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1988 JUL  F&SF staff  Competition 46  cmp  suggested by John Brunner - the title of some sf stories can be regarded as the acronym of a phrase summarizing the plot, e.g.: Quicksand - Quite Unlikely Incident Connects Kooky Shrink And Naked Damsel
1988 AUG  Stableford, Brian  Man Who Loved the Vampire Lady, The  nv  (1948- ) N-1989 LOC, nv; this story forms part of his novel The Empire of Fear(1988; N-1989 CLA, LOC), considered one of his best novels(Clute); 1st story pub. "Beyond Time's Aegis" in SCF 1965 w. Craig MacKintosh as by Brian Craig, a ps. B.S. uses
   Jonik  Cartoon: Approaching Earth, No Smoking  ct  Jonik's "major influence for doing political cartoons was George H.W. Bush (Papa). Had he not led the invasion of Iraq, this work might not have begun for a while."; Charles Addams & some French & British cartoonists were also influences
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: Robert Reed, a "potentially quite important" writer; Robert Reed: The Hormone Jungle; Algis Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. IV
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  essay: why juvenile or young adult sf is so important, or should be, to us; William Sleator: The Boy Who Reversed Himself, Singularity, Into the Dream, Interstellar Pig, & Blackbriar; see Card's iv's in LOC 1987 JUN(#317), & 1992 JAN(#372)
   Ferman, Edward L.  Coming Soon  note  large postal rate & other increases will force a price increase by year end; effective in 1988 OCT issue, single issue price to go up from $1.75 to $2.00; note repeated in 1988 SEP, p.70
   Carter, Paul A.  Joram Among the Dogs  ss  this story was a "classic case of the characters taking the tale away from its author. I had written the protagonist into a corner, & the more I plotted & planned, the deeper the hole I was digging him into. Then, in walked Fortunato ..."
   White, Robert  Natural Selection  ss  (1941?- ) his 1st sale; works as a literary agent
   Resnick, Mike  Beibermann's Soul  ss  has E.R.B.-like novels in Ganymede series, The Goddess of Ganymede(1967), Pursuit on Ganymede(1968); post-holocaust NY subway tale, Redbeard(1969); wrote over 200 novels under ps. before his 1st sf novel under his own name Galactica Discovers Earth(1980)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Ellison, Harlan  Films: Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 30: In Which the Li'l White Lies Thesis (Part Two) Takes Us By the Snout and Drags Us Unwillingly Toward a Door We Fear to Open  mr  Part 2 of film industry lies; white lies & plagiarism; film mentioned, Ladyhawke(1985), stars Matthew Broderick, Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer; Part 1 in 1988 MAY(#5832), Part 3 in 1988 SEP(#5886); Ellison story "The Human Factor," 1995 Outer Limits ep.
   Aandahl, Vance  Natural Talent  ss 
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Eisenstein, Phyllis  Beyond the Red Lord's Reach  no-2/3 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Fire of Life, The  sces  fuels & fire, Part 1 of 3; fire, how it brought life to Earth, & man to what he is today; getting fire from natural causes, & from solid fuels - wood, charcoal, coal; Part 2 in 1988 SEP(#5890), Part 3 in 1988 OCT(#5903)
   Morressy, John  Mirror, Mirror, Off the Wall  nv  10th story in F&SF in his Kedrigern the wizard series; some stories in his Kedrigern series were revised for fixup novel, The Questing of Kedrigern(1987)
1988 SEP  Cunningham, P.E.  Son of Walks Through Fire, The  ss  on. p.23, Author's Note: The Indian Tribes described in this story did not actually exist, but are drawn from a compilation of the traditions & beliefs of several plains & desert peoples. The rest is the result of the writer's imagination.
