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1983 JUL  DeWeese, Gene  Feat of Clay  nv  (1934- ) also in F&SF w. co-author Robert Coulson; 1st pub. sf were 2 Man from U.N.C.L.E. novels, The Invisibility Affair(1967), The Mind-Twisters Affair(1967), w. Coulson under collab. ps. Thomas Stratton; has Star Trek novels, juveniles, etc
   Searles, Baird  Films: Mess Media  mr/tvr  Wizards and Warriors(1983 TV series, 8 ep.), stars Jeff Conaway, Julia Duffy, Walter Olkewicz, Julia Payne; briefly, An Englishman's Castle(1978 UK TV series), alternate history segment where Nazis win WWII, see 1980 MAR review
   Sargent, Pamela  Old Darkness, The  ss  has novels The Alien Upstairs(1983), The Shore of Women(1986); trilogy Venus of Dreams(1986; N-1987 LOC), Venus of Shadows(1988; N-1989 LOC), Child of Venus(2001), about the terraforming of Venus(Clute); Alien Child(1988 ya), Ruler of the Sky(1993)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Landsberg, John M.  Secret Mitty of Walter Life, The  vi  co-editor w. Jonathan Ostrowsky-Lantz of sf mag. Unearth(8 issues) 1977 WIN-1979 WIN; mag. was subtitled "The Magazine of Science Fiction Discoveries"; mag. pub. several 1st pub. stories(Gibson, Somtow, di Filippo) & reprinted those of sf greats(Clute)
   Martin, George R.R.  Monkey Treatment, The  nv  W-1984 LOC; N-1983 NEB; 1984 HUG; has novel The Armageddon Rag(1983; W-1984 BRG; N-1984 LOC, WFA); A Song of Fire and Ice seq., A Game of Thrones(1996; W-1997 LOC; N-1997 NEB, WFA), A Clash of Kings(1997); prolific anth., has Wild Cards ser.(1987-present)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Green, Green, Green, Is the Color  sces  photosynthesis, Part 2 of 2; the effort to isolate & determine the structure of chlorophyll; could a synthetic compound be made to do the same job?; Part 1 in 1983 JUN(#4999)
   Frost, Greg  Day in the Life of Justin Argento Morrel, A  nv  (1951- ) N-1984 LOC, nv; wn. for Gregory Dee Frost; lives in NC, a graduate of Clarion; 1st story pub. "In the Sunken Museum" in TWZ 1981 MAY; 1st novel Lyrec(1984), about Lyrec & Borregard, a man & a cat from another universe; see
1983 AUG  Brown, Warren  What We Did That Night in the Ruins  ss 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: R.F. Nelson & his story "Turn Off the Sky," pub. in F&SF 1963 AUG; Ray Faraday Nelson: The Prometheus Man; Fred Saberhagen: The First Book of Swords; L.T. Stuart: The House of the Lions; Stephen King: Christine
   Wheeler, Mark  Life on the Tether  nv  N-1984 LOC, novelette; from England, not far from Arthur C. Clarke's hometown of Minehead, Somerset
   Morressy, John  Wizard Goes A-Courtin'  ss  W-1984 BRG, short story; 8th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct  see Martin's entry in Charles Green & Mort Walker(comp): The National Cartoonists Society Album(1980); has cartoons in colls. War Heads(1983), At the Expense of Business(1983), Punch Cartoons: Battle of the Sexes(1984)
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Reparations  ss  has anth. The Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural(1981; vt cut Great Tales of Horror & the Supernatural, 1985; vt rest. Classic Tales of Horror and the Supernatural, 1991), with Bill Pronzini & Martin H. Greenberg
