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1986 APR  Kearns, Richard  Grave Angels  nv  N-1987 JWC, LOC, STU, novelette; past staff writer for Gallery Magazine; teaches at Loyola Marymount Univ.(L.A.)
   Young, Robert F.  Visionary Shapes  ss  "a handful of sand is an anthology of the universe"
   Wagar, W. Warren  Day of No-Judgment, The  nv  (1932- ) 1st story in Ira Walker series; wn. for Walter Warren Wagar; history professor at State Univ. of New York(Binghampton); 1st story pub. sf "Heart's Desire" in ASI 1984 JUL; has books related to SF - H.G. Wells and the World State(1961)
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Moon and We, The  sces  Moon, the lunar influences on Man; 'moonshine,' werewolves, & tidal influences; lunar cycles & superstitions; has nf book Futuredays: A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000(1986)
   Knight, Damon  Strangers in Paradise  ss  N-1987 LOC; has novel Humpty Dumpty: An Oval(1996), a surreal sf novel in which a man tries to make sense of the world after the fabric of reality cracks(B&C); last work at; obits in NYT 4/17/02, LOC 2002 MAY, SFC 2002 JUL
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct 
1986 MAY  Shea, Michael  Uncle Tuggs  nv  has coll. Polyphemus(1987; N-1988 WFA)
   Goulart, Ron  Ex-Chameleon  ss  10th & last story in Chameleon Corps series; has novels The Tremendous Adventures of Bernie Wine(1981), Upside Downside(1982), Hellquad(1984); Goulart writes a column, & draws a weekly comic strip for The Comic Buyers Guide
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: Kruller Travel Agency  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: differences betw. fiction types, Part 3 of 3; horror fiction "ineptitude"; Ramsey Campbell: The Face That Must Die; Andrew M. Greeley: Angels of September; briefly, Resnick: Adventures; Hughart: Bridge of Birds; Craig W. Anderson: S. F. Films ...
   Gotschalk, Felix C.  Reconn Man in the City  ss  lives in North Carolina, & worked as a professor at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, & as a private psychologist in Winston-Salem, NC
   Robinson, Kim Stanley  Transect, A  ss  has novels The Memory of Whiteness("In Pierson's Orchestra"; exp. 1985; N-1986 LOC; 1987 CLA), Escape From Kathmandu(1989 fixup; N-1990 LOC), A Short, Sharp Shock(1990); colls. The Planet on the Table(1986; N-1987 LOC), Remaking History(1991; N-1992 LOC)
   Rothman, Chuck  Playmates  ss  (1952- ) wn. for Charles Rothman; born in Southold, NY, lives in Schenectady; grad. from Union College, teaches at Siena College; 1st story pub. sf "The Munji Deserters", ASI 1982 JUN; novel Staroamer's Fate(1986; N-1986 LOC); writes reviews for Tangent
   Jennings, Phillip C.  Tadcaster's Doom  ss  (1946- ) his 1st pub. sf story; lives in St. Cloud, MN; many of his stories describe a world dominated by "bugs" - personalities in electronic storage, coll. in The Bug Life Chronicles(1989); 1st novel, Tower to the Sky(1988), set in the same universe
   Ellison, Harlan  Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 16: In Which a Forest Is Analyzed Without Recourse to Any Description of a Tree  mr  Enemy Mine(1985), based on the Barry B. Longyear novella in ASI 1979 SEP, dir. Wolfgang Petersen, screenplay by Edward Khmara, stars Dennis Quaid, Louis Gossett Jr; brief update on Brazil(1985)
   Kopf  Cartoon: Complex Carbohydrate, A  ct 
   Harrison, Harry  View from the Top of the Tower, The  ss  has more novels than can be listed here, but incl. last Bill, the Galactic Hero novel, The Final Incoherent Adventure(1992, w. David Harris); A Rebel in Time(1989), Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died(1992, w. Leon E. Stover), Stars and Stripes Forever(1998)
   Green, Terence M.  Point Zero  ss  has novel Shadow of Ashland(novelette in ASI 1985 NOV; exp.1996; N-1997 ARR, WFA), a fantasy time travel novel, in which a man searching for a lost uncle ends up in a town where the past & the present mingle(B&C); A Witness to Life(1999; N-1999 WFA)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Minor Objects, The  sces  asteroids & comets, incl. Apollo objects or near-Earth asteroids; how to distinguish between the two
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct 
   Denton, Bradley  In the Fullness of Time  nv  has 1st novel Wrack and Roll(1986; N-1987 LOC), a contemporary alternate world tale which portrays heavy-metal musicians as heroes in a world divided betw. the "straight" majority & the anti-authoritarian "wrackers," who are defined by their music(Clute)
1986 JUN  Young, Robert F.  Revolution 20  ss 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: Isaac Asimov & his science fiction; Isaac Asimov: The Early Asimov, Book One & Book Two; Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories 14 (1952); Asimov: The Alternate Asimovs
   Moffett, Judith  Surviving  nv  (1942- ) W-1987 STU; N-1986 NEB; 1987 LOC, novelette; her 1st pub. sf story; Prof. at the Univ. of Pennsylvania since 1979; first active as poet, has colls. Keeping Time(1976), Whinny Moor Crossing(1984); W-1988 JWCA, Best New Writer