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: an essay on Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988)
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Michael Bishop: Unicorn Mountain; Ellen Kushner: Swordspoint; Isaac Asimov: Prelude to Foundation; Terence M. Green: Barking Dogs; Card has anth. Dragons of Light(1980; N-1981 BRG, LOC, WFA), Dragons of Darkness(1981; N-1982 LOC)
   Griffin, Russell  Planesong  ss  has novel The Time-Servers(1985; N-1985 DIC), a satiric sf novel about bureaucrats on a wretched boondocks planet, black humor of the deepest dye(B&C)
   Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Malice of the Demon, The  vi  6th/last story in F&SF in Lythande ser.; has coll. The Best of ...(1985); anth. ser. Sword and Sorceress 1-14(1984-97); editor MZBFM 1988 SUM-2000 DEC; see iv's MZBFM 1989 SUM, LOC 1984 JAN(#276); ar in INZ #40 1990; W-2000 WFA, Lifetime Achievement
   Dawes  Cartoon  ct 
   Landsberg, John M.  Conditioning  ss 
   Ellison, Harlan  Films: Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 31: In Which the Li'l White Lies (Part Three) Approaches a Nascent State, Approaches the Dreadful Door, and En Route Questions Meat ...  mr  ... Industry; The Running Man(1987), supposedly based on Stephen King's(as Richard Bachman) 1982 novel, but is actually a rewrite of Robert Sheckley's story "The Prize of Peril" in F&SF 1958 MAY; The Hidden(1987), ripoff of Clement's novel Needle(1950)
   Thompson, Jessie  Snowfall  ss  1st sale; "I now live in northern California near the ocean, & though I love the warm fog & soft nights, I think about what it would be like to live closer to the real true edge again. To stick my tongue to frozen metal on a deal. To walk on booming ice."
   Goulart, Ron  House of Secrets  ss  has Nostalgia series of articles in TWZ 1983 JUL/AUG-1985 JAN/FEB; novel Suicide, Inc.(1985)
   Eisenstein, Phyllis  Beyond the Red Lord's Reach  no-3/3  teaches fiction writing classes at Columbia College of Chicago, & has edited anth./mag. from these classes, Spec-Lit No. 1(1997), & Spec-Lit No. 2(1998); see her editorials in these books for personal info & info on her writing group
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Slave of the Lamp, The  sces  fuels & fire, Part 2 of 3; liquid fuels, from melted fat or lard, to whale oil, oil, petroleum & kerosene; Part 1 in 1988 AUG(#5876), Part 3 in 1988 OCT(#5903)
   Rucker, Rudy & Paul Di Filippo  Instability  ss  1st story in F&SF in Di Filippo's Lost Pages ser.; Rucker has robot ser., Software(1982; W-1982 DIC), Wetware(1988; W-1988 DIC; N-1989 LOC), Freeware(1997), Realware(2000); nf Mind Tools (1987), Artificial Life Lab(1993), Saucer Wisdom(1999)
1988 OCT  Cross, Ronald Anthony  Country Store, The  ss  1st story pub. sf "The Story of Three Cities" in Michael Moorcock & Charles Platt(ed): New Worlds 6(1973)
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: alternate world histories, mentions Ward Moore's Bring the Jubilee, Keith Robert's Pavane; S.M. Stirling: Marching Through Georgia; William Sanders: Journey to Fusang
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  William Sleator: The Green Futures of Tycho, & Fingers; Ian Watson: Queenmagic, Kingmagic(abridged version a novella "Queenmagic, Pawnmagic" in F&SF 1986 SEP); Suzy McKee Charnas: The Silver Glove, & The Bronze King
   Bradbury, Ray  Lafayette Farewell  ss  1st pub. in his coll. The Toynbee Convector(1988); see interviews in The Leading Edge #17 1988, Fear! 1989 JAN/FEB & MAR/APR, Visions 1990 FLL, INZ 1991 JAN, Gauntlet #2 1991, MZoo #2 1991 MAR, LOC 1996 AUG(#427); ar in Midnight Zoo v.1 #6 1991
