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1981 APR  Searles, Baird  Films: Non-Review of a Non-Event, A  mr/tvr  7th Annual Science Fiction (Film) Awards; briefly, Zardoz(1973), see 1974 MAY review; An Englishman's Castle(1978 UK TV), see 1980 MAR review
   Sullivan, Tom  Case for Kosher Pasta, The  ss  (1940- ) Thomas William Sullivan, & in also in F&SF as such
   Watson, Ian  Nightmares  ss  has novels Alien Embassy(1977), concerns the control of information & perception by the powers-that -be; The Martian Inca(1977; N-1978 LOC), in which a transformative virus invades Earth(Clute); Under Heaven's Bridge(1980), with Michael Bishop
   Brax, Coleman  Eligible for Parole After Three Hours  ss  has fantasy novel Spirits of Cavern and Hearth(1988)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Too Deep for Me  sces  pressure, Part 2 of 3; atmospheric pressure & oceanic water pressure; the solubility effects of gases in water & how it affects human's breathing mixtures while working at ocean depths; Part 1 in 1981 MAR(#4579), Part 3 in 1981 MAY(#4608)
   Petrey, Susan C.  Spareen Among the Cossacks  nv  2nd story in her Spareen the Varkelan vampire series; also in F&SF as Susan Petrey
   Payes, Rachel Cosgrove  Acrostic Puzzle  pz  answers in 1981 MAY, p.162; as Rachel Cosgrove has novels Long Journey Home(1962), Not for Glory(1963), The Candy Striper(1964), Ann Gordon of the Peace Corps(1965), Linda's Gifts(1966), Designs for Love(1966)
1981 MAY  Godwin, Parke  Fire When It Comes, The  nv  (1929- ) W-1982 WFA, novella; N-1981 NEB; 1982 HUG, LOC, novelette; "contemporary ghost story ... & convincing picture of a young actress"; 1st story pub. "Unsigned Original" in Marvin Kaye(ed): Brother Theodore's Chamber of Horror(1975)
   Grant, Charles L.  Every Time You Say I Love You  ss  has Lincoln Blackthorne ser., as Geoffrey Marsh, The King of Satan's Eyes(1984), The Tale of the Arabian Knight(1986), The Patch of the Odin Soldier(1987), The Fangs of the Hooded Demon(1988); novels The Pet(1986; N-1987 WFA), For Fear of the Night(1988)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  Wilson lives on Long Island, NY
   Priest, Christopher  Books  br  essay: Joan D. Vinge's novel Snow Queen; Barry B. Longyear: City of Baraboo; D.G. Compton: Ascendancies; Bruce Sterling: The Artificial Kid; see Priest' iv INZ 1995 SEP; has novels The Quiet Woman(1990), The Prestige(1996; W-1996 WFA), The Extremes(1998)
   Pronzini, Bill & Barry N. Malzberg  Whither Thou, Ghost  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in their Lunar Immigration series; other stories in series in ANA 1980 MAR, & 1982 FEB 1; has colls. Graveyard Plots: The Best Short Stories of Bill Pronzini(1985), Small Felonies: Fifty Mystery Short Shorts(1988)
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct  working name for Nurit Karlin; born in Jerusalem, Israel; illustrator for newspapers & magazines, incl. The New York Times(see its Tuesday's Science Times section for her color illus.), The Washington Post, The Daily News, Newsweek, etc.
