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1988 JAN  Denton, Bradley  Hero of the Night, The  ss  has interviews in LOC 1997 JAN(#432), & in Nova Express 1997 SUM; see his entry in C.A., vol.158, p.94-96
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: sf novels from people, like Nancy Kress(fantasy novels), who have built a reputation elsewhere, or what is expected of them from past work; Nancy Kress: An Alien Light
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Kathryn Cramer & David G. Hartwell(ed): Christmas Ghosts; Peter S. Beagle: The Folk of the Air; Michael Blumlein: The Movement of Mountains; Roger Reynolds(ed): The Future Focus Book of Lists II: The Sequel; Card has coll. Unaccompanied Sonata(1981)
   Cadigan, Pat  Two  nv  N-1989 LOC, novelette; has a new baby, "Bobzilla, Scourge of the Midwest"; see interviews in Journal Wired 1990 SPR, Albedo One #5 1994, INZ 1998 JAN, & in LOC 1990 FEB(#349), 1992 NOV(#382), & 1995 JUL(#414)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Bretnor, Reginald  Wedding Present  ss 
   Malzberg, Barry N. & Jack Dann  Blues and the Abstract Truth  ss  (1939- ; 1945- ) Dann also in F&SF alone & with Jack C. Haldeman II, & Gardner Dozois; Dann & Dozois edited many anth. together, incl. Future Power(1976), Aliens!(1980), Clones!(1998); Dann with wife Jeanne, In the Field of Fire(1987; N-1988 LOC, WFA)
   Aandahl, Vance  Highest Authority of All, The  ss 
   Arno, Ed  Cartoon: Dr. M. Harris, Chiropodist  ct 
   Ellison, Harlan  Films: Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 27: In Which the Fur Is Picked Clean of Nits, Gnats, Nuts, Naggers and Nuhdzes  mr  essay: replies to the 3 or 4 kinds of complaint letters on his column; Robocop(1987), dir. Paul Verhoeven, stars Peter Weller, Nancy Allen; Harry and the Hendersons(1987); 3 poetry books, Pablo Neruda: The Separate Rose, Still Another Day, Winter Garden
   Turtledove, Harry  Last Article, The  nv  (1949- ) N-1989 LOC, nv; born in L.A., CA; has 1977 PhD from UCLA in Byzantine History; 1st stories pub. sword & sorcery novels Wereblood(1979) & Werenight(1979) as by Eric G. Iverson, a ps. he used until 1985; married to mystery writer Laura Frankos
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct  Jonik's 1st cartoon sales were to the Philadelphia Bulletin Magazine, & Golf Magazine, around 1968; has also been pub. in NYM, NYT, National Lampoon, Saturday Review, Gourmet, Audobon, Cosmopolitan, PBY, etc., as well as in anth. & textbooks
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Standing Tall  sces  humanity & evolution, Part 2 of 2; how the hominids & man evolved, evolutionary steps 20-26, & what differentiates/distinguishes man; his beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde-haired daughter Robyn is compared! to bears, chimps & T. rexes
   Whitlock, Dean  Miriam, Messiah  nv  Whitlock wrote 15 sf/f short stories, between 1987-1995, in the mags. GEO, ASI, F&SF, ABO, & The Gate
1988 FEB  Etchemendy, Nancy  Incredible Christmas Wish, The  ss  has pub. numerous poems in ASI, Pulpsmith, Dark Regions & Horror, & Twilight Tales Online; at her website( you can view her Poem of the Week page, & her Poetry Archives, & other features
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: Harlan Ellison, pioneer of gonzo sf, who "invented & established the SF writer as public activist"; Terry Dowling, Richard Delap & Gil Lamont(ed): The Essential Ellison; a tribute to the late Alfred Bester
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Michael Bishop: The Secret Ascension; two stories on audio cassette, Theodore Sturgeon's "Thunder and Roses," & S.C. Sykes' "Rockabye Baby"; see letter by Michael Bishop in 1988 MAY, p.85, in reponse to Card's review here of his novel
