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1983 OCT  Bishop, Michael  And the Marlin Spoke  nv  N-1984 LOC, novelette; has colls. Close Encounters with the Deity(1986; N-1987 LOC), Author's Choice Monthly Issue 15: Emphatically Not SF, Almost(1991); has na Apartheid, Superstrings, and Mordecai Thubana(1989 chap; N-1990 LOC, WFA; 1991 NEB)
1983 NOV  Watson, Ian  Black Current, The  nv  N-1984 LOC, novelette; 1st story in his Book of the River series; about a world split betw. East & West by a huge river, a mysterious alien creature that lives at midstream, & a young woman named Yaleen & her brother, who plan to make the first crossing
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: what constitutes sf, fantasy; Marta Randall: The Sword of Winter; R.A. Lafferty: Four Stories; Charles Platt: Dream Makers, Vol. II; Robert Siverberg & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): The Arbor House Treasury of Science Fiction Masterpieces
   Frazier, Robert  "We cannot escape humility." Harlow Shapley  pm  (1951- ) Robert Alexander Frazier; most active as a poet, has poetry colls. Peregrine(1978), Perception Barriers(1987), & Co-Orbital Moons(1988); 1st story pub. sf "Across Those Endless Skies" in Jack & Jeanne Dann(ed): In the Field of Fire(1987)
   Easton, M. Coleman  Impersonations  ss  (1942- ) also in F&SF under the ps. Coleman Brax, where all his biographic & bibliographic information may be found; his 1st pub. story was pub. under this ps. in F&SF 1980 JAN
   Niemand, O.  Afternoon Under Glass  ss  3rd story in Springfield series, this one in the style of Ernest Hemingway
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Morressy, John  Nothing to Lose, Nothing to Kick  ss  has novel The Mansions of Space(1983), set in the same world as his Del Whitby trilogy
   Weiner, David  Chaparral, The  nv  no information on this person could be found, but if his middle initial is 'L.,' he might be the author of this book, David L. Weiner: ID - Battling the Inner Dummy: The Craziness of Apparently Normal People(1999)
   Searles, Baird  Films: 2-D 3-D  mr/tvr  Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone(1983, 3-D movie), stars Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald; War Games(1983), stars Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy; Bladerunner(1982), based on Philip K. Dick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
   Young, Robert F.  Lost Earthman, The  ss  has novel Eridahn(novelette "When Time Was New" in IFS 1964 DEC; exp. 1983), which features time travel into prehistory, as a time-machine driver finds the frightened prince & princess of Mars hiding from a dinosaur
   Gallagher, Stephen  Nightmare, With Angel  nv  (1954- ) story exp. into horror novel same name in 1992, background for it came from a good deal of traveling in western U.S.A.; lives in England, has written scripts for British TV & radio; in the 1980s he started to become well-known for his horror
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: More Thinking About Thinking  sces  intelligence & the brain; follow-up to 1975 JAN essay(#3609), "Thinking About Thinking"; physical properties of the brain that aid intelligence; answers the question, "Has artificial intelligence research illuminated human thinking?"
   Ferman, Edward L.  Happy 25, A  note  this issue's essay is Asimov's 301st in F&SF, & marks his 25th year at F&SF; in those 25 years Asimov has pub. over 200 books, & is recognized as the foremost science popularizer in the U.S.; a list of his books that coll. his essays in F&SF
   Mueller, Richard  Song for Justin, A  ss  writer for 24 episodes of the animated TV series, The Real Ghostbusters(1986); also wrote episodes for the animated TV series Tiny Toons Adventures, Spiral Zone, Hypernauts(1996), Extreme Ghostbusters(1997), & Buzz Lightyear of Star Command
1983 DEC  Kirk, Russell  Invasion of the Church of the Holy Ghost, The  nv  N-1984 LOC, novelette; to be pub. in his coll. Watchers at the Strait Gate(1984); see obits in Ghosts & Scholars #18 1994, & in LOC 1994 JUN(#401); articles in Ghosts & Scholars #20 1995, & in All Hallows #14 1997
   Goulart, Ron  Hello From Hollywood  ss  10th story in F&SF in Max Kearny series; has movie novelization, Capricorn One(1978); omnibus Flux and the Tin Angel(1978); novels Cowboy Heaven(1979), The Robot in the Closet(1981)
   Baloo  Cartoon: Guccis of the Gods  ct  May became a Libertarian shortly after reading L. Neil Smith's libertarian sf novel The Probability Broach(1980); see; he was profiled in The Liberator, 1993 SUM issue
   Shiner, Lewis  Nine Hard Questions About the Nature of the Universe  ss  has non-sf novel Slam(1990), about a reformed tax-evader paroled from prison(or "slam")(Clute); has colls. Author's Choice Monthly #4: Nine Hard Questions About the Nature of the Universe(1990), & The Edges of Things(1991)
   Searles, Baird  Films: In the Gloaming  mr/tvr  Twilight Zone—The Movie(1983), segment "It's a Good Life," screenplay by Richard Matheson, based on a Jerome Bixby story, "It's a Good Life," in Pohl(ed): Star Science Fiction Stories #2(1953), & stars Kathleen Quinlan, Billy Mumy
   Owens, Barbara  Precious Thing  ss 
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct  has cartoons in colls. The New Yorker Cartoon Album 1975-1985(1985), Dogs Dogs Dogs(1985), Cats Cats Cats(1986), Funny Business: Punch in the Office(1986), All You Can Eat(1987), Books Books Books(1988), Family Business: Punch in the Home(1988)
   Jacobs, Harvey  Busby  ss  in an editor's note in 1984 MAR(#5113), Ferman apologizes for "any possible embarassment caused to sf writer F.M. Busby by this entirely unintentional & coincidental use of (his) name" (in the title of this story)
   Linzner, Gordon  Lunatic, The  ss  has horror novels The Oni(1986), about a Japanese demon accidentally released who leaves mutilated corpses behind him, & about a woman who has learned the key to its destruction; The Troupe(1988)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Arm of the Giant  sces  stars; Betelgeuse, Part 1 of 2; the 2nd apparent largest star in the sky; its type, structure, & physical properties; Part 2 in 1984 JAN(#5098); see correction of Jupiter's diameter following the essay "The Two Masses" on p.143 in 1984 JUN
   Watson, Ian  New Year's Eve at Tambimatu  nv  2nd story in his Book of the River ser.; this ser. to become the fixup novel The Book of the River(1984), part of the trilogy which also incl. The Book of the Stars(1984), The Book of Being(1985); assembled in omnibus The Books of the Black Current(1986)
   Ferman, Edward L.  Letters  lttr  John M. Whiteside(Gil FitzGerald story, 1983 APR); Elizabeth Knowles Beard(Chet Williamson story, 1983 AUG); Jeffrey V. Mallow(Searles mr/tvr, 1983 JUL, AUG); Searles reply; Kevin Andrew Cadloff; John W. Taylor; Walter F. Wegst, PhD
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 65: 1983 JUL-DEC  indx 

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