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1987 JAN  Wilson, Robin Scott  Greening of Mrs. Edmiston, The  ss  see interview in Starwind 1978 FLL
   Baloo  Cartoon  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: magazine sf/f & supernatural horror is changing, experimental types more the "norm"; the rise of sf from Shelley's Frankenstein to Campbell; John Clute, etal(ed): Interzone, the First Anthology; Terry Carr(ed): Best S. F. of the Year #15(1985)
   Watson, Ian  Salvage Rites  ss  has novels The Flies of Memory(novella in ASI 1988 SEP; exp. 1990), in which aliens memorize bits of Earth so the Universe can continue remembering itself
   McLaughlin, Cooper  Order of the Peacock Angel, The  nv  tale about a brotherhood that began 1000 years ago & may still have existed in the 1960s, beginning with the mystery of a box carved from the metal of a ship from the sky(author says the historical background is accurate)
   McAuley, Paul J.  Temporary King, The  nv  (1955- ) born in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK; has 1976 BS in botany & zoology from Bristol Univ., 1980 PhD in botany; research biologist before being a UK professor; 1st story pub. sf "Wagon, Passing" in ASI JUN 1984; see iv in Fear! 1991 SEP
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Theater Agent  ct 
   Whitlock, Dean  Million-Dollar Wound, The  ss  (1950?- ) his 1st pub. story; lives in Vermont, has been a journalist & a technical writer
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Davidson, Avram & Grania Davis  Addrict  ss  they wrote a novel together, Marco Polo and the Sleeping Beauty(1988)
   Young, Robert F.  What Bleak Land  ss  N-1988 LOC, short story; notice in the story intro of the death of Young in the summer of 1986; after serving with the military police in WWII, he returned to Silver Creek, NY, on Lake Erie
   Loring, E. Bertrand  Man Who Wrote Shakespeare, The  ss  (1911-1992) ps. for & anagram for Reginald Bretnor, & also in F&SF as such, & as ps. Grendel Briarton(also an anagram of his real name)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Opposite!  sces  antimatter & antimatter particles, Part 1 of 2; their discovery, beginning with the work of Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac(1902-1984); Part 2 in 1987 FEB(#5614); has 19th coll. of F&SF science essays, Far As Human Eye Could See(1987)
   Carroll, Jonathan  Friend's Best Man  ss  (1949- ) W-1988 WFA, shfi; N-1988 LOC, STO, ss; U.S. born author, screenwriter, living in Vienna; 1st story pub. fantasy novel The Land of Laughs(1980; W-1989 Apollo Award); Voice of Our Shadow(1983); see his website at
1987 FEB  Griffin, Russell  Saving Time  na  N-1988 LOC, novelette; two professors go back in time to the Battle of Maldon in 991, one hoping to change history to win the woman of his dreams
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: Judgement Day  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Gene Wolfe: Soldier of the Mist; Gary Wolfe: Critical Terms for Science Fiction and Fantasy; Isaac Asimov: Futuredays
   Matthews, Patricia  Children of the Sea, The  ss  (1927- ) lives near San Diego; 1st sales 2 poems for the Oregonian in 1957; has pub. fiction, poetry in Cosmopolitan, AHMM, etc; writes historical romance novels as by Patty Brisco, Horror at Gull House(1969), The Crystal Window(1976), Mist of Evil(1976)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Owens, Barbara  Greenhill Gang, The  ss  has short stories "The New Man" in TWZ 1982 MAR(reprt. Night Cry 1985 SUM), "Something Evil" in TWZ 1982 AUG, "Portrait: Edward Larrabee" in TWZ 1986 AUG, "Sliding" in TWZ 1988 AUG, & "Blue Crick Holler Folks" in ASI 1984 AUG
   Boyd, J.P.  Anger of Time, The  ss  raised in a suburb of Boston, has 1976 PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard; associate professor of atmospheric & oceanic science at Univ. of Michigan; has sf pub. in ASI, AMZ, & in several anthologies
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Bitch  ss  4th story in F&SF in minstrel/magician Lythande ser.; also in Darkover seq., Rediscovery(1993, w. Mercedes Lackey), Exile's Song(1996); has Avalon ser., The Mists of Avalon(1983; W-1984 LOC; N-1983 MYT), The Forest House(1994), The Lady of Avalon(1997)
   Ellison, Harlan  Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 21: In Which You and a Large Group of Total Strangers Are Flipped the Finger by the Mad Masters of Anthropomorphism  mr  Flight of the Navigator(1986), from Disney, dir. Randal Kleiser, stars Joey Cramer; The Fly(1986), stars Jeff Goldblum, remake of 1953 movie which had 1959 & 1965 sequels; Peggy Sue Got Married(1986), stars Kathleen Turner
