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1993 APR  Gorman, Ed  Face, The  ss  (1941- ) N-1994 LOC, ss; wn. for Edward Joseph Gorman, best known for his mys. & anth.; lives in Cedar Rapids, IA; publishes Mystery Scene mag.; 1st novel, mys. New, Improved, Murder(1985); see iv's in CMD 1990 SPR-SUM, & 1995 WIN, & PWr #12 1996
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Cohen, Lisa R.  Rainbone  nv  from Canada; pub. personalized children's books for her company, Wonderkids; writes sf br's for Science Fiction Weekly under ps. L.R.C. Munro; attended 1987 Clarion; 1st story pub. "The Dream of the Turtle King" in PLP #6 1990; see website at
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Rise of the Blood-Sucking Romeo, The  mr  essay: transformation in films of the vampire from monster to "heroic figure, & a sex-symbol to boot"; Bram Stoker's Dracula(1992), stars Winona Ryder, Gary Oldman; Buffy the Vampire Slayer(1992); Dark Shadows(1990 TV); Dracula(1979), stars Frank Langella
   Lawson, James  Gagrito  nv  2nd & last story in F&SF in his Montezuma Strip series; has sf police procedural novel, under his real name Alan Dean Foster, The Mocking Program(2002), set in the high-tech streets of the Montezuma Strip
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon: Genetic Engineering  ct 
   Sterling, Bruce  Science: Magnetic Vision  ar  magnetic resonance imagery (MRI scans), their history & how it works; discovered & developed by Dr. Raymond Damadian; what the future holds for MRI's
   Bell, M. Shayne  With Rain, and a Dog Barking  ss  (1957- ) working name for Michael Shayne Bell; born in Rexburg, ID; spent 2 years as a Mormon missionary in Brazil; now lives in Provo, UT; has bachelor's & master's degrees from Brigham Young Univ.
   Flynn, Michael F.  Timothy Leary, Batu Khan, and the Palimpsest of Universal Reality  nv  (1947- ) born in Easton, PA; lives in Edison, NJ; has BA in Math from La Salle College, MS in Topology from Marquette Univ.; 1st story pub. "Slan Libh" in ANA 1984 NOV; most of his stories pub. in ANA, incl. 4 as Roland Shew; see Biolog in ANA 1986 DEC
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Who the Hell Is ?krauQ .rD  ct  7th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in this one, Dr. Quark tests his Reverso-Matter Device
1993 MAY  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  movies & TV have not "taken readers away from the fantasy & science fiction genre ... (they've) brought readers to the genre"; Rusch has Star Trek Deep Space Nine novelization, The Big Game(1993), with Dean Wesley Smith under collab. ps. Sandy Schofield
   Morressy, John  Working Stiffs  ss  see his entry in the St. James Guide to Fantasy Writers(1996)
   Kessel, John  Books: Today's Truth  br  essay: the cyberpunk debate, Part 1 of 2; what it is & where has it gone; Larry McCaffery(ed): Storming the Reality Studio: A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern S. F.; Bruce Sterling: Globalhead, & The Hacker Crackdown(nf); Marc Laidlaw: Kalifornia
   Card, Orson Scott  Books to Look For  br  Robert Kanigel: The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujam; Michael Scott: October Moon; Diann Thornley: Ganwold's Child; Susan Fletcher: Dragon's Milk; David Garnett(ed): New Worlds
   Tiedemann, Mark W.  Playground Door, The  ss  has 1st novel, The New Isaac Asimov's Robot Mystery: Mirage(2000), & 2nd novel in Asimov's Robot ser., Asimov's Chimera(2001); sf novels Compass Reach(2001), about a person selected to be the alien's ambassador to Earth; thriller Realtime(2001)
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon  ct 
   Jensen, Joyce K.  Janell Johannson's First Exhibit  ss  her 1st fantasy sale; story "started out ... about how society crushes hope, squashes ambition, & works to keep people in their place ... Janell wanted these possibilities ... (but) the 1950s didn't hold much by way of possibilities for girls & women ..."
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct 
   Coney, Michael  Die, Lorelei  nv  N-1994 NEB, novelette; Coney lives on Vancouver Island, where this story is set; it explores the relationship between dolphins & humans; has novel Cat Karina(1982; N-1983 AUR; 1984 BSF), releted to his latter The Song of Earth series of novels
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Reasoning About Emotions  ar  computer-brain resemblances & differences, Part 2 of 2; defining the Self, the role emotions have in defining it; development of drivers or agents(e.g. hunger, reproduction) from babies to adult, & how they too help define the Self; the role of reason
   Malzberg, Barry N.  Something From the Seventies  ss  1st & only story in F&SF in Decades ser.; a "response" to his one other earlier story in ser., "A Soulsong to the Sad, Silly Soaring Sixties" in FAN 1971 FEB, & in coll. In the Pocket & Other S-F Stories(1971), as by K.M. O'Donnell; see iv in LOC 2002 APR
   Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Sinner-Saints  ss  N-1994 HUG, LOC; alt. history story based on life of Lillian Hellman(1905-1984), to be pub. in Resnick(ed): By Any Other Fame(1994); Hellman wrote influential plays, & 3 autobiographies, An Unfinished Woman(1969), Pentimento(1973), Scoundrel Time(1976)
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Friesner, Esther M.  One Quiet Day in the Suburbs  ss  about the story, "I got the idea during the family Passover seder. When you watch the movie "The Ten Commandments," you only see how the highest of the high reacted to events preceding the Exodus. But what about the ordinary people?"
