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1981 JUL  Coon, Susan  Memory-Mate  ss  (1945- ) ps. for Susan Plunkett; lives in CA; as Coon has Living Planet seq. Rahne(1980), Cassilee(1980), The Virgin(1981), Chiy-Une(1982); as Plunkett, Time Passages seq. Silver Tomorrows(1997), Heaven's Time(1998), Untamed Time(1999), Timepool(1999)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Runaway Star, The  sces  stars; Barnard's star, Part 1 of 2; the star & the scientist for whom it was named, Edward Emerson Barnard(1857-1923); its rapid proper motion; Part 2 in 1981 AUG(#4654)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct  sold his 1st cartoon to a religious mag. called Victorian("not knowing what the mag. was all about, had incl. in my submission a fairly sexy drawing"); sold 1st cartoon to NYM in the mid 1950s, became a staff cartoonist & contract artist about 1970
   King, Stephen  Slow Mutants, The  nv  4th story in Dark Tower ser.; has novels as by Richard Bachman, Rage(1977), The Long Walk(1979), Roadwork(1981), The Running Man(1982; 1987 movie), Thinner(1984; 1996 movie); Firestarter(1980; N-1981 BFA, BRG, LOC; 1984, 2001 movies)
1981 AUG  Shea, Michael  Polyphemus  na  N-1982 LOC, novella; on the planet Firebairn, a field expedition out to forage provisions for its colony instead becomes the prey of an ancient beast, which it must quickly understand in order to survive
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Charles Platt: Dream Makers; Philip K. Dick: Valis; Damon Knight: The World and Thorinn; Frederik Pohl: The Cool War; Joe Haldeman: Worlds; Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh(ed): The Human Zero: The Science Fiction Stories of Erle Stanley Gardner
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  movie reviewer for TWZ 1984 JAN/FEB to 1989 JUN; see his article, "The Perils of Movie Going in the Latter Eighties" in TWZ 1988 APR
   Easton, Thomas A.  Alas, Poor Yorick  ss  2nd & last story in F&SF in Howie Wyman series; since 1978 OCT has contributed to book review column, "The Reference Library," in ANA , sometimes as Tom Easton
   Hughes, Edward P.  Born Charmer, A  ss  1st story in his Dafydd Llewelyn series, set in a post-holocaust Wales
   Brax, Coleman  Upgrading the Kitchen  ss  collab. w. Clare Bell under ps. Clare Coleman, has epic fantasy novels Daughter of the Reef(1992), Sister of the Sun(1993), Child of the Dawn(1994); Clare Bell has Ratha seq. ya novels Ratha's Creature(1983; her 1st novel), latest Ratha's Challenge(1994)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Buck Flops Here, The  mr/tvr  Buck Rogers(1979-81 TV series, 36 ep.), 2nd season beginnings; The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy(British radio series)
   Cador, C.A. & Marc Laidlaw  Bait  nv  (? - ?; 1960- ) Caradoc A. Cador & Laidlaw also both in F&SF by themselves; Laidlaw a student at Univ. of Oregon, 1st story pub. sf "A Hiss of Dragon" with Gregory Benford in Omni 1978 DEC
   Killough, Lee  Taaehalaan Is Drowning  ss  has Janna Brill and Mama Maxwell police procedurals seq., The Doppelgänger Gambit(1979), Spider Play(1986), & Dragon's Teeth(1990), set in a U.S.A. that must be wary of computers(Clute); see obit of her husband Pat in LOC 1994 DEC(#407)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct  a painter & sculptor, in the late 1960s he W-Emily Lowe Award & had a one-man show at Ward Eggleston Gallery(NYC); "unfortunately for me, Lowe & Ward had a disagreement the night of my opening & the gallery was forced to close"; cartoon career followed
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Dance of the Stars, The  sces  stars; Barnard's star, Part 2 of 2; its wobble motion, indicating the presence of planets; the wobble of our Sun to the solar system's planets, & the planets wobble in their orbits, too; Part 1 in 1981 JUL(#4641)
