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1995 JAN  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  recommends to F&SF readers an anthology she has edited with Edward L. Ferman, The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: A 45th Anniversary Anthology(1994); Rusch has horror novel The Devil's Churn(1996), about a drowned man who returns after 50 years
   Coney, Michael  Tea and Hamsters  nv  N-1995 NEB; 1996 HUG, novelette; AUR, short fiction; 2nd story in Foss Creek series, about a small off-planet human tourist village in the far future
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon: 8 Lives Down ... One to Go  ct 
   Kessel, John  Books: Prisoners of Perception  br  essay: writers that still labor "to produce work that's commercially acceptable while still doing things that matter to (them)"; Rebecca Ore: Slow Funeral; see Kessel's website at
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  James Morrow: Towing Jehovah; Susan Power: The Grass Dancer; Mickey Zucker Reichert: The Unknown Soldier; de Lint has Urban Faerie series, novels Jack, the Giant Killer(1987; W-1988 AUR), & Drink Down the Moon(1990; N-1991 LOC)
   What, Leslie  Compatibility Clause  ss  has her 1st coll., Sweet and Sour Tongue(2000), stories that examine "traditional & nontraditional takes on Jewish life"; historical romance Nice Girls Do(2001), as by Leslie Joyce, "about a (WWII) young couple working in the Resistance in Nice, France"
   Ellison, Harlan  Keyboard  ss  story written in the window of Booksmith in San Francisco, based on Robin William's idea, "Computer Vampire, or, the Byte that Bites"; Ellison uses a typewriter, hates computers; he's a conceptual consultant on Babylon 5, & sf commentator on Sci-Fi Buzz
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Castro, Adam-Troy  Ego to Go  ss  ,lives in Florida; has 1st story pub. "Clearance to Land" in PLP #5 1989; has tribute story, "The Last Robot," to Isaac Asimov in premier issue of SFAge 1992 NOV; has horror story coll., Lost in Booth Nine(1993)
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Summer of the Scavengers and Cannibals  mr  essay: Hollywood "eat their own young" by making endless sequels & remakes; The Flintstones(1994), stars John Goodman; The Shadow(1994), based on the old-time radio show & pulp mag., stars Alec Baldwin, also rvw. by Harlan Ellison, 1994 DEC, 1995 FEB
   Heath  Cartoon: Mona Lisa—Letter Box Edition  ct 
   Ballingrud, Nathan  She Found Heaven  ss  his 1st professional sale; just moved to New Orleans from N. Carolina; attended 1992 Clarion, after winning a 1992 Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship
   Oltion, Jerry  Great Martian Pyramid Hoax, The  ss  has colls. Love Songs of a Mad Scientist: The Collected Short Stories of Jerry Oltion, Vol. 1(1993), & Vol. 2, Singing in the Rain(1998)
   Epstein, Benita  Cartoon  ct  became a fulltime cartoonist in 1992, two weeks before she made her first sale to American Scientist; her work has been pub. in hundreds of publications, incl. The New Yorker, Barron's, Wall St. Journal, Air & Space, Reader's Digest, & Punch
   Benford, Gregory  Scientist's Notebook, A: Humanity As Cancer  ar  overpopulation, the growth of Earth's population of man & what it will mean "for a species expanding with no natural limitation"; the possibilities of ecotage, the releasing of a plague virus to curb mankind; Benford W-1995 Lord Prize for his science work
   Bischoff, David  Santa Ritual Abuse  ss  story written for a writers' Xmas Eve reading; 1st novel The Seeker(1976) w. Chris Lampton; Tin Wodman(1979) w. Dennis Bailey; Nightworld series, Nightworld('79), The Vampires of Nightworld('81); w. Charles Sheffield, The Selkie('82), The Judas Cross('94)
