effinger, Geo. Alec  Curtains  ss  has coll. of early stories, Mixed Feelings(1974), fixup novel Relatives(1973; N-1974 LOC); has novelizations from The Planet of the Apes TV series, Man the Fugitive(1974), Escape to Tomorrow(1975), Journey Into Terror(1975), & Lord of the Apes(1976)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Updating the Asteroids  sces  asteroids, Earth-grazing or Apollo objects; a sequel to "The Rocks of Damocles" in 1966 MAR(#2324)
   Bretnor, R.  Markham  ss 
1974 SEP  Wellman, Manly Wade  Goodman's Place  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Southern Appalachia series; this series coll. in The Valley So Low: Southern Mountain Tales(1987); has colls. Worse Things Waiting(1973; W-1975 WFA); wrote DC Comics The Spirit comics during WWII, which are being reprinted 2001-2002
   Thomas, Ted  Rescuers, The  nv 
   Clute, John  Books  br  space opera; Donald Barr: Space Relations; Harry Harrison: Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers; Oscar Rossiter: Tetrasomy Two; Mack Reynolds: Commune 2000 AD; Simak: Our Children's Children; Clute's 1st story pub. sf "A Man Must Die" in NWS 1966 NOV
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Eisenberg, Larry  Elephants Sometimes Forget  ss  3rd story in F&SF in Emmett Duckworth series
   Reamy, Tom  Twilla  nv  (1935-1977) N-1974 NEB, nv; wn. for Thomas Earl Reamy, his 1st pub. story; in aerospace until he got laid off; worked on porno films in L.A., incl. Flesh Gordon(1972); W-1976 JWCA, Best New Writer; edited fanzines Nickelodeon(w. Ken Keller), Trumpet #1-12

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