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1991 APR  Counsil, Wendy  Stigmata  ss  her 1st fiction sale; lives in San Francisco, writes fulltime, works part-time as a computer network administrator; has pub. poetry & nf; story grew partly from her work as a crisis counselor in the 1970s; readers warned story is disturbing due to subject
   Shaw, Bob  Lunch of Champions  ss  has Ragged Astronauts seq., The Ragged Astronauts(1986; W-1987 BSF; N-CLA, HUG, LOC), The Wooden Spaceships(1988), The Fugitive Worlds(1989); Fire Pattern(1984), Warren Peace(1993), Dimensions(1994); coll. Dark Night in Toyland(1989)
   Bird, R.P.  Illness in a Word  ss  he is a graduate student in history & struggling professional writer; "to him, history & fiction are related, like the opposite sides of the same coin"
   Koja, Kathe  Neglected Garden, The  ss  has 1st novel, sf/horror, The Cipher(1991; W-1992 LOC, STO; N-1991 DIC), about a would-be poet who & his experience with a black hole in his apartment building that leads to another dimension(B&C)
   Frazier, Robert  Mummers  ss  says this story emerges from one of the points of convergence in the American Consciousness - everyone seems to remember exactly what they were doing when they heard the news from Dallas in November 1963
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Lee, Michael  Stranger in the Green Chair  ss  fulltime freelance writer, has pub. in a variety of newspapers & magazines; lives on Cape Cod, & writes a weekly humor column for the Cape Cod Newspaper Group
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Skimming the Nearest  sces  planet Mercury; its physical characteristics; how it compares with the inner planets & the larger satellites; what was learned from Mariner X(1973-75); see essays on Mercury, "The Seventh Planet" & "The Dance of the Sun" in 1968 MAR & APR
   Aldridge, Ray  Gate of Faces  nv  W-1992 SFC; N-1991 NEB, novelette; "the story of a dying longhauler named John Thinwolf, stranded on an odd & menacing outpost called Jaworld"
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Working With Hahnium, Which Has a Half-Life of 35 Seconds  ct 
1991 MAY  Conner, Mike  Guide Dog  nv  W-1991 NEB, novelette; 1st story in Guide Dog ser.; story listed in TOC & on the cover incorrectly as by Mike Connor; see Conner's intro to this story in Morrow(ed): Nebula Awards 27(1993), in which he explains how he came up with the idea for this story
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  M. Shayne Bell: Nicoji; Nina Kiriki Hoffman: Author's Choice Monthly #14; Gene Wolfe: Castleview
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Alexander Jablokov: Carve the Sky; Chris Van Allsburg: Just a Dream; Peter Collington: On Christmas Eve; Thornton W. Burgess: Old Mother West Wind; The Best of the Best I Read - Fantasy, SF, Young Adult, Picture Books, & Computer Books
   Haldeman, Joe  Images  ss  N-1992 LOC, ss; has novels Mindbridge(1976; N-1977 HUG, LOC), All My Sins Remembered(1977 fixup; N-1978 LOC), There Is No Darkness(1983; w. Jack C. Haldeman II), Tool of the Trade(1987), Buying Time(1989; N-1990 LOC), The Long Habit of Living(1989)
   Caraker, Mary  Sandwalk, The  ss  has sf/mystery novella, I Remember, I Remember(1991 chap), about a woman who awakens from suspended animation aboard a colony ship without any memory of how she got there
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Denton, Bradley  Skidmore  ss  has omnibus coll./boxed set, The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians & A Conflagration Artist(1994; W-1995 WFA); coll. in Blackburn seriesOne Day Closer to Death(1998), in which story "Blackburn Bakes Cookies" was N-1998 STO
   Bisson, Terry  Coon Suit, The  vi  (1942- ) born in Madisonville, KY; lives in Brooklyn, NY; 1964 BA from Univ. of Louisville; editor & copywriter; 1st novel pub. heroic fantasy/romance, Wyrldmaker(1981); see iv's in INZ #40 1990, LOC 1991 JUL(#366), PWr #13 1997, & Odyssey 1997 NOV/DEC
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Matz, Marc  At Cost  ss  (1951?- ) J. Marc Matz, an L.A. small businessman & part-time writer; helps to run his family's cosmetic business; 1st story pub. "Despite and Still" in Writers of the Future, Vol. V(1989); 1st novel, Nocturne for a Dangerous Man(1999; N-2000 LOC)
   Cross, Ronald Anthony  Hanging Out With Bitsy  ss  warning - "there is some pretty strong stuff in this account of a teacher who may be an awful teacher from another world & a student ... who may be ... the meanest you have ever met"
   Russo, Richard Paul  Open Boat, The  ss  has near-future urban dystopian sf novel Subterranean Gallery(1989; W-1989 DIC; N-1992 CLA); cyberthriller police detective Frank Carlucci series, Destroying Angel(1992; N-1993 CLA), Carlucci's Edge(1995; N-1995 DIC), Carlucci's Heart(1997; N-1997 DIC)
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: This Pitiless Storm  sces  planet Jupiter's Great Red Spot; how it has been viewed thru history, its physical dimensions & other details; analyzing the behavior of the Spot; mysteries about the Spot; how it compares with what's been found on the other gas giants