   Jennings, Gary  Rouge on an Empty Glass  ss  has historical novels Spangle(1987), which follows the adventures of a 19th century European circus troupe & a Southern Civil War veteran; Raptor(1992), set in the 5th century A.D. during Theodoric the Great's conquest of Rome(CA, vol.59,p.198-9)
   Searles, Baird  Films: More (and Less) Mess Media  mr/tvr  Wizards and Warriors(1983 TV series, 8 ep.), see 1983 JUL column; Small & Frye(1983 TV series, 6 ep.), stars Darren McGavin as Nick Small & Jack Blessing as Chip Frye as two P.I.s, & Debbie Zipp, Bill Daily
   Williamson, Chet  Scent of the Soul, A  ss  (1948- ) working name for Chester Carlton Williamson, writer/producer of industrial shows; lives in Elizabethtown, PA; 1st story pub. fantasy/horror "Offices" in TWZ 1981 OCT; writes mostly horror stories & novels
   Petrey, Susan C.  Spareen and Old Turk  ss  6th & last story in Spareen the Varkelan vampire series; the Portland S. F. Society in 1982 created a scholarship fund, as a memorial to Susan who died in 1980, to send an aspiring writer to the Clarion Writers Workshop, which she herself couldn't afford
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct 
   Guthridge, George  Evolutions  ss  has Madagascar Manifesto series w. Janet Berliner(nee Gluckman), Child of the Light(1991), Child of the Journey(1996), & Children of the Dusk(1997; W-1998 STO); has novel The Bloodletter(1996); see biolog in ANA 1986 APR; entry in C.A., vol.174, p.187-188
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: What Truck?  sces  Moon; Part 1 of 2, Ernest Green Dodge article "Can Men Visit the Moon?" in Munsey Magazine, 1903 OCT; how does his article compare with today?, did he miss anything?, did he get his facts(of 1903) straight?, is the article outdated?; Part 2 in 1983 SEP
   Green, Robert M. Jr  Pallid Piper, The  nv  lives in GA; an Associated Press editor, & accomplished bagpiper
1983 SEP  Leman, Bob  Unlawful Possession  nv 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essays: long essay on Poul Anderson & Jack Vance; Poul Anderson: Twilight World, & Orion Shall Rise; Jack Vance: Lyonesse
   Brykczynski, Terry  Doubles  ss 
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Conner, Mike  Below the Camel Barns  nv  attended Clarion; plays harmonica with a rock band called the Naked Barbie Dolls
   Moore, Raylyn  Running Easy in the Dream of Wilderness  ss 
   Searles, Baird  Films: Visiting Wrongs  mr/tvr  V(1983-84 TV mini-series), stars Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler, Michael Ironside(also made into 1984-85 TV series, 19 ep.); commercial for British Airways
   Collins, Reid  Song From the Triad Galaxy  ss 
   Arno, Ed  Cartoon  ct 
   Paul, Barbara  All the Dogs of Europe  nv  has mystery series featuring NYPD officer Marian Larch & TV actress Kelly Ingram, The Renewable Virgin(1984), Good King Sauerkraut(1989), The Apostrophe Thief(1993), Fare Play(1995), Full Frontal Murder(1997), etc; see website
   Richards, Tony  Discards  ss  (1957?- ) lives in county Essex, UK; fulltime free lance writer; has horror novels The Harvest Bride(1987), featuring the Hindu god Kali, & Night Feast(1995), in which gods of ancient Egypt, embodied in their high priests, feed on man's dark emotions
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Where All the Sky Is Sunshine  sces  Moon; Part 2 of 2, Ernest Green Dodge 1903 article "Can Men Visit the Moon?"; he asks(& answers), "What is the moon good for ...?" - how has his answers & opinions stood the test of time?
