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1982 JUL  Ferman, Edward L.  Notice to All Readers  note  price increase beginning with the 1982 OCT issue, single copy price to be $1.75, 1-year subscription to be $17.50(this notice was repeated in subsequent issues); F&SF W-1971-82, 1987, & N-1983-86, 1988-2001 LOC, for Best Magazine
   Searles, Baird  Films: Flick Needs Bic  mr/tvr  Quest for Fire(1981 France-Canada), stars Everett McGill, Ron Perlman, Nameer el-Kadi, Rae Dawn Chong
   Jennings, Gary  Die and Follow Me  ss  title of story comes from a New England epitaph: "Tread softly here .../As you are now, so once was I;/As I am now, so you will be;/Prepare to die and follow me"
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct  has written & illus. children's books The Dream Factory(1988), a bedtime story about Baa Baa who hates to go to sleep; Little Big Mouse(1991); & written a children's book, Ten Little Bunnies(1994), which was illus. by Hans Wilhelm
   Foster, Alan Dean  Last Run, The  ss  also in Flinx ser., Orphan Star(1977), For Love of Mother-Not(1983), Flinx in Flux(1988), Mid-Flinx('95); Humanx ?? ser., Blood hype('73), Midworld('75), The End of the Matter('77); trilogy Icerigger('74), Mission to Moulkin('79), The Deluge Drivers(1987)
   Collins, Reid  Buck, The  ss  broadcasts hourly newscasts Monday-Friday on the CBS radio network; has pub. fiction in Field & Stream, & in Gray's Sporting Journal
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Three Who Died Too Soon, The  sces  electromagnetic radiation, Part 3 of 4; radio astronomy & radar - radio waves, beyond infrared; James Clerk Maxwell(1813-1879), Karl Guthe Jansky(1905-1950), Heinrich Rudolf Hertz(1857-1894); Part 1 in 1982 MAY, Part 2 in 1982 JUN, Part 4 in 1982 AUG
   Appel, Ross  Man With the Little Red Wagon, The  nv  (1954?- ) a "carpenter/writer"; has short story "Song of Mutes" in Victoria Schochet & John W. Silbersack(ed): The Berkley Showcase, Volume 2(1980)
   Niven, Larry  Lion in His Attic, The  ss  5th & last story in F&SF in Mana ser.; w. Steven Barnes, Dream Park seq. Dream Park(1981), The Barsoom Project(1989), The Voodoo Game(1991); w. Barnes & Pournelle, Heorot seq. The Legacy of Heorot(1987), Beowulf's Children(1995)
   Payes, Rachel Cosgrove  Acrostic Puzzle  pz  answers in 1982 AUG, p.93; under her full name has romance novels Peace Corps Nurse(1967), Moment of Desire(1978), The Coach to Hell(1979), Bride of Fury(1980), Satan's Mistress(1981); as Joanne Kaye, has romance novel Playing for Keeps(1982)
1982 AUG  Sterling, Bruce  Spider Rose  ss  N-1983 HUG, LOC; 2nd & last story in F&SF in Shapers/Mechanist series; other stories in series in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 13(1983), INZ 1984 SPR, Omni 1984 JUN, & novel Schisamatrix(1985; N-1985 NEB; 1987 BSF); coll. in omnibus Schisamatrix Plus(1996)
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct  has written & illus. two children's book in the I Can Read Book series for pre-schoolers to 1st grade, The Fat Cat Sat on a Mat(1996), about Wilma the witch who has a crazy broom, a fat cat & a pet rat; & I See, You Saw(1997)
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: inspiration & wit in SF; Robert Silverberg(ed): The Best of Randall Garrett; Frederik Pohl: Planets Three; Keith Laumer: Star Colony; Alan Dean Foster: The Thing; Greg Bear: Strength of Stones; mentions Budrys' Law: 10% of everything is not crap
   Shiner, Lewis  Brujo  ss  has 1st novel Frontera(1984; N-1984 DIC, NEB; 1985 LOC), in which a team is sent to Mars by a large corporation to investigate an abandoned colony(Clute); an early version of this novel can be seen in "Soldier, Sailor" in Author's Choice Monthly #4(1990)
   Straley, Rosalind  Capsule  vi  (1951?- ) ps. for Elizabeth Morton; a medical texts production editor; has stories pub. in TWZ & AMZ as Morton
   Perry, Steve & George Florance-Guthridge  Champion of the World  ss  (1947- ; 1948- ) wn. for Steven Carl Perry, 1st story pub. sf "With Clean Hands" in GAL 1977 DEC as by his ps. Jesse Peel; has 1st novel The Tularemia Gambit(1981), an sf hardboiled detective story(Clute); see info on co-author under George Guthridge
   Shea, Michael  Horror on the #33, The  ss  N-1983 LOC, short story; has novel The Color Out of Time(1984), a sequel to H.P. Lovecraft's novelette, "The Colour Out of Space," which was first pub. in AMZ 1927 SEP
