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1988 NOV  Antieau, Kim  Trudging to Eden  ss  (1955- ) attended 1980 Clarion; married to writer Mario Milosevic(also in F&SF); lives in OR; 1st story pub. "Out of the Womb" in ASI 1983 JUL; 1st novel fantasy The Jigsaw Woman(1996); has coll. Trudging to Eden(1995); novel The Gaia Websters(1997)
   Platt, Charles  Inside Science Fiction: Inscrutable Science Fiction  ar  the takeover of American SF by Japanese publishers & writers, and do the Americans care?; as a spoof, has the cover of the F&SF 1999 JAN issue is covered with Japanese names(not so); Platt's 1st novel Garbage World(1967), The City Dwellers(1970)
   Effinger, George Alec  Posterity  nv  2nd & last story in Eldres ser.; has nv "Schrödinger's Kitten"(Omni 1988 SEP; W-1988 NEB; 1989 HUG, SFC, STU; N-LOC), published as Pulphouse Short Story Paperback #42(1992); see iv in LOC 1989 JUN(#341); married to genre author Barbara Hambly 1998-2000
   Aldiss, Brian W.  Traveler, Traveler, Seek Your Wife in the Forests of This Life  ss  1st pub. in S. F. Blues Programme Book(1987); has nf book This World and Nearer Ones(1981); essay colls. The Pale Shadow of Science(1985; N-1986 HUG, LOC), ... And the Lurid Glare of the Comet(1986; N-1987 LOC), The Detached Retina(1995; N-1996 LOC)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Out of the Everywhere  sces  electromagnetic radiation - cosmic rays, Part 1 of 2; their discovery; how cosmic rays helped physicists learn about subatomic particles, by high speed collisions; Part 2 in 1988 DEC(#5931)
   Bova, Ben  Diamond Sam  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Sam Gunn ser.; has novels Escape!(1970), The Winds of Altair(1973; rev. 1983), When the Sky Burned(1973; rev. vt Test of Fire, 1982); Gremlins, Go Home!(1974), w. Gordon R. Dickson; The Multiple Man(1976), a suspense tale about clones
1988 DEC  Watson, Ian  Mole Field, The  ss  see interviews in Charles Platt(ed): Who Writes Science Fiction(1980), Extro 1982 FEB/MAR, WRT 1993 SUM(#307, Special Ian Watson Isuue), INZ 1993 SEP & 1997 OCT; see article in The Zone #3 1995
   Etchemendy, Nancy  Dreams in Tandem  pm 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  essay: defining fantasy this time, the changes in horror fiction & the horror of Peter Straub, Stephen King & H.P. Lovecraft; Peter Straub: Koko
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Bruce Sterling: Islands in the Net; R.A. MacAvoy: The Grey Horse; Card has film novelization, The Abyss(1989); Card has anth. Maps in the Mirror(1990; vt in 4 vols., The Changed Man, 1992; Flux, 1992; Cruel Miracles, 1993; & Monkey Sonatas, 1993)
   Arno, Ed  Cartoon  ct 
   Aldridge, Ray  Floating Castles  nv  has "built a series of sf-oriented (stained glass) windows that deal with the same subject as (this story)—the impact, often fatal, of high tech cultures on primitive ones"; his stained glass windows series is titled "The Alien Lightscapes"
   Reed, Robert  Bird Looking In, The  nv  (1956- ) born in Omaha, lives in Lincoln, NE; has 1987 BS in Biology from Nebraska Wesleyan Univ.; 1st sale "Treading in the Afterglow" in Terry Carr(ed): Universe 16(1986); full-time writer since 1987; N-1987 JWCA, for Best New Writer
   Harris, S.  Cartoon  ct 
   Strickland, Brad  What Dreams May Come  ss  has ya sf novels in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine series, The Star Ghost(1994), & Stowaways(1994); with wife Barbara Strickland, in the Star Trek Next Generation series, Starfall(1995), Nova Command(1995), & Starfleet Academy: Crisis on Vulcan(1996)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 46  cmp  1st prize: Regina Holliday; 2nd prize: William G. Raley; R-U: R.J. & Susan Moskop; Paul David Littell; H-M: Dorie Jennings; Andrew M. Andrews; Mark E. O'Brien; Anne Georgalas; Terry Lusian; Tony Snelson; Rachel Cosgrove Payes; Stephen Cousins; 1 more
   F&SF staff  Competition 47  cmp  compose a personal ad for an alien seeking solace or love
   Wagar, W. Warren  Time of No Troubles, The  na  3rd & last story in Ira Walker series; in this story a new "sanity" arrives, & the questions about the 'effect' & what has happened to the world begin to be answered
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Into the Here  sces  electromagnetic radiation - cosmic rays, Part 2 of 2; what are cosmic rays made of?; how the study of them has led to a better understanding of the universe; Part 1 in 1988 NOV(#5916); has nf book Asimov's Chronolgy of Science and Discovery(1989)
   Turtledove, Harry  Batboy  ss  has novels Agent of Byzantium(1987), Noninterference(1987), Swords of the Legion(1987), A Different Flesh(1988), A World of Difference(1990), The Guns of the South(1992), Two Thieves(1992), The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump(1993), Prince of the North(1994)
   Ellison, Harlan  Films: Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 31½: In Which Mea Culpas Fall Like Gentle Rain Upon the Place Beneath  mr  essay: an apology for not being able to have this column run regularly due to prior obligations & a busy schedule; Ellison's movie reviews coll. in Harlan Ellison's Watching(1989; W-1990 STO; N-1990 HUG, LOC, WFA); screenplay Harlan Ellison's Movie(1991)
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 75: 1988 JUL-DEC  indx 

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