   Laidlaw, Marc  Terror's Biggest Fan  nv  went to school in Eugene, OR, which was used as the basis in this story for the fictional town of Spencer, as well as using Oregon's music scene
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Dr. Quark - Big-Hearted Dr. Quark Shows the Dog a Bone  ct  8th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which Dr. Quark & his dog Rags visit a dinosaur museum on 'Pet Day'
1993 JUN  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  "despite any sudden darkness ... I find reassurance in stories ... that somewhere down the road a store is open, a well-lit store with candles & firewood, where someone else has already gone to escape the gloom"
   Reed, Robert  Guest of Honor  nv  homestate of Nebraska inspiration for story, has unusual weather, which "plays a big role in 'Guest,' & because most sf seems to take place in worlds much more static than Nebraska"
   Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Good Wishes  ss  examines pre-marriage jitters from post-marriage perspective; Rusch has The Fey ser., The Fey: The Sacrifice(1995), The Changeling(1996), The Rival(1997), The Resistance(1998), The Victory(1998), high-fantasy about the warlike Fey waging guerilla warfare
   Smith, Sarah  Touched by the Bomb (For the Ozawa family of Nagasaki, d. August 9, 1945, & for Ernest Hollings)  ss  (1947- ) story inspired by her 3 years in Japan as a child, & her 'oma,' Yaeko Ozawa, a Nagasaki survivor; lives in Brookline, MA; has sf novel King of Space(1991); Victorian-era mys. ser., The Vanished Child(1992), The Knowledge of Water(1996)
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Cold Turkey  mr  essay: "Small-is-Beautiful" was never embraced by Hollywood; Forever Young(1992), stars Mel Gibson, Jamie Lee Curtis; Late for Dinner(1991), stars Brian Wimmer, Peter Berg; Maio has film review book, Feminist in the Dark(1988)
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: S.W.A.T. Police  ct 
   Rosenblum, Mary  Sanctuary  ss  story "the result of my lifelong habit of taking evening walks ... There is a drowsy peace in the air that makes me think of elderly men & women dreaming gently of youth & yesterday ..."
   Pendleton, Michaelene  Rising Star  ss  story grew out of a discussion with Clarion friends about how a dragon could make a living in these recessionary times; lived for 18 years in Alaska, now owns a hotel in Moab, UT; has book w. F.A. Barnes: Canyon Country, Prehistoric Indians(1979; 1990)
   McCloskey, Mark  Black Ferry, The  ss  (1938- ) well-known poet, has won the Theodore Rothke Poetry Prize; has poetry colls., incl. Goodbye, But Listen(1968); nf book Tell It Often—Tell It Well(1986); writes mystery novels under a ps.; see entry in CANR, vol.1, p.422
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: Magic Trick #278  ct 
   Sterling, Bruce  Science: Superglue  ar  glue & superglue; the chemistry of adhesion & its growth into a major industry; the peculiar properties of superglue, cyanoacrylate, first discovered in 1942
   Goldman, E.M.  Metastasis  ss  (1945?- ) wn. for Eleanor Maureen Goldman; also in F&SF under ps. Maureen Exter & Maureen Bryan Exter; has ya sf/f/horror novels The Night Room(1995), a computer simulation let students see their future, & one of them is dead; Shrinking Pains(1996)
   Nagata, Linda  Liberator  nv  (1960- ) N-1994 NEB; story set in same world as her 1st novel, The Bohr Maker(1995; W-1996 LOC); born in San Diego, CA; lives on Maui, HI; has 1982 bachelor's degree in Zoology from Univ. of Hawaii; 1st story pub. "Spectral Expectations" in ANA 1987 APR
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 58  cmp  1st prize: Michael H. Payne; 2nd prize: Denise LeCompte; R-U: Charles Duff; Brick Barrientos
   F&SF staff  Competition 59  cmp  suggested by Mark Ditoro - family reunions, the relatives of famous writers, e.g.: H.R. Bloch, the psychopathic financial adviser
   F&SF staff  Index to Volume 84: 1993 JAN-JUN  indx 
1993 JUL  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  reader reactions to stories in 1993 JAN, FEB, & MAR issues; two reasons there won't be a letters column under her editorship: 1. takes away space best reserved for fiction; 2. magazine lead time(~6 months) precludes timely publication of letters
   de Lint, Charles  Paperjack  nv  N-1993 WFA; 1st pub. in 1991(chap); 2nd story in F&SF in Newford ser.; novels set in fictional city of Newford incl. Memory and Dream(1994; N-1995 LOC), Trader('96; N-1998 MYT, LOC, WFA), Someplace to Be Flying('98; N-1999 WFA), Forests of the Heart(2000)
   Kessel, John  Books: Big Book, Women, and God, The  br  essay: cyberpunk, Part 2 of 2(Part 1 in 1993 MAY); the role of Kim Stanley Robinson as a cyberpunk author, if he is one; Kim Stanley Robinson: Red Mars; Judith Moffett: Time, Like an Ever-Rolling Stream; M.J. Engh: Rainbow Man
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Goldstein, Lisa  Woman in the Painting, The  ss  (1953- ) 1st pub. sf/f novel The Red Magician(1982; N-1983 LOC), W-American Book Award; The Dream Years(1985; N-1986 LOC, WFA), A Mask for the General(1987; N-1988 LOC; 1990 CLA), Tourists(1989; N-1990 LOC); see
   Cassutt, Michael  Folks, The  ss  story inspired by his great-uncle & the fact that "in the early 21st Century, the U.S. will be a country in which mature people will be a majority—a political force"; has novel Dragon Season(1991), air force officer hunts for his girl in an alt. world
   Dedman, Stephen  As Wise As Serpents  ss  (1959- ) born in Adelaide, Australia; most of his fiction is pub. in Australia; asst. editor of the Australian semiprozine Eidolon; 1st story pub. sf/f "Optional Extras" in Aphelion 1986 WIN; wrote a chapbook, The Dirty Little Unicorn, for his children

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