   Brennert, Alan  Cradle  ss  co-wrote a libretto for an sf musical, Weird Romance; a two-act play, his story Her Pilgrim Soul is the 2nd act - "A love triangle takes on a new meaning. Can the past really affect the future?"; "H.P.S." 1st pub in TWZ 1986 DEC, aired on TV 1985 DEC 13
   Hoffman, Nina Kiriki  Home for Christmas  nv  N-1995 HOM, NEB, nv; 1996 STU; WFA, na; 1st story in F&SF in Matilda 'Matt' Black ser.; many of her stories are linked, with many of the characters & families in her stories related to each other; Matt is also in her novella, The Unmasking(1992)
   F&SF staff  Report on Competition 62  cmp  1st prize: Anita & Mike Allen; 2nd prize: Bernard J. de la Cruz; R-U: Lesa Neace; James Williamson; Joshua Horowitz; H-M: David S. Smiley; Caroline A. Hayes; Anita & Mike Allen
   F&SF staff  Competition 63  cmp  suggested by Mark Ditoro - Hollywood has a tendency to retitle the stories it films to make them sound more interesting, e.g.: Bradbury's "The Fog Horn" became The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms; invent an exciting & funny title for a movie of any sf/f work
   Farris, Joseph  Cartoon  ct 
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Dr. Quark - The Codeword for Dr. Quark Is, Of Course, Dr. Quark  ct  12th cartoon in his Dr. Quark series; in which everyone tries to figure out Dr. Quark's codeword
1995 FEB  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  survey results, Part 1 of 2; what the survey shows about F&SF's readers - most are 25-55 years old(55% over 35), 93% attended college, 40% female, 70% have not been to an sf convention, 40% also read ASI & ANA, 48% have read F&SF for over 11 years
   Martin, H.  Cartoon  ct 
   Shunn, D. William  Kevin-17  ss  won Honorable Mention, 1994 JWCA, for Best New Writer; short story "The Practical Ramifications of Interstellar Packet Loss" in SFAge 1998 SEP & novella "Dance of the Yellow-Breasted Luddites" in Datlow(ed): Vanishing Acts(2000), share the same future
   Killheffer, Robert K.J.  Books  br  essay: "sf usually ... offer(s) more insight into our current circumstances than sound predictions of tomorrow"; John Barnes: Mother of Storms; Jack Womack: Random Acts of Senseless Violence; Bruce Sterling: Heavy Weather; McHugh: Half the Day Is Night
   Heath  Cartoon  ct 
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Rachel Pollack: Temporary Agency; Midori Snyder: The Flight of Michael McBride; Alison Lurie: Women and Ghosts; de Lint has fantasy novel Greenmantle(1988; N-1989 LOC), about a wild hunt that still exists near a modern city(B&C)
   Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Beautiful, the Damned, The  ss  N-1996 LOC, short story; this story written as an homage to F. Scott Fitzgerald(1896-1940), with whom she's been fascinated with since reading "Bernice Bobs Her Hair," & rereads his 1926 novel, The Great Gatsby, every few years
   Resnick, Mike & Nicholas A. DiChario  Working Stiff  ss  Resnick has Dr. Lucifer Jones ser. Adventures(1985), Lucifer Jones(1992; aka Exploits, 1992, & Encounters, 1992); trilogy The Widowmaker(1996), The Widowmaker Reborn(1997), The Widowmaker Unleashed(1998); anth. Girls for the Slime God(1997)
   Martin, H.  Cartoon: Now Playing  ct 
   Ellison, Harlan  Films: Harlan Ellison's Watching, Installment 49: In Which the Old Man of the Sea Bites the Head Off Yet Another Chicken  mr  Part 2 of 2, The Shadow(1994), also based on the old-time radio show(July 31, 1930-Dec. 26, 1954), also rvw. by Kathi Maio, 1995 JAN; The Mask(1994), inspired by the black & white comic book, followed by an animated TV series, movie stars Jim Carrey
   Jonik  Cartoon  ct 