   Greeley, Andrew M.  Dutchman's Ghost Town, The  nv  (1928- ) Chicago Roman Catholic priest; has nf books on faith; sf/f novels The Magic Cup(1979), God Game(1986), The Final Planet(1987); Angel Fire seq., Angel Fire(1988), Angel Light(1995); Blackie Ryan mys. ser. Happy Are the Oppressed(1996), etc
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Sail On! Sail On!  sces  antimatter, Part 2 of 2; modes for interstellar travel discussed & compared - chemical reaction, radioactive breakdown energy, fission, fusion, & antimatter propulsion systems; Part 1 in 1987 JAN(#5601)
   Corwin, Matt  Backwater Time  ss  (1967?- ) student at Univ. of Washington, has taken a course taught by Joanna Russ
   Davis, Dorothy  F&SF Crossword  pz  answers in 1987 MAR, p.128
1987 MAR  Laidlaw, Marc  Faust Forward  ss  (1960- ) born in L.A.; attended Univ. of Oregon; lives in San Francisco; also in F&SF with co-author C.A. Cador in 1981 AUG, Paul Di Filippo in 1993 SEP; 1st story pub. sf "A Hiss of Dragon" with Gregory Benford in Omni 1978 DEC, which was N-1979 LOC
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Douglas Curran: In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space; Terry Carr(ed): Universe 16; Gregory Benford & Martin H. Greenberg(ed): Hitler Victorious; Noted - Jack Sullivan(ed): The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural
   Gallagher, Stephen  Like Clockwork  ss  has novels Down River(1989), Rain(1990), The Boat House(1991), Red, Red Robin(1995)
   Morressy, John  Quality of Murphy, The  nv  3rd story in wizard Conhoon of the Three Gifts series
   Effinger, George Alec  Skylab Done It  nv  N-1988 LOC; "I'm doubting the efficacy of the wise old man who is single-handedly attempting to save the best of our culture. He tells the children that it's their responsibility to pass it on. ... the kids will have a different idea of what to pass on"
   White, James  Interpreters, The  ss  an extract from his novel, The Interpreters(1985)?; has many Sector General ser. books, incl. Ambulance Ship(1979 fixup), Code Blue—Emergency!(1987), Mind Changer(1998); has coll. The White Papers(1996); see iv's in LOC 1984 JUN(#281), & 1993 MAR(#386)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: Time Machine  ct 
   Martinez, B.J.  Uncle Green-Eye  nv  a native of Southern Colorado; "crunch(es) numbers for a local manufacturing firm"
   Hornig, Doug  Game of Magical Death, The  ss  (1943- ) born in NYC, has degree from George Washington Univ.; from Charlottesville, VA; writes poetry, nf & novels, incl. Loren Swift, Vietnam vet P.I. mys. ser., Foul Shot(1984; N-EDG), Hardball(1985; N-Shamus), The Dark Side(1986), Deep Dive(1988)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Incredible Shrinking Planet, The  sces  planet Pluto; how its size kept diminishing since its discovery in 1930, as new ways of studying it were utilized; has nf book Past, Present, and Future(1987)
   Watson, Ian  Evil Water  nv  this story to be the title story of his coll. Evil Water(1987; N-1988 LOC); has coll. Salvage Rites(1989; N-1990 LOC), Stalin's Teardrops and Other Stories(1991)
1987 APR  Shepard, Lucius  Glassblower's Dragon, The  ss  N-1988 LOC, short story; has vampire horror novel, The Golden(1993); horror novella The Last Time(1995); has coll. The Ends of the Earth(1991; W-1992 WFA; N-1991 LOC)
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Avram Davidson: Vergil in Averno; Jack McDevitt: The Hercules Text
   Arno, Ed  Cartoon  ct 
   Wightman, Wayne  Cage 37  nv  N-1988 LOC, novelette
   Foster, Alan Dean  Thunderer, The  ss  has novelizations Star Trek Log One(1974) thru Ten(1978); Dark Star(1974), Star Wars(1976 as George Lucas), Star Wars: Splinter of the Mind's Eye(1978), Aliens(1979), Aliens: A Novelization(1986), Alien 3(1992), The Black Hole(1979)
   Williamson, Chet  Letters to Mother  ss  has horror novels Lowland Rider(1988), set in a NYC subway; Dreamthorp(1989), set in a small Pennsylvania town; The House of Fear(1989 chap); mystery novel McKain's Dilemma(1989), about a married gay man & a killing over AIDS
   Zebrowski, George  Behind the Night  ss  has ya Bernal One ser., The Stars Will Speak(1984), Sunspacer(1984), combined to form The Sunspacers Trilogy(1996); novel The Star Web(1974), rev., became 1st 3rd of Stranger Suns(1991); novel Macrolife(1979), is his most highly regarded work(Clute)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Ellison, Harlan  Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 22: In Which the Land Echoes to the Sound of an Ox of a Different Color Being Gored  mr  no movies reviewed; essay: colorization from the Hollywood writer's viewpoint; 1st movie colorized, Topper(1937); 1st colorized movie on network TV, The Maltese Falcon(1941), on November 12, 1986
   Di Filippo, Paul  Agents  nv  has 17-page autobiographical essay "Twenty-One Scenes Until Age Twenty-One" in C.A., vol.173, p.118-135

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