   Griffin, Russell  Takes All Kinds  ss  says story grew from his "looking thru a copy of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper for Aug. 5, 1861. At the back I came across 'Humorous Greetings' & was struck ... there wasn't anything (funny) ... So I began to speculate on how ephemerical humor is"
   Harper, Rory  Triage  ss  a Texan, has just become a fulltime freelance writer; 1st story pub. sf "Petrogypsies"(in John F. Carr & Jerry Pournelle(ed): Far Frontiers, vol. 2 1985), which was expanded into a novel in 1989, an alternate world tale w. aliens & the Texas oil business
   Frazier, Robert  Salinity  pm  W-1989 RHY, short poem; he has won this award before, a 1980 short poem for "Encased in the Amber of Fate," in Saberhagen(ed): A Spadeful of Spacetime(1981), & co-winner 1989 long poem for "In the Darkened Hours" in Boston: The Nightmare Collector(1988)
   Moon, Elizabeth  If Nudity Offends You  ss  (1945- ) wn. for Susan Elizabeth Norris Moon; has degrees from Rice Univ., Univ. of Texas; spent 3 years in Marines; 1st story pub. "ABCs in Zero-G" in ANA 1986 AUG; 1st novel The Deed of Paksenarrion #1: Sheepfarmer's Daughter(1988; W-1989 CCR; N-LOC)
   Jonik  Cartoon: Tracy Ann of the Jungle  ct  Jonik political cartoons "done w. different technique, just lines, so that little low-tech papers don't have reproduction problems. They appear in newsletters, activist periodicals(Extra!, Public Citizen, Ecology, High Country News), t-shirts, stickers"
   Ellison, Harlan  Films: Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 28: In Which, With Wiles and Winces, We Waft Words Warranting, to Wit, Wonderful Wit  mr  essay: many sf fans & readers lack a sense of true wit, based on many letters of complaint on his stories & his column; Spaceballs(1987), dir. Mel Brooks, stars Brooks, John Candy, Bill Pullman, Rick Moranis, Daphne Zuniga
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: If There Were Computers in Galileo's Time  ct 
   Dann, Jack & Jack C. Haldeman II  Sentry  nv  2nd & last story in their John Stranger ser., pub. as fixup novel High Steel(1993); Dann & Haldeman have a novella, "Echoes of Thunder," pub. in 1991 as part of a Tor double with Harlan Ellison's "Run for the Stars"; Dann has coll. Timetipping(1980)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Unrecognized Danger, The  sces  element radon; how it is overlooked, then finally discovered, its properties & dangers to our health; has 20th coll. of F&SF science essays, The Relativity of Wrong(1988)
   Aikin, Jim  Dancing Among Ghosts  na  N-1989 LOC, novella; the story about a group of creative people from NYC, incl. a tormented painter who produces a remarkable canvas that seems to have a life of its own
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 44  cmp  1st prize: Joe Haldeman; 2nd prize: Lee Crawley; R-U: Angus MacDonald; Richard R. Moore; Steven Sawicki; William G. Raley; Tommy J. Walz; Michael Weiss; Maynard Bates
   F&SF staff  Competition 45  cmp  suggested by Stephen Mendenhall - submit variations of sf titles in which one word is replaced by a close homonym, e.g.: I, Rabbit; A Canned Pickle for Liebowitz
1988 MAR  Lumley, Brian  Sun, the Sea, and the Silent Scream, The  nv  has sword & sorcery Dreamlands ser., Hero of Dreams(1986), Ship of Dreams(1986), Mad Moon of Dreams(1987), Elysia: The Coming of Cthulhu(1989), Iced on Aran and Other Dreamquests(1990); colls. Ghoul Warning(1998), A Coven of Vampire(1998)
   Nurit  Cartoon  ct  has children's book, The Dream Factory(1988), a bedtime story about Baa Baa who hates to go to sleep
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Ellen Kushner: Swordspoint; Tim Powers: On Stranger Tides; response to Thomas J. Remington's review of his book, Benchmarks: Galaxy Bookshelf by Algis Budrys
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Gene Wolfe: The Urth of the New Sun; Jack L. Chalker: When the Changewinds Blow; Card has Alvin Maker Saga ser., Seventh Son(1987; W-1988 LOC, MYT; 1989 DIT; N-1988 HUG, WFA), Red Prophet(1988; W-1989 LOC; N-1988 NEB; 1989 HUG, MYT)
