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1976 JAN  Russ, Joanna  My Boat  ss 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Lester del Rey: Early del Rey; R.A. Lafferty: Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add?; John Brunner: The Shockwave Rider(not a review); Poul Anderson: Homeward and Beyond
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Asimov, Isaac  Friday the Thirteenth  ss  3rd & last story in F&SF in his Black Widower ser.; the first story ever in ser. was "The Acquisitive Chuckle" in EQMM 1972 JAN; see ar by Dorman T. Schindler, "Mind Over Matter: The Mystery Fiction of Isaac Asimov" in The Armchair Detective, 1997 SPR
   Dybek, Stuart  Horror Movie  ss  has had poetry, articles, fiction pub. in several quarterlies, in Commonweal, HRP, NYM, & in Damon Knight(ed): Orbit 17(1975); teaches creative writing at Western Michigan Univ.(Kalamazoo); has coll. The Coast of Chicago(1990)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Edgar Rice Pudding, An  mr/tvr  The Land That Time Forgot(1975), based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, script co-authored by Michael Moorcock, stars Doug McClure
   Coney, Michael G.  Those Good Old Days of Liquid Fuel  nv  1st story in F&SF in Joe Sagar series; other stories in series in GAL 1974 JAN, MAR, & GEO #11 1979; the stories take place in a small city called The Peninsula, & are narrated by slithe farmer Joe Sagar
   Reed, Kit  Attack of the Giant Baby, The  ss  has novel Captain Grownup(1976), about a separated schoolteacher who gives one of his students some advanced lessons; coll. The Killer Mice(1978 UK)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Silent Victory  sces  ozone & oxygen in our atmosphere, Part 2 of 3; what do you suppose created the ordinary oxygen?; Part 1 in 1975 DEC(#3748), Part 3 in 1976 FEB(#3773); has 12th coll. of F&SF science essays The Planet That Wasn't(1976)
   Wolf, Gary K.  Doctor Rivet and Supercon Sal  na  2 space-roving con artists, Rivet & Sal, join forces against mine owner Warner Weevil & the Volunteer Crimefighters; has novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?(1981, made into 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit?), & sequel Who P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit?(1991)
   Barkin, Haskell  Time Is Money  ss 
   Ferman, Edward L.  Letters  lttr  H.G. Sussman(book critics); Richard Brandshaft("book reports" versus literary criticism); Ferman reply; Manly Wade Wellman(reply to letters, Holmes' sex life);David M. Petras(Asimov's "Judo Argument"); Asimov reply; Cy Chauvin(sf readers prefer trash?)
1976 FEB  Bishop, Michael  Samurai and the Willows, The  na  N-1976 NEB; 1977 HUG, LOC, novella; 1st & only story in F&SF in Urban Nucleus ser.; an 18-year old black girl helps a 38-year old nisei come to terms w. the way his mother spent her last years; story becomes part of fixup novel Catacomb Years(1979)
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Jack Williamson: The Early Williamson; a tribute to James Blish, who died in 1975; Avon's Equinox series of large-format pb sf Rediscovery reprints; The Best of Cordwainer Smith
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  has book Harry and the Sea Serpent(1976)
   Aymé, Marcel  Dermuche  ss  1st pub. in colls. Le Vin de Paris(1947) & Across Paris and Other Stories(1957 UK; vt The Walker Through Walls, 1962 US); trans. from the French by R.A. Boldt; has sf nightmare novel The Second Face(1951 UK)(Clute)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Space: 1949  mr/tvr  Space: 1999(1975-77, sf TV series, 48 ep.), 1st two episodes reviewed, stars Martin Landau, Barbara Bain
   Williamson, Jack  Machines That Ate Too Much, The  nv  3rd & last story in F&SF in Blacklantern ser.; has Legion of Time seq., After World's End(MVL 1939 FEB; 1961 UK); has Seetee ser. Seetee Ship(ASF 1942-43; 1951 fixup), Seetee Shock(ASF 1949 FEB-APR; 1950); Darker Than You Think(1948; 1976; 1989)
   Sohl, Jerry  Service, The  ss  has novels Transcendent Man(1953), Costigan's Needle(1953), The Altered Ego(1954), Point Ultimate(1955), The Odious Ones(1959), Night Slaves(1965), The Anomaly(1971), Death Sleep(1983); did scripts for The Invaders, Star Trek, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone
   de Camp, L. Sprague  Search for Superman, The  ar  seeking superman in the past, as the noble savage, Achilles, or Conan, in the present, as in ethnic or racial superiority, & in the future, through the use of eugenics; de Camp has Conan anth. The Blade of Conan(1979), & The Spell of Conan(1979)
   Owen, Guy  Face on the Tombstone, The  ss  has coll. The White Stallion and Other Poems(1969); novels Season of Fear(1960), Journey for Joedel(1970), Apprentice Grifter(1972); anth. Contemporary Poetry of North Carolina(1977, w. Mary C. Williams), & Contemporary Southern Poetry(1979)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Change of Air  sces  ozone & oxygen in our atmosphere, Part 3 of 3; what endangers the ozone layer, fluorocarbons & aerosols & the ozonosphere; Part 1 in 1975 DEC(#3748), Part 2 in 1976 JAN(#3760); has nf book, Asimov's Galaxy: Reflections on Science Fiction(1989)
   Chapin, Paul  Volcano, The  ss  (1918- ) ps. for Philip José Farmer, the 4th in Farmer's Pseudonym series