   Cassutt, Michael  Free Agent, The  nv  (1954- ) born in Owatonna, MN; lives in California; 1st story pub. sf "A Second Death" in AMZ 1974 JUN; scriptwriter & TV producer, for The Twilight Zone(1986, writer), Max Headroom(1987, story editor), TV 101(1988-89, writer-producer)
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 27  cmp  1st prize: Kenneth Ringlein; 2nd prize: R.M. Beem; R-U: Jeff Grimshaw; Ron Daniel; Ralph Tucker; Susan Milmore; Laurence Brothers
   F&SF staff  Competition 28  cmp  suggested by Alan D. Legatt - write an sf recipe, can include foods mentioned in sf stories, alien flora, fauna, or minerals, or even names of sf stories & characters
1981 SEP  Holdstock, Robert  Mythago Wood  nv  (1948- ) W-1982 BSF; N-1982 LOC, WFA; story exp. into novel in 1984, W-1985 BSF, WFA; has MS in medical zoology, writer fulltime since 1975; lives in Hertfordshire, UK; 1st story pub. "Pauper's Plot" in NWS 1968 NOV; iv's INZ 1991 MAR, LOC 1996 APR
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Books  br  Charles L. Platt: Dream Makers; Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Fantastic Lives: Autobiographical Essays by Notable Science Fiction Writers; Richard A. Lupoff(ed): What If? Volumes I & II; Jack M. Dann: Junction
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  see interviews in Footsteps #8 1987, CMD 1993 SPR, & LOC 1999 MAR(#458); has anth. edited by Nancy A. Collins, Gahan Wilson's The Ultimate Haunted House(1996), in which Wilson supplies intros & cartoons for 13 stories each about a room in a haunted house
   Morressy, John  Gifts of Conhoon, The  ss  2nd story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series, 1st story in the wizard Conhoon series; has novel A Long Communion(1974)
   Kessel, John  Not Responsible! Park and Lock It! (with thanks to Tim Roth)  nv  see interviews in Forbidden Lines 1991 FEB/MAR, & in LOC 1993 AUG(#391), & 1997 JUN(#437); Kessel lives in Raleigh, NC, an Associate Professor of English at North Carolina State Univ. since 1982, where he teaches American literature & fiction writing
   Ward, Michael  One Way Ticket to Elsewhere  nv  lives in Baton Rouge, just started a job in advertising; has short stories "Wednesday Night Group" in ASI 1984 APR, "Delta D and She" in Silverberg & Randall(ed): New Dimensions 12(1981), & "Daton and the Dead Things" in Sword and Sorceress #1(1984)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Comexcalibur  mr/tvr  Excalibur(1981 UK), dir. John Boorman, stars Nigel Terry, Nicholas Clay, Cherie Lunghi, Nicol Williamson, Gabriel Byrne, Liam Neeson
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct  working name for Sidney Harris; born in Brooklyn, NY, "pre-W.W.II, & have freelanced virtually all my life. In fact, I never had a job"; illustrates a book by Harold J. Morowitz: Ego Niches: An Ecological View of Organizational Behavior(1977)
   Malzberg, Barry N.  There the Lovelies Bleeding  vi  has colls. Malzberg at Large(1979), The Man Who Loved the Midnight Lady(1980; N-1981 LOC)
   Wylde, Thomas  Indigestion  ss  has tie-in novels Roger Zelazny's Alien Speedway #2: Pitfall(1988), & #3: The Web(1988)
   Arno, Ed  Cartoon  ct  Arno came to the U.S. in 1966, & pub. his cartoons in many places, incl. NYT, Look, Cosmopolitan, SEP, TV Guide, Harvard Business, & many other mags. & journals; he has been pub. in the NYM since 1968
   Sarowitz, Tony  Dinosaurs on Broadway  ss  (1952?- ) this story won the 1980 Transatlantic Review Award - this is its 1st publication; author lives in NY, a student in the Columbia Univ. MFA writing program; has 1st pub. sf story "The Prologue to Light" in GAL 1977 OCT; also sold to ASI, NDM
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: And After Many a Summer Dies the Proton  sces  proton & subatomic particles; laws of conservation governing the subatomic particles, & their stability, half-lives; is the proton mortal?