   Jacobs, Harvey  Toll Bridge, The  ss  has associational humprous novel, American Goliath: A Novel of the Cardiff Giant(1997; N-1998 WFA); see his website at
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Johnson, James B.  'Ciders, The  nv  (1944- ) James Blair Johnson, lives in Sarasota, FL; fulltime writer; 1st story pub. sf novel Daystar and Shadow(1981; N-1982 LOC); Trekmaster(1987); Mindhopper(1988), set in 21st century, about a boy with psi powers versus the Establishment(B&C)
   Searls, Hank  Late Again  vi  (1922- ) wn. for Henry Hunt Searls Jr; 1st story pub. sf "Martyr's Flight" in IMG 1955 DEC; 1st novel The Big X(1959); The Pilgrim Project(1964; made into 1968 movie Countdown), Jaws 2(1975), Overboard(1977), Jaws the Revenge(1983), Blood Song(1984)
   Eisenberg, Larry  Live It Up, Inc.  ss  6th & last story in F&SF in Emmett Duckworth series
   Bova, Ben  Crisis of the Month  ss  has nf books The Uses of Space(1965), In Quest of Quasars(1970), The Amazing Laser(1971); children's sf Exiles ser., Exiled from Earth(1971), Flight of Exiles(1972), End of Exile(1975), omnibus The Exiles Trilogy(1980); movie novelization, THX 1138(1971)
   Ferman, Edward L.  Correction  note  printing error in John Shirley's story "Ticket to Heaven" in 1987 DEC(#5760), p.151; gives two paragraphs of corrected text; Ferman won six Science Fiction Chronicle Awards, Best Magazine Editor, for 1982-1985, 1989, & 1991
   Leman, Bob  Time of the Worm, The  nv  5th & last story in F&SF in Goster County series; Leman's short story "How Dobbstown Was Saved," first pub in his coll. Feesters in the Lake and Other Stories(2002), was first sold to Harlan Ellison's unpub. anth., Last Dangerous Visions, in February 1981
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Radiation That Wasn't, The  sces  N-rays, their 'discovery' by Rene Prosper Blondlot in 1903, & how they were eventually proved to be false & delusional; see the false discovery of cold fusion in essay "Hot, Cold, and Con Fusion" in 1990 JAN
   Woodman  Cartoon  ct  (1936- ) 1st pub. in NYM, in 1987; William(or Bill) Woodman; born in Bangor, ME; lives in NYC; cartoonist, illustrator, pub. in Cavalier, NYM, PBY, ESQ, SRL; has books as Bill Woodman, Fish and Moose News(1980), Whose Birthday Is It?('80), Buzzwords('83)
   McMullen, Sean  Colors of the Masters, The  nv  (1948- ) N-1989 DIT; from Australia; 1st professional sf sale "The Pharoah's Airship" in Omega Science Digest, 1986 JUL/AUG; has coll. Call to the Edge(1992; N-1993 DIT); 1st novel Voices in the Light(1994 fixup; N-1995 DIT), 1st in Greatwinter series
1988 APR  Kress, Nancy  Spillage  ss  married author Charles Sheffield in 1998; live in Silver Spring, MD; Fiction columnist for Writer's Digest Magazine; has novel Probability Moon(2000); see iv's in Pirate Writings #10 1996, & LOC 1992 DEC(#383); see her web site at
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: popularity of Jean Auel's novels, which incl. The Clan of the Cave Bear; why are there books? or fiction?; is plot a consequence of monotheism?(ascribed to ASF's John W. Campbell Jr)
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Ben Bova: Welcome to Moonbase(nf); Tim Powers: On Stranger Tides; Warren Norwood: True Jaguar; Lisa Goldstein: A Mask for the General; Thomas Gavin: The Last Film of Emile Vico; briefly, Michael Shea: Polyphemus
   Aldridge, Ray  Touch of the Hook, The  ss  (1948- ) wn. for Raymon Huebert Aldridge; lives on Gulf Coast, FL; his 1st fiction sale was "Click" in Budrys(ed): WotF Vol.II(1986); "My wife Nancy is a pychologist, the ideal companion for an sf writer. I'm part Cherokee, & I grow wonderful tomatoes"
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon: Women Who Love Too Much Bar & Grill  ct 

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