   Searles, Baird  Films: Phoenix Too Frequent, A  mr/tvr  The Phoenix(1982), pilot movie for TV series(1982, 5 ep.), stars Judson Scott, Richard Lynch, E.G. Marshall; briefly, Destination Moon(1950)
   Sullivan, Thomas  Impotentate, The  ss  has also been pub. in anth. Grant(ed): Midnight(1985), Shadows #8(1985), & Shadows #10(1987), & Williamson(ed): Masques #2(1987), Lansdale(ed): Dark at Heart(1992), Maclay(ed): Voices from the Night(1994), Resnick etal(ed): Deals with the Devil(1994)
   Cook, Glen  Raker  nv  1st & only story in Black Company ser.; this story in slightly revised form makes up Chapter 3 in novel The Black Company(1984); others in ser., Shadows Linger(1984), The White Rose(1985), Shadow Games(1989), Dreams of Steel(1990), Black Seasons(1997)
   Willis, Connie  Mail Order Clone  ss  (1945- ) working name for Constance Elaine Trimmer Willis; teacher & writer; 1st story pub. sf "Santa Titicaca" in Worlds of Fantasy 1970 WIN; began writing fulltime in early 1980s; see interviews in LOC 1989 AUG(#343), 1992 JUL(#378), 1997 JAN(#432)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: X Stands for Unknown  sces  electromagnetic radiation, Part 4 of 4; cathode rays, X-rays, alpha, beta & gamma rays - the shorter wavelengths past the ultraviolet; Part 1 in 1982 MAY(#4794), Part 2 in 1982 JUN(#4809), Part 3 in 1982 JUL(#4825)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct  Farris W-2002 STO, for Lifetime Achievement
   Shaver, Edward F.  Choice of Dreams, A  nv  has pub. short stort "Fear the Light" in AMZ 1987 MAY, & novelette "Closing Circle" in AMZ 1989 JUL
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct  has cartoons in colls. The New Yorker Album 1955-1965(1965), The Modern Beat(1965; cartoons from PST), Think Small(1967), Post Mortems(1969), Best Cartoons of the Year(1969), Absolutely No U.S. Personnel Permited Beyond This Point(1972)
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 30  cmp  1st prize: Todd Illig; 2nd prize: John Brunner; R-U: Jean MacKay Jackson; Al Sarrantonio; Elaine Hampton; Stewart Road; Steve Kindig; Clifton Anderson
   F&SF staff  Competition 31  cmp  suggested by Philip M. Cohen - submit humorous "scholarly paper titles," format being "evocative title: descriptive title," e.g.: You Think You've Got Problems: Prophecy in Dystopian Fiction
1982 SEP  Sanders, Scott  Land Where Songtrees Grow, The  nv  has sf coll. Fetching the Dead(1984); essay coll. The Paradise of Bombs(1988); ya novels Bad Man Ballad(1986), The Engineer of Beasts(1988), latter on genetic engineering; novel The Invisible Company(1989), on the cost of maintaining a colony of immortals
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Samuel R. Delany: The Einstein Intersection; Clifford D. Simak: Special Deliverance; Allyn Thompson: The Azriel Uprising; Pamela Sargent: The Golden Space(fixup novel, which incl. "The Summer Dust" pub. in F&SF 1981 JUL)
   Morressy, John  Crystal of Caracodissa, The  ss  4th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series; has juvenile novels The Humans of Ziax II(1974 chap), & The Drought on Ziax II(1978), which are concerned with the ecology of a planet colonized by humans, the natives surviving in the jungles(Clute)
   Owens, Barbara  Happy Birthday, Little Elroy  ss  working name for Barbara Owens Weiman; born & raised in Illinois, lives in California; has BFA in theatre; has story "The Cloud Beneath the Eaves" W-1978 EDG, Best Short Story
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct  has illus. the book Grace Marmor Spruch: Squirrels at My Window: Life With a Remarkable Gang of Urban Squirrels(2000), which chronicles the lives of the squirrels Genius, Sweetie Longtail, The Lady, & others, around NYC's Washington Square Park
   Kessel, John  Another Orphan  na  W-1982 NEB; N-1983 HUG, LOC, SFC, novella; "story of Patrick Fallon, a young Chicago broker who finds himself deposited into a hammock on a 19th-century sailing ship"; pub. as a Tor Double with Barry B. Longyear's "Enemy Mine" in 1989
   Ferman, Edward L.  Evan William Phillips  obit  obituary of a good friend of Ferman's, a copy editor for F&SF since the early 1960s; born July 7, 1929 in Parkersburg, WV; died May 10, 1982 in Boston, MA; Ferman W-1979, 1982 & N-1981, 1984 WFA, Special Awards(F&SF); Ferman N-1989-92 LOC, for Best Editor