   Shepard, Lucius  Solitario's Eyes  ss  (1947- ) N-1984 LOC, ss; WFA, shfi; born in Lynchburg, VA; his 1st work was poetry, 1st book was poem Cantata of Death, Weakmind & Generation(1967 chap); 1st story pub. sf "The Taylorsville Reconstruction" in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 13(1983)
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 33  cmp  1st prize: Jean MacKay Jackson; 2nd prize: Nigel Parsons; R-U: Kiti Kitiyakara; Kim Schnitzer; Ralph E. Vaughan; David Wood
   F&SF staff  Competition 34  cmp  suggested by Peter Pautz - submit sf/fantasy titles that should have been written by historical figures, e.g.: The Stand, by George Armstrong Custer
1983 OCT  Leiber, Fritz  Cat Hotel, The  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in Gummitch the cat series; other stories in series in Pohl(ed): Star Science Fiction Stories #4(1958), & in GAL 1961 APR; has anth. Gummitch & Friends(1993), about cats; see his obit & appreciations in LOC 1992 OCT, & 1992 NOV
   Dawes  Cartoon  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: paperback originals market created Philip K. Dick's career; Rucker: The 57th Franz Kafka; R.A. MacAvoy: Tea with the Black Dragon; ZoŽ Fairbairns: Benefits; Varley: Millennium; David Drake: Skyripper; Robert Wilfred Franson: The Shadow of the Ship
   Cunningham, P.E.  To Slay the Dragon  nv  2nd story in Pteros series, set on the planet of New Eden, with its telepathic dragon-like natives known as Pteros
   Knight, Damon  La Ronde  ss  N-1984 LOC, short story; has nf books, Turning Points: Essays on the Art of Science Fiction(1977), & Creating Short Fiction(1981; rev. 1997), a popular handbook on writing
   Pohl, Frederik  Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair  ss  N-1984 LOC, ss; a fresh treatment of the same theme(overpopulation) as his story "The Census Takers" in F&SF 1956 FEB(#754); also in Heechee ser., Heechee Rendezvous(1984; N-1985 LOC), The Annals of the Heechee(1987; N-1988 LOC), The Gateway Trip(1990)
   Searles, Baird  Films: Jaded Jedi  mr/tvr  Return of the Jedi(1983), 3rd in the Star Wars series, writers George Lucas & Lawrence Kasdan, stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams
   Haldeman, Joe  Manifest Destiny  ss  has 1st book, non-sf novel War Year(1972), set in Vietnam; 1st sf novel The Forever War(ASF 1972-75; 1974 fixup; W-1975 NEB; 1976 DIT, HUG, LOC), & sequels Forever Peace(1997; W-1988 HUG, JWC; N-1998 LOC), Forever Free(1999; N-2000 LOC)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct  has illus. the books, My Puppy Scrapbook(1982), C.E.O.(1984), Cash In!(1986), Fancy Dance in Feathertown(1988), Moving Day in Feathertown(1989), Hail to Thee, Okoboji U!(1992), & It's a Sure Thing(1993)
   Sturgeon, Theodore  Not an Affair  ss  his shfi coll. ser. incl. Killdozer!: Vol.III(1996; title story 1974 TV movie), Thunder and Roses: Vol.IV(1997), The Perfect Host: Vol.V(1998), Baby Is Three: Vol.VI(1999; N-2000 LOC), A Saucer of Loneliness: Vol.VII(2000), Bright Segment: Vol.VIII(2002)
   Disch, Thomas M.  Downtown  ss  has story, Ringtime: A Story(1983 chap); novel The Silver Pillow: A Tale of Witchcraft(1982 chap); horror novel The M.D.: A Horror Story(1991; N-1992 LOC, STO); has cult TV series novelization, The Prisoner: I Am Not a Number!(1992)
   Bova, Ben  Sam Gunn  ss  1st story altogether & in F&SF in Sam Gunn, space entrepreneur, series; other stories in series in Omni 1990 JUL, ANA 1996 JAN & 1998 MAR, & in SFAge 1997 JAN; see interviews in LOC 1991 APR(#363), The Leading Edge #27 1993, & INZ 1994 APR
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Updating the Satellites  sces  satellites; an update of new information we have learned about the satellites of Mars, Jupiter, etal; update of essays on the satellites in 1963 MAY, 1967 AUG, 1968-69 DEC-JAN, 1977-78 NOV-JAN; this is Asimov's 300th essay, his 25th year at F&SF

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