   Rosenblum, Mary  Spirit-Dancing on the Evergreen Point Bridge  nv  (1953- ) lives in Portland, OR; has BS in Biology; fulltime writer since 1988, attended Clarion in 1989; 1st sale "For a Price" in ASI 1990 JUN; has 1st novel, Chimera(1993; N-1994 LOC), a virtual reality sf novel of intrigue & mayhem on the global net
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Birth of Self-Consciousness, The  ct 
1991 JUN  Ferman, Edward L.  Editorial  ed  announcing his resignation as editor of F&SF after 25 years; will continue being its publisher; F&SF's new editor, beginning with the next issue, 1991 JUL, will be Kristine Kathryn Rusch - a freelance since 1982, W-1989 JWC as Best New Writer
   Fowler, Karen Joy  Dark, The  ss  N-1992 LOC, short story; has 2nd novel The Sweetheart Season(1996), the story of an all-female baseball team formed in 1947 in Magrit, MN; see interviews in INZ #23 1988, Fear! 1991 MAR, & LOC 1993 SEP(#392), 1999 JUL(#462)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: From the USAF UFO File  ct 
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  George Alec Effinger: The Exile Kiss; Keith Laumer: Judson's Eden; Dwight V. Swain: Monster
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Frederik Pohl & Jack Williamson: The Singers of Time; Sim Earth(a computer game)
   Gilman, Carolyn Ives  Wordworld  ss  has nf books on frontier & American Indian history, incl. The Northern Expeditions of Stephen H. Long(1978), w. Lucile M. Kane & June D. Holmquist; The Red River Trails(1978), w. Rhoda R. Gilman & Deborah M. Stultz
   Slesar, Henry  Deuce  ss  has written several ABC Wide World Mystery dramas; mystery/horror novel The Thing at the Dorr(1974); W-1999 Derringer Award, Lifetime Acievement, given by the Short Mystery Fiction Society; see his obits in LOC 2002 MAY(#496), SFC 2002 JUL(#226)
   Aldiss, Brian W.  Better Morphosis  ss  1st pub. in Nasacon II Programbook(1990), read aloud at IAFA Conference of the Fantastic, March 1990; has sf novels The Year Before Yesterday(1987), Dracula Unbound(1991); non-sf Life in the West(1990), Remembrance Day(1993), Somewhere East of Life(1994)
   Bova, Ben  Vacuum Cleaner  na  5th story in F&SF in Sam Gunn ser.; has Voyagers ser., Voyagers(1981), The Alien Within(1986), Star Brothers(1990); also in Orion ser., Orion('84), Escape Plus('84 coll.), Vengeance of Orion('88), Orion in the Dying Time('90), Orion and the Conqueror('94)
   Davidson, Avram  Day They All Came Back, The  vi  see his obit & appreciations(tributes), in LOC 1993 JUN(#389) & JUL(#390), obit in CA, vol.171; has colls. The Investigations of Avram Davidson(1999), 13 of his tales of mystery & crime; The Other Nineteenth Century(2001), coll. of his historical fantasy
   Eide, Wennicke  Blue Angel  nv  working name for Wennicke Eide Cox; born in Norway during WWII, where she still lives; has also pub. fiction in AMZ 1991 SEP, & in ASI 1993 JUL
   Hauser  Cartoon  ct 
   Asimov, Isaac  Science: Royal Gamma  sces  electromagnetic radiation - gamma rays, the most energetic of the known photons, with high particle properties; from its discovery on Earth to its discovery in other parts of the universe, incl. the recently found 'bursters'
   Davis, Grania  Blessed/Damned Thornston Emerald, The  ss  has novels Dr. Grass(1978), The Great Perpendicular Path(1980); Moonbird(1986), set near Bali, deals with the dilemma of a native shaman—whose travels with his God make up most of the novel—when a group of North Americans invade his home(Clute)
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 80: 1991 JAN-JUN  indx 
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
1991 JUL  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  new editor of F&SF shares w. the magazine a "sense of history"; promises changes at F&SF will be "structurally sound" as she "values history, & yet ... embrace(s) the future," a sort of an informal theme for her 1st issue of F&SF; see article LOC 1991 FEB
   Cassutt, Michael  Extraordinary Measures  ss  N-1992 NEB, short story; has worked on TV series W.I.O.U.(1990-91, writer-producer), Strange Luck(1995-1996; 17 ep.); freelance scripts for Alice, Misfits of Science(1985-86), Dungeons & Dragons(1983, 27 ep.), SeaQuest DSV(1993-95, 59 ep.), etal
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Tritten, Larry  Travels With Harry  ss  has pub. fiction & non-fiction in PBY, & in Writer's Digest
   Daniel, Tony  Locust  ss  grew up in Alabama, but now lives in Seattle, WA; 1989 graduate of Clarion West; has 1st sale "The Passage of Night Trains" in ASI 1990 m-DEC; 1st novel Warpath(1993); Earthling(1997); coll. The Robot's Twilight Companion(1999; N-2000 LOC)
   Budrys, Algis  Books  br  Ralph Peters: The War in 2020; Michele Slung(ed): I Shudder at Your Touch; Les Daniels: No Blood Spilled
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Faren Miller: The Illusionists; M. Shayne Bell: Nicoji
   Reed, Robert  Pipes  ss  N-1992 LOC, short story; "the effect that human beings have on the environment"
   Springer, Nancy  Autumn Mist  ss  "ties together the motifs of the issue: the need for change, for preserving the past, & the effect we have on the environment"; has Sea King trilogy, Madbond(1987), Mindbond(1987), Godbond(1988); The Hex Witch of Seldom(1988), Not on a White Horse(1988)

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