   Shaver, Edward F.  Killing Thought, The  nv  N-1982 BSF, short fiction; his 1st pub. story; graduated from Pennsylvania State Univ. in 1977 with a BS in Physics; employed by a support contractor to the Dept. of Energy's solar energy program
   Searles, Baird  Films: Corned Beef Flash  mr/tvr  Flash Gordon(1980), stars Sam J. Jones as Flash, Melody Anderson as Dale, Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin, Ornella Muti as Princess Aura, Max von Sydow as Ming
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct  his 1st cartoon sale to the Christian Science Monitor in 1963; his 1st sales to the PST & NYM were in 1964; he was a contract artist for NYM 1967-1995, the year he retired; he W-1978 Plaque Award, for Magazine Gag Cartoons
   Goulart, Ron  Presenting Trilby Swain  ss  2nd & last story in F&SF in Oldies, Ltd series
   Tuttle, Lisa  Bone Flute, The  ss  W-1981 NEB; N-1982 LOC, short story
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Under Pressure  sces  pressure, Part 3 of 3; scientific experiments using pressure to see how it affects gases, liquids(esp. water), & solids; the internal structure of the Earth & the pressures involved; Part 1 in 1981 MAR(#4579), Part 2 in 1981 APR(#4594)
   Bryant, Edward  Thermals of August, The  nv  N-1981 NEB; 1982 HUG, LOC, novelette; pub. as part of Pulphouse Short Story Paperback series, #56, in 1992
   Ferman, Edward L.  Letters  lttr  Jason G. Hardy(1980 NOV issue); Dan Whitlock(same; legal mistake in Ellison's "All the Lies That Are My Life"); Sean McMullen(Norden's story, 1980 SEPT); Barry N. Malzberg(same); Laura Campbell(cover art mistake, 1981 FEB)
1981 JUN  Silverberg, Robert  Desert of Stolen Dreams, The  na  N-1982 LOC, na; 2nd story in F&SF in Majipoor ser.; "adventures of Dekkeret as he sets out on a hazardous mission to the barren continent of Suvrael"; to be pub. in 1987 in a limited illus. edition; a prolific anthologist, Silverberg has too many to list
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Gene Wolfe: The Claw of the Conciliator; Walter S. Tevis: Far from Home; Harlan Ellison: Shatterday; Ed Naha: The Science Fictionary
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  Wilson wrote the screenplay for the movie, Freeway Maniac(1989; aka, Breakdown), about a crazed killer that sneaks onto the set of an sf film & begins murdering the cast & crew
   Gilbert, Dorothy  Winter Flowering, A  nv  college English teacher, lives in northern California; does volunteer work at KPFA radio, where Boucher had a show; has pub. poetry in F&SF, NYM, The Nation, etal
   Gotschalk, Felix C.  Take a Midget Step  nv  has a novelette, "The Day of the Big Test," in Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois(ed): Future Power(1976)
   Buck, Doris Pitkin  Travel Tip  pm  story is followed by an announcement that Buck died December 4, 1980, at the age of 82
   Searles, Baird  Films: Dr. J. & Mr. H. X 3  mr/tvr  3 films based on Robert Louis Stevenson's 1886 novel; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1981 UK TV), stars David Hemmings; The Darker Side of Terror(1978 TV), co-writers Paddy Chayefsky & dir. Ken Russell; Monster on the Campus(1958), stars Arthur Franz
   Bear, Greg  Eucharist  ss  (1951- ) wn. for Gregory Dale Bear, son-in-law of Poul Anderson; 1st story pub. sf "Destroyers" in FMS 1967 WIN; 1st novel Hegira(1979; rev. 1987 UK); Blood Music(ANA 1983 JUN; W-1983 NEB; 1984 HUG, nv; exp. 1985; N-1985 NEB; 1986 HUG, JWC; 1987 BSF)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct  born in Newark, NJ, grew up in Danbury, CT; a staff sergeant with the 100th Infantry Division during WWII in France & Germany; studied at the Whitney School of Art(New Haven, CT) on the GI bill, majoring in painting
   Cadigan, Pat  Coming of the Doll, The  ss  N-1982 LOC, short story; has 1st novel Mindplayers(1987 fixup; N-1987 DIC; 1988 LOC); Synners(1991; W-1992 CLA; N-1991 NEB; 1992 LOC), cyberpunk novel deals w. a disease in which computer viruses which pass for AIs begin to cause human deaths(Clute)
   Bretnor, Reg  It Isn't Love That Makes the World Go 'Round  ss  also in F&SF as R. Bretnor, Reginald Bretnor, with several co-authors, & under the ps. Grendel Briarton, & E. Bertrand Loring(both ps. anagrams of his full name)