   Yolen, Jane  Corridors of the Sea, The  ss  has sf Pit Dragon trilogy, Dragon's Blood(1982), Heart's Blood(1984), & A Sending of Dragons(1987), set on a penal planet where dragons are essential to the economy(Clute); colls. Tales of Wonder(1983), The Whitehorn Wood and Other Magicks(1984 chap)
   Ferman, Edward L.  Letters  lttr  Eric Schwarzenbach(Reynolds, 1981 JUN); Verne R. Walrafen(Barrett, 1981 MAR); A. Tidmarsh(Disch, 1981 FEB); Paulette Dickerson & Mark Zimmerman(Priest br, 1981 MAY); Ben Smith; Marc Scott Zicree; Mark Bahnisch; note from Ferman on letters column
1981 OCT  Varley, John  Pusher, The  ss  W-1982 HUG, LOC, SFC; N-1981 NEB, short story; has novella "PRESS ENTER []" in ASI 1984 MAY, W-1984 NEB; 1985 HUG, LOC, SFC; has anth. with Ricia Mainhardt, Superheroes(1995); novels The Golden Globe(1998; W-1999 PRO; N-LOC), Red Thunder(2003)
   Wilson, Gahan  Cartoon  ct  Wilson W-1992 STO, for Lifetime Achievement; W-1981 WFA, Special Convention Award, & 1996 WFA, for Best Artist; has mystery novel, Everybody's Favorite Duck(1988), a spoof about bad & good guys battling to the death in NYC
   Watson, Ian  Call of the Wild, The: Dog-Flea Version, The (with apologies to Jack London)  ss  has novels Miracle Visitors(1978), suggests that UFOs work as enticements to focus human attention on higher states of communication; God's World(1979), describes the 'gift' of an alien stardrive which will take a human team to the alien world(Clute)
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: long essay on Fandom, & on Fandom traditions in novels; Julian May: The Many-Colored Land(May is active in sf fandom); this essay, in anth. The Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: 24th Series, is titled Books: The Secret Language of Science Fiction
   Roberts, Keith  Kaeti's Nights  nv  1st story in F&SF in Kaeti Fredericks ser.; Kaeti & her companions inhabit a strange world, a 'theatre of the mind,' where ghosts, vampires & even the odd goddess may be encountered; other stories in ser. in Firebird #3 1984, WRT 1988-89 WIN, INZ 1994 OCT
   Dick, Philip K.  Alien Mind, The  vi  1st pub. in Yuba City High School High Times student paper 1981 FEB 20; has colls. The Book of Philip K. Dick(1973), Robots, Androids and Mechanical Oddities(1984), I Hope I Arrive Soon(1985), Beyond Lies the Wub(1987), The Days of Perky Pat(1987), etc
   Bretnor, Reginald  My Object All Sublime  nv  also in F&SF as R. Bretnor, Reg Bretnor, Grendel Briarton, E. Bertrand Loring, & with several co-authors
   Davidson, Avram  Ape, The  ss  has coll. The Collected Fantasies of Avram Davidson(1982; N-1983 LOC), edited by John Silbersack
   Searles, Baird  Films: Another Empire Heard From  mr/tvr  Fugitive from the Empire(1981 TV), dir./writer Nicholas Corea, stars Lane Caudell, Belinda Bauer
   Martin, George R.R.  Needle Men, The  ss  N-1982 LOC, short story; has colls. Sandkings(1981; W-1982 LOC), Songs the Dead Men Sing(1983), Nightflyers(1985), Tuf Voyaging(1986), Portraits of His Children(1987); novel Fevre Dream(1982; N-1983 LOC, WFA); see iv's LOC 1984 JAN(#276), 1995 MAY(#412)
   Wolfe, Gene  Tale of the Student and His Son, The  ss  to be part of the 2nd vol. of Book of the New Sun series, The Claw of the Conciliator(1981; W-1981 NEB; 1982 LOC, SFC; N-1982 HUG, WFA); 1st vol. The Shadow of the Torturer(1980; W-1981 WFA; 1982 BSF; N-1980 NEB; 1981 BRG, JWC, LOC)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Let Me Count the Days  sces  calendar system; Joseph Justus Scaliger(1540-1609), the chronologist who developed the Julian day ssystem in 1583
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct  Harris, "in the 1970s, came across American Scientist Magazine, & started doing cartoons dealing w. science ... Since then I've had numerous coll. of my science cartoons, & they can be found at my website:
   Cowper, Richard  Incident at Huacaloc  nv  has novel Worlds Apart(1974), which burlesques several sf cliches in a story of an alien world on which an sf novel is being written about Urth, while back on Earth an sf writer writes about the alien world(Clute)
   Busino  Cartoon  ct  Orlando Busino; born in Binghampton, NY; lives in Ridgefield, CT; grad. of Univ. of Iowa; attended School of Visual Arts; sold cartoons to all the major mags.; draws panel 'Gus' for Boy's Life since 1970; W-1965, 1967-68 Plaque Award, Magazine Cartoons
1981 NOV  Brunner, John  Man Who Saw the Thousand-Year Reich, The  nv  4th story in his Mr. Secrett series; has colls. The Traveler in Black(1971), Entry to Elsewhen(1972), From This Day Forward(1972), Time-Jump(1973), The Book of John Brunner(1976), Foreign-Constellations(1980), The Best of John Brunner(1988; N-1989 LOC)
   Shirley, John  Quill Tripstickler Out the Window  nv  2nd & last story in F&SF in Quill Tripstickler ser.; other stories in ser. in Eternity #2 1980, & in ASI 1982 mDEC; has 1st novel Transmaniacon(1979); Dracula in Love(1979), Three-Ring Psychus(1980), City Come A-Walkin'(1980; N-1981 LOC)

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