   Tuttle, Lisa  Memory of Wood, The  ss  has novels Familiar Spirit(1983), a horror novel in which a woman sells her soul to get her husband back(B&C), & Gabriel(1987), a horror novel involving reincarnation(B&C)
   Zahn, Timothy  Peaceful Man, The  ss  has 1st novel, Blackcollar seq., The Blackcollar(1983; N-1984 CCR, LOC), Blackcollar: The Backlash Mission(1986); Cobra seq., Cobra(1985), Cobra Strike(1986), Cobra Bargain(1988); both seq. about military/commando heroes in a galactic venue(Clute)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Car Bash Down Under  mr/tvr  The Road Warrior(1981 Australia), sequel to Mad Max(1979 Australia), both dir. George Miller, both star Mel Gibson; A Midsummer Night's Dream(1981 BBC TV), producer Jonathan Miller; briefly, THX-1138(1971), George Lucas' 1st commercial film
   Mueller, Richard  Everybody Goes to Mosserman's  ss  has novelettes "Little Axes" in Fantasy Book 1983 DEC, & "The Dark at the End of the Tunnel" in Fantasy Book 1985 SEP; short stories "The Day We Really Lost the War" in ASI 1985 SEP, & "Meditation on the Death of Cortes" in ASI 1988 SEP
   Yolen, Jane  Undine, The  vi  has novel Cards of Grief(based on ss "In the Hall of Grief" & "Cards of Grief"; rev. & exp. 1984; W-1985 MYT; N-LOC), which is set on an alien world, & is a homage to the storytelling art & its place in the development of culture & civilization(Clute)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct  Farris: "Three or four years ago (c. 1998) I started painting seriously again, although throughout the years I did paint but not as seriously as now. ... I paint in acrylic, which I prefer to the oils I used to use, since I like the rapid drying time."
   Kress, Nancy  Little Matter of Timing, A  ss  has 1st novel fantasy, The Prince of Morning Bells(1981; N-1982 LOC); The Golden Grove(1984), The White Pipes(1985), An Alien Light(1988; N-1989 LOC), Brain Rose(1990), Oaths and Miracles(1996); coll. Trinity and Other Stories(1985; N-1986 LOC)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Big Brother  sces  elements; carbon, & the chemistry of life, Part 1 of 4; carbon, silicon & oxygen; why is carbon the basis of life & not silicon?; Part 2 in 1982 OCT(#4876), Part 3 in 1982 NOV(#4891), Part 4 in 1982 DEC(#4904)
   Niemand, O.  Wooing of Slowboat Sadie, The  ss  (1947-2002) 1st story in Springfield ser.; ps. for George Alec Effinger; "ser. is based in the domed city of Springfield, each (story) using the tone & style of a deceased American short story writer"; this one a pastiche of O. Henry, if he had written sf
   Ferman, Edward L.  Letters  lttr  Sherry M. Gottlieb(comments on readers poll, 1982 JUN); Alan Brennert(Searles mr/tvr of Darkroom, 1982 MAY); Searles reply; David Tucker(Chesbro story, 1982 MAY); James P. Royce(response to Skier letter, 1982 MAY, about cover art)
1982 OCT  Tiptree, James Jr  Boy Who Waterskied to Forever, The  ss  N-1983 HUG, LOC; 1st story in F&SF in Quintana Roo ser.; see following nf piece on this part of Mexico; 1 other story in ser., "Lirios: A Tale of the Q.R."(aka "What Came Ashore at Lirios") in ASI 1981 SEP 28; ser. coll. in Tales of the Quintana Roo(1986)
   Tiptree, James Jr  Note About the Mayas of the Quintana Roo, A  misc  non-fiction piece describing the land & the Mayan people of the "'wild' Easternmost shore of the Yucatan Peninsula," the region known as the Quintana Roo; rev., this nf piece becomes the preface in her coll. Tales of the Quintana Roo(1986; W-1987 WFA)
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: a comprehensive history & rise of sf needs to be done, & soon; Barry N. Malzberg: The Engines of the Night(coll. of essays explaining his disenchantment with the sf field - Clute)
   Knight, Damon  Tarcan of the Hoboes  ss  a pastiche; see article "All in a Knight's Work" by James Blish in Speculations 29 1971; see interviews in Paul Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction(1978), & in Charles Platt: Who Writes Science Fiction(1980), & Dream Makers(1980)
   Davidson, Avram  Dr. Bhumbo Singh  ss  N-1983 LOC, short story
   Ballard, J.G.  Myths of the Near Future  nv  N-1982 NEB; 1983 LOC, nv; 1983 BSF, shfi; has novels Crash(1973), Concrete Island(1974), High-Rise(1975), The Unlimited Dream Company(1979; W-1980 BSF; N-JWC, LOC), Hello America(1981; N-1982 BSF), Empire of the Sun(1984; N-1985 BSF; 1987 movie)

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