   Eklund, Gordon  Transubstantiation  ss  has novels with Gregory Benford, If the Stars Are Gods(novelette in Universe 4, 1974; exp. 1977; N-1978 LOC), in which a mysterious signal implies intelligent life on Jupiter, & sf/mystery Find the Changeling(1980); novel The Garden of Winter(1980)
   Arno, Ed  Cartoon  ct  (1916- ) working name for Arnold et Arno; born in Innsbruck, Austria; attended art school in Paris; was the art director for 30 years in Bucharest, Rumania, publishing children's books; won many awards from European countries, incl. Italy & Rumania
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Yes! With a Bang!  sces  dinosaurs; the evidence that a meteor ended the age of the reptiles; has nf book Change!: Seventy-one Glimpses of the Future(1981)
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct  Karlin's cartoons have also been pub. in The New Yorker, Audobon, Ladies' Home Jpurnal, etc.; has coll. of captionless cartoons, No Comment: Cartoons Too Funny for Words(1978)
   Leman, Bob  Skirmish on Bastable Street  ss 
   Payes, Rachel Cosgrove  Acrostic Puzzle  pz  answers in 1981 JUL, p.159; under full name has mystery novels Forsythia Finds Murder(1960), Death Sleeps Lightly(1960), Shadow of Fear(1961), Curiosity Killed Kitty(1962), Memoirs of Murder(1964), Mystery of Echo Caverns(1966), O Charitable Death(1968)
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 60: 1981 JAN-JUN  indx 
1981 JUL  Reaves, J. Michael  Werewind  nv  N-1982 LOC, novelette; has series novel Time Machine 3: Sword of the Samurai(1984), with Steve Perry; also with Perry, Hellstar(1984), Dome(1987), the latter a post-holocaust tale set in an undersea habitat(Clute)
   Dryer, Stan  End of Spinach, An  ss 
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  Wilson was in the documentary, Document of the Dead(1989), about the films of director George A. Romero, with a behind-the-scenes look at his movie, Dawn of the Dead(1978), which was a sequel to his movie, Night of the Living Dead(1968)
   Disch, Thomas M.  Books  br  essay: Jesus talks with Disch about 5 books about Him; Romulus Linney: Jesus Tales; Philip K. Dick: Valis; James Merrill: Scripts for the Pageant; Rudy Rucker: White Light; Michael Bishop, Barry N. Malzberg & Bruce McAllister: Their Immortal Hearts
   Florance-Guthridge, George  Quiet, The  ss  N-1981 NEB; 1982 HUG, LOC, short story
   Lee, Tanith  Paid Piper  ss  has Tales of the Flat Earth seq. Night's Master(1978 fixup; N-1979 WFA), Death's Master(1979; W-1980 BFA; N-1980 BRG, LOC), Delusion's Master(1981; N-1982 LOC, MYT), Delirium's Mistress(1986), Night's Sorceries(1987 fixup; N-1988 LOC, WFA)
   Sargent, Pamela  Summer's Dust, The  nv  N-1982 LOC, novelette; to be part of fixup novel The Golden Space(1982), which also incl. 3 original stories, & novella "The Renewal" pub. in Jack Dann(ed): Immortal(1978); novel examines the question of immortality(Clute); novel rvw. in F&SF 1982 SEP
   Searles, Baird  Films: Mundane Monsters and Multicolored Munchkins  mr/tvr  Faeries(1981 TV), hour animated show based on 1978 Brian Froud book; Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves(1944); Topper(1937); The Wizard of Oz(1939); The Munster's Revenge(1981), stars Fred Gwynn; Midnight Offerings(1981 TV), stars Melissa Sue Anderson
   Whitten, William  About the Artist  bio  one-page profile on this issue's cover artist, Kent Bash, born in 1946 in Culver City, CA; has done portraits of famous people, such as Sophia Loren, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, & Harlan Ellison; also does cover & interior artwork for books
   Petrie, Graham  Bars: Aspect of Night Life, An  ss  living in Canada since 1964; has novels Seahorse(1969 Canada; 1980 UK; 1996 US), The Siege(1996); nf books Hollywood Destinies: European Directors in America(1985), The Films of Andrei Tarkovski: A Visual Fugue(1994), etc.
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct  he has been pub. in many mags., incl. Harvard Business Review, PST, Look, SRL, Ladies' Home Journal, Gourmet, Audobon Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Natural History Magazine, & in the U.K. in The Spectator, & in Punch

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