   Arno, Ed  Cartoon: Birth of the Credibility Gap, The  ct 
   Barker, Clive  How Spoilers Bleed  nv  (1952- ) 1st pub. in Clive Barker's Books of Blood, Vol.6(1985); born & raised in Liverpool, started out as a playwright; 1st story pub. horror Clive Barker's Books of Blood, Vol.1-3(1984); see iv's in WRT 1988 FLL, CMD 1992 WIN & 1993 WIN, DTH 1996 AUT
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Pohl, Frederik  Star War, The  ss  novels w. Jack Williamson, Farthest Star(1975), Wall Around a Star(1983), both in Cuckoo ser., & Land's End(1988), The Singers of Time(1991), Outnumbering the Dead(1990), Stopping at Slowyear(1991); nf Chasing Science(2000); W-1992 NEB, Grandmaster Award
   Grant, Charles L.  City Boy  nv  has colls. The Black Carousel(1995), A Quiet Way to Scream(1996); anth. Gothic Ghosts(1997, w. Wendy Webb); novels Symphony(1997), Watcher(1997); Black Oak ser., Genesis(1998), Hush of Dark Wings(1999); W-1999 STO, for Lifetime Achievement
   Davidson, Avram  While You're Up  vi  has nf coll., Adventures in Unhistory(1993); he was a visiting lecturer or guest writer at the Univ. of Washington, Univ. of California(Irvine), Univ. of Texas(El Paso), Univ. of Michigan, & the College of William and Mary; see
   Wightman, Wayne  Rat Run  ss  has pub. over 35 short stories, between 1980-1999, in mags. AMZ, FAN, F&SF, ASI, PLP, Omni, The Thirteenth Moon, & in anth. Charles L. Grant(ed): Shadows #6(1983), and Lewis Shiner(ed): When the Music's Over(1991)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Horse Under the Hood, The  sces  fuels & fire, Part 3 of 3; gasoline & automobiles; the development of the automobile from the horse-pulled & the steam-driven carriages, to the gas guzzler; Part 1 in 1988 AUG(#5876), Part 2 in 1988 SEP(#5890)
   Shepard, Lucius  Wooden Tiger, A  nv  a CIA agent in Calcutta develops qualms about his job & goes in search of a goddess, only to run into some strange & violent complications; a Clarion graduate, has article "How I Spent My Summer Vacation: A Student Perspective on Clarion," ASI 1985 FEB
1988 NOV  Resnick, Mike  Kirinyaga  nv  W-1989 HUG, SFC; N-1988 NEB; 1989 LOC; 1st story in F&SF in Kirinyaga ser.; a far future Kikuyu witch doctor who lives atop Kirinyaga mountain, & the forces which he fights to make him leave a deadly Earth for a colony in space; pub. as a chapbook in 1992
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: at one time one could read all sf that was being written, not so now; writing for target audiences; how has this changed the way writers write; Esther M. Friesner: Druid's Blood; Kevin J. Anderson: Resurrection, Inc.
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman: The Darksword Trilogy: Forging the Darksword, & Doom of the Darksword; Tom Deitz: Fireshaper's Doom; Card has coll. Cardography(1987; N-1988 LOC); has writing credits for movie The Dig(1995)
   Disch, Thomas M.  Audition, The  ply  play orig. written as a piece of grand guignol for an anth. of plays that never appeared; Disch working on a modernist adaptation of Ben-Hur for an off-Broadway company; has dark fantasy/horror novel The Priest(1994; N-1995 LOC); see iv in LOC 2001 JUN
   McAuley, Paul J.  Inheritance  nv  has 1st novel, Four Hundred Billion Stars(1988; W-1988 DIC; N-1989 LOC), & sequels Of the Fall(1989; vt Secret Harmonies, UK), Eternal Light(1991; N-1992 BSF, CLA, LOC); has coll. The King of the Hill and Other Stories(1991), The Invisible Country(1996)
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct 

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