   Novitski, Paul  Acrostic Puzzle  pz  answers in 1976 MAR, p.160; Paul David Novitski; used ps. Alpajpuri for short stories "The Wind She Does Fly Wild" in AMZ 1973 AUG, & "Asylum in the Concrete" in FAN 1975 FEB
1976 MAR  Cowper, Richard  Piper at the Gates of Dawn  na  N-1976 NEB; 1977 BFA, HUG, LOC, novella; set at the end of the next millenium, in what is now the island of Ireland, Peter the Storyteller, Tom the Piper & the people of York, await the legend of the White Bird of Kinship to pass
   Jeppson, J.O.  Positively the Last Pact With—the Devil?  ss  (1926- ) working name for Janet Jeppson Asimov, writer & psychiatrist, married to Isaac Asimov since 1973; 1st story pub. sf children's novel The Second Experiment(1974); has Pshrinks ser. coll. The Mysterious Cure(1985); Norby Chronicles seq. w. Asimov
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Michael Davidson: The Karma Machine; Lin Carter: The Nemesis of Evil; The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta; Isaac Asimov: Buy Jupiter and Other Stories; note on Samuel R. Delany's book Dhalgren
   Eklund, Gordon  Changing Styles  ss  has novels Serving Time(1975 Canada), Falling Toward Forever(1975 Canada), Dance of the Apocalypse(1976 Canada), all three part of a long series edited by Roger Elwood
   Waldo, Thayer  Stillness at Sordera, A  nv  working on a book about U.S. policy in Latin America since WWII
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Runyon, Charles W.  Brain Diver  ss 
   Searles, Baird  Films: Space 1949 (Cont.)  mr/tvr  Space: 1999(1975-77, TV series, 48 ep.), reviewed after 5 more episodes; The New Original Wonder Woman(1975-79, TV series under a few titles, 61 ep.), stars Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner
   Roberts, Mary-Carter  Ride, Colonel, Ride!  ss  "I've written the wonderful ride of Tench Tilghman as fantasy—because that sharpens its point, I think—but it is all true"
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Nightfall Effect, The  sces  space colonization, man reaching for the stars; as in his story "Nightfall," some people are crazily against it; has nf coll. of essays Asimov on Physics(1976)
   Gironel, Bertrand  Extrusion of Lions, An  pm  (1911-1992) ps. for & another anagram of Reginald Bretnor; has another poem under this ps., "SF Limerick," in AMZ 1989 JAN
   Tritten, Larry  Final Cut  ss  has had stories pub. in PBY, National Review, & in anth. Preiss & Betancourt(ed): The Ultimate Zombie(1993), Silverberg & Haber(ed): Universe 3(1994), Marion Zimmer Bradley(ed): Sword and Sorceress 11(1994)
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 12  cmp  1st prize: J. Bagai; 2nd prize: Margery L. Goldstein; R-U: Arthur D. Hlavaty; Al Sarrantonio; Larry Anderson; Steven Utley; Albany State SF Society; Algis Budrys
   F&SF staff  Competition 13  cmp  suggested by Michael Kurland - write a passage from a myopic early sf or utopian novel, limit 150 words
1976 APR  Pohl, Frederik  Man Plus  no-1/3  W-1976 NEB; N-1977 HUG, JWC, LOC, novel; "concerns a world on the brink of nuclear holocaust ... President of the U.S. ... has ordered the creation of a cyborg astronaut to become the first Martian ... a human being who becomes something quite different"
   Wilson, Gahan  Books: Dark Corner, The  br  Willis Conover: Lovecraft at Last; M.P. Shiel: Xelucha and Others; Brian Lumley: Beneath the Moors; Basil Copper: The Great White Space; August Derleth(ed): The Watchers Out of Time
   Dorman, Sonya  Them and Us and All  ss 
   Parker, Jeanne  Sweets to the Sweet  ss  working name for Jeanne Parker Dixon, also in F&SF as J.P. Dixon(1976 JUL, 1977 JUN); "was born on the Blackfeet reservation of Montana ... became a(n) ... anthropologist, took a degree in Slavic studies & went to live on the Soviet-Finnish border ..."
   Searles, Baird  Films: Midwinter Mishmosh  mr/tvr  Space: 1999(again, TV series); Carnival of Souls(1962), dir. Herk Harvey, filmed mostly in Lawrence, KS; books, Franz Rottensteiner: The Science Fiction Book; Ed Naha: Horrors, From Screen to Scream
   Goulart, Ron  At the Starvation Ball  ss  9th story in Chameleon Corps series; has colls. Nutzenbolts and More Troubles with Machines(1975), & Odd Job #101 and Other Future Crimes and Intrigues(1975)
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Rage, Pain, Alienation and Other Aspects of the Writing of Science Fiction  ar  a bitter essay to say why the following story, "Seeking Assistance"(#3798), will be his last sf story; mentions book Richard Kostelanetz: The End of Intelligent Waiting: Literary Politics in America(1974); see Ellison letter this issue
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Afterword  aw  mentions his just pub. coll. The Best of Barry N. Malzberg(1975); "I owe my career ... (such as it has been) ... & large pieces of my personal life ... to science fiction"
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Seeking Assistance  ss  also in F&SF with co-author Jeffrey W. Carpenter
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: All Gall  sces  cholesterol; medical theories, & the story of cholesterol; gallstones; factors & how to cut down your cholesterol levels
   Aickman, Robert  Hospice, The  nv  1st pub. in his coll. Cold Hand in Mine: Eight Strange Stories(1975)

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