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: Welcome to 1939  ct 
   Sallis, James  Potato Tree  vi  has coll. Limits of the Sensible World(1995); surreal literary novel Renderings(1995); has critical work on Jim Thompson, David Goodis & Chester Himes, titled Difficult Lives(1993); edited Ash of Stars: On the Writing of Samuel R. Delany(1996)
   Barnes, John  How Cold She Is, and Dumb  nv  (1957- ) has BA & MA in political science from Washington Univ., MA in theater from Univ. of Montana; 1st story pub. sf "Finalities Besides the Grave" in AMZ 1985 SEP; 1st novel The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky(1987); married to writer Kara Dalkey
   Baloo  Cartoon  ct 
   Kelly, James Patrick  Rat  ss  N-1986 NEB; 1987 HUG, LOC; takes place in future NYC; has coll. Think Like a Dinosaur and Other Stories(1997), title story in ASI 1995 JUN, W-1996 HUG; N-1995 NEB; 1996 LOC; made into Outer Limits episode, first aired 2001 SEP
   Mueller, Richard  Bullivant's Knife  ss 
   Tritten, Larry  Turning Off  ss 
   Brunner, John  Man Who Was a Legend in His Own Time, The  ss  6th story in Mr. Secrett ser.; has poetry colls. Trip: A Cycle of Poems(1966; rev. 1971), Life in an Explosive Forming Press(1970); A Hastily Thrown-Together Bit of Zork(1974), Tomorrow May Be Even Worse(1978), A New Settlement of Old Scores(1983)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Second Lightest, The  sces  isotopes & radioactive isotopes, Part 1 of 4; the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Harold Clayton Urey, the isotopes of hydrogen, neon, uranium, thorium, lead; the tiny chemical property differences betw. isotopes of an element; Parts 2-4 in 1986 JUL-SEP
   Bishop, Michael  Taccati's Tomorrow  ss  has novel Count Geiger's Blue(1992; N-1993 LOC), is a fantasy set in the Atlanta-like Salonika, the capital of the imaginary southern state of Oconee(Clute); see iv's in New Pathways 1987 JAN, LOC 1988 DEC & 1996 JUL; see bib in INZ 1994 APR
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon: US Mail  ct 
   Adams, Georgia Fillingame  Acrostic Puzzle  pz  answers in 1986 JUL, p.42
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 70: 1986 JAN-JUN  indx 
1986 JUL  Brin, David  Thor Meets Captain America  nv  (1950- ) W-1987 LOC; N-1987 HUG; wn. for Glen David Brin; also in F&SF with his brother Daniel Brin(1986 DEC); physicist & teacher, has BS in astronomy, MS in applied physics; 1st story pub. sf novel Sundiver(1980; N-1981 LOC), 1st novel of Uplift series
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Richard Grant: Saraband of Lost Time; Leo Frankowski: The Cross-Time Engineer; Piers Anthony, Barry N. Malzberg, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh(ed): Uncollected Stars; George Zebrowski(ed): Nebula Awards 20
   Resnick, Mike  Stalking the Unicorn With Gun and Camera  ss  (1942- ) this story not to be confused w. his fantasy novel, Stalking the Unicorn(1987); wn. for Michael Diamond Resnick; runs the 2nd largest boarding/grooming kennel in the US; 1st story pub. sf an E.R.B. pastiche, The Forgotten Sea of Mars(1965)
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct 
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Tap-dancing Down the Highways and Byways of Life, etc.  ss  has coll. of science fiction essays, The Engines of the Night: Science Fiction in the Eighties(1982; W-1983 LOC; N-1983 HUG, for Best Non-Fiction)
   Clee, Mona A.  Dinosaurs  nv  native Texan, moved recently to California; attended 1983 Clarion; has sold stories to various anth.; has sf novels Branch Point(1996), Overshoot(1998), the latter set in 2032 AD, in which global warming threatens to destroy mankind
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon: Reality—Fantasy  ct 
   Ellison, Harlan  Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 17: In Which We Unflinchingly Look a Gift Horse in the Choppers  mr  Young Sherlock Holmes(1985), Part 1 of 2, dir. Barry Levinson, producer Steven Spielberg, script by Chris Columbus, stars Nicholas Rowe(as Holmes), Alan Cox(as Watson), Sophie Ward
   Etchemendy, Nancy  River Temple, The  ss  N-1986 NEB, short story; has ya sf novel Stranger from the Stars(1983)
   Wilson, Robert Charles  Knight of Antiquity, A  ss  has novels The Divide(1990; N-1991 LOC; 1992 ARR), a character who contains 2 utterly distinct selves; A Bridge of Years(1991; N-1991 DIC), time travel tale; The Harvest(1992), aliens offer humanity immortality & wisdom(Clute); iv in SFC 1999 FEB/MAR
   Kilworth, Garry  Hobblythick Lane  ss  has colls. The Songbirds of Pain(1984), Trivial Tales(1988), In the Hollow of the Deep(1989), Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks(1990), Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands(1993; N-1994 WFA), In the Country of Tatooed Men(1993); novel The Wizard of Woodworld(1987)
   Baloo  Cartoon: Dog's Reality  ct 

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