   Whitlock, Dean  Three Gifts  nv  this story evolved over several beach vacations, "My reverence for the sea started me thinking in terms of religion, faith, & miracles"
   Heath  Cartoon: Unlike Most Telepaths ... Burt Had the Ability to Read His Own Mind  ct 
   Sterling, Bruce  Science: Bitter Resistance  ar  bacteria; the nature & characteristics of bacteria; how antibiotics were discovered, how they work, & bacterial defenses & reaction to them; ecotage; the possibility of the evolution of super-resistant bacteria, & the return to a world of deadly plagues
   MacLeod, Ian R.  Tirkiluk  nv  story came about after he read Anthony Cave Brown: Body of Lies(1975), about Allied deception & intelligence operations in WWII, in particular the "weather wars"; his 1st sale(in 1988), novelette "1/72nd Scale" in WRT 1990 FLL, was N-1990 NEB
   Williamson, Jack  Dark Star  nv  story is linked to the novel he is currently writing, The Black Sun(1997; N-1998 LOC), which have come about from his interest in dark matter theorized by astronomers; w. Pohl, Cuckoo ser., Farthest Star(1975), Wall Around a Star(1983; N-1984 LOC)
1995 MAR  Rusch, Kristine Kathryn  Editorial  ed  survey results, Part 2 of 2; responses on editorial content; 61% want more sf; 36% want more fantasy, 55% want less horror; 56% prefer the short story, novellas 30%, novelettes 14%; competition least popular feature; readers don't want letters column
   Flynn, Michael F.  Promise of God, The  ss  N-1996 HUG, LOC, ss; has novels In the Country of the Blind(1990; W-1991 CCR, LOC, PRO); Fallen Angels(1991; W-1992 PRO), w. Pournelle & Niven; The Nanotech Chronicles(1991), Firestar(1996), Rogue Star(1998), Lodestar(2000); coll. The Forest of Time(1997)
   Kessel, John  Books: Grace Under Pressure  br  announces his retirement from book reviewing due to "increasing responsibilities at work & home"; Maureen F. McHugh: Half the Day Is Night; in 2001, Kessel became Director of Creative Writing program at North Carolina State Univ.; lives in Raleigh, NC
   Masear, Arthur  Cartoon  ct 
   de Lint, Charles  Books to Look For  br  Nancy A. Collins: Wild Blood; Peter Crowther(ed): Blue Motel: Narrow Houses, Volume 3; Don Hutchison(ed): Northern Frights 2; de Lint has fantasy novel Wolf Moon(1988), about a persecuted wolf(B&C)
   Perry, Steve  Just Ask  ss  has Matador ser., incl. The Man Who Never Missed(1985), Brother Death(1992); written for TV, Batman: The Animated Series(1992), for which he was nominated for an Emmy; has novels Aliens Omnibus Edition(1995), The Trinity Vector(1996)
   Harris, S.  Cartoon: Thawing Out Dr. Rojak Again  ct 
   Caves, Sally  Ketamine  nv  cat in this story based on her own tabby, "I first read about ketamine in Daniel Dennett's essay, 'Why You Can't Build a Computer That Can Feel Pain'(in his 1978 book, Brainstorms)"; has pub. a book on medieval poetry
   Onopa, Robert  Traffic  ss  story came to him on an aberrant morning schedule that put him in the commuting jam; also has short story "Blue Flyers" in TSF 1994 DEC
   Maio, Kathi  Films: Wrong Way to Make Things Right, The  mr  essay: "When was it that the hero & the villain of sf/f films became nearly interchangeable?"; Timecop(1994), based on the comic book ser., stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ron Silver; The Crow(1994), based on James O'Barr's b&w comic book, stars Brandon Lee
   Shanahan  Cartoon  ct 
   Wentworth, K.D.  As You Sow  ss  has 1st novel sf, The Imperium Game(1994; N-1995 LOC), about a Roman Empire computer game that becomes deadly reality when the player who reigns as Emperor is murdered in the real world as well(B&C); she's often drawn to religious themes in her fiction

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